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from mywrd :
You sound amazing. I would love to read your writings!
from chelsearoad :
Sezzy - it's been a long-assed time! You signed off but I guess you've come back and gone underground! Eggs-ellent, Smithers! Probably a decent career move :-). Fellow New Englander and long-time Boston fan who is dying to know what's up with and/or what became of the Monkey and the life/career in D.C. Please send me a login/pw so I can catch up with your adventures! chelsearoad (at) att dot net. Many thanks and hope all is well (and still funny) with you! - Thanks, Yvonne
from captainron :
Last time you wrote several weeks ago, you had to take a dump... I hope that's all resolved istself and is not the reason you haven't been writing....
from ray0flight :
Im sorry to hear about you and the monkey. Breakups are so shitty and tough. One good thing, I'm glad to see you writting again
from hedgehoggy :
I've had you for years and laughed at your little incidents in life. I, too, see the idiots in gym ettiquete such as guys sitting on benches completely nude, wives that let their husbands venture out looking like gorillas with that back hair, and body builders posing nude. I'm not even sure how those that take an enormous dump just get up afterwards to finish up their workout. Shouldn't they be worn out at that point? Let's also add old ladies that don't believe in wearing underwear while doing sit-ups. That smell? It's usually the corner area where everyone goes to fart on break from their workout. Ta-Ta.
from ray0flight :
Oh god - if you love the celebrity gossip - which I do then you will go nuts over this site (unless you already know about it) Honestly. It's the best ever... its always got celebrity pics and whatever in it ... (no this isn't a SPAM comment)
from hubbabub :
I, too, am all about the fancy tights this holiday season. Love em.
from haloaskew :
Monkey doll IS creepy, but in a oddly-wonderful, comforting way. Whatever he's on, I WANT SOME.
from jimmysworld :
There aren't many smart republicans around anymore. Fewer of them write.
from haloaskew :
Oh my god, can I relate to that entry. Poo-Interrupters cause Poo-Interruptus. NOT GOOD. I can think back on several times at the BIG company I used to work for that had many large bathrooms with lots of stalls, and if you were lucky, you could the whole place to yourself. Then there were times it was like train station. The whole "Are you coming or going? What the fuck? LEAVE. NOW!" But now I work at a tiny company with a couple of "private" bathrooms (nice!) but YET NOT, because the one by my desk is off one of the main hallways, next my boss's office. There is a somewhat loud fan, but you know it can't fully disguise, any, um, noises. And it's SO OBVIOUS if you're in there for too long. So usually I wind up waiting till I get home. But my boss, ah hell, he'll crap when he gets in, and later, and later, and later (I know this because he is very generous with the spraying of the Glade). Which wafts out from the bathroom to my cubicle when he emerges. And let's just say that Glade isn't so great at masking odors. (One day recently we ran out of Glade, so he LIT A MATCH! Up until that point I couldn't quite figure out why there were a shitload of matchbooks under the sink, but then I realized it was for emergency poo smells!) Oh gawwwwd. But the worst is when I can hear him in the bathroom, when I'm in my cubicle that shares that wall...Oh man. But what's grosser than gross is that he'll sometimes TAKE A CALL on his cell phone when he's in there.
from gumphood :
Was she talking about a racist dog? Thats pretty hilarious. How is the D.C. area. Prefer it to the N.E. area?
from chillier :
I just saw a King of the Hill rerun where they think Lady Bird, the dog, is racist. Turns out she just hated repairmen. So maybe it's some other common trait? Although in honesty my parents' dog always displayed racist tendencies as well - mostly to large black men.
from gumphood :
nono I know you never read here...which... oh wait... you never read here.
from gumphood :
do you still love me? hehehe
from gwumpysmurf :
who are these manly chicks of which you speak?
from goingloopy :
Yeah for "Christmas booty"...but NAY for yucky drives. I used to drive home. After several experiences with road construction, rush hour, and the highway patrol, I finally decided that flying had to happen.
from littlebub :
I e-mailed you just now with my new site to your diaryland address. :)
from goingloopy :
Hey...I just stumbled across your diary. Like it. I always appreciate those who are as culinarily (okay, so I just made up that word) retarded as I am. ;)
from betchy :
you're funny i will keep reading your adventures
from gumphood :
2 good things 1) I almost NEVER talk poltics 2) We live close together. If you recall.
from purex :
wow that's a lot of jobs - impressive! i'm on my 3rd right now and i haven't worked any job longer than about 2 1/2 months.. hmmm way to go :)
from yakkety-yak :
you have been quoted (and credited)
from brandi-babe :
Happy Birthday... now put your old layout back up and post pictures from your trip. :-)
from captainron :
Everybody goes through rough patches and doubts. Stress messes up everybodies lives. Hang in there until things settle out a bit and if you still feel the same way, well....
from skinny--girl :
gosh i've read your diary for so long and i don't think i've ever left you a note! relationships are hard and i'm currently going through the same questions and anxieties as you, but i've been with my boy for almost 6 years now. just take it slow and make sure before making big steps! sg
from idunnone1 :
I have used the same logic about 4 glasses in a bottle many times! :) And hard times are normal with a relationship. Hell, sometimes I don't like my husband for a few days, but if you want a relationship to work it will. This only applies if you are both normal, sane and don't have dependency problems? And keep my orgasm in my dresser drawer. I find it by myself or with my husband.*wink*
from tanprincess :
i have been reading you for a while now and i can so relate to you here lately! its almost scary!! i too have an amazing boyfriend...excuse me, fiance'! LOL and i wonder alot when he is going to realize how fucking awesome he is and how i do not deserve him! i was also on ww and lost a bunch of weight and here lately i have completely gotten out of control! i think its true what they say, love makes you gain weight!! i have never been this happy in my life and i can't help but wonder when something bad is going to happen. i know i should not think/feel that way but it just seems like things are too good to be true at times. anyway i guess i just need to get over it and just enjoy the way things are now!!! good luck with everything and so happy for you and your honey!!!
from thinartist :
You are so amazingly funny. Good luck with the water-thing. It's one of my stumbling blocks to better health. :-)
from redhott27 :
congrats on the anniversary... weird, back about oh say six months ago, I was reading about you and Bug and thinking "that's great, she deserves a nice guy, she seems a lot like me, maybe I'll find one soon too" and bam, now I have one also. Four months next week! Anyway congrats, and I really hope your creepy uncle didn't get fresh with you when you were a kid... that's just wrong.
from redhott27 :
Good luck. It's dating that makes you gain weight--I too have put on nearly 20 pounds in what seems like less than a month. Damn stupid men, especially those who can cook and want nothing more than to cook, drink, and have sex.
from lula :
I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks and kept it off for a year, even though I stopped my "program" after I reached my goal, (gained 10 back after I got a boyfriend, damn happiness) by riding a stationary bike for an hour or two while I watched television every day and restricting my calories big time. Diet soda and lots of water, no juice and very rarely skim milk. Lots of uncooked and cooked (no butter) veggies and small portions of lean meat. Only snacks were an apple or light raspberry yogurt (80 calories). I was very very strict with myself and I saw results. Good luck to you and Bug!
from thinartist :
Isn't it amazing how much better sex is when you're truly comfortable? Yeah for the big O!
from redhott27 :
That's awesome. Do they just happen, or what? What is the secret (aside from the relationship which I already have...)???
from thinartist :
Good luck with the whole dress-situation! :-)
from razor-vixen :
*hug* That's all I can say about the dress situation. I know the feeling.
from stargazer42 :
I would guess it would be O' since it's something like a shortened version of "of" Don't know if that's right, but since the apostrophe usually goes in place of missing letters in contractions and stuff, I'd think it would go in place of the "f". Either that or just screw it and hyphenate the whole thing ala "Weekend-o-romance" ;-)
from singlegirl :
My boyfriend and I call each other 'Monkey' too. I didn't think I'd ever "meet" anyone else who did:)
from thinartist :
You absolutely need to check out Chubby Chic's entry. She has a hilarious photo montage of Kerry-Edwards complimetned by the lyrics of "Close to you." It's brilliant and funny!!! I completely agree with you. Both are parties aren't playing politics very well. I am, however, voting for Kerry. (I voted for Edwards in the primary.)
from curiouoso :
Hello, I just read your M.Moore entry and think it's great that you are encouraging people to go see the movie even though you disagree with it. You did take the time to see it, right? I hope you get your raise and a good review.I liked that part about," based on what I�ve learned about what other people in my company make." I wished you could have written, "based on what I�ve learned about other people in my company." Now then you would definately get your raise AND be well suited for political office! Regards, There's hope for misguided republicans yet!
from singlegirl :
Okay, so I just spent the past 2 weeks reading your entire diary and I love it. I'm actually really sad because it's over and felt like I should at least say Hi since I feel like I know you. I'm not even sure how I found your diary, but I somehow stumbled upon it and loved it! Thanks for entertaining me - I'll definitely be a regular.
from mgottlieb :
Hi! I had a colposcopy last December and, while Colposcopies hurt like a muther, you should have no problem excercising even a day later. Although, about the sex, yeah, you are supposed to abstain. But, hey! You can still spin!
from itsmylife :
Oh geez. Well, I'm hoping everything works out ok. You're a hoot, attitude is everything. Keep us up to date.
from thinartist :
I blushed for you while reading this. Ouch! Good luck cleaning your work out pants.
from raeleighjo :
Just so you don't feel all alone -- I'm a dreaded Republican too -- but I'm in Montana, so it's never been much of an option. But I'm a proud one! God Bless Ronald Reagan, he was a great man, though only president during 6 years of my life.
from thinartist :
As a card carrying Democrat, I mourn the loss of a great man. I didn't agree with his politics. I still harbour a grudge about the Iran-Contra affair... Yet, I still recognize his eloquence, charm, and sincerity. The Republican party lost one of its heroes, a principled man. Both parties occasionally act in unfortunate ways. It is said that either party should, in any way, relish the passing of an adversary. May President Reagan rest in peace.
from mayapple :
So, if it had been Hillary Clinton in Reagan's place...suffering for years with a horrible illness, part of you, deep down inside, would hold a little parade. It is sad when any family loses a loved one, but that doesn't overshadow past transgressions. While I didn't celebrate his death, I did reflect on his presidency--and the mistakes made--when I heard the news.
from thinartist :
The bright side of choosing reading over sex... you had a choice. My guy has thrown out his back, again and has declared himself on the injured reserve list. (sigh) Maybe I need to read some Harry Potter, eh?
from mickey225 :
Oh my that was TOO FUNNY!!! I was down in MD last weekend, and they were just popping up... glad I'm in Jersey!
from blakkrayn :
Heh, ahh too funny! I drive like you, which in my opinion is a very good thing AND I suffer from lots of road rage. :D We can only hope some of your driving skills eventually wear off on Bug. Have a good one. xo
from razor-vixen :
Hell, girl, you should be buying US gold memberships! Miss Moneybags. Damn. I haven't got my return yet, but it sure ain't that much! Ah well, have fun spending it. And you're such a good girlfriend!
from nypizzas2 :
Saved by the Bell is the greatest show ever made. I've watched every incarnation of it since I was in utero. I hope people in the office agree
from ray0flight :
Thinking of you. I hope it works out!
from razor-vixen :
*hug* He sounds a LITTLE messed up. Maybe, in the long run, you're better off? I know it hurts, and yes, it may have "only" been two months, but it's enough time to really care about someone. I'm so sorry.
from ray0flight :
I am so sorry about Bug. Breakups really suckass. I will be thinking about you ((hugs))
from captainron :
I'm sorry Sarah. He obviously wasn't good enough for you... Hang in there. Life will get better.
from aloneidream :
Guys suck. They always have. The boys at college think I'm joking when I say I'm turning lesbian but seriously, does it not seem like the better option? (Except you'd have to mess with all those sex toys and I don't know if I can be bothered)
from nypizzas2 :
I'm so sorry Sezzy. :( And you don't have to apologize or feel ridiculous for being hurt and feeling pain. In a related story, if you do start playing for the other team, I'm available.
from razor-vixen :
See, this diary DOES serve a purpose! SOOOO glad you didn't leave. Let me know if you find a good way to drop that weight...I need all the help I can get.
from ventingarena :
I've been a quiet but faithful reader and just joined a gym with gal pal dreamsmasher. We went through orientation and passed the "spin" class and I'm on my knees bowing in awe at you for attempting and keep going back to that chamber of what looks like horrific pain. You could propell a ship to Europe with all that work.
from poked2x :
girl, i feel ya. 100%. everything i didn't mention in my girlfriend - er um, boyfriend rant entry you mentioned in yours. ok, bye then. ps, you are way awesome!
from muse11 :
Damn. I'm must say I have enjoyed ease dropping on your life this past year. But, if you're happy you should revel in it. Cheers!!
from diaryquotes :
Well, gee, thanks for letting me know personally and everything.
from razor-vixen :
Damn. Gonna miss you.
from captainron :
And then there were none.... Sigh RIP Manleys
from ray0flight :
I am sorry that you have decided to leave. I guess it happens to all of us. I hope you change your mind because I really do enjoy reading you....
from bethany9 :
follow that and the rest is cream cheese! ha! the coach from teen wolf! i am the master of obscure quotes!
from switchcraft :
You'll have to teach him not to buy Ben and Jerry's, what with Ben's supercommunist pro-Dean agenda.
from amalthea23 :
elephants just have feet, like you and me.
from dreamsmasher :
My original what to give: The Birthday Box of Fun...take each letter from his first name and buy a silly little dollar store gift, make up a rhyme to go with it, and always have one of the gifts be useful. This usually gets me a good round of oral sex. And a laugh. if you steal this idea, don't claim it as you're own, it's trademarked!!! just kidding. oops, I just realized I missed the boat on this
from redhott27 :
Tickets to a sporting event where you can wear cute things like tight logo t-shirts and baseball caps, you can buy him beers and stadium hot dogs and other manly things, and then of course, as someone already mentioned, a bj.
from bethany9 :
i find a blowjob assisted by altoids always puts a smile on a birthday boy's face!
from aliboomboom :
I linked to your diary through Bethany9. I've been looking for new diaries to read and I think yours is really good. It sounds like things are going well for you and the new guy. I have a tendency to mess things up with guys too but I think you've got this one in the bag, way to go and have a great weekend with him!
from ray0flight :
Yay for insta-boyfriends!
from bethany9 :
hot for teacher! classic. i am going to download that song right now. thanks sezzy!
from tanprincess :
hey i have been reading your diary for a while now and really enjoy it!! you are hillarious! congrats on meeting a boy on vd!! dont you just love how it feels when you first meet someone and you are getting to know them-it is an awesome feeling! you never know this could turn out to be your insta-boyfriend!! good luck w/ everything!
from captainron :
PS heard from MR. UB lately?
from captainron :
Yeaaaaaaa Sez... Sometimes when it fits, it fits you know? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.
from krugerpak007 :
You are gorgous!xoxo Kathy
from nypizzas2 :
Forget the Mr. Robinson thing. I somehow got the impression that Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate was his teacher. Don't ask me why I thought that...
from nypizzas2 :
Awww, look at that, Sezzy all bein in love and shit! I'd like to officially throw down my vote for his nickname becoming Mr. Robinson. But that's just my dumbass idea. I'm sure you'll come up with something much funnier.
from sweetliz2000 :
Aww! I'm so happy for you! Good luck. :)
from krugerpak007 :
That body part conversation was so cute. You made my day! xoxo Kathy
from starlight42 :
I love that design! Have a nice trip.
from bethany9 :
where did you get that template from? did you make it? republican? being as freaky deaky as you are, i thought for sure you were a democrat!
from mickey225 :
Oh I love the new layout!!! HOT!!!
from nypizzas2 :
Fucking, as per damn usual, screwed up the message I had attempted to leave you, which was: the new layout kicks ASS. I love it. <3

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