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Drunken Photography (thanks hon!) by laylagoddess comment:   well written, funny, and true. Why <i>do</i> men do that? Dear My Schwedisch Nephews by liquidhuman comment:   Who doesn't love a laugh at the expense of the Swedes? I hate English Finals by ratherbored comment:   Just damn funny. A little negative but damn funny! What do you suppose THIS does? by idiot-milk comment:   This is the funniest things I've have heard in a while. 04045 by wiley381 comment:   He's unafraid to offend people with his beliefs. I Have a Boyfriend! by loriebug comment:   It's hilarious and true. Call the number and see for youself. I'm gonna have to get an american bank account. There's a spider on my peter, beat it off! by porktornado comment:   If this doesn't make you laugh (or at least smile), nothing will. I Suck At Packing by loriebug comment:   Communism also worked in theory. This entry is funny and so much like me. Bloviating and Dancing (but not at the same time. That'd look silly) by porktornado comment:   Any of his entries are great, but this one is smart (list of thing people should know) AND funny (DDR and the white man's overbite). That's a tough combo to beat. Only when the shadow of impending doom is upon me do I fear my Apathy by jaquan comment:   Talking to yourself is normal. Having a conversation with your self. is a little weird. Writing a scene about a party in your head is just wrong. Funny. But Wrong. I'm Seventeen by asdotcom comment:   You're only as old as you feel. Silly Rabbit, Trix Are For Kids! by asdotcom comment:   Crazy similar to my own cereal superhero rant. Mario and Luigi and Their Bong by asdotcom comment:   Mario + Drugs = Good Entry Resistance is Futile by ratherbored comment:   Resistance is Futile. The Funk Which Must Not Be Named by luvabeans comment:   Who knew there was so much to be said about crotch smell? CLOSED for Repairs by asdotcom comment:   I really should just link his entire journal here. Used to Be by asdotcom comment:   So elequent. *sigh* I miss the good ol' days. Spam spam spam by ghostiness comment:   This is the funniest critique of spam I've ever seen. apropos of nothing. by waterstain comment:   alterior motives. daydream believer. by waterstain comment:   The way this is written is so simple yet so entertaining. I am amused. Good Bye Friend by imaginated comment:   I still miss him, a lot. ranting... by happychunk comment:   Someone who expresses her opinions beautifully and happens to share my own. another epic tale of tuesday by redniko comment:   Its just funnier when it's not you. The real me. by huggy comment:   I am only me. life is not a romantic comedy. by ihearthockey comment:   Why can't we all have happy endings? Thoughts From Beyond the Electronic Abyss by asdotcom comment:   Most of his entries make me laugh, this one makes me cry. Really, I Don't... by beagle47 comment:   He found a way to write what I think. - - - by frozen-vodka comment:   I love this entry. Fallen Angel - A Story of Domestic Abuse by leslieirene comment:   Heartbreaking and hopeful all at once. The Gift by connotations comment:   Heartfelt and honest. This Is A Diary. It Is Blue. by unclebob comment:   I could put just about any of unclebob's entries here, but this is one of the first that got me hooked. beauty by andrew comment:   This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the internet.... ever! From Dufusville to Scamland and Back by anenigma comment:   How to beat them at their own game. hot dog poo by andrew comment:   Everybody loves to google!
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