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from janedoe0 :
Just popping in to say HI! :)
from janedoe0 :
Hi! I'm supposed to be working but my IM reported a new message and try as I might I could not contain myself to see who contacted me. So thanks for signing my guestbook :) And I wish you a wonderfull day aswell!!!!
from janedoe0 :
Hi there! We could have been:) You never know! Thanks 4 ur note. I've started reading you diary from your first entry, what I've read so far realy touched me, and I just thought I'd let u know. *hugs*
from poolagirl :
Save your coding in a word document and then experiment like mad with your template. If it screws up, you can always paste in what you have now.
from poolagirl :
Dang! Look what I started!
from poolagirl :
Ahoy! You're a winner! Email me your snail mail please. [email protected] WOOT!
from poolagirl :
Oh dear! I think I am.....blushing! Does it go well with my pirate eyepatch?
from boxx9000 :
YES! My Mom was a BG QVC fan (those were the days before eBay) The ring probably did come from there. hehehehehe. I really like it. Maybe it's the hearts? I'm such a sucker for hearts. (my birthday is 2 days after Valentines)
from poolagirl :
I think it means another journey deep into your soul. You are a very strong woman. You can do this. Peace and blessings.
from boxx9000 :
I have a question for you....Everything was just fine for 30 years and then just one day BAM it wasn't? My marriage was great until we had kids and then it got worse until I finally divorced him. Now the kids are grown and things have returned to that happy state BEFORE we had kids. We both love our kids but it put such a strain on our relationship.
from boxx9000 :
There was definitely a time when I HATED my husband so much that if he had been standing in front of me I would have RAN over him with my car......REPEATEDLY! Things calmed down, we both changed for the better. We are NOT the same people we were when we were in our 20's or 30's or 40's. Things just seemed to have worked out for the best and now that we are in our 50's we've decided that we do truly LOVE each other and want to grow old together. I LOVE happily ever afters.
from webmiss :
I admire your strength and your honesty. It must be hard for you to post here as truthfully as you have done thus far. I hope that the beginning of your life with WOW is in the near future. We only have one life to live, the least we can do is try to enjoy it.
from joiedv :
Hi, and thanks for adding me as a favorite. I'm glad you enjoyed my smoking entry. I hope you find the strength to quit once and for all before too long. I love your daughter :)
from poolagirl :
Duckfart? OMG! What is it? I want one! I ant a duckfart!
from cosmicrayola :
I love your answers! What in hell is a duckfart???
from poolagirl :
Just kidding. But he is SO CUTE!
from poolagirl :
That's it! I am claiming Gus as my own.
from poolagirl :
What a beautiful family! You are so blessed! And that cake! OMG!
from poolagirl :
Why, happy birthday! You stinker for not telling us!
from mahvalicious :
Hi Yankee-chick. I've been seeing your name around on some of the comments of Dlander's that I read regularly. Just read the comments on Poolie's site and the discussion about hominy. I'm interested in your recipe for the Mexican dip that you make that has hominy, that is, if you care to share. Hope you don't mind me reading your entries - you're certainly welcome to read me!!
from poolagirl :
Hail to thee, new fave on my list!
from chaosdaily :
help yourself! always glad to have a new reader!
from ladybug-red :
Thanks for leaving me a note. I'm catching up on your archives while pretending to watch the superbowl :-)
from wifemotherme :
wanted to let you know if you see some stalker like activites in your stats its me back reading.
from polly-esther :
Hi, I found you through my5cents and I just wanted to let you know I was reading! I'm locked -- username is callie and password is cat if you want to read mine. I can understand being in a place where you don't want to be. I left Philly eight years ago because of my husband and now I'm in Nevada. I yearn to move back to Pa. so bad I can't stand it.
from kellbelle :
Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes!! HOpe you have a great weekend :)
from my5cents :
Just read your most recent entry and I already love how you express yourself. I guess, though it is NONE of my business, I would be interested in knowing why you want a divorce...I imagine it has a lot to do with not seeing your daughter and grandchildren. The horse and filly sound so sweet. Hope you can figure out how to post I have no clue myself. Looking forward to seeing about your thoughts, wishes and dreams.
from my5cents :
Hi, came over from your daughter's blog and am I glad you are going to have one. I can't wait to hear all about why you left Alaska and your daughter and grandchildren...It must have been so hard for you. Understand you have lots of decisions to make...based on my blog name, I am more than happy to read and offer whatever I can to you. Been married 41 plus years so I can imagine what you have gone through...I have only one child also.He's married 3 years with 2 teenage step daughters.
from requiel :
Helllo!!! I adore your cute daughter! Keep writing.
from sallydallydo :
I, also an only child, have been dutifully instructed to harass you, courtesy of your darling daughter, until you resume updating your blog. Please ask her to send me some Marilyn Merlot ASAP as payment in full. Never been to Alaska, but we have good friends here who continue to pine for it, so it must be mighty nice. ;) Hope your upcoming New York trip is a great one!
from irisheyes70 :
When are you going to update again, YC? Hmmmm?
from gregsfoxgirl :
hey there! reading your profile astounded me from how much we have in common! i love new york, my dad is from there, i have lived in alaska which i consider home more then anything else, i am a bank teller which i usually enjoy, james patterson is my favorite author and i love the beatles! amazing the people you can meet online, huh?
from irisheyes70 :
Am I supposed to know about your diary? :) If you don't want me to read, that's okay. Just tell me. You can still read mine, you know! Love you! And you need to get Guestbook or something so people can leave you comments. This works fine too though. *huggles*

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