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from wifemotherme :
12/1/10 Just beating a dead horse here. I once told you that you were even funnier than David Sedaris, but I had never read Sadaris before. I recently started. He is just great! And you are still a better writer.
from wifemotherme :
5/11/09 ::sigh:: are you back yet?
from fireflea :
Merry, merry Christmas, you. I hope your holiday is filled with all sorts of wonderful things. I miss you. :)
from geeked-out :
Damn you for not updating anymore, especially now that I've just found a really funny diary I could possibly read every day.
from wifemotherme :
3/5/05 - come back!!!!
from wifemotherme :
I miss you
from luciab :
Just read your entry of 9-4-04. All I can say is, straight grannies can feel the same way; jerks can be jerks anywhere, anytime. The only thing you can do is choose who your friends are. Work is work, and the people there are acquantances, not necessarily friends. Just be a little Garbo. Heh.
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed them very much.. have a good one and two..the cdghost
from lostplatypus :
HOWDEEEEEE. Long time no read! Oh. My. Goodness. What a fun way to spend your workday. Maybe Mickey will have a little homophobic mousie heart attack at home and you'll never have to see him again. Really, that sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit. Good luck with that. FYI - I tried to comment in your comments field and it wouldn't let me. -Melanie
from justbegun :
Moving to France with your boyfriend, Mr Sedaris? Quelle bon idee! I'd suggest Quebec as a closer and cheaper option, but the winters are cold as a witch's teat, and diamond-hard witchteat nip-ons are really not the things you want to see first thing in the morning. So France and the cheese-eating surrender monkeys it is. Bonne chance with the convincing, et ne nous oublie pas!
from longsleeve :
I'm so glad your writing again! I've always enjoyed reading your journal.
from fireflea :
Of all the people who took breaks from their writings over the years, I've missed you the most. The only thing I can say in French is basically, "The frog is in the bathroom at the library" and "I am a pizza."
from nividian :
*hugs* Cutie. I'm glad you've posted. Even if it's just for a short time.
from wifemotherme :
I wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy New Year! I hope you come back and start posting agian soon. I miss ya
from desertwitch :
-- and about the test -- I failed the CBEST twice before I finally past the math section. That's the test you have to pass in California to teach. So take a breather from thinking of it, and come back at it when you're ready.
from desertwitch :
After my exuberance over seeing a new entry on your site, baby, I wish I could make it all right for you. I know what it's like to have to come back to a job that feels like a circle in Dante's Inferno, and have to play nice with an asshole. I hope it's not for long. It also's helped me to, as I speak to said asshole, visualize him/her squatting to take a shit. Don't know why, but that not only makes me calmer but also brings the asshole down to size. Take care, honey!
from desertwitch :
Hi! Just dropped by to let you know I miss your actuarial butt :)
from goodlovin :
hey. we miss you; hope you are well, and that you come back when you can.
from silveringrid :
you see, i too used to think that new jersey drivers were all satan's spawn. then i visited morocco. that is new jersey to the tenth power. yes i shuttered too. p.s. i stumbled upon your diary while i should be sleeping, but alas, i couldn't stop reading. shame on you, for giving people so little sleep!
from brandone :
You can be whoever you want.
from wonderchai :
email me. :) [email protected]. Please :)
from wonderchai :
hey, can you help me do something? :)
from kinetix :
Hey, I tried to e-mail you, but the mail wouldn't go through you d-land e-mail account. I have a question for you. If you get a minute, could you drop me an e-mail? [email protected]
from desertwitch :
Where are you? Did the actuarial police take you away --- sorry, that was pretty lame. Anyway, you probably are more buried than I am in with books to study -- I've got TWO overdue projects for my masters' third section. AAAHHHH! Well, good luck and peace amidst the locura. *SMOOCH*
from fireflea :
I think you're the funniest man alive. I wish my mom stuck peas up her nose with me! It's fun to play with food. When I was little, my brother used to put lemon juice in my milk when nobody was looking, and it would immediately congeal and my mom never believed me that the milk "tasted funny". Then one time I put dog food in his kraft dinner. He ate a whole bunch of it, until he found a bit that was shaped like a tiny dog bone, and figured out what it was. I miss family dinners!
from desertwitch :
Yeah baby! Those pics made my day! Glad I caught up with my G!
from squirrelx :
Congratulations on your soon-to-be new home! It's sounds wonderful! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from devian :
you love MSCL, too?! so i'm not the only one who's been pining for this box set? i wanted it for x-mas, but it couldn't be found at any of the stores in my area. so, when did they finally decide to stock it? in february! i know they did it as a birthday present to me!
from kinetix :
You didn't let the clan down by needing fashion help. It is my secret shame to admit that I was also schooled in fashion by a friend's husband, who told me I didn't date a lot because gay guys could see I had no style. Oddly enough, I now have impressive style and class, and they're not married anymore because he turned out to be gay.
from desertwitch :
Dang -- BAD English major BAD!!! Sorry for the typos on my gbook drop-by -- doing a keyboard-booty dance while typing -- HELL YA you rule! And ha! Love it how typed "our" score -- ALREADY I'm taking credit for your busting math booty!! Rock on!!!
from bellehiver :
kick arse new diary, man. (yes I know it looks and reads exactly like your last one. Whee.) Going to update my fav list as soon as I read all of them. ^^; Hey, question, tho. How'd you put your comments on the entry page itself, eh?
from amberfalls :
I loved your Christmas story. It's like something from a sit-com; so completely outrageous, that it has to be true. I hope you have a happy New Year. -A-
from allinonegirl :
hey !! what a great diary you have !!! I love everything !! and you write very well;-) I'll come back to read more for sure. Keep up the good work and have a great day !! love a Brazilian weirdo :-)
from msgolightly :
Just wanted to say that you are an amazing writer.
from devian :
very *cute* pic on your profile. :)
from apockalyptik :
youre amazing. im drawn to you. and i wish i knew you. but i dont. i heart reading your diary.
from helga87 :
You Are My Hero. no one compares. you are the most beautiful person in the world, and i'm not talking skin deep beauty. i'm talking the whole thing. you have defined human beauty to me. if you weren't so far away, i would give you a hug. it's a pity there aren't more people like you, but i like how it is, because you stand out. my teachers always told me that i was the one red rose in a field of yellow poppies. i'm telling you the same. don't ever change, because i mean it with all my life when i say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Love, Kayleigh
from devian :
HEEEYYYY patrick! your mama was RIGHT! i like your new look and am glad you are back safe and sound! :)
from addicted2ski :
*pokes around curiously* Nice new digs you've got here. And the view is to die for! Keep up the great work. :-)
from orpheusd0wn :
Hey, I'm 6'3" 270. Who's the biggest fan? WalMart is a glorious place at the wee hours my friend. After the witches have gone to bed and before the old men have stirred to go fetch some coffee. Oh, and Bah Humbug.
from wifemotherme :
I will always be your biggest fan, regardless of what name you call youself.

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