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from girle :
I was watching the TV and they talked of Savannah, and I thought of you...
from devian :
"papa i know...there's a frog on my toe...maybe i'll call him jethro..."
from devian :
i love your are so funny!!!! some internet menz are hot and sweet--they won't all want you to eat cheesecake off their cocks. i swear.
from bingoguy :
It's nice to know that even the gay men are strange online, I just thought it was the women that talked to me online. It really makes me start to wonder about myself. Am I just as much a freak as they are?! Wait, don't answer that.
from candoor :
wondering around tonight clicking on diaries that list Heinlein as a favorite (and taking many side roads), I stumble upon yours and with Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman on your list, I extremely smiled... they are next :)
from patrickg :
That (7/30/04) was a great entry... I was going home today on the train through that same mist, I probably just missed you. Truth is, I have missed you. Glad to be catching up on your writing again!
from joecartoon :
Oh, I'm cheap, so when I say 'out' I meant in paperback. I'm a huge King fan, but had never read any of the dark tower series until 3 weeks ago. I had some time to kill and ran to half price books to window shop. Came across Dark Tower 1, 2 & 3 and thought they were the entire series. Read all three of them in a weekend and realized that there was more, so I found #4, polished it off by Wednesday and now I'm hanging..... I know I'll break down and buy the hardback soon, but I'm trying to be frugal as I go back to school. No more paycheck to lean back on... Booo!!!
from joecartoon :
You're getting a little artsy-fartsy with your words. I can tell that you've been reading up on Roland the Gunslinger. Unfortunately, you're screwed because the last two books in the series aren't out yet. But they are well worth reading anyway.
from juli-anne :
You are hilarious and a great read. I added you to my favorites. :-)
from awittykitty :
just when we hear about gigantor floating about 8 inches off the ground in a light pink, cotton-candy scented haze giving out free decorating advice and leaving a trail of flower arrangements in my path, is about the time I think somebody should be pointing a Nikon Cool Pic at him, so we could see evidence of gayness in Jersey. I only get to watch the Sopranos, and there's never been anything pink or floaty there, except for the bodies that end up floating in the east river.
from jilljohnston :
i like your diary. it's actually kind of funny. <3jill
from girle :
Mangie, uh, Gigantor...your artwork is AMAZING!!!!
from zaziel :
100 Years of Solitude is on my list of Desert Island Books but I read it centuries ago and I don't remember much about it. Except I was shit thrilled and impressed with it. I wish I could read it again but I'm saving it in case I get stranded on a desert island.
from zostrich :
awesome! my birthday in rochester was kind of crappy, so i came back to tampa and we're recelebrating it tonight. happy birthday!
from acuttersedge :
Happy Birthday!! *digs around in pocket, finds some lint, hands it to you* Don't say I didn't get ya anything!!
from zostrich :
hey, when's your birthday? mine was wednesday and i always seem to find like 4 other people born on the same day.
from madamepierce :
don't feel threatened. I, also, have nothing in particular to say.
from wvlady :
Thanks for sharing the museum pics. The place looks incredible!:)
from awittykitty :
Clearly the horsie needs a date. And can I use the Justin close up for my screen saver? I'm not gay or anything, but it was very lovely. :-)
from joeparadox :
That was lovely.
from everoboto :
Nice Valentine's Day moment there. Did he go on to rub mud all over your couch? "Cocaine's a hell of a drug." Chappelle show is awesome.
from als-pals :
Ok, I'm oh so bitter! I try to sign your freakin guestbook, and I get denied. This happens to me all the time, so I give up. Anywhozy, I simply wanted to say: Even when you write "bad or boring" entries (in your mind) they're still totally funny and entertaining. I was just happy to have a new one to read. Furthermore, your Petey is H-O-T HOT! Go Mangus!!
from dana-elayne :
Okay, Pete's a hot, hot boy. Two hot boys in one room. It maybe be just too much ;)
from acuttersedge :
Pete is totally attractive ... lol.
from acuttersedge :
Love the new layout.
from joeparadox :
This is some of the best writing. Ever. I heart you.
from katslater :
Ah, the YORKIE bar... favourite treat of many a British male. I can tell you from personal experience (being a woman) that in spite of the strikingly rude instructions not to share this treat with girls, I have shared the odd Yorkie or two with my husband. They're yummy, and I'm told the scarring on my tongue from the estrogen-activated acid can be surgically corrected.
from everoboto :
Thanks for the heads up about KILL BILL 2. That's so fucked up! Why? The movie is made already, what are they waiting for?!? Where did you hear this news?
from pixiebbph :
i so totally support SWISH!
from acuttersedge :
One of my favorite entries! I loved the part about the couch and a rash, what nots. Totally could picture it. Brillant I tell ya.
from awittykitty :
so was your irritable, unkept look before or after you got your Care Bear? Glad you finally got the real thing. My aunt got me a large teddy bear at age 36 and I adore that thing. I never had a teddy bear as a child.
from acuttersedge :
You are brillant! Keep writing ... please?
from everoboto :
Dude, I think the phrase "KILL BILL ROCKS" should be added to everyone's movie reviews from now on.
from discothekid :
I heart you right back. I am playing on Saturday if you want to come into the city. Either way drop me an email. We could meet up in the city sometime.
from fargahar :
the husband is very good with matters of the html so if you have questions feel free to ask.. :)
from aussielvr498 :
Hey there, I read the entry where you posted some "christian" forwards you've received. I am a christian, but I did not agree with any of those forwards. I just wanted you to know that not all christians are bad and not all of them agree with those viewpoints. --**--AShley
from maskedmofo :
Happy Thanksgiving!
from sweet-faerie :
Hey, Apparently, the "Milk shake" song is about sex. *Krissy*
from pettiness :
I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're great. If I had money, I'd pay you to write in your diary all day so that I could laugh at your pure hilarity. I've needed laughs lately and you've delivered.
from sweet-faerie :
I would just like to say, I love reading your diary, your sense of humor is crazy but incredibly funny. Just thought I'd give you a post that you have a lil' fan who likes to read your diary, weird huh? :) Read ya later. *Krissy*
from twitchygeek :
wow, jersey! you know what that means? i'm just yonder over that body of oozing liquids known as the delaware. hey, we could go to the very same tori concerts now! eek! good luck in america's armpit, m'dear... oh by the way, why am i not on your fav's list anymore? ::sniffle:: what ::hiccup:: what did i doooo? :(
from featheredfox :
Oi Gigantor. Thats rgith, im still stalking you. I just have one thing to say. I went to my friend Kris's house a few months ago and chewed the ear off his Thecheat figurine. I just thought that was kinda freaky...
from maskedmofo :
Thank Gawd I didn't POST that video.
from everoboto :
Greetings Gigantor, I see you've choosen a new name which better suits your powerful, mighty status. I will follow. \m/
from gigantor :
Why are you totally the coolest cat north of the mason-dixon line??? why? WHY!!! Uh...I think I just came. oh dear

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