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from justvisiting :
Yup...Diaryland still misses you!
from black--daisy :
whoa! you have a cool template!
from dulce68 :
from a cube in downtown DC...i've been lurking for a while and wanted to give you a shout out. great diary!
from nimiiwin :
Well, Cube, if you get a snowblower, don't put it in the *barn* where you have to trudge through two or more feet of snow to get it. Oh, wait. You have the good sense to live in a *city* so you won't make that mistake. :)
from delighted :
The whole "if gay people get married anywhere at anytime, the world is going to cease spinning on its axis and the sun will turn into a magnifying glass and burn up the whole of south east asia causing rapid climate changes and a desperate economic slump and everyone's hard earned, fragile morals will go out the window (perhaps even the double doors)and children everywhere will think right is wrong and left is right and cows will start eating sheep." theory is mind boggling. Why won't the whole world stop worrying and let people love.
from rainbow-revu :
Hey there, we have a review with your name on it....come request today!
from umygoddess2b :
hey i dont no if u'll do this for me but i cant talk to pixie cos her diary is locked so if your talking to her will u please ask her to add umygoddess2b to her diary
from khm87 :
This is interesting. What do you want with the church and what does the church want with you? More importantly, what do you expect from the church and what can the church expect from you?
from pilarbuena :
just wondering if you're having any annulment v. divorce feelings.... or if it doesn't really matter by this point.
from gaycannibal :
Update Dyke!!! :)
from worldgurl :
loved today's entry. Made me want to eat tomatoes and basil and mozzarella. Very descript. I love it.
from thatmarygirl :
i pre-ordered your book!
from sunnflower :
Read your entry where you talked about some of the situations you had been in -like the hot water bottle and laundromat incidents - where you didn't get the care and help you needed and deserved. I am sorry about that. So many times we don't know how much difference we can make in each other's lives with the smallest acts. You entry was a good reminder of that.
from surrenderme :
Just saying a random Hello- So umm ... Hello lol. *waves*
from nimiiwin :
Hi, CubicleGirl. I can't remember how I found you but I've read you faithfully since and I'm looking forward to reading your book when it's out.
from abortedfetus :
I look forward to reading your book when it becomes available. When exactly will I be able to purchase it?
from indie-snob :
hello there! i just added a review for the most recent New Pornographers album, which features Neko Case as a band member and thought you may be interested. I have lots of other concert and album reviews there too. check it out! thanks!
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from smile4onlyu :
awesome diary! oh and buffy and angel are fav. so sad buffy is done.:(
from drumrgrrrl :
Art S. is waaay cool! I had no idea he was doing something post 9/11 until I read it here in your diary, can't wait to see it now.
from dreamcallie :
Yay! Tell me where I can find your book when it debuts! :)
from wvbeetlebug :
e! Congrats on the book!
from lilephyte :
Congratulations on your book!!! However you managed to find a publisher, good for you! Highly pudding-worthy.
from drumrgrrrl :
DITTO!!! I moved from Oklahoma, back to my home state of California. It NEVER EVER snows in Sacramento. I guess I ended up missing things about Oklahoma after all.... who could've guessed hehe
from wvbeetlebug :
I miss big snows like that.
from penmagic :
Totally agree with you on the no war thing. I wished I could have made it up to the rally in britian. It deeply disturbs me the way Bush and Blaire are raring to go like it's fun or something.
from sidherian :
Totally support you,although my back still aches from hours spent standing in the heat at the Sydney rally. Seems here in Aus we can protest, but our Prime Minister feels free to dismiss half a million people as "a noisy mob"
from joejacket :
This is the best description of why donuts rock that I have ever read. Actually, it is the only description of why donuts rock, but that fact weakens my point. So, let's pretend that I have read a hundred and twenty-six descriptions...cuz yours would still be the best.
from genius182 :
I love your pie banner! I love pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from michaelp711 :
I read your entry about the upcoming war with Iraq, and I agree with you. I too am not a pacifist, nor am I pro-war. No one wants to see a group of people killed because they have an insane dictator running their country. We never look at the human side of the matter, so seeing the big picture is often hard. Do I support our Military, Yes...because its my friends who are out there fighting. We had no problem blowing up Afganistan because they flew two planes into the Trade Center. Why give Saddam a chance to do the same? Are we fence sitters? probably...will I carry the stick that is thrust through Saddams head...indeed. I think you are wise and I like your journal.
from dreamcallie :
I know exactly how you feel about Nashville. I live in Murfreesboro and find myself in Nashville quite often. I can certainly sympathize. Ah, Nashville.
from snoogy :
Hey. I was 1st clarinet too...I can't play 4 snot now! LOL Good luck with the book - not that you need it!! ; ]
from cdenise : Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...
from z0tl :
from taliana1 :
I wish it were fall here. It was 100 degrees by 10am this morning. I'm *so* ready for cooler weather, but probably won't get a hint of it until late October. Even the low is 85-90 degrees. Enjoy your fall! :)
from honeyno :
Hey, I just wanted to say, I went back and read your diary from the very beginig. It took me more than two weeks to read it all, but I am truely inspired by your story. I can't wait till your book is published.
from zerom3ph :
have to say, your style of words is darned tootin' funky.
from ryarianne :
just wanted to thank you for including that poem in your entry... it was somehow, and quite unexpectedly, exactly what i needed to read today.
from melwadel :
happy birthday, oh girl of the cube! i've really enjoyed reading the diary, and watching you find your way.
from formike :
uck.. the heat is killing you slowly too? i feel ya.. man its been like 98 every single day, and the ac is broke.. yuck.. i love ur diary tho.. keep it cool.. haha bye..
from cubiclegirl :
trykegrrrl! someone has to come and rescue me from this editing hell.
from trykegrrrl :
cubiclegirl, place $100 in small bills in a brown paper bag and meet me tonight at the dykestopcoffeeshop or i tell the editor. shewhowritesdirtylittlepoems
from juiceandjune :
you didn't happen to hear "cubicle love song" on ers this morning, did you? =)
from humanidiot :
cubey:::maybe the marrying person girl doesn't like you or feels you do not like her. All that mess is dumb anyway, what really annoys you, I think, is the public exclusion. If everyone at work was invited to burn to death at a lava pit via a group email, except for you, it would still tend to annoy, no? Maybe she is totally unaware of you. Maybe she forgot you. Maybe someone else crafted the email who doesn't like/know you. Basically, don't cry, I still love you.
from juiceandjune :
kris delmhorst is playing at new words on august 1st. if you haven't heard her live (and even if you have), RUN, don't walk. . .for reservations. just sayin'.
from jt7dreamz :
love the color of the study!!! sooo cool... and the mosaic is awesome as well!!!!!
from jason75 :
hey, first visit to your diary and wanted to let you know I enjoyed your writings. Keep it going.. I will be back!
from rheasilvia :
like Ur diary
from thschrmngboy :
the mermaid festival was way fun...did you dress up or...?
from zenakitty :
love, love, love your writing. live in boston. hi!
from bitchykitty :
you have an awesome diary. I love reading your entries. Keep it up, and update every minute! lol ;) -J'Amie (
from jinxremoving :
yes ive joined the glamourous army that is fans of you.
from tackshit :
A 1220 isn't bad at all, and it's better than average. Plus, if you think about it, that's like a 76% and given the round-about scoring it's probably be more comperable with a mid 80's score. Which is quite a bit better-than-decent grade.
from wvbeetlebug :
e! i have an ink pen the lime green color of the beetle i am questing for!!!
from citizenjane :
irrational fear? sounds more like you (like me) have too much DUE in may. certainly a rational fear.
from taliana1 :
from taliana1 :
I'm eagerly awaiting an update to see if you bought the car. I'm excited..and it isn't even mine :)
from taliana1 :
Get the new car. Living Simply doesn't mean having to be stuck on the roadside because your car isn't working. It doesn't mean having to be fearful that your hood is going to go flying up. Or that it will die when you run over railroad tracks (okay, that one is mine :)) Get the new car. It isn't like you want a Jaguar or BMW. It isn't extravagant. I'm wondering if your ex will be able to collect on those old debts...isn't it too late by now? Although I know nothing about the laws regarding that. I think there was something else I was going to say..but I lost it.
from evilflowers :
ok sorry i just have to say this but ctrl x cuts it AND copies it! So you can just hit ctrl v to paste it back! : ) Cool diary by the way...
from greengrrl :
next time you accidentally hit 'ctrl x' instead of 'ctrl c', 'ctrl Z' will magically fix everything. cause i rely on ctrl z. a lot. happens!
from wateryone :
I never thought about the logic behind my cats screaming to be fed being 'what if there is no food available at the appointed time?!" I guess I always thoght I was the only one neurotic enough to what if like that :) Go kitty.
from simba20 :
agggghhhh! i've been meaning to ask you this you have a snail mail address i can mail you at. i have something that i picked up months ago that i wantt o send to you -- i think that you would get a hoot out of it. my emial: [email protected]
from avasays :
I'm really jealous of your pink skates, and I'm really happy for you to have them. I think about you, happy, skating with pink skates on, and my day is just that much better.
from slapmeharder :
you just reminded me what I was looking for thanks for making me super happy tonight
from taliana1 :
*grin* sounds like you had a great time... we have chevys here too...not my favorite mexican restaurant. :)
from barenaked500 :
where did you find that picture on your diary? i looooooove it!
from heatherc :
*smooch* I love you, Cubiclegirl. Thanks for being you.
from delighted :
Sometimes you make me want to have a cube. Most of the time you just make me want donuts.
from heatherc :
Happy Valentine's day!! :)
from taliana1 :
You know...regarding that "rant" ...I understood where it was all coming from. Perhaps it is the fact that I'm an atheist and I get a lot of crap from the organized religions about what a horrible, immoral person I am--but I got it. I don't think you have anything to apologize for. That was what you were feeling--this is your diary and you should be able to express how you are feeling. It's all part of the process. It was nice to know where the specific Mormon rant came from tho--I figured it had something to do with the Olympics. :) Be good to you... Tali
from heatherc :
Hey...thinking of you.
from taliana1 :
I found myself struggling with all of the 9/11 references before and during the Super Bowl. Was pissed about all of it during the pregame stuff. But having taped the game just to see U2 at half time..and having seen U2 in concert Thanksgiving...and having witnessed the names of all the people being displayed across the audience at that concert...the power behind it all, like before, was just overwhelming...and I bawled. And at that moment, I was thankful for the chance to grieve. It's difficult though. On the one hand, I think it should be just a football game. But at the same time, there is a part of me that wonders how we could sit and enjoy a game without paying some sort of tribute. It almost seems wrong to be enjoying a game when such an awful thing has happened. I don't know...I'm torn. But I was happy the Patriots won--I watched JR Redmond in college, and it was great to see him play...and be a part of the team that won. What a game too! (Also torn over this tho...when I discovered that Achuletta, who also played for the Sun Devils in college--with Redmond too, was on the other team.) Sorry for carrying on...
from theprocess :
langston hughes' b'day was 02.01, and i was thinking about him on superbowl sunday, too. peace.
from opposition :
Jesus, you're brilliant.
from heartshaped :
i like yr place. xo.
from heatherc :
Have a great first day!! Good luck, and have fun!
from mmmarla :
wondering if i could use your idea of using the last sentence of each entry as it's tittle... or using the tittle as the last sentence... i really like it.. would like to you it in mine..
from blue-hour :
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year from THE CHANEL CHAINSAW MASSACRE! Hope you have a happy, happy holiday!
from blue-hour :
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year from THE CHANEL CHAINSAW MASSACRE! Hope you have a happy, happy holiday!
from munkerj :
Since I e'd you and you didn't answer... i'll try it here.. or maybe you've addressed this and i've missed it...but... Do you find that you censor yourself a bit now that you are with someone and you know that this someone will be reading your diary?
from theprocess :
CONGRATULATIONS on your job offer! Right job, right woman, right time. Amen. And continuing the ode CVS: Those little 99 cent packages of canada mints (I'm addicted). Blessings to you and your house.
from bevin :
Karaoke is my favorite night for people watching in bars... I mean, it's even more acceptable than doing it on a night where the bar characters aren't on stage. I love it when they interact with the audience. Introduce themselves, sell demo tapes, offer their opinions on global warming and terrorism. The night I go to is at a Lesbian bar and I like to figure out which gayboy will sing "Copa Cabana" first. I'm usually right.
from gurliestyle :
this is my favorite diary ever.
from odalisk :
so your diary is fantastic and you a lot like me but ten years older (which is what you are) and that's pretty odd.
from jenne1017 :
Here I was amazed that you had me linked...and *poof* I vanished. Is ok---my g/f linked you. Oh, and I still read :o)
from librtine :
Generally like your diary, but have an issue. Have you known any war veterans, for real. The three American soldiers who died yesterday in Afghanistan were all professional soldiers, and knew the risks and readily accepted them. They were highly trained technicians and warriors. And yes they gave their lives for their country, whether by choice of by fate. We should be humble and just a little grateful. Whether or not we agree with the policies. They served us all.
from lady4eyes :
i just discovered this whole web diary thing, and yours was the one that made me think, "wow, this is so cool, i want my own." your design is simple and striking, and your writing, as i know you've been told, rocks. thank you for sharing your light.
from jil :
dude, you deserve that award like nobody's business. congrats. and, um, continue to kick ass. because you do.
from theprocess :
hmmm... this obviously isn't the medium for what i wanted to send, which is info about the William Allen Creative Nonfiction Prize, which i suspect you could win. only $500, but hey... .-The Journal
from theprocess :
best to you and your sweetie, always. wondered if you'd seen this: <.-The Journal 421 Denney Hall 164 West 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43210 >>
from foxchild :
oh, how wonderful and cute and amazing! you make me miss my boy and all the wacky and wonderful manifestations of our mutually agreeable queerness. congratulations, is what i mean to say. may you live many many long and happy years together. i have no doubt that you will. and say hello to boston for me - i miss it. ;)
from blue-hour :
it is not so bad, this cube? Have you heard the cd: Roomic Cube by Takako Minekawa?
from eternuslux :
I just wanted to share that The Girl's birthday is the day before mine. Whee!
from snowy :
You're beautiful, in more ways that the many I can imagine. I just wanted to say that. *smile*
from punkahontas :
heh...i find myself entranced in Trading Spaces...when i have to leave, i dont want to because that show=awesome <3
from evemilds :
Things with you sound great - glad to hear it. You give me such hope that my life will get better too. I love reading your stuff. Have a great weekend! Zuzi
from evemilds :
I know what you are feeling - how to be an adult and stay yourself? It never works - let's talk about multiple personalities. I just hate having to look for a job. But stuff costs money etc etc etc. I had a job I loved and now I need a job that will be okay and maybe I'll grow to love it too. I hate being me. I wish you luck and be positive - imagine your dream and it can be yours. Is that too corny? sorry. bye for now, Zuzi
from andross :
Did someone say Heathers? Well, just fuck me gently with a chainsaw, then. Daisy on a sidewalk? Eels or Sonic Youth? Who knows. Alex
from danaelayne :
I'd fawn but I'm not good at it. Simply this, looking for a job is simply one of the most gut wrenching times. I wish you the best. I'm sure you'll wow them enough in three months that they'll be building you your own cube.
from hardcrush :
Hi CubicleGirl. I totally feel you on the cublicle thing. I hate my quasi-cubicle. I make loads of money and do absolutely nothing all day long. But, I've rinsed and repeated one too many times and I still don't believe I'm happy with it. So, I'm quitting my job and I'm going to become a teacher :-) I hope life gets better in your cublicle or that you quit and find something more fulfuilling.
from deb-e-ne-ne :
You have an amazing power with words. Each sentence so striking, each phrase so intense. It's absolutely incredible.
from wateryone :
no one but you would imagine the Miss America Pageantees sitting around playing scrabble, you're darling.
from wingd-pony :
Good reading as always. So glad things worked out. Take care.
from agalaxyapart :
That's a great idea about helping the Arab-Americans. I've been trying to figure out some ways I can help too, since I'm not old enough to give blood (by 6 months. It bites.) and I want to DO something. This would be perfect. Thanks for sharing it. :)
from nadawi :
It is strange to me to be flag waver, as well. I wanted to play The Who's version of American Woman while burning a flag on the capital steps (a little different than yours)...and yesterday, I cried when the royal guards in England played our national anthem during the changing of the guards. everything is moving around...and i'm having problems keeping up. you're in my thoughts...
from thesiren :
I am grateful for you cubiclegirl. Grateful you are still there. Writing. And sobbing when you need to.
from slacker :
my thoughts and prayers go out to your friends cubegirl.
from manon :
*giggles* Oh, Cubiclegirl. You're absolutely right about strip malls and Dedham and such. A great deal of Route 9 is icky like that. I like to call it the "Late Suburban-Industrial Tacky" style. ;)
from nadawi :
i guess there is enough people saying 'wow cube girl, you ROCK!' So i'll just in dallas...we need a disco day. you should come start one. heh
from hellonewman :
Oi! Don't move to Live Journal! I hear they slaughter live goats as ritual sacrifices over there. :)
from eternuslux :
why do you insist on slumming in this archaic netherworld? Join us over at Livejournal...oh, but that's right, it's overloaded a lot, my bad. At any rate, you're one of the few who keep me reading diaryland, you write well.
from snowy :
Why have I not told you that I adore you? Well, I do:> There, I told you. Now, homework is calling. (or actually, it's more like "homework is throwing itself around my neck, slowly pulling away every last breath of mine" but lets not nitpick) *hugs*
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!
from tiffster :
Cute. Yes. Very. :)
from jenifer012 :
k, so like this was like totally my like first time to um, well your page and i have to just say that it is fabulous, like totally radical dude. But this inner valley girl just like won't go away. *flips her hair* I've like gotta go fer now, but I'll be back. x0x0, Jenifer
from action_grrl :
One of the best and most insightful writers on the net diary scene.
from lucretia :
I love love love the way you write, the things you write about, and the fact that you don't fit into a neat little box. You diary is one of my faves.

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