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My favorite diaries:

fadein profile - diary
comments: Fahnee fahnee fella.
its4me profile - diary
comments: An awful lotta my faves are from Chicago - so is this one..... me likee.
mllerewind profile - diary
comments: I just dig her.
monstre profile - diary
peth profile - diary
comments: I like peth. I like peth's sofa. I like peth's diary.
rudey profile - diary
comments: One hot sexy bitch.
Saint-louise profile - diary
comments: And Elvis said, let there be Louise.....
sundry profile - diary
comments: Rocks the all-American house.
tattodnanny profile - diary
comments: How do you spell "spell check"? All-around cool.
toothbrush profile - diary
comments: the design is a bit - um - designy - but the content is ace.
tvzero profile - diary
comments: TV-Z drinking game - drink one if he refers to self as Jonny - drink two if he mentions smoking or hiking - drink three if mentions smoking WHILE hiking - do a shot if mentions Genghis-Jon. Shoot up if he discusses gay sex with Bill Fade-In.
Sooner profile - diary
comments: We're very much alike, except he's a law student and gay, and I'm a computer geek, and straight, but otherwise? Twins, man, twins.
elle8 profile - diary
comments: Good good, but tiny tiny font.
Andrew profile - diary
comments: Creator of all this, and wickid pissah funny besides.
Ann-Frank profile - diary
comments: Me likee. More need not be said.
btchelicious profile - diary
comments: Source of much mad wisdom....
Sam profile - diary
comments: She's messy, just like me. But cool.
youradhere profile - diary
comments: Possibly the first diaryland diary I ever read. Doesn't write much, but it's good.
might profile - diary
comments: Has a dingo, fer cryin' out loud. A dingo.
badmovie profile - diary
comments: Just about the time I was ready to add a comment, she up and stops writing. What a maroon.
bathsheba profile - diary
comments: I am not at all sure how this one got on this list. She hasn't updated much lately, so I am not even sure how long it's been here....
yellopoppy profile - diary
comments: Shhhh. It's a secret.
nekono profile - diary
comments: The first person to ever make me want to use the fave entry feature....
i-girl profile - diary
ram-page profile - diary
blandman profile - diary
smartypants profile - diary
beulahbondo profile - diary
asitwere profile - diary
justcircles profile - diary
scanzilla profile - diary
satchmo3 profile - diary
brownboy profile - diary
hapithoughts profile - diary
addieplum profile - diary
zantimisfit profile - diary
cantstoplooking profile - diary

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