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from acornotravez :
May I have an evil password?
from acornotravez :
Hi can I have a password please? I see that you have favorited me, and I would like to add a comment (on my profile) next to your diary name, and I normally do this with a quote from the diary I'm reading! acornotravez at hot mail dot com. =]
from sadistiksoul :
cats are the shit. so is coffee.
from dinosaurorgy :
I really love the photo in your template. I'm betting that you hear that all the time. It really is beautiful.
from whystinger :
Nice diary. love the pin-up style pic, very sexy. Found you from Gr8t4me... Oh, I am a former Jersey person too....
from myownjourney :
Heya. Just wanted drop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope its going well for ya. :)
from acaldwell :
hiya suzie!! i was checking my who reads me list and i see you there!! #59!! woo woo!!! welcome to the daily drivel! :) and congrats on ya 200th entry!!! i think that guy did you a big favor when he said no!! hehehee!!!
from randh :
Hello I read 2 entries of your diary so far, and I'm already addicted. I love it. I promise I'll be back for more. You rock hard!
from marilynstar :
Thank you for your comment on my last entry. My Mom passed away from cancer three years ago. Thats what makes it even worse. What happened with your Dad remarrying? Hope all is well!
from grt8f84me :
I started reading some of your profile stuff. My mother passed away when I was 10, and I can totally relate to what you're saying about feeling cheated. I find that I sometimes resent my older sisters because they had many more years with her, and actually grew to know her as adults. I'm adopted, and my sisters are at least 20 years my senior. So, it bugs me that they have memories of her that I never will. Looking forward to reading more of your diary.
from marilynstar :
Hi! I am just letting you know that I changed my password. Email me at [email protected] to get my new one
from marilynstar :
username:zeta PW:Marci
from xyliao-o :
I have to say, I'm not exactly happy with the feral cat laws. Yes, there's a population problem. Yes, feral cats decimate the bird population. But we're trusting the solution to hunters? That's what pisses me off. Archaic? Just a little bit. I really don't trust some idiot with a gun to be able to tell the difference between a poor feral cat and a pet, or stay far enough from houses, and... rrgh! Yeah. And Wisconsin used to be a progressive state.
from zforce :
Quick note from the husband -- Of course I still read this! I love getting the inside information from this journal. It's like my guided tour of Suzy!Land, so keep writing!!
from discodoll :
I do.
from xyliao-o :
Congrats! (On the marriage, not on hating AOL)
from xyliao-o :
Well, I'm glad to see that you're still around, but I'm awfully sorry you've had a rough couple of months. As sorry as a near-complete-stranger can be. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've waited patiently for you to start writing again and hope that things start to turn around for ya :)
from discodoll :
Nice to see you here, I'll send good vibes your way and hope they can help with something.
from zforce :
Did you know that your hit counter is stuck on 1,973? does that make you invulnerable to further hits? Man, how does it feel to be indestructible?
from discodoll :
I agree with you on the worst things. Nice to see you're still around.
from imperfectlyy :
Due to some boredom tonight, I'm leaving a note for everyone that has me listed as a fave. Cool of me right? Oh yes. Maybe I'll stay on your lil list, some bastards have taken me off. Bastards. Wanna help me go and get 'em!? Anywho, this concludes my note. If you're lucky, you didn't get the "generic" one. =) ~snicker~ My quote that you have for me is still oh so true. hehe
from everoboto :
Regarding your Five-List, I think you have some great ideas of what to do with all that lotto money.
from everoboto :
Go on, Suzy! How kick-ass that you knew some of the Wayne's World reasons. Last night, I remembered the one about "New Maps," but I couldn't remember what they said about it. I also remembered that the last one was the whole "Live from New York" thing; another was a lengthy political disertation by Garth, to which Wayne replied, "OK." But I forgot all about the Russian rock bands one. Now there's three reasons left to remember. Thanks!!
from everoboto :
Great news about the job. Good luck with it!
from mojo1915 :
Hello there! I hope you have a very fun halloween and you don't get thrown up on by a salamander. Take care ~Jesse
from kathrynkaye :
You definitly deserve it. A woman needs as much support as possible during the whole process and he should be delighted to help out and discuss plans with you. He should be "fucking" excited, not a "fucking" dick.
from onewetleg :
cool, thanks for adding me, too. sorry for sneaking up on you like that but it was the last thing i did before falling asleep. i read a review of you and it was bad so i read your diary and i thought it was really good. i cant remember who the reviewer was.*yawn* sorry im so incoherent now. => jj
from discodoll :
Hope you don't mind me adding you but I really enjoyed your diary.
from discodoll :
Your review is up at utter-views. Sorry it took a bit longer than expected but my computer and my life went nuts for a bit.
from cowgirlkym :
hi, thanks for what you said! I adore your layout - it's really beautiful. xx
from no-and-then :
where in New Jersey do you live? North, south, central?
from lealoo :
I love love love your layout! It's so lovely. Ok, I had to say that. Now I'm off to actually READ your diary rather than just drool at the beauty of it.
from everoboto :
No problem. I'm glad I was able to make you feel a little better :-)
from lithium07 :
Thank you so much, precious, for adding me to your favorites. Your layout is beautiful and I will be sure you add you to my favorites shortly. ♥
from poppyfish :
Aw, thanks so much for the compliment, pumpkin. I shall try valiantly not to bore you, at any cost... although .... knowing me, I'm bound to. Just close your eyes when it happens. Wait, why are you closing your eyes NOW? Oh no! ;)
from poppyfish :
Thank you for showing your support of Jack Sparrow! Always appreciated!
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for adding me to your list of favorites, I don't think I am stupid, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
from erasthai :
hey, noticed that you added me as a favorite and decided to stop by and say howdy and check-out your diary. *smile* I like it! yay! cool diary! I thought I'd add you as a favorite also. thanx. -stina
from painreviews :
Your fucking review at Pain Reviews has been moved to
from xyliao-o :
I love reading what you have written. It makes me smile, even though the underlying content may not be humorous...
from painreview :
Your fucking review is up at Feel free to chat on the TagBoard and/or leave us a note for permanent feedback. Recommend us to your friends if you will. Thank you for requesting.
from painreview :
Sorry, our username is "painreview." The name of the site is Pain Reviews. You added the wrong fucking site. Nevertheless, your request has been granted and you will get a review.
from ashcroft :
nice diary :)
from allthatsleft :
I feel like ruining the end of Dreamcatcher for you (I read that huge monster of a book). But I won't, because I'm not THAT much of an asshole. I still feel like ruining it though. ;) -SEb
from quitenasty :
Your review is up:
from imperfectlyy :
Well thanks for the ~inspirational words~ I don't think it's the end of the world, it just really sucks ass...and of course, if she leaves me completely, theeeeen I think I'll ponder on the "end of the world" thing. hehe. But anywho, enjoy your reads!
from lezbian :
I have a new diary, well I just changed the name really. I wrote an entry about if you'd like to list me as a favorite, you should now list "imperfectlyy" instead. =)
from papotheclown :
thanks for clearing everything up. i had no idea cat ladies had such an alliance. kinda like the mafia, it seems.
from papotheclown :
hey, thank you for linking me on your favorites list. i am flattered, and a bit curious as to who you are. do i know you? do you know me, without me knowing that you know me? how many cats do you have at present? is there already a cat lady in your neighborhood? if so, do you have any strategem of disposing her? yeah, thats what i am curious about. have a good day
from lezbian :
Oh, and if you go to and look at the notes, I left them a nice lil word or 2 =)
from lezbian :
Awwwwwwwwwwww Thanx! I don't plan on changing it anyway. It wasn't really a big deal to have it reviewed. I didn't even know that sort of thing existed, I just saw someone had it done and I figured, oh what the hell. It really doesn't concern me what they thought, I didn't take it personally or anything :) And thank you ever so much for your nice note!
from zforce :
I swear that I am happy for you, but all this icky love crap is making me sick. I'm going to hang out with oscar the grouch now. Have a rotten day. Love ya!
from zforce :
Ok. So there i was, wondering what was in your head. Now I know, and frankly, im scared silly. Love ya anyway
from glitterkick :
Oh, that's what the whole nailed shut drawer thing is about. People probably glance around my 500 sq ft studio apt, see those fake drawers, and think "damn, this girl must be mad rich!" So anyhow, feel free to spam my guestbook whenever the urge strikes, people who are well on their way to becoming crazy cat ladies must stick together.
from evilpixie666 :
hey! thanx for adding me as a favorite. (_-*LiTaWaTkInS*-_)
from allthatsleft :
Okay I could be shallow and say that you rule because you love Soulfly, but I won't. Instead I'll say this: Keep living and good job. Keep updating and keep going, you seem really cool so far. -King of the SIX Electric Strings, otherwise known as Seb

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