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from missmaggie03 :
I'm still here as well :)
from fightn4life :
Yes...I am here, wondering the same thing. :)
from kidneygurl :
my email is [email protected]
from fightn4life :
I tried to contact you via the e-mail you posted. it was returned undeliverable. :( I would love to see you return and e-mail is [email protected] Hope to hear from you. Sandyz (fightn4life)
from fightn4life :
Your dairy is and will always be my place for little stepping stones of inspiration. I will hold you in my heart forever, everything you wrote even through tears I understood. You are a remarkable woman who I will always admire, and when the giant rug of life is pulled out from under me I will come back to your world in writing and rejuvenate my soul. Thank you for being you, my inspiration and my on-line friend of the heart. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Thank you so much for being you-helping me through some difficult times with your kind words. Little things mean so much. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
You are such a remarkable woman, I have thought of your journey many times when I become too much of a complainer while living mine. I'll be 55 this year and often feel I have cheated many of those that love so deeply when my world is in shambles. I often wonder why the cards of life are dealt what appears to be unfair. I search everyday to find words that will bring my husband and I back to where our lives once were before our losses. He now lives in a silent world of alcohol addiction and no words can get him to see what I see, he is in total denial. This morning I had the courage to tell him I could no longer life with silence and drinking and he became verbally abusive and went to bed. I will never lose faith although my time of trying to get my husband to see how his life is hurting so many others that love him. My prayers are always with you and you life continues to inspire me. Your dream was another reminder that the life beyond we will all live as one. Thank you for sharing. Take care and know there are many cyber friends that will forever hold you within our hearts. Much love, Sandyz
from fightn4life :
What a beautiful entry at an incredible time. I love thinking that love is our teacher and life is a school for angels. Sandyz
from h2ophobic :
Bless your heart. I'm thinking about you.
from kdip :
Great thoughts the last of January 07 from the unknown author. My own formula is much the same, with grateful acknowledgement of the will and guidance of my Lord and Saviour for my daily path.
from fightn4life :
I loved your entry about surrender, author unknown. Thank you for posting it. Sandyz
from h2ophobic :
1/21/07 That was beautiful. I'm going to print it and put it where I can read it when my self pity parties begin. I think of you often.
from cdives :
Congrats on taking the college course. Have fun with all those kids younger than you. I always enjoyed having people younger and older than me in my university classes because it brought so much more to the classes. What class are you taking? You are an amazing lady, you gave not only your kidney to your husband but you gave him so much more time and then you gave him so much of your life today. I know the past 7 months have been hard for you; but, your amazing spirit goes on.
from h2ophobic :
God bless. I'll be thinking about you today.
from fightn4life :
I am so glad you are doing something for you. My heart is with you, may God continue to fill your heart with peace. Great picture, you have some wonderful memories to help you continue your journey. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Thank you for stoping by my world during a healing time for you. You are always in my heart and prayers. May God keep you close and help you move through today and feel the wind upon your face. It's the little things that make life worth the pain. Sandyz
from h2ophobic :
It was so good to see an entry from you today. I think about you a lot and pray for you daily.
from opalanne :
07/21/06 - Thank you for updating and letting us know how you are. I can't imagine how difficult this has been for you, but I will continue to pray that God will comfort you and that you will feel His presence and love and guidance. (Hugs)
from h2ophobic :
I don't know anything about domain hosting, but if you leave Dland, please let me know. I think about you a lot.
from h2ophobic :
I'm just checking in...I hope all is well. I miss your entries.
from h2ophobic :
I've added you to my buddy list...I hope that's OK
from poolagirl :
I just stopped by to see how you are doing. I think of you often.
from h2ophobic :
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to leave a note. I'm just now trying to read the diaries of all the people who left notes when we lost Jeff. I was so sorry to read about your husband. Aren't those silly words? How heart breaks for you. I'll check in another time.
from fightn4life :
Wonderful quotes, thank you so much for sharing them. I have so many quotes cut and put in a frame; I have it hanging over my computer. I am adding these to my wall of quotes; I almost have enough to fill my new frame. Sandyz
from summer-gale :
I read you once in awhile but haven't lately. Even so I'm surprised that the sad news didn't reach me through reading others. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a deep blow to the heart and I cried when I saw the picture of his casket. It made it so real. I hope you find the strength you need to put one foot in front of another and go on with your life. You proved that you are willing to go above and beyond for love and yet you are still here. There must be a reason. God bless.
from fightn4life :
"A Woman of Strength"..that is you. Many prayers are with you. Thanks for the note, some times I feel weak but deep inside I know I am not. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
What a great post, I just copied those little phases; I needed something to think about that will help me keep going in a positive way right now. You are always in my prayers. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Love the license plate, too awesome. Sandyz
from bunny828 :
I'm so sorry {{{Hugs}}}
from katiedoyle :
I am so sorry for your loss. :( Signs are definitely there. I think that was one, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Again, I'm very sorry. (((((((hug)))))))
from nixtress :
I read about your story in Golfwidow's diary tonight and wanted to stop in. My thoughts are with you.
from batten :
I'm so sorry for your loss. Good thoughts and prayers for you. Big hug -J
from mizlizzy :
I am sending you my deepest condolences, and I hope you know that there are so many people on diaryland who are sending you silent support and strength. We are here if you need us.
from fightn4life :
My heart and prayers are with you. I am so sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself and embrace life, our Father will call you home in his time. You have much wisdom to ofter the world. Your world has already touched mind in many special ways. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
My prayers are with you and hubby, I too want to "feel" his smile for you to pass on to your posts. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Thank you I needed to hear this today, hubby too. Just when another obstacle was set before us I read this entry. Thank you for being an instrument of faith. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
So many prayers are with you and your hubby. God does know the ultimate plan, hold dear to your faith. {{{HUGS}}} Sandyz
from fightn4life :
I never underestimate the power of prayer. My prayers are with you. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
It is wonderful to see your post and much to ponder. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving; you have so much to feel blessed with. Me too. :) Sandyz
from prissy-pants :
Just a note to say hello and that I hope things are well for you.
from fightn4life :
You and your mom look wonderful, so glad all turned out so positive at the Drs. Loved the gift you bought in celebration to the gift of life, how awesome almost three years. I will forever be intrigued at the wonders of the medical world, and to those who so freely give of them selves to help others. You are a God sent. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
My heart is with you. You know you cannot change anything that has happened. You also know this is not your fault. Why we tend to blame ourselves for the out come in the midst of unhappiness is beyond me. We all seem to wonder, "what if?" Many prayers coming your way, I hope you find peace within them. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Thank you so much for your kind words. I edited my entry as it sounded like I was leaving. Your faith throughout your diary has inspired me more than words will ever express. Thanks again, Sandyz
from haloaskew :
Just ran across your diary...WOW. I am so glad to hear your husband was found, and is doing well! Bravo to you both for having the strength and courage to endure everything you've been through! And, on a total side note, since you love true crime, be sure to check out (part of Court TV's website), if you haven't already. I promote them so damn much in my diary I should get PAID, I tell you! My best to you and your hubby!! :)
from kdip :
8/23 So glad your guy is found and hope meds issues are resolved soon. My daughter has gone thru things like that in the last 2 years also as her meds have been changed, added or whatever.
from a-rosewithin :
Kidneygurl, Thank you very much for your kind compliments. I never expect comments, yet each time a guest/friend leaves behind a piece of their Heart, it leaves the sweetest of feelings within me. Thank you for your kind words. I have been to your site, off and on, since you added me to your list of favorites a while back. Interesting, heart- touching ... I cannot begin to imagine all that you and your husband have been through; however, I can imagine that you have touched many, many as well as, being touched by others who have been through the same. Humbling and awe inspiring to read, to say the least. It certainly reminds me to never take for granted those things or people I have in my life and to remind them daily that, "I love you and please, let me show you how..." Thank you for sharing a small reflection of YOU with all of us. Kidneygurl, despite the recent medical challenges, my hopes for you and your husband, are that you continue to experience an abundance of blessings within your lives. That you continue to share your story because it DOES make a difference! This comment of your's, within your diary, leaves an impression of what I believe is truly important ... how we share our Hearts and our Lives with each other: "I gave him a kidney but I can't give him a heart , oh wait , I already have given him my heart!" You are simply a precious gift...both of you, and I am thankful for the love you have for each other as it sets an example for the rest of us. May you continue to be a LIGHT for many, many! Love from afar yet near in Heart, ~Shannon //\\//\\PS. I left a copy of this note behind in my guestbook.
from shortst101 :
Hi there...I hope all is going well. Was a lovely story you linked too today, thanks for sharing it. Hope the surgery goes well on the 17th. Hugs
from kilowatt :
"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ I thank you for taking the time to sign my guestbook with such lovely words of esteem, for they are most appreciated. May you continue to enrich the lives of others with your radiance and goodness.
from candoor :
happy new year :)
from watty :
Merry Christmas to you and your hubby! All the best to you both. =)
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Thanks for your note. I enjoyed your entry - 1 CORINTHIANS 13 ~ CHRISTMAS VERSION. It was great food for thought.
from supermom3604 :
I clicked a banner ad and found your journal. What a selfless thing to do for someone you love. My husband *almost* lost a kidney about a year ago in a construction accident, but they were able to save it, thank goodness. I would have been first in line to give one for him. What an amazing world we live in.
from banefulvenus :
I truly love your banner. That is how I found your site. :) I hope everything turns out okay....
from shortst101 :
I hope Richard is okay. Hugs for you.
from kdip :
I feel so humbled to receive your note and birthday greetings. It is awesome enough to know the God of the universe likes me, but to receive kind thoughts from a fellow traveller leaves me speechless (well, almost). Some where on your pages, someone commented on your pay-it-forwardness. I guess that says it best. Congratulations on that second year milestone and may there be many many more.
from sunnflower :
I am so glad you added Suburban Island to your favorites list. I'm very honored! I see I have found another Curb Your Enthusiasm fan.
from shortst101 :
You amaze me!
from poolagirl :
WOW! A really lovely entry! WOW!
from opalanne :
5/9/04 - 9:00 am - Now I know why you are one of my favorites! I looked in vain for that tribute to mothers this morning (I had been saving it for a couple of weeks to post on Mother's Day!), and couldn't locate it. I read your post, and there it was! Great minds think alike! ;-) Happy Mother's Day - I hope your day is just delightful!
from ohell :
I kind of just landed here, and saw your story, and your women post, and your picture, and it really touched me. You are most certainly a diaryland angel.
from opalanne :
5/4/04 - 7:30 pm - Beautiful picture! Thanks for posting your pic - sometimes it's cool to get a visual of what our favorite people look like!
from unrulypain :
that was so beautiful. i love it. i was just wondering if i could post it in my diary...please?
from katehackett :
:) Your transplant day is my birthday. Thanks for being such a rockin' awesome person; the world needs more people like you.
from poolagirl :
WOW! Thanks for manking me a fave! I look forward to reading through more of your diary! I love it so far! You are amazing!
from squirrelx :
Thanks for the swell link! It'll appear in my next entry, with proper credit to you. :-)
from madam-rose :
hope everthing turns out ok. great site hun.
from kdip :
I am so glad this last year has been a good one for you and your guy. May there be many more.
from rainbow888 :
Hola mon chica! Just droppin' by to say that you are a true star, and an inspiration. I love the light heartedness, and sheer love your diary brings. It makes me smile! Drop by my diary when you can, Lots of ♥ and kisses, *Rianna* x
from mizlizzy :
Hey Kidneygurl - I just noticed that you are from Cincinnati! That's my hometown, most of my family is there - I grew up there - Sycamore High school - met my husband while he was on vacation at Kings Island~ we have to get together the next time I come visit. MizLizzy
from japankitti :
Your diary is soo sweet it made me crrrry ='(
from fan4 :
You scanned an image of a Hello Kitty suitcase! I love her! She's one of the things I collect!
from cactustree :
Thank you so much for your note about my banner! I'm so impressed with your story and am going to read from the beginning -- are you from Cincinnati? I grew up there (and quickly ran away). Feel free to come around the diary any time!
from velvet-heart :
You're awesome miss. Koodles to you and then some. *hugs to you and your honey*
from fan4 :
Congrats on having 100 entries!
from cassiopeia- :
Hello, my grandfather was a lung transplant Recipient. It extended his life one and a half years and he was able to do things again that he missed. I never got to meet him; but I know and love him in my heart. kisses, cassie
from mama2iq :
hi, i came across your diary, and just wanted to wish you and your husband well. donating your kidney to him was a wonderful thing to do. and seeing your banner, yes i would do the same thing. a great "subject" (if you could cal it that) for a diary. wishing you all the best....
from devian :
to answer the question your banner proposed--i would most certainly donate one of my kidneys to a loved one.
from candora :
So much inspiration, you're the definition of a sweet heart.
from bansheerose :
Hey thats great you are trying to help people and have a cause. If somebody asked me for my kidney Id give it to them. ~Bek
from brainwaves :
Howdy, ma'am.....Had you up on my list awhile back, but (at my age) I can't remember why I broke contact. To my memory, there seemed to BE no point of contact at that time and no recent entries posted. Of course, that's another part of being sixty-one: I'm never quite sure if I haven't made some stupid mistake with the computer in the first place. It appears, in your life, that God has given you a great blessing in more ways than one, and you're returning His gift by reaching out to others. Good for you. Peace, my sister. May the shelter of His wings continue to cover you and yours.......Jim
from leslieirene :
Hi! You're at 70 now, doll! You'll be there in no time!
from flamered89 :
You seem likke such a beautiful person. Hugs to both you and your husband. You are a shinning star inb such a horid place. With Love, Nicole
from annexx :
Hi! I read some of your entries and they're great!! I voted you for the Diamond Web Awards too!! How about dropping by my site?? We could exchange votes or something! Oh yes... keep writing!!
from leslieirene :
Hi! I voted for you! You'll be there in no time! I'm glad everything is o.k. with your mom. Blessings to you! Leslie Irene :)
from amberfalls :
I hope your mom is alright.
from inkdragon :
I love the picture the photograph. I hope your mother is alright. It's so sad about the gunshot trauma, terrible.
from twisted-mind :
Is that a picture of your mother in todays (7/7)entry? It is a beautiful picture with the city lights as background and her reflection in the window. I hope she is feeling better today. By the way did you get rid of your guestbook?
from mariarises :
A beautiful story, and I wish you and your husband much luck. Reading about people who are so, well, RIGHT, is inspiring. Thank you.
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day!
from elliorange :
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!
from shortst101 :
So glad to hear the good news! HUGSSSSSSSSS, always rooting for you both!
from ccoffeegirl :
Glad to hear the good news! I'll keep you in my thoughts. I'm going to send my angel wishes to watch over you both! ~C.
from tuff517 :
Hi! Just stopping by via Golfwidow. I wish you and your husband much luck and health and good wishes and everything else that goes with that. Try to ignore the ignorant ones.
from about-us :
you two are beautiful. you've brightened my day threefold. i would like to offer an extremely modest attempt at making anything better for you by maybe redesigning your website. leave me a note and we'll decide on something. good luck, you're in my prayers. :)
from juniperhexum :
At least you are adult/intelligent enough to just delete this shitty entries in your guestbook and notes section instead of writting about what dicks those people can be. It just makes those people want to do it more. Good for you for taking the high road! And Hope that Richard will get through this all. Love and hugs to you both.
from sixweasels :
The guestbook is down at the moment so I'm stopping here instead. Haven't checked in with you in a while, but I read Golfwidow's entry this morning and had to stop by. Add me to the list of people who wish you and Richard nothing but the best, and continue to be awed at your strength.
from inkdragon :
Please do not allow some cold-hearted individuals to undermine your wellness. What you have done and are doing for your husband is incredibly superior to anything these people would think of doing for another human being. As I look through your guestbook and note messages I am moved by all the people who care and who are praying for the two of you. As Golfwidow and so many other do, delete foul messages and do not ever take them to heart. I'm wishing you the best day today!
from girlwcurls :
I just wanted to say that what you are doing is simply incredible, selfness, and kind - but you already know that, right? Don't pay attention to your critics; they are wrong to stoop down to the level they are going to, and if you do, they are achieving their goal. You rock - kudos.
from thecrankyone :
My prayers and best wishes to you and your husband. I have read several of your entries and will definately have to come back to read more. A very inspiring story. I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with stupid immature people leaving nasty messages. Some people just never grow up..
from z0tl :
i will drink a root beer for you! does that count as rooting?
from ccoffeegirl :
Hi. I just found your diary. I am glad things are going well for you too. Good luck. I realize how petty my problems are when I read things like this. ~C.
from ugottafriend :
Hi, I just found your diary. I am a 25 year old kidney patient. I have Renal Tubular Acidosis. Thankfully I am not on dialysis at this time. It's great to see that your husband's transplant is working for him! I'll keep in touch, God bless.
from amberfalls :
Whoo!! Whooo!!! I'm so glad to hear it's going well. I'll keep praying for you. I hope this works!!!
from inkdragon :
That is good news! Congratulations.
from enondoiel :
I *stole* your poem, hope you don't mind? I sincerely hope you and your husband are both okay, you seem like wonderful people! And you're both very brave. Best wishes.
from prissy-pants :
I came across your diary through your banner. It is really touching as is your diary. May God bless you both and bring you the health that you deserve. Stay strong.
from twisted-mind :
Clicked your banner today. What a wonderful and sweet idea for a banner. Hope you are both doing well.
from staple-stuck :
First let me say I think what you are doing is amazing. Secondly, I've been through 27 rounds of plasmapheresis (receiving) with a blood disorder, so I know how much it sucks. Be strong.
from nitejohnboy :
I think you and your husband are both wonderful. You are both in my prayers and I am sending you love.
from alyoopsagain :
your story is so incredible. i pray that God continues to bless you and bring you both peace. especially a healing for your husband. you are a very inspirational person who has gone through so much but stayed (amazingly) strong through it all. God bless! ~melissa~
from liteningsyrp :
Your story amazes me. You and your husband are both incredibly strong people and I wish you both the best. On top of that, I am sorry you have such prickish families, but you don't need them, you only need the people that bring you joy.
from inkdragon :
You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. Try to take good care of yourselves.
from darkfairy13 :
wow, that is a hard thing to go through.
from windylady :
Found your diary from a note you left on mine. Thanks for the compliment, first. And second, congratulations on the 6 month mark. Your diary is so very touching, and you and your husband are in my prayers now. **hugs**
from redsapphire :
Congratulations on six months! My dad's a kidney doctor, so it's always nice to hear success stories. I hope things continue to go well : )
from brainwaves :
So nice to make your acquaintance, Ma'am. I went back and read much of your diary this morning before school. Also note that you've already met Kdip. I refer to her as "mountain woman", but greatly admire her faith. Surely God must be at work in your life, also, with such a story as you and your husband share. glad to add you to my favorites. Peace.....
from perceptionss :
Thanks for the nice note about my Mom's garden photos. I have so much fun taking pictures there. I hope you have a nice day:)
from kdip :
Thanks for the encouraging words. We are just in a holding pattern right now. Daughter and my husband in big city 1000 miles away waiting for test results. Then we will know the next step.
from auntie-mari :
Congratulations on life. Funny how things work out and how they change us hopefully for the better. Your courage inspires me and your love of life lets me know there is always hope. Hugs to you and Richard for a fight well faught!Have a good day tomorrow.
from amberfalls :
Congratulations! You guys are doing great!
from juniperhexum :
You DEFINATELY did it right because I definately have tears in my eyes. Congratulations on 6 months!
from watty :
Happy six-month aniversary! I admire your strength. It's nice to know an unselfish, giving individual. =) Hope you're having a great week, and thanks for wishing my friend Shannon a happy day. I hope you and your husband have an equally delightful day, too!
from stealinghope :
Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes! :)
from cyndib :
Thanks so much for the note. I was really suprised when I started receiving notes on my diary. I never thought anyone would ever be reading it. That wasn't the purpose but the outpouring of support has really been wonderful. I love your diary. I think that you are brave, loving and the ultimate in what human beings should endeavor to be like. My best to you and your husband.
from amberfalls :
another great organ sharing website is i've got that listed on my links page. glad to hear all is well for you.
from juniperhexum :
(formerly known as cleopatragb) I hate daylight savings as well. Yeah, the days are longer, but that also means that the day starts earlier too! Im still not used to the time either. Proabably wont be for another couple of weeks. *sigh* Let us know how the hospital visit went!!!
from golfwidow :
Thanks for the birthday note!
from twisted-mind :
Thanks so much for the note. Your husband is looking so good and healthy! :o)
from amberfalls :
That was really a lovely thing to do. I'm glad you're both doing so well. My dad's one year anniversary was last week. They went to mexico for a vacation and had a great time. Best wishes. -a-
from watty :
Thanks for leaving such a sweet note... you made my day! I'm doing well, and I hope that you and your husband continue living life to its fullest. All the best! =)
from cleopatragb :
So good to hear you've both made it 6 whole months. Not much more to go. You're in my thoughts. And CONGRATS!
from golfwidow :
Hi ... I hate to ask the question, 'cos I got yelled at by the last person who answered it wrong, but I have to follow the rules I set: "Are You a Turtle?" Answer correctly (in my guestbook or notes) and you're in. Answer incorrectly (or fail to answer) and you'll have to reapply when you have the right answer. Hint: the right answer is *not* "yes". Good luck.
from amberfalls :
I can't believe it's been almost a year since my dad's transplant. Good luck to the both of you. I'll look forward to seeing some pictures soon. -a-
from sixweasels :
Hi! Just checking in to see how things are going, as I haven't visited in a while. I am so glad to hear that both you and your husband are doing well! I hope health and happiness continue to come your way.
from yvette18 :
I hope you and your husband continue to do very well. Yes those three months flew by so fast.
from wyndspirit :
Just now finally had a chance to look at your diary. What a story! Glad you are both doing well. It's a shame both of your families are so...not close. I come from a very close family, and amaze people by preferring the company of my sisters to my friends! (Well... Except for maybe my BEST friend--but she's in a class by herself!)
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. That diaper cake is such a cute and cool idea. You are so creative. I can only imagine what would happen if I tried such a creative endeavor - maybe a diaper heap - reminiscent of the loads of laundry soon to come!
from twisted-mind :
Those diaper cakes are way cool! That's got to take some talent. How long did it take to make them all?
from sunnflower :
Hi - This is sunnflower just stopping by to say Happy New Year from Suburban Island!
from yvette18 :
man I just love the music codes. I visted the site and this person has some great music. Yay,does this mean that you like Angel? I'm waiting for it to come back on, but it has not been on in awhile I just hope that they do not yank it off or something.
from twisted-mind :
I'm so glad you added me. I had lost my way to your site and was trying to find you just the other day. I am so glad the transplant went so well! Congrats to both of you! I hope you both have a wonderful New Year!
from yvette18 :
I"m glad that you guys had a great christmas. I like your nice picture in the Cincinatti Enquirer. I'm glad that everything is going okay with Richard. *hugs*
from klcranford17 :
Thanks for adding me. I am now going to journey through your diary.
from amberfalls :
The gift of life is the best Christmas present ever. What more could you ask for? I had such a nice time this year with just my parents. No commercialism, not many presents, just family. It was perfect. I hope you had a nice time too. -A-
from amberfalls :
You both look fantastic! Merry Christmas!
from hardlyasaint :
Hi Sweetie...Katie here from Princess Reviews. We would absolutely love to review you, but we require that you have a teensy little link to us on your diary first. It doesn't even have to be on the main area, just a little link somewhere; you can go and nab one off of our site, and then send us an e-mail and let us know that you're ready. Cheers!
from solstice36 :
wow, you're a real trooper. thanks for the birthday wishes :-)
from amberfalls :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I'm assuming you read my entry on my dad's transplant. Good luck to you and your husband. That's an amazing story. I wish you both the best. If you would like to e-mail or have questions or need moral support feel free to e-mail me. I'll do or say whatever I can. -A-
from bettyalready :
Thanks for joining bannerho!
from yvette18 :
hello there. Flattered that you have me as one of your fav's. I hope you and your husband are doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
from ibepiglet :
Thanks for adding me to your list. Your transplant was on my birthday, so of COURSE it went well. You two are blessed to have each other. I'll keep checking on you!
from sunnflower :
Hi and thanks for adding me to your favorites list. I had a good friend go through a kidney transplant and being a donor is an amazing act of love and bravery. Contgrats! I'll try to keep you smiling at Suburban Island!
from mwovu :
wow, you are so amazing. i hope recovery goes well and that all goes well with you. i'll be visiting again.
from angelmum :
I found your diary through wifemotherme. I am glad to hear that you are both doing well and on your way to recovery, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
from twisted-mind :
Hi! Just wanted to wish you both well on the 29th. You are a wonderful wife and person for giving your husband the gift of life! A good friend of mine donated his kidney to his sister a few years back and they are both doing wonderfully! I'll keep you both in my thoughts and in my heart! Good luck and best wishes!

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update April 6, 2020: Sorry, we just had 8+ hours downtime due to a server problem. Restoring from backups took soooo long, but everything is back and no data was lost. Ay yay yay! Anyhow, hope everyone is well with the virus stuff.

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