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I didn't do it. Nobody saw me. You can't prove a thing. Can I call my lawyer now? I know I get one call to my lawyer...

My favorite diaries:

divadesigns profile - diary
comments: The designer of this particular diary's layout. I found her through:
daisy624 profile - diary
comments: SHEEEEEE'S BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Reminds me of me when I was twenty-something. Welcome back, Kai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pinky-angel profile - diary
comments: Diary of the designer of the layout I'm using. God I feel like such a voyeur.
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: Lot's of drama here...when there's actually something *here*
ssegwilde profile - diary
comments: Sometimes it pays to click those banners. This woman displays a love for the printed word with descriptions so vivid, her bout with the flu created sympathetic vomitus on my part.
mudgirl profile - diary
comments: Hmmm. I'm playing catch-up with her older entries and trying hard not to jump to the present so as not to spoil the journey to come.
gettingnaked profile - diary
comments: Oh to be 23 again and know what I know now
cactustree profile - diary
comments: C'mon. Let's all celebrate her victories! [um, she's got a new diary and I'm not telling you where]
urbancadence profile - diary
comments: He's young, he's hip, and he's all over my old stomping grounds...
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: I've clicked on this banner twice now, and read in morbid fascination each time so I guess it's time to add it to *the list*
ursamajor profile - diary
comments: Click it. You know you want to. Read a little. Spend the rest of the day chuckling to yourself making passers-by wonder wtf you've been doing...
dragprincess profile - diary
comments: It's locked for a good reason. Too much honesty can kill some, but we are strong!
blackpanty profile - diary
comments: Ok, so there isn't an update every day. Who cares when the updates are little gems like these...
magpiesnest profile - diary
comments: From her 101 Things: I have the worst wisdom tooth removal story ever, which was plenty major enough. The story involves a saw, dumping my then-boyfriend for neglect, projectile vomiting and Jehovah's Witnesses.
delirium21 profile - diary
comments: From her 29 Questions: 10. What�s your favorite kitchen appliance? Wooden Spoon. How can you not be impressed with the simple complexity of that answer?
marn profile - diary
comments: Endlessly Entertaining. I have a ton of reading to do....why don't you join me?
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: How did I get caught up in all this? Oh, I clicked another banner...

My favorite music:

Cowboy Junkies
comments: North of the border blues. Her voice makes me melt, his words touch my soul
Chris Isaak
comments: Pure, unadulterated yummy
Wild Colonials
comments: Saved my soul
Gary Allan
comments: A voice as smooth as silk; major eye-candy

My favorite movies:

Gone With The Wind
comments: I was born 120 years too late...
Summer Lovers
comments: I'm still mourning Valerie Q
Raiders of the Lost Ark
comments: The original and still the best
Star Wars
comments: Is he ever going to make these for adults again?
comments: Still makes me hoot with laughter

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: Yeah, I realize he's lost it since the accident, but I could read his body of work over and over and never get tired of it
Robert Ludlum
comments: I love a great spy thriller and this man is the top dog
Tom Clancy
comments: Can't get any more patriotic than this
Joyce Maynard
comments: The sole reason I trek to Michigan every September
comments: The helpful hint lady makes my life simpler

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