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from cordeliameg :
Awesome to see you update again, even if I missed out on reading when you first posted. How are you chicky? Hope all is well! <3
from xinpheldspbx :
Good luck with your May, and tell your mom I said "Hi."
from jessy07904 :
Hey im new to Diaryland and i just signed up for ur Harry Potter Diary Ring umm.. I am a Major fan of Harry Potter but what do u do on the Diary Ring????
from forgiven-sin :
i joine the harryy potter ring but i have no idea how to get it shown up on my page pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help
from leiascully :
Where are you now, pet? I miss your updates!
from meg2101 :
Thanks for leaving a note on my diary! I haven't been able to update for the looongggest time cause I'm not a gold member! Luv ya, bye!
from g3ff :
mariel - i got you're note. thank you. i would love to stay in.
from g3ff :
mariel - i signed up for the harrypotter ring, but given my slash leanings, maybe that wasn't a good idea. since you created the ring, can you delete me from it? is there a way for me to delete myself? help! i'm new.
from piehole :
Yo. This is hands down one of the best layouts I've ever SEEN on Dland! HANDS DOWN!
from shanawdathit :
is shopaholic really that good? because i tried to read it and couldn't really get into it.hmmmm... perhaps i will have to give it another shot....
from ema-g :
WEEE!!! So excited! I have pre-ordered the 5th HP book 50% off from!!! So excited~!!! okay...will leave you alone now
from spotknewt :
hmmmmm.... Hello niece imagine running into you here. How are you.... Would love to hear from you....
from ella-hpfc :
Hehe, hey Mar - I think maybe your comments about my diary and Noel's need updating - since he proved you right, after proving you wrong, much to the amusment of all, :D.
from soccer-999 :
hi marial i like harry potter it is so cool i have read a four books and saw the first movie and i plan to go see the second movie i am waiting for the fifth book to come hope to here from you soon.
from allinflames :
Hey :) Actually, I'm not FROM here. I'm from Princeton - north missouri... so neither a kewpie or a bruin :-P
from toothbrush :
Aaaaah, that makes sense. Thank you! I have re-joined! I should have known that's what happened because I didn't remember that you were the colin firth ring person originally (not that I can remember who it is right now anyway) but I swear I was the second person to join it! I think I may have thought otherwise because the ring code is exactly the same as it used to be. Colin Firth is yummy! And how nice of you to keep the ring going!
from toothbrush :
Hi! I remember joining your Colin Firth diary-ring about a year ago. What happened? Was I kicked out of the club? I still have the code up! I always have! It's on my cinematic rings page! Please explain.
from autumnal :
i fucking love bridgy. i wanna help with a bridgy diary. its not up? let me help you. itsll be fabulous.
from carissa02 :
hi, I am a meber in harrypoter diary ring. I like it a lot!
from diarytag :
welcome to Tag.
from catkid1 :
I have a Harry Potter site at I love the books and I need a couple members for my site, so if you're interested, please check it out and join. I really hate that some children aren't allowed to read the books because there's witchcraft & wizardry in them. And it stinks even more that some school systems make it a rule that you cannot read the books either. I hope some of those people who make those rules get the message that J. K. Rowling's books are wonderful!
from astrocoz :
I have a Harry Potter Guestbook, go to my entry for Nov 15th and it has a link to it. I would love for the diary ring to put their opinions of harry potter books on it. Maybe one by one we can change people's closed minds on forbiding their children to read them, because they contain "sorcery" in them.
from mychai :
From one Columbian to another... I like your diary. I read it daily! But I liked your other layout better... That's just me. Come on over to my diary and send me an email.
from leiascully :
I get it. Osama bin Latte :) And I feel so incredibly special to be mentioned as a trusted one. I wish we got to talk more often!
from ruhee :
Aww, mar, incredibly glad you're back! Missed you SO much :) Welcome welcome welcome!
from leiascully :
I missed you too, Mar.
from hardrain :
Thank you bunches for the comment on my analyzer, your support really means a lot to me. Anyway, talk to you later :)
from lifes-dreams :
I love the new design, but you could update all the info on me. AND I LOVED YOU DARNIT! :-)
from sweetscully :
i *love* your new layout, it's not a waste! but pick what you want. :-) thanks bunches for the voice mail, sweetie, and don't feel too upset or anything about the baby. i'm here for ya! ~Mars
from teapotica :
*leaves nothing but a mint on mariel's pillow*
from iona :
Hi, I really admire your diary so much. You are full of so many tales..I look forward to all you weave.
from shlippy :
I love your layout. It's simple, but very pretty!
from aliena :
Your diary is very well done, thanks for visiting my site
from teresa :
Thanks for the comments in my analyzer. Good deal. I like your layout and your colors too. :) bye
from hardrain :
I loved your latest entry about the animals of you life. I feel the same way about animals, as you have probably already figured :) It was a very sweet entry, and I hope that Olivia turns out to be a great friend.
from sarahbaraboo :
yeah...i've been reading your diary and i love you, sort of. i'm not sure yet. maybe. but you do make me feel bad for cursing, because you like never ever do. by then.
from ohmygosh :
wow, im so glad there are some people out there that actuelly know when is the REAL millenium! anyway love the new logo even tho i havent seen the old one cause its my first time here. ANYWAY come visit me sometime! buh bye :)
from vampiric :
Hello, thank you for signing my analyzer! Sorry for returning the favor so late, and... god, and you said *my* diary looked good? Sheesh!! And no, don't wonder if you think you've never seen that diaryland addy of mine before. I just moved, my diary used to be at ^_^ Gomen.
from rissa86 :
Hey! I love your layout.. and *hehe*, I only live like 3 or 4 hours from you. (I live near Chanute, you know where that is?) Anyway-- your diary majorly kicks butt, I'll definately be back soon! ;)
from xhardcorex :
i really do like your journal. you are very insightful as i said. i think i'll read it often. it made me think you were like in college or something... hmm this is probably boring.. byebye
from runt88 :
hey chica, i totally dig ur diary...the scheme is awesome and ur just a kick to read...i hope you visit my tumultuous teacup-ride more often...ttyl and much Dland love...
from hardrain :
If you like X-files and are friends with Merilily, then you have to be great!! Hehe, I'm okay, really. I haven't accepted Doggett yet, I just tolerate him without throwing things at the tv :) Mulder and Scully yay! Um, yeah, I like your diary BTW. Very nice layout! So, talk to you later.
from zelma :
I adore the layout!! It's fantabulous :o) great diary...I really enjoy reading it. And I LOVE you've got mail!! Yay, we've got something in common :o) Well, hopefully I'll get a chance to talk to you. *hint-AIM:internetRockstar-hint*
from merilily :
Hello, dahling! Yay, I'm the first to *sully* your analyzer page! Wahooey! OK, must calm down...thank you for putting me on your list over there hun, it made me happy! :-) Well, I love 'You've Got Mail', and 'The Matrix' kicks it as well. I really don't have anything to say that has any point, but I love you and your diary, and the *layout* (:-P) and you better keep it up! Long live Tuna Helper and Tofurkey!

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