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from heather3288 :
Hi my name's heather your profile's missing info I wanted to read and I couldn't get inside your diary.... It's connected to another website. Anyway can you please take our survey her on diaryland Girl21+
from wrthlss :
Pictures: you should smile.
from othelladub :
ah, my good stranger in diaryland! remember the spiderlilies!
from sherpahigh :
Hiya... I remember you said your sister was going to be in a new series starting soon, I can't recall the name... I am anticipating it will be aired on Canadian TV or if not, at least a Spokane station will pick it up. Or maybe, *laugh* I have the wrong diary friend altogether. Cheers.
from weeme :
Hello Julie .... I've e-mailed our portrait to you. Hope you like it.
from weeme :
holy toledo! I didn't recognize you at all. This template changing mania seems to be sweeping D-land! Folks all over have been felled by the Fever... the Fevah for change. Including yours truly here. i like, julie-cat, I like it ALOT! xo
from mustangusmc :
The image is a bit pixellated, (the platter holder outline), the orange could be a bit darker to facilitate reading. Overall, it is a nice change of pace, and it if works for you then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Thanks for asking for opinions, and I hope this helps some...J
from msleslie :
Your image looks OK in ie, except the yellow writing inside the oval is hard to read because of the style and color. But then my eyes are old anyway. I think the fuzziness you see might be a function of aol.
from goldenshovel :
I do need some shoveling. My libido is getting snowed in. You like Moxy Fruvous? Now I know I am in love!
from goldenshovel :
I am right here, in Seattle. Being so lame as to go to a New Year's party hosted by an ex.
from mustangusmc :
I have read you for quite some time now, and enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing this bit of your life to all of us. You are welcomed and greatly appreciated. J
from goldenshovel :
so you are an insomniac and a nymphomaniac? What a great combination!
from cutiepie1983 :
Was just going through some of the diaries on here and found yours and decided to let you know! ha ha....well keep up the good work and happy holidays! ~Nancy~
from raven72d :
I wonder if LOTR would be as powerful if the object Gollum was seeking turned out to be a Hello Kitty keychain.
from invisibledon :
happy holidays
from s-l-e-e-p-y :
my freind was telling me that the first time her tried the patch he had really bad gay nightmares (he is very homophobic) yeah he never touched another patch again and still smokes
from galaxie01 :
I think you are really great sound a bit like myself lol.
from rollerqueen :
neutral milk hotel lyrics on the banner = me: "!!!!!!" so (clickclickclick) and <3.
from goldenshovel :
Another dark-haired girl who swears alot. I hate it when my top two turn-ons center around the same person. Oh, and her diary is good too. Makes me feel guilty for only putting lustful crap in mine.
from raven72d :
Lovely, lovely photos... And I'm looking forward to "Two Towers" the day after Xmas, when the crowds have thinned a wee bit...
from orangina21 :
I think the blue eyes was due to the location of the filming: there are lots of blue eyed people in New Zealand.
from tehuti :
I absolutely love your diary layout. The tree image is so soothing. Just thought I'd say that. :)
from sad-disease :
This is so pretty. So pretty.
from orchid26 :
okay, so sorry. my diary is broke. But it was supposed to be on lockdown, and seems not to be, or at least the one lame entry page that shows up isn't. Anyhow, I'm going to warn you we may have too much in common...and then again, perhaps not so much at all. But at the risk of worlds colliding we can feign being young and wreckless enough to not entirely care, you can e-mail me at [email protected]. As far as your diagnosis, I cried when I was "diagnosed." They have yet to slap me on the wrist for depression, but they clocked me with an OCD I still can't spell correctly. I thought, "well shit, before I just felt bad and a little off the its official...I'm sick." Now instead of "a bad habit" I have a "disorder." Whatever, life is funny that way...I keep fighting off the depression. I need to hear someone say I have it...but I still don't want the responsibility of it. Who wants to be sick with two things right? Who wants to feel that abnormal. I know your retarded pain sister. I know...but life goes on, and the damn treadmill keeps treadin'... may as well go along for the ride and see how many minutes you can stay on. It's the hardest part of everything isn't it?...because its always you...against you. I say too much. I go now.
from orchid26 :
so I'm compelled to write this...because I follow your entries...because I'm astounded at how parallel our lives seem to be running at the moment. Because I admire your strength and vulnerability. Because the gym thing was hard for me too. Because therapy is frustrating. Because I hate to be whiny. But you're not whiny. You're honest. So keep writing, keep working through it...and meds...I've come to the conclusion; are not the end of the world. I smoke pot sometimes to forget. So why not pop a pill now and again to forget. What's the damn difference? Stigma? C'mon....we all know better. Its in your writing. You're smarter than that. And lady, I admire all you're going through.
from sweetface5 :
Happy Birthday sweetie! I hope you have a blast.
from influence :
oh happy birthday!
from sweetface5 :
I just want to say I love your diary and your Journal. I also love your poetry. I'm a poet too. Its always cool to meet someone with the same passion for writing as you. Right now I'm trying not to be sad, so I'm out. Good luck on the work out. I need to start back, but its so hard!
from brokenbits :
have a happy birthday and a suitably debauched party sweetie - wish i could come...... xxxxxxx
from cuntgirl :
happy happy happy birthday. I cross my fingers for your body to become invincible
from vintagegrrrl :
hello! i tried the insult-thingy from may 16, and i got the same name as you. we have the same first name but i'm sure we have different last's... i've been reading your diary tonight and i am liking it a lot! us socal-er's are few and far between, it seems sometimes.
from patw-21 :
hey there, nice layout, good writing, an overall A+
from influence :
excellent diary. i'm a new fan. i'll be back.
from anodetonoone :
Hello! I really really really like your diary. And I have this thing for tree's (drawing them, taking pictures of them, etc...) so I REALLY love the picture. Just thought I'd say so.
from tiki-reviews :
your review has been posted!
from ille :
good luck on your journey, kewl layout btw
from multiple :
good luck on starting anew! been loving reading about you and looking forward to reading more!
from mindspin :
i was that hindi in your banner?
from veggiedog :
good idea. i think you will surprise yourself. good luck on your journey. and stomp out that cigarette!
from cuntgirl :
right fucking on, I am in the middle of working something similar myself. It ain't easy, I don't envy you, but I send support, congratufuckinglations lady
from morningbell6 :
i have consistent guy problems. in fact, startlingly consistent.
from raven72d :
A few things about me: I read German, French, Russian, and Hungarian. I can use a sextant. I cannot tie a bowline or sheepshank knot. I cannot parallel park (and never have). I write only on long yellow legal pads. I play Go, but not chess. I have no shame at all about having been a Duran Duran fan. I get acrophobic. I love riding horseback. I make a really killer chili con carne.
from cuntgirl :
after a big messy fallingout with a friend of more than 15 years, I almost responded with pics of me crying (unitl my freeserver shut me off). It's a very intense thing to share, thank you. Can I ask (and it may be explained, but maybe I am not a frequent enough reader) what the word at the bottom is? Is it in Hebrew?
from cuntgirl :
trying to grieve when other find your method "less than satisfactory" it sucks, I've been there, I hope space of your own to heal as you like/need, and that it comes soon.
from peixe :
I love your diary!
from xxxemogirlxx :
my cat looks exactly like yours!!!!!
from raven72d :
I want to smoke Gitane Filtres again. I want a stainless-steel Art Deco cigarette case. And a pony. I keep smelling popcorn butter from somewhere... And I so need prawns in chili sauce.
from raven72d :
I remember Poi Dog Pondering. I even saw them a couple of times.
from cakerface :
like your diary. you have meaning and in todays world that means alot. Cakerface Read me sometime.
from bonkersquipy :
i really enjoy the photography by sally mann that you have posted on your website...she is an alma mater of my college...which i suppose doesnt really matter but whatever...keep the nice photography coming...
from brokenwords :
I've only read one of your entries so far, but ah, I wanted to let you know I'm hooked. I am going to go read more. I love it.
from raven72d :
gorgeous photos at your site...
from raven72d :
The hotel sounds...excellent. Wish I had a weekend in a four-star hotel... Alas, though-- I'm here, reading through a huge stack o' books, dring SoBe (Dragonfruit) and staying inside in the cold and dark. My day revolves around Spongebob and Courage the Cowardly Dog...and reading about far lands and vanished countries...
from cuntgirl :
it wasn't until I read you'd responded, and stumbled upon your profile that I realized I have read you before, and enjoyed it greatly, and now that I am returning to the world of those with a computer, am giddy at the prospect of doing so again
from cuntgirl :
the banner was just to catching to ignore, despite my conviction to, then the layout brought me envy, to be topped off only by that amazing photography...were it not 4am, and I am so tired I may just loose it and give up entirely were your writing anything like what I have seen so far, I would be hungrily consuming your words as well.......
from raven72d :
U[email protected] or [email protected] will work...
from raven72d :
Ummm... I'm ambidextrous (I write right-handed but do everything else left-handed), I'm allergic to cheese and tomato, I can sing old Calypso songs, and I have my left ear pierced three times. That's a start for a biography.
from raven72d :
"kicking and screaming" is a wonderful film... What is it you'd like to know about me... Just e-mail and ask...
from rhoeng :
i just saw your banner...has anyone ever told you that you look like Brett Anderson--the lead singer of "The Donnas"?
from kstarr :
JENKINS FONT OWNS ALL YOUR BASE. high fives all around.
from windflare :
i enjoy reading your thoughts. the mortal city quote says a lot
from smile-n-nod :
How cool. I'm really digging your site. And...I know I'll sound like a psychotic little teeny-bopper (I SWEAR that phase of my life is over) but you're cool. And funny. And I'll totally understand it when you lift your brow while reading this...(if I came off as unstable back there, I'm sorry. It happens).
from raven72d :
Lovely site. I won't be in L.A. for the party, but I hope it goes well. And I do enjoy your entries.
from charmschool :
Hi! Your diary is so pretty, I read back issues just until I was about to cross that line into dangerously "obsessive" territory. I just wanted to ask, how would I (of the artistically inclined, computer neophyte persuasion) go about reaching a similar (yet, obviously unique) standard of prettiness in her own diary. Technical pointers, perhaps. If you have a moment...
from californican :
"ya know kids, try as you might to not become upset when someone says something insulting about you, it's really hard." People get pissed when you question their intelligence. -S
from evangeline :
Okay. Mike said to send him the images and he'd store them. Eep. His address is on the front of his diary. A'ight. m.l.
from evangeline :
Julie, baby, where'd my graphics go? Love you. Hope the weekend wedding extravaganza went well. Rock on.
from badidea :
I love you, Juliekins.
from veetvoojagig :
i just saw your photographs and i think they are awesome. i haven't taken the time to actually read your diary cause im just scanning through a bunch of them, but i saw them and i just had to say good job!
from adorno03 :
"i just want to come first in somebody's life." I'm the same way except substitute the word mouth for the word life.
from minverden :
I love your new layout!!
from superharsh :
Your match with julie the hip kat you are 77% similar you are 88% complimentary
from evangeline :
I think you're shiny.
from evangeline :
You rock. *heart*
from barenaked500 :
hey there. i was looking at the pictures on your site - did you take them?!? i love em!
from evangeline :
You drive a Benz in California and I still love you. Miss you lots and lots and lots.
from jenne1017 :
wow---i am speechless. thanks for the wonderful review!
from jenne1017 :
how about if I don't wanna fuck off ;o) I live with it too...but I LIVE, regardless.
from evangeline :
Don't hate me, I love you.
from evangeline :
You're not naked debbie, now get your ass down here. You have to get dressed here. *grin*
from piilu :
checked out babytweety's diary... she has some comments about your reaction to the review she wrote. seems she hasn't read you diary at all, 'cos she's questioning you age.... 15 is the oldest you get. i'm all with you! ;) keep going! you were amused and she is pissed! haha! :))
from panicreviews :
You've been reviewed. Whoo. I think I need a life...
from adorno03 :
Geez, don't use my name in your diary postings. Use my handle or something. I don't want strangers knowing who I am.
from buleorgh :
Can you provide the monkey?
from buleorgh :
Deary, you have no monkey.
from lastseraphim :
mom said she has to "think about it." god. [growls] anyways, hang in there, i'm just now starting to get caught up on everything, i've missed a lot. shees. anyways, must be going, wish i could get my computer back and talk to you, otherwise i'm broke. sorry. :-( otherwise i'd call, because you're cool. very much so. wish i knew you in person. maybe i will? who knows. [grin] when you going back to LA? must hunt you down (errr, find you) before then. [giggle] catch you later! xoxo-erin and ps, thank you for calling me that night. that meant a hell of a lot to me. :-)
from piilu :
i tried to name all the boys i've slept with tonight. ... on the 30th... i really thought for a moment there you meant that you slept with all of them THAT night... one busy night... ;)
from lasirene :
Dear Julie, Hang in there. Enjoy the bitter as well as the sweet; savor it, for to taste is to live. And what else is there but to live? You are a inspiration to me just by writing words in an online diary. Take care, Julie-lasirene
from evangeline :
I still love you, Jules. Come see me.
from lastseraphim :
it's drakerin/drakeangel, i've had to move again, follow the links, and find me, much love-erin ps i keep checking your site to see if you update, and every time i have to wait to load those pictures when i know you haven't updated, i get jealous when i see those... i'm awful i know, but i know what it's like to miss someone and love someone far away, and how much pictures like those mean... i wish i had more with geoff, (i'll have to take that up with him, meanwhile, this ps was longer than the original note! lol, i'm leaving, i'm just babbling)
from peth :
thank you for having the sifl-olly ring. Crescent Fresh!
from drakeangel :
hey hey, wish you the best of luck. [smiles] both of you that is. have fun!
from dork-review :
Hi, your review at is posted. THanks for submitting... I enjoyed reading your diary! <3 Kelley
from adorno03 :
The reasons nobody smokes 100's are many and varied. 1-They taste like ass. (and not in good way, smart-ass.) 2-They aren't as strong as regulars. Even the ones that claim to be are not. 3-It's just tacky. It's like ordering lobster at Denny's; it just isn't done, except by po' white trash.
from thesetears :
well i'm not really much for words. but i'm talking to you now..and your cool..and you take nice photos so there. i tried. and i signed your feel loved becuz you are by many.
from opinapoika :
Well, 352 hours and counting... Happy 3rd day of that with a silent C; Never expect an entry in my diary; I'm always happy you can see me; You see who I want to be; "Creation, from the seed to the tree"; This will come when you and I are "we".
from buleorgh :
Lovemuffin. You have no toes. I love you very much and promise not to tell anyone about the threesome with the preacher in the rafters. Kis kiss. PS I think yer pertay
from evangeline :
You big stupid dork, you told me about the George and Arnold thing!! Last weekend!!! Has nothing to do with your boy!!! Anyway. Much love. Catch ya later, babes.
from adorno03 :
I filled out your slam thing-a-ma-jig. Maybe if you're super nice I'll let you read my diary. But if I do, what're you gonna do for me?
from darkmab :
i really love your site--and i read your profile--you actually met david sedaris? wooowwww. You are sacred because of that. You have touched a very holy being.... hehe ~penguin
from redniko :
You know, for someone who rocks so hard you sure do worry. Well, you are adored by a boy down in Georgia. Hope that helps you sleep a little, if he's not keeping you up all hours...
from orpheusd0wn :
You should write more often, I loved the poem, your use of detail and word choices are gorgeous. Have a wonderful night and halloween, peace.
from orpheusd0wn :
Hey, I adore the new layout, sorry I missed you on IM, I was on lunch break. Anyway, have a wonderful night, hope to hear from you again soon.
from musings :
I read your "poem" on the d-land "first kiss" website. It was wonderful. It's so much like me that I could have written it. That is, of course, assuming I had any aptitude for that sort of thing. Love, *The Muse*
from greytanit :
Hey! You listed me as a favorite, plus wrote the *nicest* thing about me, so I had to stop by...I answered your slam book questions (oy vey!) and I cannot wait to attack your archives! If you have AIM, you should IM me sometime!
from futilehorn :
Ooh, I did pretty well on the personality disorder test. I got a High on Avoidant and Obsessive-Compulsive and a VERY High on Schizoid and Schizotypal. And look at you. Slacker. Hehe. It's okay; I'm just a good test taker.

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