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palm trees and a second puberty of sorts.

you can take The Girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the Jersey out of The Girl.

My favorite diaries:

pennylane731 profile - diary
comments: my own poetry and song lyrics
mr-briteside profile - diary
comments: where i post lyrics to songs that i'm either obsessed with, or that fit my mood at that moment
neon7c profile - diary
comments: miscellaneous fluff, for the most part -- quizzes, memes, random thoughts
cause-ofyou profile - diary
comments: a group diary project. write your hate letters and vent your anger here. let me know if you want to be involved.
fragments06 profile - diary
comments: my NaNoWriMo entry for 2006
nicky-d profile - diary
comments: all but abandoned. but i live in hope that she'll return to dland. she has become one of my best friends, and i don't know what i'd do without her. <3
ericboy profile - diary
comments: pure talent and pure heart. he inspires me. accompanied me on my cross-country drive from NJ to CA, for which i am eternally grateful! he's definitely my #1 rockboy crush. who am i kidding, he's my #1 crush, period! <3
kellbelle profile - diary
comments: one of my dearest friends in the universe. she looks out for me, and gives great advice. she's a wonderful mom, wife and friend. AND she's back in school, which just impresses me beyond belief. she's a smart cookie. <3 *locked*
d1mndn3r0ugh profile - diary
comments: one of my dland girls who shares my brain. she's a woman of amazing strength, and she's unbelievably funny. i can't wait for her to come out and visit me. i have a feeling there will be a lot of trouble. <3
reflective1 profile - diary
comments: a mindreader, in a good way, of course
f1shb0wl profile - diary
comments: another brain-sharer. maybe we can road-trip and meet 1/2 way, since we're on the same side of the country now! <3
oceans-depth profile - diary
comments: always reading when she's writing
thisisjohn profile - diary
comments: one of my first dland buddies. an amazing writer
muddledchaos profile - diary
comments: common ground, of course
usb-port profile - diary
comments: one-liners that make you laugh and think
nanoericboy profile - diary
comments: i could only WISH to be as talented a writer as he is...
ladiebug profile - diary
comments: a fellow SD dlander! *locked*
trulypoetic profile - diary
comments: a reader AND a writer. devours words.
dedboy profile - diary
comments: mixmaster and a truly kind soul
thunderdave profile - diary
comments: once upon a time... (and another one to pretty much leave diaryland)
soltera profile - diary
comments: tells it like it is. always real, raw and honest
coldandgray profile - diary
comments: some of the most entertaining posts you'll read on dland
skarekrow profile - diary
comments: very sporadic with his entries these days...very sporadic in these days...who knows what he's up to...
bassclargrrl profile - diary
comments: i just recently started reading, so i don't know her whole story yet...but it's an interesting read...
owenmeany99 profile - diary
geeked-out profile - diary
shortst101 profile - diary
comments: deserves a break more than almost anyone else on dland
the-doughnut profile - diary
comments: everyone needs a doughnut
sbellem profile - diary
comments: very witty
sallydallydo profile - diary
comments: came to visit my diary when i wasn't feeling well. isn't that sweet?
hollster profile - diary
comments: a new reader, and hopefully a new friend
thirtieth profile - diary
comments: because 30 kicks ass
jonathan profile - diary
morethnshado profile - diary
herdarlinsin profile - diary
candoor profile - diary
nanobetty profile - diary
comments: so i jumped on the NANOWRIMO bandwagon...and i didn't finish. but my memoirs, my book of "meredith stories" has been started. so STAY TUNED!

My favorite music:

howie day
comments: "what could be so wonderful about this? what could be so wonderful? the half light wakes you up the morning after. fall down with me and roll around, now"
taking back sunday
comments: "go one just say it: you need me like a bad habit. one that leaves you defenseless, dependent and alone"
fall out boy
comments: "this story's getting old -- a homewrecker with a heart of gold"
jimmy eat world
comments: "i wonder why i'm so caught of guard when we kiss? i'd rather live my life in regret, than do this. what happened to the love we both knew, we both chased? hangin' on a cigarette, you need me, you'll burn me, you'll b
panic! at the disco
comments: "prescribed pills, to offset the shakes, to offset the pills, you know you should take it a day at a time"

My favorite movies:

comments: i can quote this movie almost word for word, as can several of my friends. it's a cheesy classic for us.
moulin rouge
comments: if you don't see how beautiful this movie is, you're BLIND!
grease 2
comments: that's right...grease TWO. with michelle pfeiffer and adrien zmed. and some of the best songs EVER.
snakes on a plane
comments: "i have had it with these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' plane!" -- if you didn't see this in the theater, you missed a GOOD time. everyone cheering, screaming and laughing. and no one complained. gotta love group pa
lots of others...
comments: empire records, 10 things i hate about you, garden state, napoleon dynamite, any john hughes film, emmet otter's jugband christmas, reality bites...

My favorite authors:

anne sexton, sylvia plath
comments: they inspired me to write. and "the bell jar" is a classic.
eric mcclanahan
comments: his writing and acting continue to boggle my mind
stephen chbosky
comments: "the perks of being a wallflower" is an adorably wonderful book. i wish my coming of age had been this poetic.
james frey
comments: ii don't care if the story is fake, real, or 1/2 and 1/2, "a million little pieces" is amazing and compelling. it sucked me in, was disturbing in all the right ways and brought me to tears
marya hornbacher
comments: "wasted" is one of the best books i have ever read. what can i say? i like books about people with issues. part of it is the former psych major in me; part of it is the fact that i HAVE so many issues.

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