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from morticon :
SORRY, lol, legolas-gurl's my other account...still like your layout!
from legolas-gurl :
Oooh, I like your layout....
from fireflea :
Merry Christmas, you! Here's wishing your holiday is filled with all kinds of great things. :)
from dogbones :
Hello, there is a new web forum out called dogbones. It lists journals, blogs, designers, reviewers, and other types of journals to make it more convenient for everyone to find. If you want to find out more information then just visit the site. If you would like to join then go to dogbones and click on apply. It would be very appreciated if you would spread the world also. Thank you for your time.
from devouredsoul :
your layout is a masterpiece!
from canada-mouse :
I've given up on reading anything other than the classifieds and the comics. I agree, the world is a depressing place. But once I invent my time machine, you're welcome to go back to a more peaceful time. Or, at least a less violent time. Me, I'll be in late 50's/early 60's. On a different note, you're taking Psych? At Lakehead?
from canada-mouse :
I feel the same way about flying. Only, I'm paranoid about going over water. If I know there's water, I will do my damndest to forget. Irrational fear of water+fear of flying=silent panic. Why can't we just invent hovercrafts already?
from canada-mouse :
aaaaand...because I have the memory of a're from Thunder Bay?
from faux-pas :
oh good, you still have images. I don't. not sure what happened, but I suspect some section of something got deleted. bah, I can't pretend to try to make sense. I have a bad cold. bleh. happy journalling. I backed-up all your images in case you get dumped from their server. but worry not, for now.
from faux-pas :
oops. that's fauxpas0225@hotmail
from faux-pas :
I got a funny feelin' we might lose our images on our diaries soon... the site I have the images hosted at just discovered that I have images hosted on their server. heh. I used to have dial-up with this company (years ago), but for some reason I always managed to keep the webspace I used undetected from them (until now) - I'm gonna start backing stuff up outta there. Do you have a members account here to host your diary's images if need be? Lemme know via email. [email protected]
from cdghost :
i enjoyed your diary much so
from faux-pas :
Hey you... I'm making my rounds, giving people heck for not updating enough. Also, if you ever want to post a pic on your journal, you can email it to me and I can host it for you on the server I put all my stuff on and then send you the link. It's no big deal.
from futureceo :
Happy Birthday!
from faux-pas :
belated hugs (though hugs at any time are good, yes?) I hope your teeth be feeling better! I tried to sign your guestbook, but as usual, signmyguestbook isn't working. 2/8/04
from halfdevoured :
I don't think it's wrong for you to hope that those kids trip. In fact, I think you should help them out with that. Hang a line inside the hall at the proper height and let them clothesline themselves. The little bastards will be walking in the halls like they have sense from that moment on, I tell ya. It worked on me when I was a kid. Thanks for your comments and for linking me. I've been enjoying your diary, too.
from fireflea :
[hug] =)
from redstarhelix :
hope the pain subsides soon and you'll be able to have your noodles.
from fireflea :
Who puts bacon in mashed potatoes?? That's weird! Where were you at? Have you had the veggie burger from The Madhouse yet? It rules.
from futureceo :
I'm randomly surfing diaries and lavidaloca-2 said you had the neatest layout, so of course I had to check it out. It's awesome; I'm jealous! I'll probably be back again to read more, too.
from raven72d :
Any time! And I'll be reading youon a regular basis.
from raven72d :
You, ma'am, are a lovely diary to discover here in the holiday season!
from imanass :
read my diary
from sammybob24 :
I love your layout, it's super!
from cold--fusion :
Layout is brilliant.. as is your banner.
from dust-settle :
*hug* just randomly passing by and seeing that you needed one. take care. -michelle
from glittakisses :
Your banner was good anough for me to click on it! I never click o banners. anyway cool diary, I love your layout take care ♥ xxx
from rosytears :
Hey thanks for that hug.. It really helped, haha. How are you feeling now anyway? I'm still feeling a little down.
from weak-n-tired :
Thank for the note you left me. Notes have a bigger effect on poeple than we think. I really enjoy reading your diary. Thanks again. <3 Me
from candoor :
paper girl becomes a party girl on Halloween, huh?... hope all goes well with your tests.
from fireflea :
Your guestbook eats messages too! It's a revolt, I'm sure of it. I joined Robby's Health Spa. Now I can get in shape and run around with you on your daily 3 million mile runs.
from foxgallagher :
Thanks. I'm religious, but I don't normally write about it. I have tried the new testament, but I got bored with it. :P Thanks for the advice though.
from strangerlucy :
I hope you never get tired of hearing how appealing your diary layout is- you have a good eye and are very talented.
from candora :
every now and then I stumble back and am happy I did... hope you're feeling better :)
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from minstrelite :
Thanks, paper-girl. I kind of thought you had meant for him to read the note as well. (Or her - kind of seems like a him, though.) Once again, I appreciate your common sense, as well as the effort you've put into all this. Have a great weekend, wherever you are.
from minstrelite :
The note you left with me makes sense to me. There are plenty of offensive banners out there and DiaryLand, and Andrew has a hard job in screening them for approval, as different people are offeded by different things. If a banner is distracting you, you can always just hit the refresh button, just as you said. However, I wasn't sure if you intended that note for me or for death-wake (the person who had left the previous note for me, requesting that I remove my "religious preferences" from my banners. It seems to me that he ought to be the one to receive your suggestion. You might consider doing a little copying and pasting, and sending him a similar note. He can be found at I have already noted him with my decision. Anyway, thanks for your note, I appreciated the common sense you expressed.
from evo-chicky :
I must say you have a pretty cool dairy, the layout is awesome and I enjy reading your entries. They remind me alot of myself, and the way you write them is fantastic. Love it... Keep writing chick, your great value!
from lizblizz05 :
*gasp* I heart your Charmin bear banner!
from sad-doll :
<3 Aww, really love your banner with the Cha Cha Cha Bear! [and coffee too] ♥ Audrey
from lomelinde :
Gaah, I'd like add my own cry of "I love your layout." Love the stains. It's beautiful. :)
from faux-pas :
hey p-g. I tried to write you a note in your guestbook, but it isn't working... anyway, at the time of my writing this, I'm notcing that the place that hosts my images isn't working, which means you and I have imageless journals. If this keeps up, don't worry, I have your graphics on my 'puter here somewhere, and you can host them on diaryland (you do have an account, yes?). If so, maybe we should put them up there anyway, just in case. PS. hope the kitties feel better soon!
from katehackett :
GREAT banner. GREATER layout. Way ta go.
from ginja-puds :
Hi PG. I'm ok, just got creeped out (see note on my journal). Anyway, catch you on msn sometime... I'm busy now (erm) but am often online. Take care!
from the-noise :
No talent for that sorta thing? So you didn't make your own??? Which of the two of mine though would you say you like the best?
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for the good words. I will continue to work hard for your laughter.
from funda :
you belong in my paper fantasies
from the-noise :
But you know, no layout will ever, ever, compare to yours. :) Yours is the absolute greatest ever. :D
from pentup-angr :
hope everything goes well.
from fancyfinn :
Oh my God, they are the same the world over. Just wanted to let you know I feel for ya re: your boyfriend. They give that venus/mars guy too much credibility sometimes!
from sparklieolie :
Dare I be a lady? Heeeeeeeeeeeeell yeah! So glad you refused the're giving us all a good name! haha. -Brooklyn
from ginja-puds :
grr to signmyguestbook, won't let me sign again... come on msn if you wanna talk. k? it's 11:25 on the 24th
from sadnostalgia :
read anything by douglas coupland, he's canadian.. "Generation X" and "Life after God" are my two favorites... I just read your second entry about recommending books for you I'm going to keep reading your diary-bye
from ginja-puds :
ok :0) this is where the walk leads to...
from the-noise :
.......^ Is grinning from ear to ear. Yep. You just made my day. Thank goodness for nice people.
from the-noise :
Wow. :) Thank you... I didn't really know anyone really read my diary. I figured most people were just pitty-linkers I guess. And also, It's glad to see too that that last entry didn't come across as, well, pretentious enough to annoy anyone who read it. I almost deleted the thing. :) So thank you! :)
from shrinkodebt :
In response to your question, the saying at the top of my diary was written by me ;)
from shrinkodebt :
hello fellow canadian :) I have slit myself open with scissors by absent-mindedly playing with them ;) I relate to this stapler story.
from the-noise :
I taking it you were the interviewER and not the interviewee correct?? I'm assuming so. :) Either way, I love your diary... I'd mention your layout as well, but I see you've already got more than enough notes commenting on it's greatness. :)
from kbaa :
your layout = rock
from glittakisses :
hey, i know what you mean about that annoying twitch thing it happend to me in my foot the other day for ages, it's irrataing anough in your eye, but anywhere else is just stupid
from kplilpk :
OMGsh I LoVe Ur Layout, did you design it yourself?KT
from kwesta :
Wow!!! Amazing layout!!! So fresh and smart! Geat job!!! Might be hard to beat your own work when/if you change it. HEHE I change mine about every month, a good HTML flex for me. :D Keep up the good work! Check out my page and tag my g-book if you can. Thanks! -3rdShadow
from taliarant :
Oh! I absolutely adore your layout! Did you come up with that all on your own? It's fantastic! I've only just started reading (came in via banner) but I think I might become a regular around here! :) Cheers! And glad that your not-stomach ache is feeling better. ;)
from shimmyshimmy :
Nice, nice diary. I'll be back to read more!
from strummer- :
from skye-blue :
woahhhh ho ho, your diary is the epitome of excellentness. i really like it... your layout is amazing! but yes, you requested a password, and i shall deliver. username = "me", password = "fated". although, my diary kind of sucks. actually it really sucks. ah well.
from elizabethkay :
i like the diary =)
from loamsdown :
Gum addiction? I entirely understand. Dentyne Ice Spearmint. Constantly.
from jumpingshoe :
Wow, and I thought Florida's 50 degree weather was bad, lol. I didn't know plastic COULD freeze. I like your probably get a lot of people saying that because it's really cool looking...but I'll say it anyway. Nice writing style too, BTW, really makes me want to read more. Thanks for the note too :) I hope things start looking up soon.
from loamsdown :
I actually bought 'Jackaroo' by Cynthia Voigt the other day... I might get around to reading it ... just to reminisce. 'Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry' is by Mildred D. Taylor... I looooved Anne of Green Gables. All this nostalgia is making me consider perusing my bookshelf for the classics, settling down on a couch, and rereading my little kid favs.
from kayfabe :
hey, thanks for the note. I believe your the first I don't know to leave me a note, so hey, awesome. Hey, email me at [email protected] and I'll give you a password if you'd like.
from loamsdown :
Thanks for the note.. I am seriously, entirely missing being a student. Not so much the attending, or the pile of boring homework -- but, GOD, I miss English. I am such an English nerd. I actually helped el with her sonnet assignment last night and revelled in ripping apart Shakespeare's helpless little Sonnet 29. Sigh... english.
from loamsdown :
yum.. Finnish pancakes. I had some of those myself today -- really the only proper breakfast food after long, party-filled nights I think. My friend's mom makes them with bacon wrapped inside and lots and lots of syrup. Its quite fattening, but soooo impossible to resist. And don't worry about the mis-buttoning. I walked around for an entire day with my shirt on backwards and my jean zipper =wide= open once. No one told me until I got home and glanced in the mirror --oh, the horror.
from loamsdown :
Wow.. thanks for the photo-praise. For me its just a reaction to my surroundings.. its as natural as living and breathing.. and if I weren't allowed to do some form of art, photography or otherwise anymore, I think I'd probably just snap. I considered taking photo-journalism for awhile.. but too many political classes -- for now I'm taking it slow and looking seriously into something freelance..
from loamsdown :
hey.. thanks for the note. I'm glad I'm okay, too.
from phatgrrl :
your format is amazing. I just love it!
from loamsdown :
hey -- much thanks for the note(s). As far as books go, I'd recommend 'Not Wanted On the Voyage' by Timothy Findley. Its a novel about Noah & the Ark, but told from his oppressed wife's point of view (somewhat) -- it's quite interesting and satirical... Lucifer is a 7 foot drag queen. It's most thought-provoking... ;p
from plf :
Muahahaha! Not only is sjofn going on roller coasters this weekend, but she's going with *me*! Aren't you just doubly jealous now? ;)
from sassy-sue :
Hey there paper-dolly! Well i must say that your diray layout rocks WAY more than mine, but thanks for the comp! Keep it girly!
from venusgirl :
no, you rock more. ;)
from venusgirl :
three messages in a row. we need to get some other people in here besides me! :) thanks so much for your notes. it's so nice to have people behind you. you rock. hope that apartment turns out to be nice. :)
from venusgirl :
hey. :) the eyebrows were bad. hurts to lift them. ahh. the interview went pretty well, thanks. btw, been meaning to tell you, your diary looks awesome! :)
from venusgirl :
hey marla, thanks for leaving me a note. i love getting them. :) who knows what's wrong with the links, i think now at least you can see them, although they're very light. ahh. it's all giving me a headache. :) anyway, i love your diary, and it's nice to hear someone else gets that "i don't have anything to say, but i'll say nothing anyway" thing. ;)
from pisceschrist :
i read that maragaret atwood book. it scared the pants offa me.

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