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from readnglst999 :
Where is clarity25? Recent vacation blog - "Eric's" Photobucket account -
from moncapitaine :
Thanks, that's adorable! Have you seen the pirate keyboard?
from moncapitaine :
Been reading your archives and think you're pretty cool, except your typos drive me crazy. It's nice to know guys like you really do exist. Please learn to type, though, before my brain explodes. :P
from clipchick :
I went to MySpace too...add me as a friend so I can leave you snarky things!
from curious-me :
Greetings from Canada...yup Canada. Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I've been reading your stuff and you've been making me laugh (a lot). Have a good one eh!
from smedindy :
Could you TELL that I wrote that sucker in three or four blocks of time. Coherence, who needs it?
from yeahimadork :
My site is PORN??? Oh, dammit. Is that your way of telling me to stop talking about my vibrators? How am I supposed to get through the day knowing you can't read my crappy diary from your work?
from smedindy :
You, sir, are sick and twisted. I myself prefer a power running game, alas, and besides the wide formation wouldn't really fit in the frame. Though I do like me the wishbone. I also like the veer. At least you didn't say wing-t!
from smedindy :
Don't worry - I thought this was my most obscure list yet (though I can be obscure!) Three down, twelve to go. At least no one can say I don't update!
from clipchick :
Wow! Thanks for adding me to your list...I didn't know that having all those useless item numbers in my head would turn out to be worth it :)
from haloaskew :
You too have been touched by the Noodley Appendage! I salute you! :)
from ayred-out :
You may have missed the TBD connection since she slyly refers to me as the greggers, and rarly links since I have trouble updating. I'd love to get my hands on that Buffet mix, I lost the majority of my box set to an old roomate. If you send me a copy I'm sure I could give you some porn in return!
from warcrygirl :
You let your wife Zip your back? Now that's LOVE, baby! And yes, backhair squicks me out. Then again, large amounts of body hair freak me out, too. Thank god Hubby is mostly bald bodywise. Did JS shave your boys, too, cuz that could have fun implications. Sorry you've got the lung-rot; do you not sleep with a shirt on? Hubby does the same thing, the second he's sick it's in his chest. You hate real names and Wombat hates my voice. There's just no pleasing everyone...;)
from zencelt :
I think back hair is very sexy. But then, I think that big, ugly, bald/shaved headed men are cute. Oh well...
from warcrygirl :
I'm sorry you guys are sick. I want to come down sometime and visit the Museum of Natural History down there. I've heard it's nice and it's FREE. Also, I've heard Exploris is good, too. You don't have a messy house, my dear, but your neighbors might. All it takes is one trashy neighbor. WHAT????
from warcrygirl :
For the love of God man, answer me when I pester you on AIM! I'll try to talk you through how to fix your comments page; the code is in the wrong place or something. Anyway, yay for the Smupster! Remember: be consistent. Everytime she poops in the potty jump up and down and clap and yell "YAY!"; when she doesn't just say "oh well, you'll get it next time" and leave it at that. OR tell her she can't swim until she poops IN THE POTTY. If she doesn't you and JS will have to take turns sitting with her by the side of the pool while you watch the other swim. She'll get it eventually.
from bluemeany :
Yo, your comment box isn't working, so here's a stupid NOTE. Having to do with, I so want the book! I will send you something, I swear. I am going shopping tomorrow.
from warcrygirl :
I just left a comment at both BigPimp's place and at Wilberteets so it's the comment code. Please fix it so I can leave comments! Start by going into the comments help section and doing exactly what it says to do; I'd help but I can't get into that section anymore because Andrew is a communist.
from warcrygirl :
Fucking JavaScript errors...anyway, nice post. My computer doesn't support the DX version so mine is really slow. How many hours did it take to piece that together?
from warcrygirl :
Your comments page still doesn't like me. No worries; I know you didn't mean it. Remember what Hubby said; the third date is a sleep-over. I've got dibs on the new couch!
from clipchick :
Sorry, no offense taken-you'll have to try harder than that...I was experiencing an idiot savant day yesterday...does that offend you? I'm pretty sure stupid questions offend you, so I'm one up on ya...
from clipchick :
Will do! Is your address on your homepage? Thanks for remembering me-I was feeling a little insignificant (Ha-THAT wouldn't do it, but sarcasm takes a person a long way, eh?) As far as being retarded goes, I think you've got some major work to do before you get there. Do something at high speed without a helmet-THAT should do it!
from bluemeany :
Happy fricking Belated! I always enjoy my cake topless, as well. As you must know, freakery loves company.
from divacowgirl :
Happy Birthday!
from fiyerstarter :
ha! funny entry...welcome to North Carolina. it is mighty fine down here...hope ya'll enjoy! ha ha
from hooterville :
It's cool, NGD... that wasn't so much bottle throwing on my end as a stern glance followed by a fistful of educational pamphlets. I ain't mad atcha, baby.
from goldieknox03 :
YEah for drunken diaryland notes!
from dangerspouse :
The problem with the Mrs is not one of indignation at the porn you sent. It's jealousy. I won't share it with her. Fuck her - she's got her own stash.
from goingloopy :
Ooooh, I'm taking your notes' cherry? Hehehe. Thanks for adding me, even though my direy sux. :)

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