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from saudades :
Oh thanks for your note! I figured you were just really busy. I've been busy too, otherwise I'd be writing for FP, but I didn't want to write about work this week, since THAT'S the current stressor for me. :) Take care!!!
from saudades :
yeah, I really like Bjork... even though I only have one albumo by Bjork. I think it's called d Homogenic. "I thought I could organize freedom howww Scandinavian of me" (Hunter) Yeah,thanks for reminding me about her! =_)
from banshee-rose :
I enjoy reading your work.
from saudades :
of course! but only if you want me to do it... i didn't want to be in it if it's against your rules! but i'm always more than glad to write for you. btw.... the reason i quit is because i don't like the atmosphere of the name, i think it ruins it all because it's a different feeling. i started the diary 3 years ago, and i think it does not describe me anymore. but when i have my new project ready, i'll let you all know. thank you so much : )
from saudades :
That's really interesting!! : ) I'm glad you liked it.
from lavidaloca-2 :
uhm not to bother you or anything but in this entry ( you had me linked as patricia, and that isnt even my real name or anything, so I was kinda hoping you could like link me as lavidaloca-2 since its my username and all or Jane since thats my real name.
from topbunknoose :
Just thought that I would let you know that Thomas Hardy was writing feminist books before Chopin. She was the first female feminist writer. Also I would love to join but I violate one of the requirements. Keep the grandeur of this place.
from fword :
i've created a new site, fword, that i thought the gals of femmeproject might enjoy or maybe even wanna submit to. so check it out if you have a moment's break from the laborious task of being so wonderful.
from hysareyl :
Captivating writing, indeed...
from jujitsulady :
What a seductive bottom you added to femmeproject page Hazel! Love it! Also was laughing very hard at Lisa's entry for topic "home" - I just bought a food processor, and I'm not sure why... something to do with domestic completion? Anyway, bravo ladies and apologies ofr my absence of late *Benne*
from avasays :
Hazel, the new page is lovley. Good writing girls. xoxoxox
from onea :
Hazel! I love the new layout! I love it so much I must end every sentence in an exclamation point! ;)
from hottyhazel :
you ask the almighty jill... and prove it to her by showing some of your work.
from tanked :
how does one become a part of the femmeproject?
from helpfulelf :
Hey. This is just so good. ~worships everyone~ I'm staying.
from femmeproject :
another scarey search: "wired nipple". whyyyyyyyy?
from femmeproject :
oh man. these google searches are getting criptic now. the latest one: "+peggy+fingering". what are these people thinking about?
from avasays :
Well, I suck. I was waiting for fp to start again, and then I miss the first topic. It's a long story but it has to do with lots of scarey tests and MRI machines . . . alas! it is over. Good job girls. Great writing.
from hottyhazel :
i was working on a piece for this upcoming topic. ^_^ don't worry. and about the webpage design, im not too good on web designs, but i'll try... i dont think it will look too good, considering i hate what my page looks like now. but i will definetly try, once i have free time next week. till next time...
from femmeproject :
and yet ANOTHER freaky google search: "hysterectomy cunt". what the fuck?
from femmeproject :
weird google search link of the day: someone got to our site by searching for ' slut "buck teeth" '. i am so, so afraid.
from facepunch :
it gets to the point where anything you do to not be submissive makes you a bitch. but that.s QUITE all right with me. p.s. phenomenal, to you all.
from grlscout :
I'm really enjoying your site. Good-onya.
from caska-mi :
hi! let me say girls that u made a great work! i appreciate it pretty much.
from broken-glass :
Just wanted to leave a note saying how much I enjoyed finding your site - some great writing, and a great project.
from piecesofher :
Thank you for starting the Femme Project. I extend my full-heartes support and appreciation for what you're doing here. xoxo.
from eight-9-3 :
Someone wrote in shaving cream on the window of a feminist book shop in Fitzroy: 'CUM FOR YOU'. Was anybody here responsible?
from bad-poetry :
A sort of sestina for you is up at Have a nice day.
from autumnal :
I would love to contribute to the femmeproject if you are interested. it is a wonderful idea. i found you through my friend erato.
from femmeproject :
latest creepy google search that brought people to our site: "femme com slut." i want my mommy.
from plastic8tree :
bucks the trend dont cross dress either,whatever gets you is fine.
from miraii :
I am in awe of all of you. In my dreams I write this well.
from erato :
lovely site. thank you for sharing this project with the rest of us.
from kissoff :
Oh gorgeous. This is truly brilliant, incredibly real, pure and honest. Total respect and admiration ladies. jen
from jenne1017 :
from literatim :
I am in awe. I have found what Hawthorne would call "scribbling women" of the 21st century.
from ciel-de-noir :
you people ROCK. and so does writing. im jealous of this diary! ^_^
from emotionalist :
sartre a misogonist? i've always imagined his relationship with simone de beauvoir as the most perfect, equal connection own little fairy tale i guess
from punkunicorn :
"and i don't know how to be a writer if i'm not feeling pain." THIS. is truely fucking brilliant.
from femmeproject :
he was also a brilliant existentialist. <p> you have to give and take.
from rhoeng :
sartre was a renowned misogynist.
from femmeproject :
someone found our site by searching for "goth+girls+kissing" on google.

i'm afraid.


from yellowbindi :
who is this sexxy michele grrl? i don't wear dresses anymore, either.
from scorpi07 :
i really really like this webpage. i found it because of the banner that runs in Diaryland (incase you wondered). i think you are very talented women, i enjoy reading what you have to say. and the entries i just read about power... well let me tell you ladies, you've got power, and your words reveal it.
from shoobydew42 :
Hey, this site was a great idea. All of your writing is awesome and seriously empowering, it's not the "nazi-feminism" that so many men fear. I saw your banner on d-land and I almost passed it over except I noticed the Georgia O'Keefe painting, I bought a print of it at the national art gallery a while ago and I had to click. I'm glad I did, keep it up!
from vampire77 :
It's great to see someone else likes the writting thing...It's something that I love to do. Keep writing ;-)
from nonhero :
Kick ass. Glad to see more powerful women out there. Now, if we could only get some prodominut female super-hero's back on the big screen.... take care, girls, ~Nikki
from onea :
Did you read what the boyf wrote about us?
from rhoeng :
You realise, of course, the duplicity of your statement? If your voices are not heard it because you are females BUT if your voices are heard [and can kick the butt of Hemingway's] it also is because you are females. When do your achievements become your own and are not accorded to your gender?
from otakumark :
Hello. Heh. I'm glad. Glad because your diary isn't the hateful kind of feminism. Glad because it doesn't make me feel evil or bad that i happen to be a guy. It's horrible, really, when people say they're feminist, and talk about males like we're simply disgusting. Horrible sex crazed pigs with no emotion, they call us. Some guys are, some aren't. Thank you.
from rebe :
this is wonderful. the sort of place every woman should be a part of. let me know if you are looking for more members. i would be interested and i know some other awesome woman writers here at dland.
from hachieangel :
hey! awesome awesome stuff. girl power!
from carissa02 :
I love your diary! it is sooo cool!
from seethingfire :
this is a fantasic idea. if you want to, you should read my stuff. i don't know if i qualify...but it's worth the read.
from arbitrary :
(adding our congratulations on a fine site). you've won an award of dubious value. and hey, it's no less valuable because you asked for it.
from lavidaloca :
Interesting. YAY sundry is in there. The only other person whose diary I like. well epiphany is a good diary as a future work referance thing. anywho I rant...I like the site good work wonderfully empowering..PS good fem story just read it in AP LIT YELLOW WALL PAPER
from heavenawaits :
you're all gorgeous. inspiring. xx
from bekind :
I love this diary! It's so nurturing and inspiring and it made me happy today.....
from fabglitter :
You rawk. End of story. I am blown away. I'll be back.
from valida :
i am in love.
from tinselet :
i really love this diary. if you, for some reason, are ever looking for another contributor, let me know. :-)
from piotr :
Ladies, off to an excellent start. My congratulations, not only for starting such a project, but also for the quality of the writing. I eagerly await the next batch of musings. Nice work!
from crackedlips :
Oh, how wonderful! I'm waving pom-poms for you people!
from kittenclaws :
hey hey ladies! thanks for joining the girlgang ring! rock.

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