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from artisthussy :
Um, it's August. AGAIN. :)
from artisthussy :
good to know you are still around
from lapisllong :
missed you, beautiful =)
from linguafranca :
Glad you're back. You don't know me from adam, but I was a regular reader and have left you optimistically up on my faves list all this time...anyway, Deb might want to try selling her pottery on Etsy. It's a nice community of artisans of various sorts.
from artisthussy :
missing reading you. it's august you know.
from girliepunk92 :
You like the Dixie chicks? (ughhhh)
from e-nymph :
Yeah, I remember. :) I still have it. to me this says something wonderful about the talented women authors in this book. Congratulations. :)
from divacowgirl :
I love your diary, although it's hard to keep up with all the players :)
from banefulvenus :
great template!
from dunkin86 :
found your diary and fell madly in love with it. you are officially going on my stalk list!
from chillier :
An update! I guess it's okay that you're not updating as long as your excuse is that you're having too much sex. How about a date report? Pretty please?
from pansycline :
Great. Thanks!
from pansycline :
Howdo? I like your diary very much so far. You're funny and MUCH classier than me. So much to learn, so little reason to bother - at least in that realm (i'd put a smiley but they're creepy). Anyhow, I'm wondering where you got that Jesus doormat. I would like one for myself!
from artisthussy :
sigh....just so glad you are back:)
from pink-circle :
from candoor :
I feel like I've found a whole new world of people to read (the internet is so big... I laugh at myself every time I think that)... and somebody wants to do a masters thesis on you?... intriguing... you sound happy, that is good to read... hope life continues to smile :)
from pischina :
I LOVE the tampon angel. I gotta get me one of those for sure. And I am so glad you're back!
from jenne1017 :
you look great, sound great - what more could we want from you? Update when you can...
from qira :
listening to you and deb right now....SO happy. thanks so much for allowing those of us who know you only via the diary the chance to hear your voices. i've been reading your diary for a good long time now -- you were my first bookmark -- and though i have missed your more frequent update, i still appreciate what you are willing to share about your lives. (and aren't these guys who were after you on the radio SO SWEET!)
from size18dream :
I've only been reading for a few weeks, but I am so inspired and touched by your story, and I am so happy today to see your wedding pictures. Congrats from New Jersry. I can't wait to hear all about it.
from lapisllong :
you are so very welcome! : )
from lapisllong :
i tried to think of something great and personal to give since i have porn and postcards and nothing ever seemed just right until just now when i upgraded your subscription. hero worship is fun when you get to give back to your heroine! :) play in good health and happiness!
from athena98122 :
congratulations! i know it's odd getting good wishes from strangers, but i've been reading you for a very long time now and i got all teary reading this entry :)
from onewetleg :
i tried to leave a comment but diaryland, in it's infinite wisdom informed me that your super-gold has lapsed. it then invited me to pay for your super-gold but i had to decline. i just wanted to say that i am jealous because you got to ride in a helicopter and i didn't, that's all. have a good day and keep on flying. love,
from dietingjenn :
You are quite the welcome one! Seriously, you look great!
from jenne1017 :
You look great
from no-yes-maybe :
I just found myself surfing through some diaries, and I am glad that I found yours, I really liked it.
from bethany9 :
as a graphic designer, i am entranced by your header. ooooooh. then i read on and was entranced by your writing style. got me all tingly and goosebumpy. mmmmmm.
from serena6184 :
bad, i left you a message a long time ago that was in a word Stoopid. but i just wanted to say again, what a fan i am. and how wonderful that is that you are around, like a new definition for beautiful.
from ladyjustice :
Oh!!! BadSnake - thanks! Just last week, I read a review about "A Round-Heeled Woman" but immediately forgot the name of the book and author - all I could remember was the fact that the author was/is a 67-yr.old woman who decided to have lots of sex and chronical it all for those of us who are not having sex. I think the lapse in memory is due to the Bar Exam... At any rate, thanks for giving me the name of the book again - I wrote it down this time. It's strange, but it has been months since I last checked out your diary... and it just happens that the one time I do, you have exactly the information I need. Maybe we're psychic-ly linked or something.
from gawain :
Ok, now I know you're just... ha ha... kidding, about the breast reduction thing, hah... right? cause.. well, I have to tell you, whenever somebody does that, baby jesus cries. Im serious. Every breast reduction performed sends us just THAT MUCH CLOSER to the fiery pits of the inferno!
from thepeachtree :
I was here.
from catty1631 :
your not so bad! and your not a snake!
from augustdreams :
AMEN! A-FREAKIN'-MEN! Thank you for mentioning that not all women are 98 pound 17 year olds. REAL women have real bodies with hips and boobs and asses and all sorts of good stuff. Did you know that ridiculous height/weight chart says I should weigh around 103 pounds!? WAH-HAHAHAHA! Yeah. ON THE MOON!!! *ahem* My apologies for ranting in your notes. You rock, Bad. I also think it's so wonderful that you've adopted some soldiers. What a great way to let them know that they're being thought of and appreciated. I'm praying for their safety and that they get to come home soon. ~Nicole & The Fuzzy Ones
from kinnarium :
How did you get the names of soldiers to adopt? Is there a website somewhere where you can sign up to send packages? Because I want to do that too. I've been so disheartened by all the accusations that the peace movement "doesn't support our troops," and sending love and care to them overseas -- without any preaching or politics -- just reaching out as one person to another -- seems like a good way to let them know that we DO support them. I'd love to take this into our local high school, as well ... I clicked your link to guidelines but couldn't find any info about how to actually get hooked up with the individual soldiers. Any ideas -- you can email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
from templeoflove :
I've been reading on a fairly regular basis for a while now and decided to stop in to say how much I enjoy reading your diary. Even the most mundane occurences seem hilarious, and the date reports are excellently written. I'm sorry to hear you're so sick, and I hope you recover fully soon!
from marn :
Bad, that one made me laugh out loud. It's looking more and more as if I'm on the all day version of Vitamin S. I appear to be living proof that age does not necessarily bring wisdom, eh.
from amberfalls :
I stop by occasionally and just thought I'd say hello. I can so relate to your life right now. I'm trying to pay off all my debts within the next year so I can run off and join the peace corps. I thought about cancelling my net flix, but it's my one guilty pleasure. At least I've cut up all my credit cards! I also had a grandmother who died of a stroke this time of year. I was glad that she passes away quickly and didn't linger more than a week. It would've been horrible to see her in a nursing home. Best wishes. -A-
from lorimac58 :
bad....what can I say besides - INCREDIBLE! Who knew when we smoked at PTC over lunch all those times that you were such a stud! Keep it up - live for the rest of us!
from lorimac58 :
bad....what can I say besides - INCREDIBLE! Who knew when we smoked at PTC over lunch all those times that you were such a stud! Keep it up - live for the rest of us!
from gonzostar :
wish i'd been 100,000, but alas, no. like hell i'd go to a girls school!!!
from augustdreams :
Ungh. You rock my world, stud. Just so you know. If I come visit in March, I'll bring you guys some Florida Oranges. Also, I'll bring my glow-in-the-dark underwear. 'Cause you just never know when those things will come in handy. Heh. Love to you the the whole two and four-legged fam, ~Nicole
from motherlode :
psst: user- motherlode, pass- tones
from supernigger :
dear diary...this stinks..
from lenarose :
ergm, quite a while back ( you asked whether anyone knew the pronounciation of "sidhe." It's pronounced "she" and just means fairy... there's all sorts of sidhe; most famous is the bean-sidhe (banshee), which just means woman-fairy but of course refers to a particular sort. There's also leanan-sidhe, which I guess is the closest thing you get to Celtic vampires. If you already knew all this, uh, forgive me.
from ubertuff :
ohsoincrediblyhott. you are excellent.
from ilovewords :
I'm new and could tell you were a woman. I enjoy reading your blah blahing as well. Plus, I like the wittle ball python on the side. perty layout. aaryn.
from scanzilla :
I once got bit by a poisonous snake. True Story.
from flicka23 :
Why haven't you updated??? waaah!
from bettyalready :
from yousmellgood :
Bad, would you maybe someday tell us the story of your first wife?
from joyjoy1 :
Ache for the Badsnake! Now, this says it all -don't it? How's that for a coffee mug/t-shirt/boxers slogan??
from gonzostar :
i totally fell for it! good one, bad! =) ~holly
from livingtg :
hello. Just thought I would let you know that I am still reading... avidly actually and that I am very jealous of anat..... hehe...... I like the pics that you take and the new couch is wonderful. I heard that Deb's ice cream is to die for!
from shaykate :
Hey. I've been reading about your life for awhile now. It is hard to catch up! I started at the beginning. Whew! Anyway, thanks for helping laughter into each of my days, and also for the great sex you've inspired for me and my gf. Greatly appreciated.
from joyjoy1 :
You are an awesome person! I love reading your diary so much I forget to write in my own. Gee, that sounds funny, but I do! Love that sofa! And screw those haircut people! Not leaving you a note was rude! But hey, at least they have great taste...they pictured you, uha?!!! Take care and keep up the great writing (and other stuff! hee hee)~J
from gotherbell :
I love the new couch! :) Good luck with a white one having a dog and cat :) I love your diary, very much addicted to it actually :)
from melodyjoy :
You are killin me with your site. Great work -- I wanna be like you someday :) Keep up the good work and I will read you frequently. Gonna recommend you to all my friends
from myhappiness : now I figured out what you were talking about..I know I'm a little slow on the sex stuff.
from monica1110 :
i am jealous that weetabix is coming to visit you. you should definitely read her regularly. she is hilarious.
from iambound :
from tika :
any results on angel's histo yet? they should have come by now.. although i could have missed them, i don't recall seeing you post them.. just curious. tika.
from tika :
ps: i forgot to write this stuff in BOTH of my notes i left for you previously, so here it is: i've been reading your diary for quite a while now, and i love it. i'm a 20 yr old bisexual girlie who works as a veterinary technician here in the wonderful state of AZ. i love how wonderfully detailed you are in your writing. keep it up! tika.
from tika :
when they remove a growth from an animal they send the entire sample into the lab. usually they're sent in a clear plastic jar with formalin in it to preserve the specimen. sometimes, before they remove the growth they'll perform what is called a Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) and try to use a syringe and needle to suck up a sample of the cells in the growth. if they do a FNA, they send the cells off to the lab on slides. most likely, angel's results will come back as a sebaceous cyst which is something that is of no harm to her. (most bassets get them frequently throughout their lives and this probably won't be her last.) have a great day. tika.
from tika :
just a note to let you know, histopathologies (ie: angel's growth sanmple) are picked up from veterinary clinics by couriers. most clinics have pick-ups scheduled 2-3 times daily (the labs that send out the couriers also pick up blood samples as well.) glad to hear angel is doing well. basset's are one of the most common breeds of dogs to get growths. it's good that you had it taken care of early on, though. and even better that you sent the growth off for a histo. be sure to let us all know how the results come back. your loyal veterinary technician reader in arizona, tika.
from gonzostar :
hahahaha. ok, not super funny. but i was highly amused reading all of your predicaments. i love the date stories, but this real life aspect to it was funny stuff =) ~holly
from augustdreams :
Recently, I wrote in my diary that the next time there's a family gathering I'd much prefer being kidnapped and tied up to going. Then I though...Wait, that could be a lot of fun if I could convince Badsnake to do the kidnapping! So...what are you doing for Easter? *wink* ~Nicole
from dmeather :
Hi! So, uh, what's the digital image management software you recently installed? It sounds very handy!
from giggles75 :
It was recommended that i read your site by a friend of mine(livingtg). I have been reading for about two weeks or so. I enjoy it completely, ecspecially at the end of a long day. I just wanted to let you know you have yet another fan. Hehehe.. I am still working on my site. Happy New Year!!
from livingtg :
I've been reading random entires for the past week or so. I love your writings. I must admit that I desperately wish for snow as well but here in Orlando FL... that'll never happen.... just enough to make one good snowball to hit my woman with..... I have a question too.... how did your relationship begin? I am curious about a threesome relationship one day with my woman but I just don't know.......
from topstress :
Haptotrope recommended your diary to me several weeks ago. I am LOVING it. Polyamory, bdsm, sex, food, books, dykes - written about honestly, intelligently and humorously! Two entries in particular ( tampons & elves ) have had me laughing out loud; I even dragged my boi away from bed in the wee hours one night to share them with him. Badsnake, you are an inspiration and a real joy. Yes, I'm a tad crushed out, but I haven't found anybody else's writing yet that can hold my attention as long as yours has managed to. Thank you for sharing so much.
from itsmylife :
Ah! Great idea! I have the winner in the tackiest diary contest, fer sher! If only I can get close enough...out of site of the pitbulls. :)
from inherdreams :
Just wanted to leave a link to a new, interactive diary......
from librtine :
Very vivid writing.
from iambound :
how wonderful to find you here. thank you for sharing your stories with us. come read some of mine if you like.
from onehanded :
happily, your profile cleared up the Deb/Sara mystery for me. Unhappily, I am now incredibly jealous. You have 2 girls, and I have none. That makes me quite sad. In other news, screw those pigeonholing assholes. You're pretty damn cool.
from tones :
I'm sorry I called them stupid in your guestbook after you asked not to be insulting. But, damn.
from corrupt4evah :
you rock! those girls are just uptight, and probably don't have good sex. part of phenomenal sex is trying new things. They need to learn that you can be attracted to chicks that wear strap-ons. And it's not like you actually want a real cock, just a pretend one for better penetration than tiny little fingers can provide. My ex-boyfriend and i used to fool around with gender play, and it was amazingly erotic. and he looked cute in my little plaid skirt while i nailed him with my silicone cock. hehe Anyhow, don't listen to those little holier than thou stick up their ass (oh, wait.. that would involve penetration.. it might make them less lesbian) boring sex lesbians. :)
from snailandsky :
hey yo! what happened to "dear denzel?" I loved it so, and now it has gone away. Do people not send you questions? I got lots, if you need 'em. P.S. listen to this: I had a dream that I was having a threesome with two guys. The threesome was really tame and boring, with only kissing involved. Nontheless, it got me an instant, "magic" invitation to a party at your house. I was so excited to have done something kinky and cool enough to receive this magic invitation, and I couldn't wait to tell you about it. In my dream, when I finally told you about my threesome, you were SO unimpressed, and I was so ashamed. I find this very, very funny--the idea of doing something kinky "winning" me an invitation to your party. Also, in my dream, you looked like Justin from NSYNC. It was awesome.
from widgetbitch :
My friend told me this little S&M joke that I thought you'd like. It's sacriligeous though...I hope you don't mind. Q: Why did Jesus die on the cross? A: He forgot his safe word!
from amante :
I almost spit out my coffee on that last 'dialogue'... thank goodness for you, I'd have nothing to read!!!
from milkmaid :
Ha! Rush went deaf because he NEVER used his ears. Use 'em or lose 'em, I always say!
from talas :
Marietta college reads you.. me also, at least ^_^
from wyvern :
I'm reading you from Marietta College, to answer your question... :)
from slushfile :
Please don't go to a pet store for a dog! They come from puppy mills. Go to your local humane society, I bet anything they have a basset hound there or some other one that would be perfect. I am jealous! My cat wouldn't like me anymore if I got a dog. Good Luck!
from astralfrog :
hey :) a lot of my friends have you linked, i had to come check things out. and i'm so glad that i did. i thought your idea of donating to the disaster search dog foundation was wonderful, so i did too. thank you. :)
from cellogrrl :
wistfully reading Your "pad rant" entry...trying to imagine exactly how You tied up sara...squriming at the thought and wishing yet again that somebody would actually tie me up in a way that i couldnt easily get out of it...i want that feeling of giving up ALL my power, of being totally helpless...offering my trust, my love, my power, my will, my pain, my life, if You will. and hell yes, arent "battle wounds" a great thing?????? *big smile*
from cellogrrl :
hi, i'm new to "diaryland"...having just started my own diary here. i'm 27 and its good to see there aren't just teens here! i'm a lesbian and i am enjoying your diary immensly. and yes *blush* the date reports are enojyable too. interesting role play. i'm well....i'll just say not vanilla...not sure what flavor but NOT vanilla! anyways thanks for sharing your diary. :o)
from dreamhope :
What a funny looking caterpillar.
from grouse :
Quit now. Your six months will have arrived by March, and you'll have two months coming (*grin*) at vacation time. You have to replace the rituals anyway, so quit now.
from milkmaid :
Thank you for your courage and clear-headedness. You helped me already.
from chemykalgirl :
Welcome back! You were missed muchly!
from iona :
cool pictures..and thanks for sharing your vacation. Sounds like you'll be talking about this for some time. =D
from larrielou :
You signed my guestbook many months ago...thought I'd stop by and see what you're up to. Looking good...
from athena98122 :
what's the rule? read more than 25 entries and you have to identify yourself? so. i just finished reading the entire archive. reckon i oughta 'fess up ;) love ya babe.
from rubybluebird :
get his mojo WRITING, i meant to say.
from rubybluebird :
aw, c'mon ... when're you gonna do the writeup on female ejaculation? date reports like this are such a tease when i don't even really know what you're talking about ... tell that denzel i said he better get his mojo workin', pronto!
from lapisllong :
yay! i get to sign your notes! i am still a devotee and can i say "ewwwww!" children swimming in FAT?! no, no no! everyone knows they are better when you saute them in butter and wrap them in a tortilla with some cheese and hot sauce . . . : )
from safewords :
*twitch* Can I just say that I love your date reports? Lovelovelovelove them. I may have to start printing them out as a guide for future lovers. Wow.
from gonzostar :
hey, do you read pocketposse diary? cuz if not, it's really funny you both did the "not she-woman man-haters club" thing.
from haptotrope :
Hey, just trying to start a trend here... I think there needs to be more notes!, even if they show up in wierdo places, and aren't really much different than a guestbook... anyway-- keep on, keepin' on.

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