My [Not-So-]Daily Commentary

I'd like to think that I'm average, but I'd also like to think that I'm unique. So, I guess I should just say that I'm "uniquely average."

Oh, I'm also a 26-year-old female and graduate of an Ivy League college who is trying to get one foot into the door of the real world. I don't have an overwhelmingly exciting life, but I think I have a pretty damn interesting one. Or so some people may think. Do you think so? Nah, nevermind, I'm no good with insults.

My favorite diaries:

Alicewonders profile - diary
comments: Interesting look at life from the perspective of a married woman with two kids and a job as a teacher. The things she writes about often make me laugh as well as think. I certainly wouldn't mind it if my life mirrored hers in about 10 years.
AlwaysAnge profile - diary
comments: Someone who I've found to be both a great writer and quite interesting. I've certainly found myself relating her words/feelings on several occasions.
Andrew profile - diary
comments: Founder of Diaryland. Cracks my shit up, especially when he brought the phrase "pigpants" into my life.
Anenigma profile - diary
comments: I, along with much of Diaryland, look forward to her witty updates.
AustinLiz profile - diary
comments: Very funny and interesting writer to whom I can relate on many levels.
Batten profile - diary
comments: She's proof that being strong and sticking out the rough times in life leads to the greatest and sweetest rewards. She's someone I aspire to be like as I grow older. I also wouldn't mind living a life like hers 10 years from now, either.
Bttrflychic profile - diary
comments: Someone I "met" through unfathomable circumstances. But, that doesn't matter as I've come to find out that she's a very sweet and caring girl, as well as one of the stronger people I've come to know.
CaptvFirefly profile - diary
comments: She sucked me right in through her writing about her daily life and online dating trials and tribulations. I wish my life was half as interesting as hers!
Comma-Abuse profile - diary
comments: Seems like a very down-to-earth person whom I can picture getting along with in person. Besides love for sushi, GA, a some D-land favorites in common, I can often relate to what she writes about. Plus, all of her pictures make her diary even more awesome.
Dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: Like me in that he actually writes entries as long or longer than mine, which is a hard feat to accomplish. Unlike me because he is 1000x's funnier than me, and a lot more popular. How in the hell did I end up on his favorites list?
EileenRoof profile - diary
comments: Interesting perspective on life by an American living and going to school abroad. She actually found my dorko diary years ago in a magazine, but I didn't know it until recently. I like her sense of humor; she can make me laugh out loud with ease.
Elisabeta profile - diary
comments: I don't even remember how I came across her diary, but damn, I'm glad I did. She cracks me up more times than I can count.
Epiphany profile - diary
comments: A highly intelligent, hardworking, dedicated teacher; an excellent writer; witty and all-around very intriguing - a combination that is hard to come by in anyone, let alone a man, these days.
Erlenweg6 profile - diary
comments: A very enjoyable diary by someone who seems like a wonderful mother. May her adorable little boy rest in peace. (Password protected.)
FluffleBunny profile - diary
comments: A fun diary written by someone who seems like a sweet girl. Though she's younger than me, I envy her ability to be quite frank and open about certain things I wish I could be just as open about, too.
Galaxy profile - diary
comments: Undoubtedly one of the best diaries on Diaryland. Incredibly intelligent, creative, introspective, witty, and, not to mention, beautiful, both inside and out. Including pictures in her diary makes it all the more intriguing and enjoyable to read.
GoFigure profile - diary
comments: A very interesting woman who I appreciate for her ability to both call other people on their b.s. as well as on her own b.s. I hope I can do the same someday. I'm thrilled she's back and updating again.
Graceland profile - diary
comments: I loved the first chapter of her life and its conclusion, so not only am I along for the ride for the next chapter, but I'm sure I'll love it just as much, if not more, than the first go-round.
Ihmx100 profile - diary
comments: Bttrflychic's older, more personal diary.
Jenistar profile - diary
comments: I randomly came across her diary and I have since enjoyed reading her musings.
Katybug profile - diary
comments: Found her through Elisabeta's diary, and I'm glad about that, too, as she has this knack for being witty and humorous in a way that I could never be but wished I could.
Kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: Incredibly funny woman who often writes about her life with her husband, "Thor," and her two sons, "Thing 1" and "Thing 2." She seems to be another popular Diarylander and I can see why.
LasVegasLiz profile - diary
comments: AustinLiz's new diary.
Laurie2002 profile - diary
comments: Another person I've found I could completely relate to more times than I can count. She's also quite funny, and a very supportive person. I'm glad I found her diary.
Less-Than3 profile - diary
comments: A new chapter of strength, wisdom, and just all-around rocktasticness! Merz has been there for me more times than I can count, has become one of my best friends, and appreciates and knows the stealth. ;)
Locked-Heart profile - diary
comments: Saying all of the thoughts we want to say, but keep locked away in the deepest, darkest corners of our hearts.
LookAtUs profile - diary
comments: Bttrflychic's new diary documenting the new chapter in her life with the love of her life.
MeUnsilenced profile - diary
comments: My completely private diary. It is locked, so if you'd like access to it, contact me.
Neon7c profile - diary
comments: She may not think so, but she's one of the strongest people I've ever come across. Her words could have been pulled straight from my head, heart, and soul - if not from the past, but from the present and future. Meredith rocks!
Nmnohr profile - diary
comments: Seems like a great person, wife, and mother. Whether it's about day-to-day life or deeper issues, what she writes about holds my attention. Oh, she has a great name, too. ;)
Partygirl profile - diary
comments: Words cannot express how much her writings about everything that revolves around New York before and after 9/11 have moved me and made me proud to be a fellow New Yorker.
PeterKeating profile - diary
comments: An old favorite with a new diary. He's a good guy, and I enjoy reading what he writes. Too bad he doesn't update as much as I wish he would.
PhotoRabbit profile - diary
comments: Galaxy's wonderfully creative photoblog.
Porktornado profile - diary
comments: First, I blame Jenn (Wonderchai) for getting me hooked on him. But, secondly, I thank her because this guy writes one of the funniest diaries I have come across in a very long time. Read him and be prepared to laugh your ass off!
Racer96 profile - diary
comments: I think he has a similar sense of humor and writing style as Andrew, which is fine by me because, while some of the things he writes about are somewhat random, he easily cracks me up.
Scott profile - diary
comments: One of the very first diaries I began to read when I discovered Diaryland. He's funny as hell with his "love letters to the Internet." Although, I wish he updated more often these days.
Seralynn profile - diary
comments: I think we come from two completely different worlds, but I can relate to a lot of what she says and goes through. Simply intriguing. (Password protected.)
ScrtGarden profile - diary
comments: Bttrflychic's joint diary with her cousin. (Password protected.)
Sinnamon profile - diary
comments: What she writes often cracks my shit up and amazes me, too. She's also a "half breed" like me, except her Asian half is Chinese and mine is Japanese (which, doesn't really matter, but I felt like noting it anyway. Okay, shut up.)
Spritopias profile - diary
comments: A huge Bush supporter and funny as hell. Who knew those two characteristics could co-exist in one person?
SwitchCraft profile - diary
comments: An incredible person who drew me in with his sense of humor & writing talent. Coming from a family of Marines, including my father, it doesn't hurt that he was one, too. He's bravely become my political mentor & source for random entertainment.
ThunderDave profile - diary
comments: An interesting, talented, and funny writer, and the other half of my girl, Less-Than3, too.
Unclebob profile - diary
comments: How can anyone in Diaryland NOT have him on their favorite Diaryland diaries list? It's like a federal crime if you don't. He's that good and that funny. Hell, he's Uncle Bob!
Wonderchai profile - diary
comments: Executes a level of honesty and candor in her writing not seen in many diaries. Miss Jenners is my honorary little sister, and we got each others' backs, yo. (Password protected.)
Zitronengel profile - diary
comments: The quintessence of all that is good not only in Diaryland, but, I think, in humanity.

My favorite music:

Shania Twain
comments: I normally don't like country music, but somehow, she is the ultimate exception. She reeled me in with her "Come On Over" album, and now, I'm obsessed with her "Up!" album. She can do no wrong.
Alison Krauss
comments: Not only do I normally not like country music, but I never fathomed I'd like bluegrass. She's become another rare exception as I LOVE her music. Like the person who introduced me to her, her music has found a permanent place in my heart & soul.
Clay Aiken
comments: He could sing the telephone book or the U.S. Constitution to me, and I'd still swoon over him. I love his voice, his song "The Way", and him! Someday, he'll be my husband. ;D
comments: I loved her Hip-Hop/Rap style from the 1st album, but her 2nd album blows me away. (I fell in love with & repeatedly played "Just Like a Pill" before DJ's even looked at it!) I hope she stays with the style from her 2nd album.
comments: Hot dance music and amazing ballads; they're what R&B/Hip-Hop SHOULD be.

My favorite movies:

comments: THE best Italian mobster movie ever made. (Screw all of you "The Godfather" saga lovers!)
A Bronx Tale
comments: Another favorite Italian ganster-related movie. And Lillo Brancato? *swoon*
Hope Floats
comments: Slightly cheesy love story/chick flick, but it's got Harry Connick, Jr., for God's sake! Enough said.
comments: Awesome, simply awesome. Love John Travolta and Nick Cage in this flick.
Rudy /// A Christmas Story
comments: "Rudy" is a great inspirational movie. It gets better each time I see it. Plus, Sean Astin makes my teeth sweat! *swoon* /// Oh, I just had to squeeze in my all-time favorite holiday movie, too!

My favorite authors:

Maya Angelou
comments: She has got to be the most beautiful, talented, and inspirational writer ever.
John Grisham
comments: Pretty interesting and slick mystery writer. I enjoy his mysteries more for the law-related aspects.
David Sedaris
comments: "Me Talk Pretty One Day" is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I need to read his other works.
Mary Higgins Clark
comments: Sorry, her cheesy mysteries are one of my weaknesses.

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