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Mid-20s British but longing for a warm, sandy beach somewhere else, gay and loving it, pretend mother to my siblings, full-time automaton working for a bank, terminally bored. Dealing with family, and going slowly insane.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Melissa Etheridge
comments: Identify much?!?!?
Dar Williams
comments: Met her, she is such a sweetie...but of course, slightly crazy...in a good way
Bruce Springsteen
comments: The Boss. My first true music obsession.
Trisha Yearwood
comments: Ok, so she doesn't write them, but the songs she chooses are fantastic.
Gin Blossoms
comments: Going way back when and driving up to Borth to eat a kebab on the beach at 3am. Is this the Gin Blossoms? I think so...

My favorite movies:

The Untouchables
comments: Wonderful film, perfectly crafted. Makes you really feel while you're watching.
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: I think anyone who has seen this movie will understand where I am coming from here
Twelve Angry Men
comments: The original and best, not any updated ones. Watch those walls close in
Bring It On
comments: Eliza Dushku 'nuff said! And for the Missy 'Give It Up Already' comment near the end - best watched with Gareth on freeze frame! Sarcasm, oh yes!
comments: Another black and white classic, timeless and beautiful

My favorite authors:

Patricia Cornwell
comments: Forensic science and a totally believable plot.
Micheal Connelly
comments: The Poet stayed with me for a very long time
Stella Duffy
comments: Dyke detective on the loose...
Patricia Duncker
comments: Hallucinating Foucault is fantastic, and James Miranda Barry (The Doctor) is perfectly detailed for the suspension of disbelief.
Jasper Fforde
comments: He writes the books that are just *made* for someone like me

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