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from for-you-only :
spoons rock.
from liar-by-rote :
hey, everything ok? kiss and come back.
from hannahlore :
i really love your page, i had to leave a note for you and add you on my list
from liar-by-rote :
spanks, give me a web page or contact number for your charity. perhaps i can convince my million dollar swells to contribute - if not, i can come up with something and so can my friends.
from liar-by-rote :
write another entry, Spanks. for me.
from liar-by-rote :
Spanks, will you ever write again?
from elysium1982 :
thanks for the info, ill be looking for you guys next time.
from elysium1982 :
hey, im always willing to sponser. let me know additional info and ill sign up...
from liar-by-rote :
spanks..won't bug you after this...
from liar-by-rote :
ok. sleep nice.
from liar-by-rote :
spanks, you home or out?
from notgothic :
Just surfin around this land of diary. Found yours. Like your shit.
from thatcat :
i like you and stuff.
from miss-k2 :
Sorry this is hopefully temporary - work related issue. userid: myname password: kay
from liar-by-rote :
sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable...hope the food was good.
from liar-by-rote :
sorry u don't want to play...
from liar-by-rote :
from liar-by-rote :
original ny area code..5351917
from liar-by-rote :
i still have all my hair...
from liar-by-rote :
whaatever your miserable state..make yourself laugh and call me. ohhh, VERY DARING!
from liar-by-rote :
how are u feeling?
from liar-by-rote :
spanklin, you still awake?
from annamarie84 :
from mestupchick :
ah i see. i was just just described my lips perfectly...sans war paint! and elephant was a superb movie, i will agree. xxx, alana
from mestupchick :
hmm...enlighten me as to what sort of lips are those...the ones you enjoy coating??? (alana)
from bare-my-soul :
an small group of d-landers are meeting at SLATE, next thursday, February 5th at 6PM. would love to have you there. really enjoy reading your blog. you're very talented. rose
from gumphood :
Oh I read you before. I was refered here. Ya. You are still good. Keep on Keepin.
from drascus :
Hm. Interesting. Mad genius scientist or the worlds most educated, infamous actor?
from whitekachina :
from pinch :
Okay, dude. Spill. I want the test results.
from carrythezer0 :
envious of your muse. haha.
from fuckin-whore :
spanky im back, love the banners, im me , love you
from carrythezer0 :
hey, we're neighbors. (s.i.) interesting diary.
from dont-stop :
I don't mean to be a ditz, but what's a spanklin?
from lostkitty555 :
do you ski or snowboard? and where do you live that you got all of this "happy" snow. im in wv, and i snowboard but it was nothing to be happy about. just a sloppy muddy mess. peace.
from tornpictures :
dude, you are one cool cat ! you dno me but i randomly was searching + i came upon your diary ... you kick ass ! IM me one day is possible ... differentview63 --liana
from zatara :
Wow man. Like wow. For you information - Justine Bateman (Mallory Keaton) is still out there. Last anyone heard of her she was in the short lived sitcom "Three Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Parlour" or something like that. I don't know. I don't watch sitcoms. They tend to piss me off. The real mystery is what happened to her brother Jason Bateman - from the Hogan Family and Teen Wolf 2. Who knows....
from antipathy :
You have a thing going on with those words that shames me cos nothing i write is ever so resplendant with expression, my diary is a notepad of shit that happened but yours is beautiful dude. But you got enough fans it seems, just so ya know i`ll be reading.
from liar-by-rote :
you just described what i walk through every day. very nice.
from his-holiness :
My dear friend spanklin, I don't know how old you are, but if you can get away with it (they'll tell you to fuck off if you're too young), do what I did, get a vasectomy, I praise myself for this beautiful gift regularly-D
from fuckin-whore :
miss you bunches spanky
from thelostbard :
After reading some more of your entries I have decided to holster my apprehension of the social order. There are many things I agree with you on, in fact you remind me very much of a friend I have. Your views are much the same and the way you express them almost identical, it is for this reason I have to say that society has a place in� well� society. Personally I count myself apart from the hypocrisy that is �America�s freedom� and �Civilizations greatest miracle�� however despite my nail marks on the wall I can�t help but slide back into the welcoming hands of friends and family, mostly friends. My point is that one can stand apart from humanity without loosing what makes them human. Just a thought. (PS: I�m not sure if you have, but you should read some Alan Moore� most specifically �Watchmen�. I think you�ll like it).
from thelostbard :
Open your eyes, first stop your soul. Electrical roller coaster, mundane enough to excite and entice me. When the everyday becomes the unreal, who can resist the slander of the bountiful Eloi? A cityscape sketched where darkness holds its own against the ever-present light, the blood red glow blasting through spirit on its blitzkrieg of righteousness. I liked it.
from liar-by-rote :
why yous (you is) so mad? it shouldn't be like that - smooth blanket over you. you would love it.
from jess-jane :
he's not from Australia he's from Austria!
from stevecoffey :
Good music taste
from boardho :
As long as all I see is the top of your head, anything you want~need~desire darlin'. Your guestbook is spazing out but it could just be me. I've had a hard day playing with my template. Drugs, I need drugs.
from liar-by-rote :
yes Spanklin, that is correct. i have a group of UES Laidies dying to decipher code, find you, take you to lunch. i just hope you're not a 19 yr old So.Dakota transexual pre-op with a TimeOutNY subscription. Are You?
from peth :
what a day.
from liar-by-rote :
come on Spanks, tell us where you go before you go. i'd like to see what internet tough guy looks like...
from euphoria21 :
I saw your banner and I started reading up on you and you're hilarious. Check me out if you'd like. Take care, Vy
from peth :
in other words, excellent names! thank you!
from peth :
Oh, Spanky, I had been thinking along those lines. I had, in fact, been thinking about 'roy' and 'dutch'. I also had been thinking about 'wally', 'raoul', 'chet' and 'stanley'. I would like either manly man names or old man names.
from liar-by-rote :
Frankly, Spanklin, will you be my bastard son? can i be your N.Y. mommy?
from dazzlinglife :
hey, great point, politically.
from dinguspie :
without question, after reading your diary, I required a mind-fuck
from spiraloutxx :
Is it possible that I love you and I know this by only reading one entry?
from jujub27 :
I just wanted to say even though you can be pretty nasty, I get a big kick out of reading your diary.
from chalupagrrl :
I am glad to see your darkness adventure turned out well enough. I thought about you when during the blackout. Although, I had lights here! I woulda shared... =) ~leeah~
from margh :
Dork!!! :)
from margh :
Dude, I dunno even what you're talking about, if I was that annoyed with you, I'd have you off my AIM list in a flash, but you're still there, just not logged in. I'm sure you were an arse, but I overlook at all the time. Don't be pissy about it now! :)
from got-bosk :
wow, just wow.... very very good
from heyjuderevu :
I'm kicking it on the reviewer arena at Hey Jude Reviews and wanted to invite you to be reviewed! - Love Christy [brdwaybebe]
from bebelua :
your guestbook does not like me and has barred me from talking to you. but i'm a sneaky bitch and i've found a way around it. at any rate, here's what i was gonna say there: this is long over due, but thanks for stopping by and filling out my survey. i was reading your responses with my boyfriend over my shoulder and when we got to the part where you guess that i look like a geeky betty paige, this was a direct quote: "wow. yep. he hit the nail right on the head". i think he might be insane, but it's flattering nonetheless. xo, b.
from ldybug1113 :
heheh, i figured as much. your thoughts were much too eloquent for you to be 14- just checking ;)
from ldybug1113 :
A. nice diary :) and 2. how old are you? (are you merely a mid twenty year old reminiscing on his teen years, or really a freshman with an educated tongue?) AND finally 3. catholics don't worship the saints- we pray for the intercession of them. :) but nice try. kate :)
from banefulvenus :
I clicked on your banner. great site!!
from funda :
You need a vacation. I have a free couch and a day or few to spend at Disneyworld or Universal or wherever. You'll have to pay for the tickets though.
from ladyvaduva :
really like ur journal.. I'll be back more often.. for what its worth.. u write really well.. even if u are pissed off at a lot of junk (got good rites to be too!) here's to hopin the bastards may leave u some peace.. cheers cat
from habbit :
sounds like you enjoy nyc in the summer about as much as i do. ever see anna fubuki?
from indiepro :
This diary is strangely ingenious.
from miscreant444 :
honesty is awesome. classifying people by broad generalizations...not so much. At least, that's how I see it. Best of luck to ya, Spankster.
from miscreant444 :
from conquestgirl :
I *certainly* hope you're ok.
from conquestgirl :
you had a mis-spelling two entries ago, too. You make your point, though, which is what makes language so wonderful.
from fuckin-whore :
spank baby , Im going to see Ted Nugent !!!!!!!!!!!! Fw-Paige
from miscreant444 :
I'm with you, on all points.
from miscreant444 :
a winner. Loved it. Also wanted to tell you, you may want to sue the national enquirer...I believe their most recent issue rips on your NYC ticket entry. Really. Yes, I actually read the rag, but then it's funny, and I work 11-7am at a convenience store. Now go sue them.
from miscreant444 :
oh, I get it, you don't care if people waste their own time, so long as they don't waste yours. Sometimes, I forget to translate from male to female. Maybe I should reread your entry about the inherent differences. I think I will. *here's your cake*
from miscreant444 :
two things: you have offended me, but not for any of the crap you mentioned, and if you hadn't, I'd hardly think it worth my time to come here. If you spilled the same slime laced garbage I spew, it'd be damn boring. 2: the gub'ment has looked at my page...well someone has...IP marked, checked followed. Govt use, Washington DC. So who knows who's been looking at yours.
from miscreant444 :
*shit* I guess I'm a female admirer...I want it stipulated, here and now, that I've never asked for your picture. I just hopped on your nuts. NOW, for the point of this note (there is one, you know). I ALWAYS click on your banners. Still. Yeah, I know, it's useless clickage since I read your entries only moments after you post them anyway, but still, I do. Also, I'm a time waster. Does this mean I can't read you anymore?
from pinkvision3 :
Your diary entries are extremely prolific, entertaining and poinent. but the notes that people write you are better. I have a question for you. how old are you? did you sleep with Clymidia, and why cant other guys be like you too? but since you already have so many female admirers (along with male ones as well) I wont work on your ego that much. later~
from tale-of-me :
Wow! You took me by surprise with that speedy delivery of pics. I barely expected a response let alone a fast one. Now I can put a face to the adventures of spanklin. Thanks!
from melwadel :
Gotta tell you, spanklin, LOVE your banners!
from miscreant444 :
I won't be at those shows, I'm recommending them... Relax spankster, I'm not THAT hard on your nuts. Yet.
from tale-of-me :
My curiosity is getting the best of wouldn't happen to have a pic handy would you?
from miscreant444 :
Hi, my name is Becky. I'm on your nuts hard, but I'd never even think to sniff you. I just want to say: 07-16 Lucero Northsix Brooklyn, NY 07-15 Lucero Knitting Factory New York, NY :)
from tale-of-me :
I think I'm in love
from miscreant444 :
I can't type so early in the morning. Don't know why I bother. You make me wistful.
from miscreant444 :
your salive has an odor? whoa I gotta meet you.
from miscreant444 :
porn not working for you anymore? You know, the Gap and Old Navy are the same company. Uh huh. Old Navy clothes are Gap clothes that didn't get the quality assurance points, and Gap Clothes are the hand me downs from Banana Republic. Yes, I worked there. Mind raping, jean infested hole that it was.
from miscreant444 :
Oh, I hate to be redundant and superfluous...but amazing. You have such clarity of style and such spunk...and not just the creamy facial kind.
from hope-street :
You're a quick one!
from peth :
aw, yer just bitter because I made you pay for my abortion, yo.
from devouredsoul :
heya pettycoat
from miscreant444 :
amazing. simply amazing.
from miscreant444 :
well, yes, it seems not as much as I once was tho....
from darkfairy13 :
mad scientist cool diary *mwah ha ha ha*
from latvianevil :
so should i call you the "masked, capped avenger" now? only naked superheros need the security of a cape.
from miscreant444 :
as long as it's not in the eye, skippy.
from miscreant444 :
I'll take that, as backhandes as it was... proof positive Mr. Spanklin shouldn't have a computer at home :). Go to bed.
from miscreant444 :
you're pretty great.
from miscreant444 :
OMG, that's the greatest thing EVER. I have no qualms about porn, but my ex, Jay, always wanted me to sit on a cake so he could eat it off of me. We never did it though.
from miscreant444 :
so I clicked. What do I win?
from miscreant444 :
glad to hear your dick is doing well, if lonely. I worry that I worry too much about such things. People I don't even know. Hey, but it seems to me that things like sexual desire and even social motivation ebb and flow. Give it time, you'll be on the rise again, and again.
from akv05 :
If you hit control z after you delete half the entry, you will regain it all. it's the undo button. gotta love it.
from miscreant444 :
I don't mind tard boys slobbering over my tits, so long as they take note that I'm not just my tits. Besides, I have the worst tits of any girl on the planet. Yeah! Enough about my tits. Glad your vacation went well.
from biensoul :
Just to let you know, your last entry about New Orleans made me wet. Cut to: Spring Break, 1999. Shady Tattoo Parlor, way out of the French Quarter, 12am; me, drunk, ass up getting a 1980s rock-n-roll leo symbol just above my right cheek. Thanks for bringing back the memories.
from miscreant444 :
thanks for 'passing through,' delayed though it might have been.
from sexandcandy7 :
Wow, I just spent a great amount of time reading your diary. It feels weird reading someone elses diary, but I almost wanted to pick up a recorder and make it a movie or something. Thanks for the awesome time consumer. *r
from sugababe1556 :
it's three am and i'm awake, i had this dream about this snake, i dreamed that i and apple ate, and then i got to masturbate, thanks to him, i'm never late. thank you for your diary, it's a joy to read.
from fuckin-whore :
that was a wonderful conversation a few nights back....... it was pain, but it was a good pain, my back and legs still hurt *hahaha*
from laistesgift :
yo man i liked the chat thing we all had, what, last night? with jleem and star and that 12 year old. it was fun and you write really well. see ya soon, don't forget the chat.
from bigbadnigger :
you sissy little faggot'll suck my fat cock and suck out all the protein like a good little bitch..and you'll like it..u little faggot.. and then you'll cream your pink panties as u fingerbang yourself to my diary...shut your sissy faggot ass up before u get slapped around like a little girl u sissy bitch:) bye now!
from bibleofsharu :
hello we just spoke 2 u! lets get it on with r 2 person ride! hope the monkey's recouperated!!!
from faery :
*pounces* I do love spankage.
from margh :
OOps, it's appearing twice. I.DID.NOT.DO.IT. Diaryland farties.
from margh :
Spanky spanky spankster, how are you? I'll be back soon!! Really I will.
from margh :
Spanky spanky spankster, how are you? I'll be back soon!! Really I will.

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