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from konzadiary :
Maybe that sister that moved in had done away with Ms. Wilde...
from konzadiary :
OK, where the fuck are you? You got me hooked and then you disappeared...
from pricklee :
i don't care how busy you are, or how much of an adjustment living w/yr sister is b/c you never post any entries about it. if you want me to care yr gonna have to post. oh, by the way, you don't know me.
from dangerspouse :
Where'd you go to? Dammit, I just found your splendiferous place and you up and disappeared on me! Was it something I said? Come back, Shane...!
from dangerspouse :
Hey - what "student of linguistics" uses "infer" when she means "imply"? Other than that - your diary rocks! Just clicked your banner, and glad I did. Hope you don't mind that I'm adding you to Le List. Ciao!
from halfdevoured :
I just left the Intern a massive note. I felt bad about my comments in your guestbook earlier (I'm really a nice guy and not usually prone to anger or cruelty). I just thought she missed the point of why Diary Goddess was created and why I thought you were perfect for it. None of us take it too seriously... it's all good fun. And hopefully it will leave everyone - members and readers alike - feeling good.
from feesticka :
Amen to the teen-drivel bit.
from exhorter :
I never said I hated your diary, granted I thought it weird and over the top... but I did say your writing is exceptional and that the template had potential. You would know if I had've hated it, that I assure you. ~The Intern
from slutreviews :
You are quite welcome. Thank you for the note.
from slutreviews :
from arletterocks :
Hey, I tried out the "Gender Genie" link and found out I usually write like a guy. Like the mad-scientist genetic cross of Hemingway and Hunter Thompson, as a matter of fact. The Gender Genie thing didn't go into quite enough detail, though, so I made up that second part myself.
from candoor :
just because I love you doesn't mean I want to have your baby... I mean, just because you seduce me with your words doesn't mean I want to whisper sweet nothings into your ear... I mean, just because I wish I knew you better doesn't mean I will... I mean, I enjoy you more each time I visit... yeah, that's what I mean.
from lauralgood :
Wow I am so impressed. By far the best banner I have seen here on diaryland. And with a incredible diary to back it up? shit, girl, you really are cool. laural
from gdntmoon :
I LOVE YOU! *hug* lol THANK YOU for your level headed opinion on gay marriage. I hold you in very high esteem, now. ^-^
from banefulvenus :
wow, great banner! Love the site... :)
from everoboto :
I clicked a banner and turns out it was yours. As I glanced your profile, I noticed that you too are a member of DiaryGoddess, so I thought I'd drop a note to say "Hi!" I look forward to getting to know you. \m/
from kimisamazing :
Oh how I love your exquisite writing. But I still don't understand that banner...
from not-tuesday :
It's usually on Thursday night 9 Eastern time but they moved it to Tuesday this week. He was good, he played one of the guys boyfriends. He isn't fat, at least I don't think he is. But he does still have that goatee. As soon as I saw him, I thought of you!
from mydnighteyes :
I like your writing, very interesting. It's nice to see intellegent people exist
from straysparrow :
The PC term for an Eskimo is Inuit. It mean "the people" in the Inuit language (called innuctituk? I forget). Eskimo means "eaters of raw meat" if I remember correctly, so I guess I can see why Inuit is a preferred term (not that I'm Inuit. I'm just a white girl from Canada whose mom happened to do some work in northern Quebec). Nice diary btw. Ciao. Sparrow.
from drunkencynic :
I love it.
from perfectbone :
You friggin rock girly girl!!!
from pirate-life :
You are freaking hilarious.
from his-holiness :
You're not alone. I can't stand the Smiths.
from gumphood :
Well I may have spelled it wrong but its the tea dipping biscut that my friend from london raves about. I figured you would know it, and not lately...I have gone back and read, so thats where this all is coming from.
from gumphood :
Is the quickest way to your heart tea and Bisconte?
from letaboo :
you named a pimple?! I don't know if I really wanted to hear the details - I was torn between disgust and laughter. But I do congratulate you for saying it without hesitating. Pretty damn gutsy.
from gumphood :
I like the new layout. It's majestic. But I also would like to say I had a bit of time trying to leave you a note...I figured it out. I am not sure if you care, but you might want to make it easy as pie. If you get me. So that's my noise. That's my funk. Enjoy you lovely Seattle weather. It's nothing like the Tundra in which I currently reside.
from gumphood :
Hehe. I love that you took the fight one, cause it was serious boy territory. I'll be honest; I love that survey, but I think that people aren't half as interested in it as I was. Hehe. You never watched MacGuiver or Airwolf, or Quantum Leap? Tisk Tisk. Also the sad thing was reading that I was like a total sci-fi geek, when I really am not. I just watched whay my parents did. I loved Twin Peaks though. A great deal.
from lealoo :
Just had to drop in and tell you I LOVE your layout and your writing. Keep it up!
from gumphood :
Though I have never done belly dancing I can imagine that's a SIGHT. I mean that many people doing crazy things sounds pretty funny. I remember that I used to laugh in the Soccer team room as we would end up running around in jock straps and shin guards. We just looked so stupid. Then I got beat up. I just wanted to throw that in there.
from gumphood :
My favorite was "Girly Drink Drunk" when he was making drinks in the closet with the blender. "I'm sharpening PENCILS!!!!" Loved it. I loved Kidsinthehall period.
from gumphood :
Now were those reasons why you LIKED living in the city or were afraid. Actually I enjoy the city as well, but I typically try to avoid head to head wino convesations. The crazy's do give you the best stories however.
from gumphood :
First note being left? An honor perhaps. Anyway I am taking your surveay.. so my answers are there. And BTW, I can't spell so if thats a problem let me know so I can kill myself.

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