Champagne and Orange juice. Contradictions that create a wildly pleasing drink.

I am contradictions that create a wildly crazy 21 year old girl.

I drink. I laugh. I cry. I read. I write. I procrastinate. I work. I bitch. I pout. I knit. I love. I hate. I support. I disaprove. I dance. I sleep. I talk. I listen. I think. I dream. I hope. I wish.

My favorite diaries:

tesseraic profile - diary
comments: "So, yes. I'm still having the man problems, I'm sure you're all glad to hear. And with the exception of David, every single one of the men I have met this year can fuck the fuck right off. And you can stitch that on a damn pillow.&quo
boogabooga profile - diary
comments: "and I panicked, picked up my tray, stood up and blurted out the first thing that popped into my head: 'SEX CAN WAIT, MASTURBATE!'."
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: "At least people will stop looking at my ass when I'm changing in the P.E. locker room.They'll stop with, 'Wow. She has an ENORMOUS ass.' And go to, 'Is she wearing a GARTER?'"
ask-obiwan profile - diary
comments: "I suppose no one really knows where thoughts come from. I would say that thoughts originate from certain spoiled meats and vegetables, because I have used the saying, 'I've met smarter rotten tomatoes in my refrigerator several times"
spanklin profile - diary
comments: " But since you are all crackerjack for a golden harp and a set of alabaster wings, you sure you wanna jump all on your god's nuts like that and presume to have the omnipotent chops to decide what sends people where?"
shutupmom profile - diary
comments: "A couple years ago I took a trip to Ireland. With the sole purpose to see how many Irish boys I could get to kiss me. Within the first couple days I smooched about 4(or was it 5?) Irish boys. I lost count after 4(or was it 5?) Guinness
humantorch profile - diary
comments: "either that or he made the logical assumption that only someone with some very serious life issues would think that it was a good idea to wear the outfit that i had on."
redniko profile - diary
comments: "I woke up this morning. It was an act of amazing optimism on my part. Sitting up... that was an act of God."
savecraig profile - diary
comments: "I wish my life had a soundtrack that I could hear, then boring things like walking down the street would be a lot more exciting, and I would know of impending doom around the corner. "
vnichols profile - diary
comments: "Weird fact... I've never been to Starbucks. I'm aware that it's about as believable as Britney Spears claims to chastity, but I stand by my claim. See, I'm waiting for more committed coffee beans."
mzauberman profile - diary
comments: Me: 'Excuse me, but do you know how many calories you burn whilst having sex?' Them: 'No...' Me: 'I see. Would you like to participate in an empirical study?'
penchant profile - diary
comments: it's veronica, not writing letters, but still being cool
biensoul profile - diary
comments: "He appreciates the effort that I put into the whole deal, but it's not really necessary. I'd look just as cute to him if I were naked, even more so. Which is why I got all dressed up in the first place... "
daisyfaerie profile - diary
comments: " to be a real writer you have to use big words like 'unbeknownst'"
boy-ashamed profile - diary
comments: "I don't want to think back and say 'shit, I was too busy trying to determing how guilty britney actually was in her and justin's break up to study, which is why my degree is a piece of shit'. No."
peasantwench profile - diary
comments: "They've changed the Diet Coke cans. My yearbook geek side declares they have too much white space."
spunkygypsy profile - diary
comments: "Damn it. And I was all ready for the cum facials. I can't believe I said cum facial. Twice now"
sroo profile - diary
comments: "I can�t wait until she comes home tonight and sees Heifer International waiting for her on her bed with her other mail. "
monkeydeaths profile - diary
comments: "I may take glee in beating prostitutes to death, but at least I�m not pregnant. "
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: 12% beer is fantastic! A link to superb diaries that you must read.
lionlikenick profile - diary
comments: Vintage tesseraic. Example: "... but trust me. The constant wailings of 'you're too talented to still be living here' die out after you bump into the wall a few times and forget how to use your fork"

My favorite music:

comments: It's not a band. It's the greatest musical of all freaken time and I listen to the soundtrack constantly
Phantom of the Opera
comments: Classic musical theatre
Rufus King
comments: A disbanded punk band, and they are friggin awesome
Jonny Lang
comments: A young, hot blues player, need I say more?
STUPID, The Band
comments: They make me want to get all hot and sweaty in a crowd

My favorite movies:

The Guest Movies
comments: Waiting for Gaufman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind and This is Spinal Tap. Make sure you see the DVD's so you can check out the special features which rock.
Bad film, Good Movies
comments: Four Weddings and a Funeral, When Harry Met Sally, Circle of Friends, An Ideal Husband, French Kiss, The House of Yes, Dream for an Insomniac, Strictly Ballroom, Harry Potter
A step up
comments: The Piano, The Royal Tennenbaums, Princess Mononoke, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Outside Providence
A little bit of the Artsy
comments: Blue, Red, Delicatessian, Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Holy Mountain
Classic in one way or another
comments: Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Monty Python...Holy Grail, Princess Bride, Goonies, Love in the Afternoon

My favorite authors:

Frances Hodgson Burnett
comments: The Secret Garden and A Little Princess still provide reading enjoyment to me years after I first read them.
comments: Takes the everyday and makes it extrodinary.
J.K. Rowling
comments: Not all pop culture is evil, only most of it

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