--Falling Endlessly--

I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore..

My favorite diaries:

purplebanana profile - diary
comments: I sometimes wish I could be more like her..
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Wonderful & so entertaining.
gettingnaked profile - diary
comments: She'll always be a favorite of mine.. Now http://www.gettingnaked.net/
eggwhite profile - diary
comments: Purplebanana & her adventures via AIM
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: Strange but really cool, in a weird sort of way.. ;)
leebozeebo profile - diary
comments: http://www.leebozeebo.com - Go. Read. NOW.
discothekid profile - diary
comments: Doug = the absolute coolest. So amusing & definitely one of my favourite diarylanders. He retired the diary a little while back though & now just blogs on Myspace. I <3 him immensely. :)
lucy007 profile - diary
comments: Lucy, my Australian penpal/friend..
blackpanty profile - diary
comments: Outspoken and original.. It doesn't get much better than that.
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: Real. And she's quite funny.. :)
purplecigar profile - diary
comments: Check out the entry about her strawberry shortcake panties..
dinky-creek profile - diary
comments: She's uncoordinated like me! She's so much cooler than I am though.
hooterville profile - diary
comments: Absolutely fucking hilarious.. Pretty much every entry makes me die laughing.
chezmiscarriage profile - diary
comments: http://chezmiscarriage.blogs.com/chezmiscarriage/
switchcraft profile - diary
comments: The wonderful, always-a-pleasure-to-read Paul. Now located at http://paul.riffraffinteractive.com
maliger profile - diary
comments: "It's reaching out to others, wherever you are, that makes us see ourselves all over again."
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: Something about him just appeals to me & sucks me in.. I'm not sure if that last bit is good or bad.. :)
sarrowzend profile - diary
comments: I wish I'd stumbled across him when he was still around and updating..
askalison profile - diary
comments: The aforementioned purplebanana & her wonderful advice.
thenakedovary profile - diary
comments: http://thenakedovary.typepad.com/the_naked_ovary/
juddhole profile - diary
comments: Now bloggin' it up at http://www.juddhole.com
regz profile - diary
comments: I haven't read much from this diary yet but it seems pretty nifty. Now at http://www.livejournal.com/users/shuzbut
heidiann profile - diary
comments: Awesomely kick-ass.. Now over at http://thesugarmonster.livejournal.com/. <333
notme2000 profile - diary
comments: Granted I haven't read much of him yet, but some of the things that he says really just blows me away..
understood profile - diary
comments: Funny, funny boy.. Reminds me of Jim in a way.. A lot.. Too much at times.. Now located at http://percipiency.livejournal.com/
n0thing profile - diary
comments: I miss her more & more each passing day..
kommkayriel profile - diary
comments: A new interest who's newly interested in me.
iamafatgirl profile - diary
comments: The wonderful, the original.. Tia.

My favorite music:

comments: This band never gets old. I absolutely adore Maynard Keenan.
Shadows Fall
comments: I've met them! Twice! And they're so goddamned cool. I even got autographs (both times) & a picture with Brian Fair, the vocalist. Yay! \m/
Alkaline Trio
comments: I'm severely, painfully addicted to them.. Eh, well, maybe not painfully.. And just so you know, they rock in concert..
Pink Floyd
comments: These guys fit any of my moods.. I could listen to them for the rest of eternity & never tire of 'em..
comments: Words can't even begin to describe her or what I think of her. I would like to marry her though.

My favorite movies:

comments: Tim Burton = Godly.. Other greats directed by him include Big Fish, The Nightmare Before Christmas, & Edward Scissorhands..
Girl, Interrupted
comments: I can quote entire dialogues from this movie & I'm still not tired of it. Other serious-ish favs: Gia, Dead Poet's Society, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, & The Virgin Suicides
Drop Dead Fred
comments: A classic childhood favorite.. As far as child-type movies go, I'm also a fan of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Beauty & The Beast, Alice In Wonderland, and Monster's Inc.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: I'm fairly certain almost everyone loves this movie.. The people that don't either a) are total losers or b) probably haven't seen it.. Other awesomely great musicals = Chicago, Moulin Rouge, & Grease
The Breakfast Club
comments: 80s movies are the best.. Other great examples = Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Heathers, Some Kind Of Wonderful, The Goonies, & Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Need I say more?

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: He's my absolute favorite author.. I love all his books.
Poppy Z. Brite
comments: 'Lost Souls' is one of my favorites.. I've read it sooo many times, more than any other book I've ever read..
Anne Rice
comments: I love anything about vampires.. So it's obvious why Anne Rice appeals to me..
Edgar Allan Poe
comments: Such morbid and gloomy writings.. I can never get enough Poe.
Sabrina Ward Harrison
comments: 'Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself'.. It's an immensely fabulous book & probably one of the best gifts I've ever received..

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