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from sexyatheist :
i say yes. to you starting up again. and maybe other random things if you need a yes.
from bamstroker :
haha, i fucking love you. you ALWAYS make me laugh!
from plopphizz :
Congrats, you have been Quoted: Thanks for the great writing. -- Ploppy.
from jenistar2 :
hey--thanks for having jenistar on your buddy list all this time! I'm moving--new url is Hope you'll follow along! I'd miss you if you don't. And post more often, dammit!
from babygurl-ash :
Just thought I'd drop a note and say hey!
from amy12782 :
hey thanks for the note.. i just read your entry about your job.. good luck with that, aren't companies stupid? I'm so glad i'm a spoiled princess who works for Daddy :-) thanks again from a fellow CT'er
from drunkdoll :
hello!!..hey maybe my diary isn't as good as yours...but i'd like u to leave me a note.
from invisibledon :
Happy Holidays -2003
from wvlady :
Wow, are you available for parties???? heheheh
from thekinkymary :
ok, will do! anyways, have fun w/ that pscho stalker u have, say hi for me, luv ya! -mary-
from thekinkymary :
what is wrong w/ u? were u raped as a lil kid by an uncle? u seem like it. ur diary still sux, i dont like the whole 'middle finger shit, its stupid and shows how unfriendly u r. p.s., sounds like that guy wants to fuk ur unfriendly ass, i think u should go for and think bout ur uncle when doing it, buhbye! -mary-
from everoboto :
Hey there. So, I get it, you only speak to me when you want juicy details. Where were you when I beseeched the masses to listen to Mercyful Fate? Where were you when I asked for Wayne's World's Top Ten Reasons Why We're Bummed Communism Fell? Hmm? Anyhow, here's the scoop: the Wife just outted herself on my Comments section for all to see. Now go give her hell for stealing your diaryland thunder! Let her know who's boss. \m/
from fargahar :
P.S. I sleep with you if you do.
from fargahar :
Will you do me a favor and kick Uncle Bob's ass in Dlan Survivor? The man needs a humbling experience.
from comiddle :
Shit dude. You're a real asshole. And yes, my mother is quite proud of me.
from uurabbit :
from smartepants :
Oh for craps sake...what the hell? I'm sorry to hear about the job. Fuck that! Good luck tho.
from thekinkymary :
just checking on u, and yes, u r psycho, but so am i. just to keep the record striaght, u suk too. asshole.
from jaded-glory :
Hey Genghis Jon! Remember me? The "biggest f---ing whore in diaryland?" Well, go see my profile. You'll be delighted to see what's in store for you.
from kellyssecret :
I smell the fear.
from kellyssecret :
just watching out for you, buddy.
from kellyssecret :
She just seems pretty fucking mad. Hey she could be psycho, you never know.
from kellyssecret :
wow you got a problem with better watch out babe.
from dont-stop :
I'll have you know that in some cultures, the toaster is revered as a highly intellectual object.
from thekinkymary :
hey asshole, if u dont like what im writting dont read it or at least tell me y u hate it, besides saying its boring. what is ur defin. of 'boring'? just b/c i dont drunk heavily or do drug like up the ying-yang, doesnt make it boring, u need to get ur ADD head straight. i cant see how ur diary could b cool. dont ever send me notes unless its something nice, sooo fuck u too! and quit calling me a 'twat', please, u dont even kno...
from thekinkymary :
hey asshole, if u dont like what im writting dont read it or at least tell me y u hate it, besides saying its boring. what is ur defin. of 'boring'? just b/c i dont drunk heavily or do drug like up the ying-yang, doesnt make it boring, u need to get ur ADD head straight. i cant see how ur diary could b cool. dont ever send me notes unless its something nice, sooo fuck u too! and quit calling me a 'twat', please, u dont even kno...
from invisibledon :
Have a great holiday weekend 8/29/03
from thekinkymary :
hi, nice lil note u left me, were u trying to insult me? u have to try harder than "twat". and i bet u only stumbled across a boring time in my life and didnt bother to read the other shit ive written. gee, its not everyday u get drunk and can remem what happened the night. well good bye, and blow it out ur ass. lol -mary-
from thekinkymary :
hi, nice lil note u left me, were u trying to insult me? u have to try harder than "twat". and i bet u only stumbled across a boring time in my life and didnt bother to read the other shit ive written. gee, its not everyday u get drunk and can remem what happened the night. well good bye, and blow it out ur ass. lol -mary-
from ghanima :
I know you probably avidly dislike me, and will laugh this little note off or even make fun of me, but I was hoping you'd take me seriously for a second and help me out. I am writing for 24 hours straight in about a week--it's all for a charity which helps arabic, afghani, and south american women in terrible circumstances. And I am trying to fundraise in a very short amount of time. I'm not asking you for money, just wondering if you would go and look at the information page about it on my site ( and link to it from your site so people can get the information. I would really appreciate it if you could. Thanks.
from ursaminor2 :
On the lighter side, (no punn intended) playboy can airbursh the heck outa Ms. Carnie. If they use over-exposure, which I am sure they will, that combined with the plastic surgery she has undoubtedly had.....ought to be enough to make even her flabby butt look good. So fear not...there there, it will AAAALLLLLLL be ok.
from safari-youth :
can't really make out what's happening in that football picture
from scanzilla :
Your whole Rolando story is gold! Gold Jerry! Errr.... I mean John!
from sinecure :
I want to interview, Jon. Soon. Let me know.
from booberella :
REALLY???!!?? HOW DARE THEY!!! ALL CAPS!! I am literally pissing myself with glee at the thought of adding another brilliant male writer who actually UPDATES his fucking diary with the regularity of a 17 year old's colon. FUCKING SWEET... consider yourself a Diary Quoted ASAP...
from booberella :
Why aren't you on Diary Quotes yet? I'm very sad about it. Oh wait... I run it. I guess I could add you... if I wasn't so lazy.
from katehackett :
You do realise that a 'mongoloid' is a forensic term for Asian hair....right?
from groovebunny :
.O. .M. .G. You are so incredibly funny and brilliant. And a man who brings pork rinds as a my dad would love you. Ta.
from ghanima :
What the hell is your problem? Where does all this garbage come from? I disagree with the war. That's allowed. I use the phrase "most Americans" So what? I didn't say I was smarter or more fabulous. I'm American and that menas I get to make generalizations about my country. Just like you do. Get off your high horse. I posted an opinion in your guestbook. I did not "challenge you." As if anyone could challenge your obvious superiority in this small pond in which you flex your feeble muscles. I don't listen to Phish and I didn't attempt to out-piss you in some kind of pathetic contest. I made a personal point and shared a private aspect of my life. Learned my lesson. The world is unjust and unkind. But I could write as I do in many, many countries and not be beheaded. If you think that's untrue, get a grip. Nowhere in Europe, Australia, Russia, even in most of South America, would I be in danger of losing my head. Except from people like you who can't stand anyone who is different from their childish and sophmoric minset. Go Away.
from ghanima :
So we should just happily go about our business and never try to change anything, ever. In fact, the "freedom" we have would seem to obligate us to strive for something better than those who came before. I do recognize the necessity of war. But THIS war is not neccessary. Try to be a little selective and discerning and not just a pile of quips you learned from television and coffee-shop philosophy. I don't go to Starbucks, but neither did I go to the WTO rallies. I am not a hippy, just a person with opinions. It's easier for you to be an idiot about things if you call me a hippy. My entier point was that you, like most Amercians, are blithely willing to say "war is neccessary!" and slaughter anyone you care to via a vote, because nothing is personal to you. No one you know will die. It's a selfish and ignorant position. And as for my "terrible" entries, no one asked you. Where does this come from? I didn't ask you to comment on my writing, nor did I comment on yours, which is weak, pedestrian, and only occasionally amusing, now that you have seen fit to be an asshole about all this. You are little more than a spoiled child trying to perserve his toys. And in few countries would I be beheaded for writing what I do. We are not the lone bastion of freedom you think we are. Take three steps out of your precious life for a minute. And politely, fuck you. Terrible?
from scanzilla :
I shall stay on diaryland, until you dismiss me.
from tracylue :
You know why I like Montreal? Because their strippers are positively filthy. $8 American and you can touch them anywhere.
from invisibledon :
Happy New Year
from tracylue :
Krispy Kreme AND Dunkin Donuts? Damn. That's just not right.
from invisibledon :
happy holidays from one of your mongols
from tracylue :
I like your diary. Well, actually I miss Connecticut so reading your diary reminded me of it.
from sad82girl02 :
wow! such hostility! what bravado did i show in your stupid survey? is that why you wmailed me with such u should take as a compliment i even took the damn survey not be hurt by it. that's okay. i know i'm younger than you and all but being as though you're what? 30? and i'm 20 i possess more willpower and intelligence to not go head to head with you on ...anything! you must not have anything to do...but i sure as hell do! see, i actually am going to college! YEAH i said it DAMMIT! now stop sending me love notes or i might start thinking you are a bittttt sweet on me... kay? toodles! *smooocccchhhhhhh!*
from sad82girl02 :
from sad82girl02 :
i guess i'm supposed to be thanking you for gracing me with such a FANTASTIC comment, but i'm not impressed. so i'll just take up much needed space by writing you a note of nothingness.......................................... ........................................................... ...........................................................
from qwert :
I was reading your detene with palestine. you asked, "Where are the occuped territories? The white house?". Need I remind you that the US is illegally occupying the territory of the Amerindian tribes? I live in occupied Ioway. REVOLT!
from qwert :
interview me! *le whine*
from tincan815 :
I was having trouble with your guestbook, so I'll just leave my happy birthday message here. Happy 29th birthday!!!
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from palestine :
Hey there. Thanks for the note, and interview invitation (and apologies for not having responded earlier). Time's been a little iffy, hence I haven't updated this diary on a regular basis as when it was summer. I don't know, I don't really like the whole interview idea, and associating a person with a diary like this, or other non-diary-diaries. (you know, the mystery aspect). On the topic, I feel like I'd just be repeating myself, pretty much anything that can be said about purpose and reason for the site, I've already written. Take care...
from night-shade :
I wasn't really bitching (well maybe I was, I must admit), however, it was not the bad review I didn't like(trust me, I'm fine with it, if they dont like it, that's their opinion, it's their job) however, I was just angered by the fact that the reviewer skimped out on his job by not going through all of my entries and saying I only had 5 of them. I now understand that I made a mistake, and I give you respect for trying to right my wrong, but I did not mean to come on as that way. Really I was just mad at the injustice in my review, but I did a few wrong things yes, I did get alittle to out of hand. I have nothing against marked accordingly, I think they're wonderful, beautiful people, and I have nothing against you, genghis-jon, and I never will. I just wanted to clear that up. Nice Diary, BTW- Shade
from emokid7070 :
-f'in hilarious.
from palestine :
i'm happy that you to some extent agree on the subject. but dude, how do you expect someone to reply when you left me a seemingly aggresive note? i can't exactly read your mind nor your intentions. but this back/forth notes thing isn't really getting anywhere. thank you for the compliments on the site, i read yours from time to time as well. i hope those 10 lb. balls aren't too much of a problem. rage against the what albums? couldn't name a song. more of a CCR kind of person.
from palestine :
genghis-jon (the infamous): - This diary is called Palestine. As such, I post things and issues issues relating to the diary name. As such, I list the location based on the subject matter. If you ever read the �about� section, you�d read that I clearly state that I�m not Palestinian. So, what�s the big deal that I�m not? Am I not allowed to voice my views on something, just because I don�t have a direct link? Gee. That would change a whole lot of issues. Come now, surely you�re not that petty? You seem smarter than that. Coincidently though, I�ve lived less than 10 miles from the White House for the past 17 years of my life. (and just to make it clear, this does not mean I am GWB.)
from pixiia-8 :
from pixiia-8 :
wtf. i have no idea why my connection went down last night like that. and the motherfucker stayed down. the line is still not connecting. fuck. perhaps im being punished by god for lust. hm. anyway i'll sort it out and find you again soon. :)
from boofkadinky :
just when homicidle tendencies were getting the better of me i find myself cackling at the brilliance of the mosquito prose.. nice work mr f-ng.. very nice work
from kittyhead :
I've updated!
from pixiia-8 :
I tried to send you an e-mail, but it was returned, with the message that your account has 'permanent fatal errors'! I really hate to be the one to break this kind of news to you, it all sounds pretty bad...maybe you can get a second opinion. My email is [email protected], drop me a line instead. I'd love to be interviewed by you :).
from pixiia-8 :
I, personally, was all about Johnny Cash flipping me the bird. Johnny is one dood with the attitood. The ex-ray bird flipping works too however. You give great interview. I'm 1973 too, wanna be my BF-4E? Ha.
from indiepixie :
I don't talk to skater punks, Genghis. Rad=Dick. Dicks can be pretty cool sometimes.
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise! [and i just realized i've been listening to the stone roses for the past ten years too..... weird.]
from shaninoms :
Awww, Genghis...I liked the Birdman story...see, I GM an online RPG about a vigilante group called the Steel Ravens - otherwise known to the blissfully ignorant public as "Birdmen." I just had to post that link to my group's bulletin board. Maybe it's only funny if you take it as an unintended inside joke, but I thought it was funny.
from pitty-sing :
hey stud.
from fristessa :
your radio guy!!!! arent you?? huh? no? maybe?
from gonzostar :
dude. i need a picture too. wanna tell me how? i know your friends johnpowers and cucumber!!! which means i'm cool and i deserve it...
from file13 :
pam anderson is a ho
from angelchildvt :
You can't go!!! No! There's not enough cynical 'don't give a crap' people in the world today and we can't lose one of the best. So I say you are not going anywhere (I hope that works, can't say I didn't try).
from barenaked500 :
i love the diary!!! i just started reading - you CANT leave now!! ::tear:: -xoxo-
from lotus-sutol :
wuvs ya!
from moomoomilk :
Cool diary. Uh... that's all I have to say. 'mary'
from rsprice :
hubba hubba you have a fan club. :) p.s. how the hell did you make such a cool banner? i am so fucked with this!
from adaraidan :
heh. I almost read every entry, but I managed to control myself. I wish I had something intelligent to write you, the praise I want to give, but..damn I just don't know what to say.
from goodweird :
i was pretty shocked to see a picture of Nick Drake up on your diary -- i think you must be the second person i've met who even knows who he is (how sad is that??? *sigh*)... anyway, just wanted to say bien fait, thumbs up, yay, etc. you have an awesome diary. :o) -GW
from millsia :
Hey man, here's the story. I clicked your name on the recently updated, then I went to Surly's, to find out all the goss about NY, and it's all tho bew-di-ful! So happy for ya's. Plus, you're a bass player too! Which rocks, because I am too! Yay! I read through most of your entries, and you sound pretty cool. You can check out my diary if you want, but just remember, I'm a 17 year old female bass player from Australia...and if that doesn't put you off, then go for it! *lol*
from ravieslave :
I have run into a thousand people today talking about 'hits'. Tasty Jon, I beseech thee to help me make a .gif banner with moving frames and text and stuff. Beseech!
from moonpie :
it's a smallll smallll world.... okay, so, here's my story about you: i found thru the new featured member thing. thru quoted i found shlippy. out of curiosity i clicked shlippy's analyzer and scrolled thru the messages... and i see your name and go "omg!" b/c i recognize it from the Dee show. I think you're just one of their frequent emailers, but, yeah. So now I feel like I'm in some sort of loop. Exactly what kind I don't know... but this is cool. so. yeah. ciao! -jen
from cajoleme :
jesus, jon. did you pay all these girls to post? you are like the justin timberlake of d'land...
from surly :
mister sandman, bring me a dream. make him the cutest d'land's ever seen!!! i'm putting a spell on you as we speak!!! xoxoxo surly
from kaffeine :
Jon, my big, heart-breaking, first-love-tattoed piece of man! I am so incredibly sorry I haven't emailed you back yet, but my mail's server has been down, and is most likely dead. I have tried to contact you through other email, but I recieved no reply....please don't say it's because you don't love me anymore!! My flower from the seven deserts, mon amour, mon cheri! *heart-brokenly yours* kaffeine
from pischina :
Isn't he Hot though??? Gotta be the Hottest Guy in Diaryland. Without a doubt. Lovable too.
from blurain :
Oh holy fuck! Yer hot! Can I have you after Pischina? Muah. Must read you now. Again, must damn Pischina....she takes up all my free time.
from pischina :
Oh I can't believe I never came back to sign this again! My Hot-Hot-Babe-alicious-MAN-toy, You promised me you'd come to California soon, what happened??? I've been laid out on this bed all decked out in Victoria's Secret waiting for you, but alas, no Genghis-Jon. *sniff* You don't love me. *sob*
from orangecrush7 :
hi, i thought i would let you know that i have enjoyed following your day to day...things :)
from fuboowuzzle :
Merry christmas.. happy holidays.. whatever...
from kelly :
I think you'd look cuter with a mullet.
from mysexlife :
Hey, look at that! A hot diarist. look good enough to eat sweetie........
from beight :
i think ive waiting long enough! i may be po' but i think i can handle the one more present, boy. :)
from yosei :
I luv you Genghis-Jon! ^.^ Do you love me?
from surly :
hey tiger! i'll be in your neck of the woods in a week -- i'll look for you in the crowd outside of the today show!!! i'll be the girl holding the "MATT LAUER ROCKS MY PHAT CABOOSE" sign!!! can't wait, candypants!!
from genghis-jon :
You do NOT sign this enough Muna pal! And if I go to Edmonton with you I'm DEFINATELY sticking my tounge down your throat, you hear me???? But that seems unlikely due to the fact that I have no money and won't until me car is paid off in January. If your going up for groundhog's day I'm there!!!!
from kats :
friendships can survive sex. communication is key, of course, so this not talking bit has got to come to a crashin' halt if there's any hope of a friendship rescue operation. good luck. and don't feel bad. it's all human nature, ain't it?
from becca :
wtf? I'm tired.
from frank :
You tolerate me, and that's saying a lot. Someday we will make out. Yes.
from kaffeine :
*swoon* You sexy devil, you! Hurry up, and acheive super-rock-stardom, so that I might throw my panties at you from the crowd!!!
from surly :
heh. you're pretty funny. i, too, know of the highs & lows of the subtle dance of luv... keep the sass coming, mister man.
from beight :
well, i didnt get an email back, but i got the update! werd. and yes you are a sexy devil, but i dont recall there being anything about climaxing on your page :P anyhow, let me know next time youre playing out and about around these parts. maybe i *wont* be shy this time!
from genghis-jon :
What the #*^%$!!!!!!! I had a bunch of posts up here from girls that thought I was a sexy devil. Really, I swear! A few thought I was sexier then "sexy" itself! Honest, a few where talking about how "sexy" isn't the right word for me because I break new ground in sexiness and that Brad Pitt is a dog compared to me and that my beautiful face shines up their room and one even said that she cannot reach climax unless she's thinking of me! Yep, that's what it said alright, it sure did, was right there I tell ya'....

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