My Confessions....Im not mean...Im honest.

Well If I was you I would want to read about me too. =0)

My favorite diaries:

Buppie profile - diary
comments: hmmm...I get back to this one
eb0nie profile - diary
comments: I tell all and hold nothing life is a book that just made #1 Best
omni102 profile - diary
comments: "Every day at 4:30 I go to the bathroom in the hall at work, and Jen is there waiting for me, sometimes butt ass nekkid"
wicked-sezzy profile - diary
comments: tha funniest white girl on here
blackpearl1 profile - diary
comments: she from sacrameto..where my granny lives
signomifly profile - diary
comments: " I want to bring in my 23rd birthday with that toe-curling, leg uncontrolably shakin, speakin spanish sex!"
tanprincess profile - diary
comments: will update comment after I read more
FiyerStarter profile - diary
comments: "it's hard to compete with the skinny hoochies wearing basically NOTHING and you look like a tub of lard "
Macdiva profile - diary
comments: she need to come back!
Heckafresh profile - diary
comments: "She deserves the kind of boyfriend I used to strive to be. Picking up favorite foods. Writing poems. Buying tampons and rushing them to the office. A punk."
Mr-sparkles profile - diary
comments: "I love all these fat girls in a dance major"
complexlust profile - diary
comments: is she in college like me??? she should join Alpha Phi Fuckem Sorority
Try-me24 profile - diary
comments: I looooove readin her diary because its halarious. She should also join APF lmaooo
vodka-n-milk profile - diary
comments: She almost as crazy as me....Ill give her a few more years to catch up lol
micas0sexi profile - diary
comments: she moved her diary to LiveJournal damn trader!!!! I still love her
Bronzbeauty profile - diary
comments: Tha first diary I actually read tha whole thing. She is so talented. She got super skills in html
Teachin-usa profile - diary
comments: I love her diary she's teaching in Brazil and she talks about the little kids and you can just amagin how cute and BAD they are
my--life profile - diary
comments: she thinks I dont know who she
kitty-kaboom profile - diary
comments: luv tha pics. I thought I was pic crazy but she has me beat I cant compete with the sony cyber shot! fuck no!
thaimperial profile - diary
comments: "who the fuck is text messaging me asking me which vibrator should they use first? "
vintagedeath profile - diary
comments: Shes from Japan? But she is black, I wonder do the speak japanese
nadivah-rox profile - diary
comments: "since you wonderful people on diaryland don't know me, you get the privelege of knowing all my biddness (yea I said biddness). "
Kelislover profile - diary
envy-566 profile - diary
morewithinme profile - diary
carinolaffz profile - diary
vickiholiday profile - diary
maskedmofo profile - diary
bellemoire profile - diary
chicflaws profile - diary
wutevabitch profile - diary
Jabari profile - diary
comments: This my real life friend, He moody but I love him to death. Plus he makes me laugh til I cant breath.
Vizionz profile - diary
pinkluck profile - diary

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Matrix 1
comments: best movie in 1999
Color Purple
comments: I could watch that move 100 times and cry each time
Soul Food
comments: Thats the only movie my whole family went to see together at the theatre
Finding Nemo
comments: I know I have issues
Scary Movie
comments: Tha first one was funny as hell

My favorite authors:

Micheal Baisden
comments: Men Cry in the Dark, mantience man, why men cheat, I read all his books too but in person hes a cocky sum of a sucka!
Omare Tyree
comments: Flyy Girl, for the love of money
comments: nervous, sex cronicales, sisters of APF I read allllll her books
Alice Walker
comments: Color purple
E Lynn Harris
comments: Bisexual dudes ...this is causing me not to trust that there are any straight men left

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