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In brief, I'm a chaffeur (I do car pool), a seamstress (I have a husband and children), a curator of large, hairy mammals (namely my husband), and am fluent in Swahili.

My favorite diaries:

luvabeans profile - diary
comments: "I�m as whimsical & humanistic as a motherfucking unicorn on ecstasy." Yeah....that's what i like about her.
ladyloo profile - diary
comments: A Canuckian down south
hissandtell profile - diary
skibigsky profile - diary
comments: I envy her skiing ability. Mine consists of my ass and the snow....
chaosdaily profile - diary
comments: Every entry makes me hungry
radiogurl profile - diary
comments: A very inspiring person!
simplify profile - diary
comments: Simple
jonquill profile - diary
comments: This guy has an incredible perspective
forty-plus profile - diary
comments: The new home for Inkdragon
allegedwife profile - diary
comments: I love Aussies!
chailife profile - diary
comments: Found through Forty-plus :D
prolifique profile - diary
comments: She is just that.
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: Mold. No, really.
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: Great Cat-fu
la-the-sage profile - diary
comments: A sagely lady!
marn profile - diary
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: Mmmmm, mangos!
dragging-ink profile - diary
stepfordme profile - diary
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narcissa profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: I can't help favorite for years, and always will be!
comments: Not a single song I haven't liked so far.
Tori Amos
comments: beautiful...when u finally make sense of the songs.
comments: one of them highschool things I was just never able to let go of
Tom Waits
comments: just love his voice

My favorite movies:

comments: All 3.....some crucial book stuff missing, but's a long story....
Harry Potter
comments: Addicted to the books, and the movies....Lucius Malfoy *shiver* yummy!
Pirates of the Caribbean
comments: Who knew a drunken pirate with dreads and too much eye liner could be sexy??
What Dreams May Come
comments: One of the sweetest love stories I've ever seen
Finding Nemo
comments: "Fish aren't meant to live in a box kid, it does things to ya...." Yeah, I have a 2 yr old, and he's right, Nemo rocks my socks

My favorite authors:

J. K. Rowling
comments: What a great world
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: Comments??? One could write an entire novel commenting on his works
George Orwell
comments: 1984 was interesting, but Animal Farm will always be one of my favorite stories.
Dr. Seuss
comments: "Fox in sox in box on Knox" can you not love a book that warns you at the beginning that it is dangerous?!?
Douglas Copeland
comments: Life after God and Microserfs....*wow*

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