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from lawliiet :
I still love you. <3 Be happy.
from jenniam :
I hate you for leaving me with no hope at all. at least outdated information leaves me with hope that someday you might return. thanks for stomping on my hope Ladee!
from candoor :
stopping in to see how you're doing, so, how ya doing? (hope all is well :)
from candoor :
sometime last year I stopped checking in cuz I stopped seeing new entries felt unworthy of your time and attention (I can be so stupidly self-defeating sometimes)... so I missed this whole year of your Leroy life... and the real life that trickled into your Leroy life... should I miss it/you?... well, should or not, I do, for what it's worth... hope life is better than ever...
from jenniam :
good stuff The Writer Formally Known As Ladee Leroy, good stuff
from wistful-blue :
Sweetheart, consult your psych 101 textbook, m'kay? The definition of passive-aggressive behavior is as follows: "Passive-aggressive personality disorder is a chronic condition in which a person seems to passively comply with the desires and needs of others, but actually passively resists them, becoming increasingly hostile and angry." The connection between my realization upon reading your last "entry" is a waste of time and the label of "passive-aggressiveness," is the of you needing to say SOMETHING in response, no matter how uninformed.
from wistful-blue :
Well, at least I now know I no longer want to waste my time reading your diary. Good bye Leroy.
from jenniam :
from jenniam :
TELLLLLL USSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You big tease you!
from mindle-dee :
uh hehe i just read your ode to crazy bike peoples. It was very entertaining, and being a lady Honda civic driver meself, I thought very very very realistic. Because I am also in the way of trying to cause as little disturbances in the force while driving as possible. Anyways, I found your diary because I am trying to explain Don Miguel's The Four Agreements to a friend of mine, and have resorted to simply typing out parts of the book I think are the most important; I am worried my friend will think some of it is kind of hokey; mainly because they have read so much hokey stuff already. I am sure this is breaking an agreement somehow but I guess I am trying to break it to them gently. Yes, gently. Okay, anyways again, I don't usually write people I don't know and stuff, but what's the hurt in telling somebody I got a kick out of reading their thingy, and laughed out loud cause of it. k, bye bye bye! mindlestiltskin ps now i just had to join diaryland. i have a myspace account, but maybe this is cooler?
from curious-me :
Hey Ladeeleroy....I've been reading your journal for quite a while're on my buddy list so I know when you've updated cause I think you're one hilarious gal! I am sorry to hear about your break up. I know I don't even know you but when I read about it I was still sad for you. Breaking up sucks even when it's the best thing for you. I don't normally email or leave many messages on D-land cause it's too impersonal but I felt compelled to drop you a line regardless. Take care.
from poetown :
Hey, I got a bruised asscrack in relation to freakish weather too! Rain in mid-December. Flew right off the ice-covered top step onto the also ice-covered sidewalk. I wasn't the only one, though.
from unzach :
hey, ladee. Jaspy here. I decided to try out this diary thing for a while. See how it treats me. So far, nothin'. See you on Sunday.
from candoor :
miss your words, your layout (I got used to your smilie and eyes poppong out at me), and hope you are loved... Happy V-Day :)
from wilberteets :
You are the reason I discovered and later signed up for D-Land. I hope you start posting again in the near future or at least post often enough to keep your archives from disappearing one day. One of my other favorites was away too long and their account dropped off into the abyss. Come baaaaaaack!! I miss you.
from candoor :
from candoor :
YAY for three years, congrats, and thank you for continuing to provide some of my favorite reading on the internet :)
from notoriousrrz :
Hey yo! Someone I know is doing a project on blogging and performativity here in Berkeley. Would you possibly see fit to send a videotape of The Ladeeleroy Show out here to CA so she can see it? Please drop me a line at [email protected] so we can dicuss. And update!
from candoor :
as good as new (your journal, your wit, your shtick, and most of all your heart)... making my rounds to catch up on the past month, I start with you... it took hours, since many other things happened since the time I started reading backwards from most recent... and the weekend is almost gone... no wonder I fall so far behind... anyway, I just woke up, caught up, and feel content... hope your life is as wonderful as your writing (moreso, even :)
from mmmpoet :
Hey! I got saw The House at St. Edward's University (I'm a student) and realized you have a show coming up in the summer-congratulations!
from pattymelt :
i don't even teach and i pretty much feel the same way. just being around children of any age for mere moments makes me yearn for sterilization!
from elgan :
Welcome back, Ladeeleroy. You have been sorely missed.
from candoor :
Just my way of trying to say thank you for all the wonderful words you've written :)
from candora :
farewell Sidney... and lots of love (and thanks for the words) to you :)
from teluble :
i couldn't get your Sydney King Of The Sea Animation to work. it just never came up on my computer - white screen. maybe it's just my computer.
from candora :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile :)
from candoor :
Just another Happy Birthday message to get lost in your fan mail, but Ladee, you must celebrate amazingly for you are my hero, even if you never know how I worship you from afar.
from candora :
Happy Birthday to you from your friends at the zoo (I won't finish this rhyme, it's much too dangerous). But Happy Birthday to you!
from funda :
Happy Birthday, whether it's happy or not.
from trancejen :
Happy birthday, and I hope your day gets better. You should have fireworks, fattening cakes, expensive gifts, Honda repairs, big juicy Whoppas, and maybe even the Goodyear blimp with a big sign that says "Ladeeleroy Rules, Bitches!"
from notoriousrrz :
Very awesome to know that, provided that "a couple of days" does not mean "more than three" you are a fellow Capricorn (I turned 24 last week). Also good to know that another Capricorn intepreted "relentlessly ambitious" in the list of Capricorn attributes as "able to go with the flow, because, y'know, whatev." However, Austin gives me restless rash as well. I wish you much proactivity and funky stylin' on your birthday!
from sugar-slit :
The year that you are 26 is actually your 27th year. Does that make a difference to you and your plans?
from fargahar :
LMAO at answering machine message thing. The husband and I had this problem too... Our message is lame and everyone thinks they have called the animal shelter....
from trancejen :
You do not look like Beck! I am so totally blind!!! You are gorgeous, and you rule. And Booger was far too standoffish for a guy who has snorted snow.
from discothekid :
Okay email me your address and I'll send the whole damn thing. That's how much I love you chickie!
from discothekid :
Your Highness, I tried to send the mp3 but your pimpin' email addy refused my bitches. Let me know if another option becomes available.
from candora :
Still laughing, crying, applauding, and asking "what medication?"
from oneatatime :
I meant to ask permission before I went hogwire crazy and read your diary, but dude - I couldn't take the time to get it ... so, I'm stopping before I go any further into your life and asking - can I read your diary? I swear, I will never steal from it and I'll honor the sabath and keep it holy, if that's what it takes. You remind me of me and that makes me sad and happy at the same time.
from candora :
evercool (eek, what?), no less.
from candora :
still a favorite read, even if you're too busy to enjoy the glowing praise and adoration of your fans.
from lexxee :
What was it, food poisoning?
from sugar-slit :
I joined your gotcannedyo diaryring. I did not start my journal until after I got the boot, but I feel that I am bitter enough about it to be included in this ring. Thank you.
from discothekid :
Hey Leeroy I had this really great idea. How about you just move to NY? I think that would be a great idea.
from wilberteets :
Don't you hate it when people whine for you to update your journal? So I won't say anything at all about that. Sure, there's a Leroy shaped hole in Diaryland lately, but if we collectively have but the faith of a tiny mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to move and it shall move! Move! Damn mountain!! Wait, where was I? ~wilberteets
from candora :
I keep checking for where you are and it surprises me that it does not say Orlando, go figure, I think that's because you'd be too much fun to hang around - but I love ya anyway.
from veganvixenuk :
Hey, just read some of your diary and thought i'd say hi. I'm off work feeling ill and shitty today but you made me smile, so thanks!
from candora :
I must have missed the loss of the meat inspector job, huh?
from invisibledon :
do you have infrared or night vision goggles those do allow people to see me
from invisibledon :
just randomly ended up here - Hey
from candora :
oh wonderful, you're updating again... as if I have time for more reading... well, I'll just have to make time cuz you are still a pleasure...
from funda :
you are more fun than alka-seltzer at Sea World(but third grade panties?)... definitely coming back.
from funnyhaha :
Dude (yeah,I said dude), you're one funny bunny. Just started reading your blog and you've made me laugh and cry. I've been inspired to journal myself, because of yours and others. I'm just starting, so I have to get in a groove. By the by, I'm one of the original Velveeta Room comics. I used to really work the room...comedy, bartender, dj...back in the day. My name is Vanessa. Not sure if I'm a legend or a forgotten soul, but just thought I'd let you know. Wish I could see your show, but I'm in LA. Tell all the old Velveeta kids that I said hi! Keep up your funny. You're great.
from metanoia :
It is a funny world. This morning in the ladies room, sitting in the stall, I happened to look down and see, REALLY SEE, my underwear and began thinking about why I had kept it for so long and why I had thrown others away but kept this one pair, etc. Then I log in to diaryland and read your entry re your 3rd grade underwear. LOL Two great minds, go figure. Just had to share that, and thank you for the entry.
from candora :
after reading you, I feel there is something uniquely beautiful about you... especially after reading your letter to Alex... I just had to tell you that here.
from agraciana :
dear dear leeroy, we miss you so.
from cheribomb :
Don't break up... you can work this out!!! I'm just getting started reading, and now you want to break up... Don't leave your old love for a new love, there should be a certain level of committment left, if not total, maybe partial in the name of friendship.
from whitepills :
I found your diary through another very popular one. I read the entry about Oppurtunity and Artistic Inclination. It was VERY enjoyable. What really struck me though was that you have links to The Onion and to Homestar Runner. So, in the immortal words of Strong Bad, "You is one cool peoples man."
from jenne1017 :
you okay out there?
from gimme-mono :
david sedaris and david byrne...the ultimate combo...WATCH ME GO!!! *fall*
from catastrof :
I saw your diary after a friend referenced me to it...and I just want to tell you that I think it sucks what happened at work. Back in November my highschool made me lock my (old) diary (hilly1) because another (mentally unstable, I might add) student found it and was upset because of non-flammatory remarks that I made about her deceased best friend...and it makes you feel shitty, especially when you know that people are talking about it as if they never knew you before they found your diary. So I don't know what my rambling is accomplishing...I just wanted to let you know that I feel ya.
from euphorion :
so glad to have you back. a virtual hug just doesn't seem to you justice, but i still want to give you one. *hug*
from noeticblues :
m'lady. my roommate and i were thunderstruck at the lack of leroy to which we have been subjected as of late. seriously. like we both stared at at that stupid little pop-up boxy thing and were like "wait. no. we wanted to read ladeeleroy. thats all. just a little leroy action." we come in peace and all that jazz. im even starting my own diary now, so, like, you can read my stuff too....if you want. or not. anyway, i calmly accept my fate, face the Place of Enjoyment, and yell OPEN SESAMEE. peace.
from paddy132 :
Oh man, please don't deprive me. Your entries are brilliant. I laugh, I cry, I giggle... I'd be grateful for access info at [email protected]
from kiwi-kath :
Are you giving out passwords? I have loved reading your entries for a long time; sure would miss you if I can't!!
from euphorion :
as with everyone else, i'm sad that you locked your diary. the main problem: those of us that don't have access can't read as to why you did it, if you made an entry. =(
from stefbattista :
Can I have your password? I think you're funnier than shit! I love your stories. [email protected]
from steppenwolph :
Hi ladeelaroy, Iffen you are granting passwords to the general public, I surely do want one. Your diary is required daily reading for me. Thanks!
from faux-homo :
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need it. I need it like a gay dude needs matching belts, socks and shoes.
from trinity63 :
oh you passworded yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my ladeeleroy fix
from maira-rose :
Oh no! You are my favorite diary, Ladeeleroy! Please send me the key to your diary -- if you're doing that. If you're not, I totally respect that, too, but I'll miss you! [email protected]
from starrfish :
OH NO!!! Is it possible to get access to your diary now? I miss reading you already! I hope everything is okay. My email is [email protected] -- if you're giving out the password.
from pattymelt :
you are fabulous! i to have been in that position and, honestly, i can tell you it was like there was someone there behind me, telling me not to be afraid. and you know what? i wasn't. it was like i was DARING him to hit me but he didn't. and now i am stronger. up, up and away!
from marn :
It's our cross to bear, eh.
from pattymelt :
mmmmm, jelly donuts......
from pattymelt :
ok. "fromthe desk of george w" was fucking hilarious! you are one of the funniest people i have ever read! i love you! kisses from grumpy me!
from sooner :
You are so brilliant. I'd say more, but in a turn of events I'm quite unaccustomed to, words are failing me.
from pattymelt :
i know you are feeling horrible right now, but i have to tell you i love your writing. i can't wait to make my way thru the past 18 months worth. chin up.
from pattymelt :
i had a conversation with a boy last night about dying. it really got me to thinking. you know how life is energy? well, think about this. energy doesn't just dissapear, right? it just changes forms. it is still here. remember that. i am going to go cry now.
from biloon :
my roommate jason's girlfriend tiffany's used to date murray from the old 97's. i think they went out for a while.
from porktornado :
No Idea how I got here, but I don't want to leave. I want to hang around and do your housework and be too nice until you are sick of me. Fingerbang was the funniest thing I have ever read, and I have been reading for over three days now. If I was smart (and believe you me, I'm not), and I was in a position to hire a writer (which is against my religion), you'd be first on my list.
from sprhrgrl :
from marn :
Can we EVER have too many fecal funnies? It's one of The Big Questions.
from thecritic :
Your diary made me laugh, and cry.. well not so much cry... but it made me scream when I saw that picture of your infected eye uggh! Nevertheless I found it very entertaining!
from toothbrush :
Ok, I have been reading your back entries and the lessons one from a year ago hit me because I have a related story. The second time my current boyfriend and I did "it", everything seemed fine at the time and I was probably just basking on the bed while he snuck off to the little boy's room (I assumed) to dispose of the condom or something. The next day, I was going pee-pee and guess what came out of me as I was wiping my cootchie? Yeah. I was pretty effing pissed off, let me tell you. We had many words about that. And this boy was far from being a virgin.
from marn :
It's startling how quickly the gardening abyss opens and swallows us up, eh? One moment you're a fine upstanding citizen, the next you're furtively hauling scissors out of your backpack and "shaping" a plant. I have been known to shamelessly BEG some of Paul's carpentry clients for bits of plants that I've admired on the job site. Yes, I realize how pathetic that is. *Sigh*.
from freshjoy :
i am leaving messages in peoples notes. If I love them.
from antiprofound :
While your entries always make me smile, I just felt compelled to tell you that the last few have made me laugh so hard I've almost been reduced to tears. Hm...sad commentary on my life...but true nonetheless.
from grasp :
Ted Hughes (bastard, drove his poor wifey Sylvia Plath to suicide....not that she needed much driving, mind you) wrote The Iron Giant to explain Sylvia's suicide to their children.
from lovekurt :
I would just like to add my aproval of the use of Kimmy Gibbler as one of the 4.6 pound mentioniars. Because she was the only person on Full House that did not have a horrible mullet at onw point in time. And she could ride a unicycle! Can you? I can't, no one can, it's impossible. So many props to Kimmy Gibbler.......
from tobiascobain :
Yeah, we think that it would be the best thing for America if we got someone in the White house who had at least half a brain. Im sure that there are many others who would give their left big toe to join the "Ladeeleroy" army. You already have General LoveKurt and I on your side...
from lovekurt :
Hey there, it's me the crazy guy who wanted to raise you money. Anyways, it has now been decided by myself and Sarge Tobaiscobain that because of the intelligance level of the commen person the world will have ended by the year 2032. To aviod this we have a very simple salution. We are going to kick out the current president and make you the new president......of everything. We know that you can saave us from our horrible fates commander LadeeLeroy!!!!!
from antiprofound :
Heh...I'm so drunk it took me five times to figure out how to leave a damn note...I'm not even going to mention how long I've been backspacing to cover up typing errors. hehe. Oh...its not like I need to get drunk to leave a note, but for some reason your entry tonight just made me laugh my ass off and I felt the need to share that....don't particularly know why...don't care at this point...*happy drunk smile*
from coolassaward :
When's the last time you got an "AWARD" for being you? Do you like your ego stroked? Do you like stroking other people's ego? We all need a good stroking now and then. Have you ever gone to a diary and what the diarist wrote brightened up your day? Or really made you think? Have you ever wanted to let that person know what thier writing and diary meant to you? Well Cool Chicks is the place for you. I know your like what the hell is Cool Chicks? Or maybe you already know what a Cool Ass Chick you are. Well good! But isn't it time to let the world know about your Cool Chickiness?
from dramaqueen69 :
I agree with you completly about the whole depression thing. I am depressed... Ive been on "Happy-pills"(aka anti-depressents) for 6 months... Even my best friend told me to snap out of it and get over myself b/c i "was trying to get attention". Theres the same lax attitude in Canada towards mental illness, and people really do need to talked to about it, b/c frankly, its getting annoying and really hard to handle being called 'crazy'. I was suicidal, but thank god, the pills are making a difference after a few attempts. Have a nice day and thaks fro the enlightening entry! *D*
from goodvibez6 :
I wish i had something as beautiful as falling asleep with my last feeling of his or her arms around me. Then i know i would die in bliss.
from pixiia-8 :
Hmm. This notes page makes me look like a stocker. And on that note, you are HOT. Seriously! The picture story is awesome :))...PS, what's the name of your comedy troupe? PIX
from pixiia-8 :
omg. I just read conjuctivitis won't devide us. It is HU-larious. Pix
from pixiia-8 :
No Canadian...that's like, umm, sort of British lite. :) Pix
from hizee :
And I thought I was the only one who's mom got them the book "Where Did I Come From?" Of course mine was a Christmas present or was it a Hannuka present? Anyway......great entries. Thanks for sharing with us!
from pixiia-8 :
aww yeah! You rock on girl, dorky is where it's at! How do you make a potato canon? Pix
from joefelldown :
I thought your "Conjunctivitis Won't Divide Us" thing was very funny.
from pixiia-8 :
You are incredibly hilarious, and I'm sooo down with the guacamole ween song...that whole album is strangely great. You are way cool!
from lizabeth1st :
ok. I am sooo down with you on The Sims (You Are God) thing. I had to go to Sims rehab. I spent entire days playing that game. Sometimes with Creamy cheese sauce. I used to love building the houses, watching them catch on fire. If you have the version that has the Chemistry Set in the objects, you can make your sim make a potion, then drink it, then they'll turn into something different. Dear God I just realized what a Rant I got on there. Forgive me. I'm a geek.
from sherekhali :
um- just have to say- sirawesome is a dipshit. yea. you are supported.
from sherekhali :
good god. thank you. i can't even eat my splendid ice cream i'm laughing so hard. thank you, and again, thank you. i mean it, really. thank you. mm... ok, that's probably enough now, huh. thank you.
from bettyford :
ladee, meet me at my locker after class so i can give you back your tiger beat. please please please let me have that center fold of kirk cameron. i'll give you my corey feldman autograf. i sware it! if not, then don't bother coming to my slumber party - or prepare to have your bra freezed!
from spiffypoodle :
Yes CRAP indeed CRAP you CRAP rock CRAP my CRAP world CRAP.
from ladeeleroy :
I'm a fucking idiot. I didn't even know I had the notes feature turned on on my journal. Holy shit. How long has this been turned on? Wow. What a fucking cool surprise. This makes me so damn happy. Look at the three messages I got so far. How awesome is that!?!? I love Diaryland. Dammit. I love it!
from lumen :
Alright, if I had your email addy, I'd email you this... but I'm forced to use this thing. Anyway, let me tell you, that letter you wrote him back in my opinion was VERY kind, far kinder then he deserves, and remember this is coming from a guy. He a f-ing scumbag if you ask me. Warm heart? God... if I only knew I could do something like that (not that I'd be able to live with my own shitiness) and still be told I have a warm heart, I'd be a total fuckhead by now. That dude seriously needs something dumped on his head. Not only was what he dud wrong, but how he told you was out of line. I get the feeling you werent exactly commited, but personally, I think any good person only sleeps with one person at a time.... but I guess I'm flying solo in my need to maintain my own honor and I may just be the last person who likes a bit of traditional romance. Girl let me tell you. I've known many girls in my time. In my opinion you are an amazing person..... you deserve so much more.
from bettyford :
I waited until John Cusak told me to. Besides that I wanted to leave you a tip on how not to queef, because while it is perfectly normal - it does have a tendency to interrupt that blissful harmony of good lovin' noise. There is only one(1) thing you have to remember in order to become an unqeefing sex gawdess and here it is: NEVER NEVER NEVER put your ass above your head. For example, let's imagine that ACE of (B)Ass is hitting from behind and you're on all fours. Keep your head at the same level as you ass so that your back is even like a table. DON'T sick your ass up and keep your head on the pillow because you WILL queef. The same technique applies when you're on your back. Keep yo' head up LaDee.
from bettyford :
"If theres somethin inside that you wanna say - say it out loud - it'll be OK - I will be alright..." Ladee, I hang on EVERY word. I love you. Or am I just drunk? Damn.

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