Trying not to take life so seriously.

"When you're on a really long voyage, you have to get beyond asking, "Are we there yet?" and instead start asking, "Are we making progress?""

I had to lock this up for a while because of some creepy internet stalker type of person. Leave me a note or email me if you want the password. Thanks!

My favorite diaries:

revmetalhead profile - diary
comments: "So I'm at the counter and I ask if they have any vehicles with XM or Sirius Satellite Radio. She looks at me kind of puzzled and says...'Sir, we're Budget'"
Marlen816 profile - diary
comments: "We have grown accustomed to those...calls as my parents' way of saying, 'Good Morning! We want to discuss your financial situation at the crack of dawn because we want to see how long it will take you to crack and have to kill one of us
janie12975 profile - diary
comments: "Too long have I worried that people will read it and be offended or think that I am fruitcake."
tara10573 profile - diary
comments: "...every news channel has at least one story about "The War on Terrorism" and show a picture of Saddam Hussein. Well as I was listening to the story Dylan yelled out, 'That's my Poppy on TV!'"
zencelt profile - diary
comments: "I had poptarts and milk for dinner. I feel totally decadent. And childlike. Why live on your own if you can't eat poptarts for dinner?"
becahh profile - diary
comments: "This morning I was looking at that box and noticed that it is made by 3M! Uhhh...aren't they known for making tape? I may even have some sandpaper made by 3M. Sandpaper, tape, glue, womens suppositories. Yeah."
Marn profile - diary
comments: "This year's look appears to be form-fitting and often semi-sheer, or as I think of it Hooker Chic. You have to be young and lithe to pull off this look. I am neither. There are no words for my bitterness."
blueeyesblue profile - diary
comments: "Brian: Everyone's giving me s--- because I'm not getting a cake for Cali's last day on Friday. M: Oh, don't worry about it. We'll get one on Monday."
cucalifornia profile - diary
comments: "I can smell that my husband is out of the shower, his cologne lingers down the hall, so that must mean dinner. That didn't come out right."
polly-esther profile - diary
comments: "Whoever decided on that fee schedule should be run over by a freaking city bus then eaten by stray cats."
pooh67 profile - diary
comments: "Miraclesuit. If you're so big that you need a "miracle", then maybe a swimsuit's not the answer. I'm just sayin'."
sixweasels profile - diary
comments: "Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "I love chili, but I'm afraid of raw meat, so come cook some for me?"
myexodus profile - diary
comments: "How do you tell them your main reason for going is to lick a glacier?"
captainron profile - diary
comments: "I know more girl stuff now than I really need to know and lots and lots about being a princess. (I hope to never put that knowledge to use.)"
bluecharis profile - diary
comments: "I just don�t see myself in a taffeta evening gown looking like a Valkyrie on the warpath�"
gypsy-poet profile - diary
comments: "In breaking news: I have managed, for the most part, to pull my head out of my a-- about some issues."
celidor profile - diary
comments: "My complete inability to remember one thing I taught today. The pang of sadness as he walks out of the door. Oh yes, I've got it bad."
batten profile - diary
comments: "...I can dance around my apartment (looking like a 80's nightmare)...and then I get to sprawl out over the whole bed. Because I don't have to share. Okay. The parts of of the bed that aren't occupied by furry bastards..."
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: "Thats just wonderful. Lets celebrate the birth of our sinless Savior by stealing a bush from someone's private property."
steve112073 profile - diary
comments: "Maybe just a little mullet to help keep me warm during the winter wouldn't be such a bad idea. Yeah, I think Janie would understand. Just to keep warm, ya know..."
wifemotherme profile - diary
comments: "I am still a bit upset with J for not killing manchild. Gawd its not like I ask a lot from him and I am a good wife! He should grant me my occasional request, its not like I ask him to mow the yard."
mswrite profile - diary
comments: "...shouldn't breaking a bone be an event, not an afterthought? Who knew?"
runningmama profile - diary
comments: my running/training blog
fivehundred profile - diary
comments: the posse; I'm going for 500 this year
brile profile - diary
flutterbees profile - diary
mybrokenroad profile - diary
mynormal profile - diary
sunnflower profile - diary
adelnye profile - diary
sonshinegirl profile - diary
h2ophobic profile - diary
dirtguy150 profile - diary
evababy777 profile - diary
vikefan profile - diary
letter2kari profile - diary
momto3loves profile - diary
cleanstart profile - diary
opalanne profile - diary
babygerl26 profile - diary
roadiepig profile - diary
theoutpost profile - diary
igotsprung profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Great praise music
Nichole Nordeman
comments: Real, thoughtful, worshipful
Jami Smith
comments: An amazing worship leader

My favorite movies:

Steel Magnolias
comments: That which does not kill us makes us stronger
Les Miserables
comments: Haunting, beautifully done
Miracle on 34th Street
comments: Yes, there really is a Santa Claus
The Wedding Planner
comments: I so relate to Lopez's character
The Wedding Singer
comments: "YOU SUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!"

My favorite authors:

Jan Karon
comments: Author of the great Mitford series
Max Lucado
comments: Brings Scripture to life; application to every day things
Francine Rivers
comments: New discovery; moving stories
Liz Curtis Higgs
comments: Love her Scottish Trilogy

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