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from typelove :
awww, that's so sweet! my relationship is about to go "offline" (woohoo!) but i still feel like i could give advice to people and stuff. anyways... take care. <3
from typelove :
hello. i saw your link on the love-online ring and i was wondering if you would like to join my diary. it's a place for people who are involved in online relationships to write their feelings and support each other and give advice.
from bettyalready :
THANKS!!! I saw your note on LA and followed the link but then saw that on here you were being a little more didn't want to pry...thanks!
from pandionna :
Heya! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you.
from darrylzero : (note the letter "o" at the end and not the number "0")
from laswell :
OK. I know you like rollins. i like him too. i think he has a great message. "i want my american convenience, bitch.. I want everything.."" everything. ah yes hank. but i need your help. i know you see his suffuring. I am trying to help henry be happy. check out my ideas to make this possible, maybe you want to even help. Id like you to check out some music i have found that i think you'd be interested in its very diverse and multi cultural. very groovin and funky , god its everything to much to describe. But let me know where you stand. thanks for your time... peace
from rumblelizard :
Babe, take care of yourself. Don't worry. Don't fret. Don't stress. Breathe deep. We love you.
from ninjajesus :
yay bush is a crazy greedy basterd finaly someone else who knows it
from glassshell :
hey...retro ...neat... and i thought i was the master of retro ( dont have any thing to say...hmmm alright have fun
from liquid-mojo :
I clicked the GWB banner, nice one. =p I also love the design you have going...
from spritopias :
For my 1000th entry we're making a list of my favorite people's favorite entries that I wrote. Please submit yours! If you have one...
from catpewk :
Hey you :) I used up all my banners today to help a friend get his songs heard. Please could your drop by my page if you get a chance, listen and leave a comment (good or bad?) Thanks! Catpewk
from heidiann :
God he totally does look like the survivor of a nuclear holocaust. Especially with that frightening look on his face.
from enn5393 :
Hmm signmyguestbook is broken again. I wish I had the Windsor pilates tapes, but damn those are expensive. The one I'm doing is Pilates for conditioning and weightloss by Gaiam, I got it from Best Buy. I've been using it about 3 weeks, like 3 times a week. I'm so surprised that the results come fast.
from hand-frost :
i was disgusted when i saw the bush action-figure. i don't think i felt that repulsed since i saw the webpage and the 'traitor list' on the site.
from spritopias :
I'll fix that.
from jane-does :
Visit my diary. I am an old favorite, under a new username. This time, I am unlocked. :)
from diaryevals :
We're re-open!!! Thanks for the interest...
from alonereviews :
I read 13 entries in your diary. I only read from today and backwards.. Sometimes you're lucky and I review you when you've been great.. and sometimes you're not so lucky. Again, sorry for the bad score. I bet you can really hit it with some great entries here and there. - Nea
from grimm0826 :
Oops...Grimm is getting senile in his old age! I was reading survey results, then I checked to see who joined my diary ring, and so you can see how I became confused, by the time I got here. But...if it makes my mistake more forgivable, I will say this: the answers to my survey, which I mistakenly thought were yours, were quite entertaining! And I went ahead and added you to my favorites list...hope you don't mind being listed as the favorite of a senile old vampire! p.s. I would have put this in the guestbook, along with the erroneous comment, but it keeps telling me I can't sign again this fast, even though I signed over an hour ago...hope you find this first!
from lerin :
Because of the nature of the things I am now writing about, I have decided to lock my diary. I don't want certain people to stumble across it. If you'd still like to read my diary, the username is "secret" and the password is "friend." I have really appreciated your advice/input/comments. Thanks- Lerin
from natedogcool :
Hey!! Props for a well-constructed diary! I stumbled across it and enjoyed it quite so!
from luvmysk8rboi :
How do you make a banner?
from luvmysk8rboi :
How do you make a banner?
from sephiragrace :
your banners are brilliant! I <b>love</b> them!
from lifenblue :
well i'm terribly pleased i stumbled upon here.. its all a mental candy store i feel..haha, loved the banner LOVED.. time for a revolution oui?
from jonathan :
Thanks for stopping by. Being drunk in Diaryland isn't an offence, though I could be in trouble for willful destruction of a keyboard.
from jonathan :
Thanks for the comment. Once again I have to deal with the drink thing. Ditching the beer in favour of gin & tonic isn't going to work :( Signing up for a Triathlon on 6th September will. Eeeeeeeeeek ! The dehydration caused by alcohol f*cks the training.
from sonya2002 :
Hi Helderheid! It's very good to hear from you! As you might have figured, after last week's little tribulations I could really do with some attention. No, I'm not bilingual as far as English in concerned. I did live in South Africa for 3 years though, so Afrikaans has become a second language, in a way. I really like reading your diary, and you've picked out such a beautiful name for yourself! I think it's a good thing you took the photographs of your children away, considering what could happen. Good luck to you and your family.
from cutething :
wow. that' s cool. just as i was like.. all pumped to write you a note saying ' dude, thanks for telling me who that peice was really by, i will totally edit the entry, ' this banner ad of yours loads, so i was having a kind of ' woah' moment there.
from z0tl :
helderheid, can i just say that a few more times, helderheid? i think, helderheid, i may name my 2nd daughter helderheid, because my first should be kayla. have a nice dutch/english kind of day, helderheid! :z
from iwillsurvive :
LOL, yeah it really could have been for anyone! It wasn't specifically directed at you, no. One of my daily reads had an entry about not being able to forgive themselves, so I wrote that for them:)
from sonya2002 :
Dag Helderheid! Ik heb Diaryland een half jaar lang niet meer bezocht en ben gisteren weer met mijn dagboek begonnen. Het is fijn om te merken dat mijn dagboek nog steeds op jouw site vermeld staat. Veel geluk! Sonya 2002
from rockonbytch :
i love you banner-the one that says not PC 100% of the time.yeah.
from thd :
I couldn't find out your location from the "personal data: location" link, but do you live near one oof the Great Lakes? Sounds like the weather in Cleveland! My mother was born in Wageningen, NL but she had no one to talk to whilst I was growing up so my Dutch is minimal . . . *sigh*. . . and what I do know is phonetic so I'd be ambarrassed to put anything down!
from dietingjenn :
motivated yet?
from deadfaerie :
Hi! I love your diary it's so cute! I especially love that Dutch translator! (I'm part Dutch). Anyway I noticed you said you're bilingual in English and Dutch, and so I'm wondering if you're translations are accurate or are they way off(since they're from some website)? Thanks... -jen
from kitty1980 :
hi aww i think u and yur past makes the diary more exciting to read and even more personal, keep up the great work on your diary hehehe i sound like a teacher :)
from measi :
I'm tempted to take you up on that mutual diet offer. I'm going to try some increase in exercise only first... because if I don't take it slow, I'll never stick to it. :) But you might have a dieting partner in about a month or so. *grins*
from maaikeb :
Wow, thanx! Your the first one who congratulates me online! And I didn't even knew you read my diary! Cool.
from ciaramyst :
I didn't buy those banner ads, they were a gift for Xmas. So when I ended my diary, I just ran them all, all the ones I still had left.
from kitty1980 :
hi i love your diary :) also because we have lots in common im american with a dutch husband :) we live in dordrecht near rotterdam,hope we can chat soon love meeting/talking with people in the same boat as me :)
from seanandjacob :
Do you have a lisp. It's how I picture it.
from bettyalready :
Happy Birthday to you (yesterday)! Just wait until you reach 30. You thought you'd never be there huh?
from xibanezkex :
Hey , I saw you added me to your favorites. I a m a member of the dutch list. I will now visit your site cause i only have done it once yet. yennyxxxxxx
from buenacabra :
aww my boyfriend used to have blue hair too. He misses it like crazy (he got a state job) As for the California thing it is pretty nice weather wise (although I've lived here all my life and did more snowboarding than surfing, in fact never have surfed) but hopefully if you live here your well off cuz state problems are screwing up our schools and colleges. Damn that Gray Davis
from oursecrets :
i had blue hair
from bettyalready :
I LOVE BEING AN AUNTIE! I'm glad you saw Henry Rollins. I too have always wanted to see him speak. Intellegent guy.
from stinkfist--- :
i found ur diary thru ur banner cuz i was intrigued by the blue hair... cuz mines purple at the moment... and i checked ur profile and saw you are a tool fan.. well what else needs to be said?? i had to msg you!! i love your diary btw... i think ill have fun reading it from now :)
from angryquail :
I started reading your diary and I went to the beginning and read all the way through. I love it! Sorry to hear you've been so down lately, I hope you find a medication that works with you or some other way to get through it. I'm going to add you to my buddy list.
from dcalien :
I forgot to tell you in your gb, how much I appreciate reading your words. That is all. lol
from bettyalready :
Another anti depressant taking SAHM. Especially after my 1 1/2 year old was born. Prozac was ok for me. Currently taking Effexor twice a day. Seems to help. You can hang in there! I'm thinking of you! Good thoughts your way.
from leslieirene :
Hi there! I just saw your banner, and read a bit of your diary. I have been taking anti-depressants, too. I take Celexa. I also have Lupus. I know lots about the fun of meds.! Check out my diary sometime...Blessings, Leslie Irene
from dcalien :
Duh. I should have read your answers before thanking you. Very funny answers, and how sweet of you to send me money just before Christmas. Good grief, when I look at your notes, I look like a stalker. ;0]
from dcalien :
Thanks for taking My survey, I will go read your answers.
from dcalien :
Cool banner. I hope Marcel doesn't get hurt when he pulley off next mounting. hehe
from dcalien :
I left a note in your guest book, and put the wrong url on it. Sorry, here is the right one. Hope you can drop in some time.
from invisibledon :
clicked on the banner and read some - have a happy holiday

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