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from cocoabean :
I use cicloferon for cold sores, cures them in 2 days.. have to buy it from Amazon...
from dangerspouse :
I'm very sorry you had to put your cat to sleep. People without pets never realize how much they mean to us, I think, and how bad it hurts when they leave us. All the best.
from narcissa :
oh hi, so nice to have you back here again.
from nerryna :
Congratulations on baby #2!
from cocoabean :
Motherhood is a difficult job, but one you just can't help but love. Sleeping with a newborn means not a lot of sleep, but a lot of satisfaction! I loved having my babies in bed with me!
from nerryna :
hey! nice to read you again.
from cocoabean :
Welcome back!
from catsoul :
5/27/11--I read your entry about your thyroid bioposy. I have numerous bioposies because I have a thyroid challenge. Just a thought, wouldn't you rather know, now, one way or the other, good or bad nodule. I suggest getting another doctor, an endochronologist specialist, that is there field. If you don't have your health and family, what do you have. Also, the thyroid controls alot of the body and is interconnected to the adrenal and other body functions. Think of the thyroid as a link, and if that link is weak, it will break, and a ripple affect happens. I know this to be true. Take time for yourself, you are just as important as everyone else. Don't short yourself. Take care. =^..^=
from lobo21 :
Hi. Just wanted to say that for some time now I've liked the way you write and what you chose to write about. Hmm guess that would be mostly about you wouldn't it? Anyway, I like the way you put words together. Added you to my favourites, hope you won't mind me stopping by more often than not.
from avox :
I love the way you write! I haven't done much on my own for the longest time, and when I get curious and want to read what other's write about-- it's not uncommon to be dissapointed. (I'm not saying I, myself, am any better-- but...) Your writing is great! And you're incredibly witty. =)
from portlypete :
You're so right about uber-positive people being a pain in the rear. Maybe I'm just jealous of their ability to cope with the way life manages to banjax you just at the moment you think you're getting somewhere. I have a mate who has had more than his fair share of misfortune, including two failed business ventures and several serious family illnesses. Yet he remains resolutely cheerful throughout, when I know, in his shoes, I'd be reaching for the happy-pills. Irritating? Just a bit. But, "not trying at all" isn't "pretty good advice" (I think). The only option is to keep going. Life is an uphill struggle, like working in the garden. It's depressing to find your precious new plants have been dug up and shat upon, but, if you don't put them back in the ground, the result is a barren plot. ps (back-tracking) "Things you'd like to do". Florence. If you do nothing else, do that. And take your camera.
from baggage :
Thank you.
from feebriel :
♥ Loved your newest entry. :3
from raven72d :
I just discovered you--- and find your entries vur' delightful.
from kmlovesdn :
Thanks for the great idea! Colorful and inexpensive!
from rubyfoxx :
OH, thank you hon! By the way, been meaning to tell you for ages that your stories from India and Australia are fascinating. So jealous!
from anabels :
Addendum - tell me when where etc. At very least we have to get together for coffee
from anabels :
Hi, I have to work Sunday but will be around all weekend! So I can play tour guide on Saturday and give you suggestions for Sunday :)
from dharmabum :
Good luck with the move! Remember - deep breathes! Once you're on the plane you can relax :) xo
from rubyfoxx :
You are so right about the British painkillers. Luckily I dug around in my stash this morning and found some Naproxen from when I had my wisdom tooth out a couple years ago. Let's hope it's still effective!
from tattoobelly :
Barter, eh? What do you propose?
from sparkspark :
Thank you, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful note! It was so sweet, and much appreciated. XO Vio
from tattoobelly :
What if you made a little sign that said STOP in bright red letters and held it up every time she started doing the showing you her rolls of fat stuff? My mom puts herself down a lot too, but it's a bit different because she's not competing with me; she just hates herself.
from tattoobelly :
Those card ideas are GENIUS! I think they could absolutely be money makers.
from tattoobelly :
Did Atomic tell you she gave you clearance, Clarence? I'm so pleased you signed up!!
from chinariquena :
don't know me. but i love the layout.
from thelatteboy :
Oh, I have no intention of quitting. Just a move to a new venue. Something like that might be in order.
from dinahsoar :
You write with such immediacy that I can smell the breakfast sausage. Talking on the phone on the fire escape is, however, for me (a Californian) downright exotic. I love the images you evoke. You take me there! Thanks for the spontaneous holiday!
from dinahsoar :
Sometimes surrender is the best thing (and great steak doesn't hurt, either).
from dinahsoar :
I really resonated with that expression you used, "untaking care of myself". I do alot of that, too. Good luck this weekend!
from dinahsoar :
Je t'aime the shoes big time! I they were mine, I would seriously wear them with just everything - jeans, pj's, evening wear. As for the robot musings, I suspect that whether or not they are capable of lying has everything to do with who is programming, n'est ce pas?
from dinahsoar :
I love your diary - the kaleidoscope of emotions - so like the many manifestations of rain - languid, staccato, refreshing, insistent, cleansing. Thank you for the sidewaysrain.
from jenistar2 :
hey fellow Jen of the world--thanks for having jenistar on your buddy list. I'm moving--new url is Hope you'll follow along!
from djraindog :
Hmm...I don't remember Christmas 2003, so I don't think I was there, but I might've just been drunk. I was at Detour & The C-Note, though I wasn't feeling well at the latter and left immediately after the show. Barring unforeseen disasters or miracles, I should be at the OB on Friday, hopefully sporting a new and rockstarriffic coif. All best...
from bloodandgold :
I love your optimisim! Keep up the great work, for you have yet another faithful reader.
from dominguez :
just goes to further prove my theory!
from unhappyboy :
i'd choose Cambodia because i haven't been there and i really want to, but i have been to thailand and i love it, so i would say thailand..
from discodave :
Silly, don't be so hard on yourself - I'd be worried if you weren't finding the situation difficult. I hope it all turns out well in the end, though. Dxx
from harri3tspy :
No apologies necessary. I am honored!
from louisesayshi :
I absolutely adore your diary, though I'm still not quite sure why . . .
from unhappyboy :
I had a dream last night and you were in it. For some reason I had chartered a plane to NY and I was trying to contact you to ask if you would put me up for a few days while I was there. But then my plane couldn't get underneath a bridge and we had to take the wings off. damn shame.
from artofliving :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i adore your journal! you are fantastic!
from unhappyboy :
How do I stop my diary showing up in search engines?
from discodave :
I agree with Kat - I find myself wanting to be on your subway train most days, you know. Dxx
from deepbluefunk :
don't be modest. . . even your randoms are engaging if not exciting (and engaging IS exciting). i am an open book to you now. please drop by. kat
from discodave :
You have my email, don't you? Um, I mean, could I have a postcard please? Dxx
from discodave :
Glad to hear everything's good. And I'm amused that you associate being bored with preocreation. Dxx
from discodave :
I won't even ask why...peanut packets apparently state that "this product contains nuts" now, by the way. Dxx
from discodave :
Congratulations for getting up. And, would that be your significant other putting in an appearance on lj? Dxx
from discodave :
Hope your brother makes out OK - my dad's been clear for a couple of years now and it's easy to forget there was a problem until a scare comes along. And I hope you got up off that couch the other day. Dxx
from battle-ramen :
Yeah...well, no one would believe me now if I say it because it seems too convenient, but I remember the first time I read through her journal I thought it was all bullshit. I ignored it, but then a few months later I read some more of it, and we started talking, and at that point I started ignoring my instincts that told me it wasn't true. I ignored them ever since, and now I'm right where I thought I'd be--screwed over and lied to. Feels nice, doesn't it? At least you had more sense than me.
from influence :
I'm not sure if my email to you got through. If not, I highly recommend you read my last couple of diary entries.
from idiomatic :
"was hard to tell when he was just being a good kid or if it was something he was interested in" maybe he's interested in being a good kid, ha ha! thanks for coming on tues. hopefully we'll see you again on the 25th!
from dharmabum :
thanks for the birthday wishes:) is yr email [email protected]? or you could drop me one, too! hope you are doing well-
from maigera :
miss you miss you miss you.
from discodave :
You OK, Jen? It's not like you not to update for 5 days. Mind you - I only notice these things because I update far too often considering how little I have to say ;) Dxx
from discodave :
When you know what you're doing on the west coast, drop me a line or something - I'll email my mobile # or something. Dxx
from shrinkodebt :
sideways rain... what a lovely name
from discodave :
Ahh - fairy phlegm...I'm prettyt= sure it's got to have been something like Cuckoo Spit - this little aphid/cricket thing cocoons(sp?) itself in foamy white stuff that sits on branches and twigs. Dxx
from discodave :
I don't know if it'll be cold, particularly, but it'll be wet - I can guarantee it. Not every day, mind, but for at least a few it'll be nasty weather. Wtareproofs should be your first item to be packed, basically Dxx
from fulminous :
(laugh) I am SO EXCITED for DisneyWorld I can hardly THINK STRAIGHT. I think I might be completely useless for the next month and a half.
from xnavygrrl :
I am jealous of you. You're writing is so interesting and poetic. Sigh...your new fan.
from burkenstocks :
we're totally neighbors. katie and i live right off the astoria blvd. stop.
from invisibledon :
take my survey --it's called invisibledon

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