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from fuzzy-grey :
and did you know your comments aren't working either?
from annanotbob :
(Wow. Just read that note below.) I'm sending you a hug and best wishes. (Feeling shit isn't a competition - there's no league tables.) Hope you feel better x
from outer-jessie :
Doh...I only just realized that the last entry in your guestbook is from 8 months ago, and that you probably hardly check it. Gah, second dumb you-related thing I did today!
from outer-jessie :
I knew I knew you! How the heck are you?!
from life-my-way :
Stumbled upon your diary and read many entries yesterday and wanted to let you know that the multi-entry-reading lurker is only me--a librarian and online instructor (the latter at the University of Alabama). Congrats on the publication, my sympathies in the loss of your partner and my admiration for your honest and interesting style of writing. Katherine
from dr-mommy :
Congratulations on your publication! No revisions?! Wow! That's amazing!
from daizylee :
Time passes so quickly in diary years, doesn't it? I feel that way about a lot of diaries I picked up about 3 years ago, including yours. And every now and then you realize how long it's been and just have to sit back and think, "Wow." But it's a nice thing.
from theshivers :
i don't know why but it was the fact that you made a vet appointment, too, that touched me the most.
from parkerred :
Great job on the interview and thank God you got a second! Good Luck, Astralounge!
from dr-mommy :
i think we may have similar feelings about religion; i find that very interesting...
from supercilious :
Merry christmas kiddo!
from dr-mommy :
Congrats on your article! That's wonderful! Do you have an electronic copy of it? IF so, I would love to read it.
from parkerred :
Hi there, Atralounge. This is going to sound really strange I'm guessing. I don't know you at all, but I stumbled across your diary some time ago. The reason I read it is because I feel sometimes that we are experiencing the same hardships. I feel connected to the things you write. I know what it's like to feel alone and I know how frightening it is when you don't know where to turn. I just wanted to let you know that someone is thinking about you and praying for you and wishing you would smile, where ever you are. I hope it's okay that I read your words and am sending you this note. Somedays I can't get out of bed either.
from supercilious :
Blaise, mah dear. I've lost your phone number and email, completely. Please to be sending them to me! <3 Talk to you soon, -G
from daizylee :
From your entries, it's obvious how much you care about your students so I have no doubt that you go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to them. What I'm happiest about is that your students recognize that. And congrats on the publication. You're turning into quite the academic, eh?
from fuzzy-grey :
We refer to him as Fed-Ex now... :)
from daizylee :
I know how you feel. My sister constantly asks my parents for help, but to me it's like a mortal sin. I still constantly feel guilty that my parents paid for my new transmission last year. Still. But there comes a time when you have to do what you have to do. Just know you're doing your best. Things will be okay and you'll catch your breath. :)
from chasingastar :
Oh Blaise! I just came by to check up on you and read all the way back to May. I can't believe Jay died, and I'm so sorry. I cried as I read through your entries about it. They remind me so much of how I felt when my father died. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected. And again, I am so, so sorry.
from megan19819 :
Hi- I have been reading your journal for quite some time, started simply by clicking on your name but was drawn in by your loss of Jay. It is similar to my loss of Mitch, my very best friend and partner in the world who also died of an overdose. I can understand your struggle. What promotes me to write today is you entry regarding the letters from your parents. I first found them charming but then when I got to the part about your birthday I realize you must have lived rather close to the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois as Happy Joes is a rather local restraunt (even more local at the time I suspect you were having your party there). Interesting how two people from the world had similar experiances and started in similar places. Hope you take each day and find ways to smile and remember Jay. I try to do it for Mitch. Take Care and feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want to chat more.
from sinslaidbare :
I love your profile loves. :) ~Zoe
from zeroreverb7 :
sending you lots of love and many late night hugs..just because. i wish much peace for you..
from katress :
new address is [email protected]
from katress :
No way - I think that if she chooses to build a PP on her property that's <b>great!</b> Totally all for that. Thank goodness for reservation law for things like this!
from daizylee :
Yes, it is the same Kathryn Harrison. I knew she had a couple memoirs. Interesting.
from daizylee :
That's pretty funny. I bet it'll make for a lot more of an entertaining read when you know he's making it all up, huh?
from daizylee :
Yeah, I was pretty hard on Prep. But I also did a lot of reading about it and it felt to me like the author was using the novel to re-live her own experience except this time make sure she got the cool boy. As for Tom Wolfe, he really surprised me. Charlotte Simmons is one of those books that is strikingly wrong in many places but is also quite right. And it's only really shocking to people who haven't been near a college campus in the last ten years. As for A Man in Full, I liked that one, too, and it's interesting even though it's about corporate greed. Oh, and thanks for the link. I'm really pumped about it.
from katress :
Hmmm. Maybe society is "loosening up" and going the opposite way from such strict politically correctness? There had to be backlash somewhere, don't you think?
from daizylee :
Took your advice and tried Dante's since we had no idea where to go. We had a great time, food was really good. Thanks for the tip!
from daizylee :
My condolences to J. And yeah, I know how much that sucks, not just for him but for you. Anyway, if you do get to the ATL this weekend we should hang out. Jack's leaving town on Saturday so I'll be on my own until I fly out on Sunday evening.
from antinormalcy :
geekery, I love it. it's too bad you didn't see star wars III, but yes you will live. I can't wait till they come out with a set that has all 6 TOGETHER in one big boxed set. of couse it'll be about $150 if not more, but hey, it's star wars.
from katress :
What's funny is I actually know what you're talking about. :) Guess it hasn't been quite THAT many years since college...? xoxo
from daizylee :
So the only opening I can guarantee (as I am traveling on Jack's dime and thus Jack's schedule) is the time around Jack's interview in Atlanta on Tuesday the 5th. If something works for you at that time, great. If not, well, that'll be strike two. Let me know.
from hissandtell :
Hi - I dropped by to thank you for reading me, but I see you've moved on! Ah, well. Sorry it's taken so long for me to leave you a note (yes, it's very rude, I know...) - I'll look forward to reading your diary when I get home, as your profile and user-name sound completely fascinating and right up my alley. Love, R xxx
from daizylee :
You should try Oryx and Crake. I re-read The Blind Assassin a few months ago and loved it so much I thought I'd give her another shot. Sad you won't be in Houston too long. Don't judge it too harshly. Parts of it are very Concrete Jungle. Which is why I live in podunkville up North. But don't come here just for me, I'll probably be out to Georgia some time this summer to see the ex's play. We'll do lunch then.
from daizylee :
Hmm. Left you a comment but it seems the comment stuff still isn't working. Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that if you ever have any questions, you've got an ex-Mormon right here. I was quite the religious scholar in my day. Hope the ongoing job hunt goes well.
from supercilious :
Hey sweetie :). I miss you! In your credit, I still talk about you hehe. My friend Blaise in GA... etc. We definitelyneed to chat soon.
from indigo-love :
merry christmas! :)
from candoor :
sharing honesty is beautiful and the best learning experience of all :)
from supercilious :
Aye, and right now, anything beutiful is refreshing. Good to hear from you kiddo, it's been too long *hugs*.
from marebear78 :
I just joined the grad school diaryring, and I just wanted to tell you that I completely identify with your 11/3 entry. I think I am still in denial about what the next four years are going to look like. And I can't think about the voting machines in Ohio and just who provided them, or I will lose my mind with depression. I empathize with the folks fleeing to Canada, NZ and Australia, but I think it's so important to stay here and continue to fight the good fight.
from antihoyhoys :
You have a chicken too? I have one named Rodney and he only has one leg because when my dad was moving the cage that they live in he got sucked under the vortex of the cage and got it amputated off, then we had to get him out of the cage because the other chickens were sitting on him and pecking him because he was a one legged cripple. I like your diary a lot and I'm going to add you because well I like your diary. I ALREADY SAID THAT DIDN'T I?? -SEw
from paperfriend :
hi. this is and advertisement for my friend luke. he has a website called full of funny and serioius drawings, that, if you like explodingdog you might enjoy these more.
from elisabeta75 :
well, you keep leaving me notes, so i'll leave you one. the entry that stands out in my mind as particularly hilarious was the one about fast food theme songs. you knew every single mcdonald's theme song from the beginning of time. and just so you know, you are not the only one who thinks of, "and i will eat the fries myself, and not give any to my dumb brother, hands off they're mine all mine" every time they hear fur elise. i did not, however, remember the whole song. that is just messed up. :)
from indigo-love :
i'll check out that link when i get home from tour. ;)
from supercilious :
Also, my personal opinion is - Yes, undisclosed Rub and a Tug is cheating. Co-worker is emphatic that it isn't. He keeps from his wife to avoid 'complications', but it's a simple stress releif technique. I say if it's so simple, then his wife wouldn't have a problem with it. Right? But then, I don't even get why he'd spend money for a hand job. A blow job? Sure, I can see that... But a hand job? That's just weird.
from supercilious :
Well, in that same breath, then, if a guy flirts excessively with girls, without actually ever doing anything, but also doesn't tell, is that cheating? What about manual release to pornography? Phone sex? Is it basically anything that would upset the partner as being 'bad'?
from supercilious :
So, is it cheating to go and get a 'Rub and a Tug'? This is the current debate in my life. What do you think? P.s. Miss you =\
from six30 :
I'm a big fan of black beans and rice too. It smells great and tastes really satisfying. Easy to make too!
from minderella :
that is TERRIBLE. i CAN'T BELIEVE that bus story! you know, i wouldn't be surprised at all that there was a conspiracy to keep people from going. i'm so sorry you had to miss it. but you know, it's neat to know there were so many people so committed to going that they would put up with all that bullshit. and at least you'll be voting this fall.
from moodymama :
screw what everyone thinks or says! wear that title proudly and with your head held high! you worked your ass off for it. :o)
from moodymama :
wow, congratulations on earning your doctorate's! :o)
from ubergrrl :
Astralounge, I'm so sorry you had to endure the BHT (black hairy tongue)!! I just found your diary today, and so far I love it. You are a goddess. An enlightened one, who doesn't seem to dwell on dramatic bullshit. I love it. And I've been checking out ex-machina too, he is hilarious and you two are so lucky to have each other. P.S. It's ok if chicks drive Saturns, we don't need to have balls. It's the boys who drive them, who are all emasculated for some reason. I just have a piss-poor track record with men who drive Saturns. I'm starting to think there's a connection, perhaps this will be a side-research project for me. Keep on trucking, superfabulous girl.
from her-story :
Just found your site (joined the dl too) and I can totally relate. However, I'm a newbie to grad school (9 credits done in May...woohoo).
from jumpythumper :
damn. I finally found a diary I can relate to and you're taking a hiatus! That's ok, hiatus' are necessary--I'm in grad school too. If you check in I'd love to have you visit my diary. Hang in there with the thesis.
from bixshortie :
'Hi. My name is Blaise. I didn't get enough attention as a child, and now I am an attention whore.' - wow, that's me too! although, my name is Charlotte... hi. x
from ex-machina :
Go, Astralounge, Go!
from mmeanaya :
like yer template..did u do it yourself?
from jenne1017 :
yay for conquering fears!
from jenne1017 :
wow...that IS creepy!
from kittyspy :
yay, thanks for renewing! I had forgotten that most of my diary graphics were still included in your membership. :) oh, I'm so sorry about your kittycat! I would be heartbroken. :( :( xoxoxxo
from jenne1017 :
I am soooo sorry about kitty....
from sourkandi :
from jenne1017 :
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! A bit late, I know, but just getting abck from CA. 28, wow, you are so old!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA :o)
from temek :
What? Did I read that it's your birthday? Or am developing some sort of extreme, late-onset dyslexia? Anyway, if it's true: Happy Birthday! If it *isn't* true, then: Happy Birthday!
from kill-myself :
ummm so like i went to your ring and ummm... i'm a native californian... just thought that you'd like to know since you asked....
from methree :
You mighe just end up in my favorite diary section. No one is there yet...
from methree :
You rule! I thoughyt I made up the astral lounge! Imagine a lounge in the astral plane! I go there so much... I wonder if you go out-of-body, too... I love your poot diary entry! (the nice passive idea: It's passive letting someone beat you up for 45 minutes.) You ju7st... rule! I hope there would be an astral diaryring about OBEs! (out-of-body experiences Note me later if you want to.)
from supercilious :
Wow, how do women do that? Specifically, how do you do that? It's uncanny! You have a calander or something you check every week? :P Thanks sweetie.
from keeds :
from jenne1017 :
ok. I will do that. I have no clue when or why I unlisted you so I got a lot of reading to do!!!
from jenne1017 :
I want one. But I am scared. THat's a sensitive area tho. Oh lordy...
from jenne1017 :
Did the tattoo hurt?
from chasingastar :
hey Blaise, I knew Shane and I would be together for a long time (we're hoping life, but you can never *really* be sure of these things) after three/four months too. I totally understand, and sympathise with those who will tell you "there's no way you can know that!"
from fatal-error :
We're going through the same househunting thing right now. Something you might consider if it's affordable (don't know how the property values are up there) is buying both halves of a duplex and renting the other half out. Apparently it can pay for itself...
from chasingastar :
wow, Blaise. you really love him =)
from chasingastar :
no sympathies from me for the dying ex-witch...we all have to die some time.
from fuzzy-grey :
See, there are some of us that learned a long time ago...... robe for going wrap. Two completely different pieces of clothing.
from chasingastar :
blaise, where are you?
from chasingastar :
from fuzzy-grey :
HI... I think Jay's site looks good. PLUS, I got to learn about his nip and tuck. :)
from ilonina :
Hi babe, I just wanted to thank you for running the grad student diaryring - I have made some fantastic friends through it. Maybe 'cos we're all stressed out and alone over our computers all day? Or maybe 'cos we're all such groovy, fascinating people? Whatever, the ring is the internet at its best!
from natashique :
ooh, girl! you look fly with the new peircing!
from tater-fay :
I found you randomly and I like your diary! I esp. loved the "mullet man at the hairdressers" entry!
from lorigrrl :
What a beautiful layout and you know I really think the Counting Crows are under appreciated geniuses heheh. I just thought I'd leave you a note to say you're a special chick. often girls are brutal and mean to each other so i thought i'd make it my job to compliment people whenever i see something that makes me happy or has an impact on me. we all make a difference and i want to make a positive difference. ummm.... yeah. beautiful!! have a wonderful day =)
from supercilious :
AAHHHH He looks like Richard =\.
from supercilious :
I would see her interest in my friends as a deliberate desire to inflict pain. I can't fault my friends for being attracted to the same things in her that I found attractive. "Who wouldn't desire her" sorta thing. Not that my friends would do that because they wouldn't, they know how I feel. It's part of that mutual bookmark thing I was talking about and why it makes so much sense as to why I would think like this. There has to be some percieved, on my end (real or otherwise) social contract. The funny thing (or sad?) is that it could be completely in my head and the furthest thing from the truth. But then again, perception dictacts reality so I have no choice but to follow how I perceive the issue. Make sense?
from theghostgirl :
thought I would be polite and say hello since I've spent the past 15 minutes reading your diary! :-)
from chasingastar :
oh Blaise, I'm SO glad you're so happy!! and M sounds like an ass...I mean, what the fuck?! honestly.
from dana-elayne :
Oh my gosh, what an absolute looney. That's a little scary that he's that rude and abusive. You SO made the right decision with Jay :)
from dana-elayne :
Hey, that diary is She's one of my favorites :)
from bicyclelove :
hello, I am in the postmodern ring and I noticed that there is something wrong with the code. I had to take it off my rings page because it seemed make all the links following it go to my page works now but I thought you might want to change the code. by the way, I like your diary design.
from dana-elayne :
Oh, I also sighed and mooned like a 14 year old. Legolas is just so divine looking.
from jmoney :
I want to join the Californian Diaryring. I live in Hollywood but representing the 530 here
from liesinc :
Hello, this is your friendly Neophiles diaryring leader! In the spirit of Operation Mindfuck, I thought you might enjoy the following links: All Hail Discordia, Saint Bill Drummond and the Holy Jello Biafra!(not to mention a few others)
from retired-ego :
more about ani *nod*
from fuzzy-grey :
Personal funny story about "Gary" (who you refuse to call Garald.) I was reading Blue Toast's notes and you mentioned "Gary", and I was sitting there going, "Who the crap is Gary? How does Blue Toast know a Gary and I not know a Gary?" (because BT and I are roommates.) Finally, many days later, as I was reading supersilly's diary did I realize who Gary was. Yep... not much a thinker, me.
from alternamommy :
Holy moly. That was very astute for a 14 year old. I'm twice that and still struggling. Good for you!
from chasingastar :
hey babe, where did you goooo?
from anniedare :
Oy, I feel your pain. Since I don't TA women's studies anymore I am definitely NOT queer to my freshman-comp students but I still go through the same theoretical debate inside my head every year. There is a fine line between being there for the closeted freshmen and shooting yourself in the foot.
from pinkrazor :
i haven't ever my lfie had a teacher that discussed much of anything to their class without the "ominioptent" voice. i haven't yet taken classes that really ask for an opinion (sophomore and all). because of the small-town-keep-the-skeletons-in-the-closet ideal i might think it were odd or, really, bold.
from katress :
Your guestbook is giving me "page cannot be displayed." Anyhow, yes, I understand. I get restless sometimes too, it usually happens when Hubby's not around.
from bonewoman :
I just got a shirt from the Vortex with an applicable saying on it: Stupidity should be painful. Thought you'd like that.
from bonewoman :
Um.. how do you know what google searches led people to your page? I'm fascinated.
from elondra :
Ah, so I saw your link to that page. Seems particularly sexist...well it is. Did you know that 30 years ago some psychologists actually theorized that education was bad for women because thinking draws blood to the brain and consequently away from the uterus...making women infertile!!! Anyway, enjoyed your rant...
from dana-elayne :
I had to laugh. It happens here all the time. I've been to Pizza Hut when they were out of sauce or dough (both happened). I've been to KFC when they were out of chicken for chicken sandwichs. Yesterday, I went to Dairy Queen and they were out of ice cream. I kid you not. It's amazing what they get away with in this small town because we have no where else to go! (Okay--I'll give DQ the fact that someone turned off the freezer but you'd think that'd be the last thing the manager checked at night)
from dana-elayne :
Oh a biodome would be delicious. Don't believe the people who say "you'll get used to it!" They lie. I've lived here 31 years and when I open the back door, I still just about faint from the opressive heat. *ugh*
from catwhisperz :
your diary is really pretty.
from dharmaqueen :
can i just say that i love the quote you picked out of my diary for the little spot in your favorites list. :)
from kittyhead :
I've updated!
from jenne1017 :
was I ever there???
from firecat999 :
I'm missing too! ;) I even remember the description: Hypothesis: People will not want to be beaten to death by sticks.
from kittyspy :
i seem to be missing!! :( xxoxxo

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