You Have Called Me Chosen

This is my attempt to get things straightened out in my head. I was abused for 5 years and God has done amazing things to turn me around. Now I just have to figure out how everything works out from here.

My favorite diaries:

beagle47 profile - diary
comments: Some of the things that show up on this site are earth-shattering, or soul-shattering in terms of preconceived notions. I love this writer.
dizzyfirefly profile - diary
comments: Li writes some of the most profound things...
erlenweg6 profile - diary
comments: One enormously courageous woman who has been through so much and still keeps her faith.
gerg69 profile - diary
comments: Thoroughly disreputable but highly entertaining.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Pithy statements, a wonderful sense of humor, and fine writing. What's not to love?
justamephit profile - diary
comments: How, oh how did I miss adding this lovely lady from the other place??? I simply can't get along without her!
marn profile - diary
comments: Don't drink (or eat) anything while you read her posts. It'll come straight out your nose. Trust me.
phyntosia profile - diary
comments: Ruth is... indescribable. She makes me think, and that is something I treasure.
smoog profile - diary
comments: How could you possibly dislike Smoog???
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: There are a great many things I disagree with Christine about--but her fundamental integrity in being kind to others makes it thought-provoking rather than offensive.
swcprincess profile - diary
comments: Almost always good for a giggle
thecritic profile - diary
comments: Irreverent and terribly funny.
myownjourney profile - diary
comments: Gotta love the template. It's nice to read someone who's really doing some self-introspection.
solemne profile - diary
comments: She's back!! She's back!!
the-book-bag profile - diary
comments: Oh! I just read this post: and fell in love. What an amazing writer!!!
spritopias profile - diary
comments: Wow! Prolific and fascinating. Not to mention well-written!
loner-blues profile - diary
comments: She moved over here. Eventually I'll take the old site off after I get to read everything there, but for now...
marylube profile - diary
comments: Auntie!! Yay! :) Welcome to the blogosphere!

My favorite music:

Jars of Clay
comments: Who'd have thought I'd list a Christian rock band as my favorite?
comments: They've been around longer than I have, but, man, I love these guys!
comments: Until I saw them in concert, I kind of liked their songs but didn't think much of them. Seeing them onstage completely changed the dynamics. They're awesome!

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: How could Hitchhiker's Guide NOT be a favorite???
David Weber
comments: I never would have guessed I'd be so enthralled by the Honor Harrington series!
Anne McCaffrey
comments: No one who enjoys fantasy could help but love this lady! Such imagination!

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