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from wildrosie :
I, for one, will miss you. Please come back to us someday.
from chickpea981 :
leave it to you to come out of your exile and point out Hank Azaria cock size. Goof ball.
from razor-vixen :
Hey girl. I'd love to have the password if it's okay with you: [email protected] Thanks!
from zen-grae :
are you still giving out the password to deserving people! i am one...really i am! i promise! *smile*
from wildrosie :
*Assuming the proper begging position at your feet* Pleeeeaaaaassseeee, may I have the password darling? wild west rosie at yahoo dot com. Thank you!
from noaddedme :
password pu-leeze? I swear I had it or that you mailed it, but it comes up blank and I have no email ([email protected]) ... or I'm confusing you with someone else and I've gone insane. Either way, can I be let in? :)
from la-the-sage :
Yo! Password, please. And no worries. I'm always glad to get compliments on a good turn of phrase. I wondered about your comment for like 30 seconds, then remembered you'd lost a house too and knew it's survive-able and were trusting I'd get through things okay. ~LA
from forty-plus :
If you're giving out passwords, please don't forget me! [email protected] xx, Y.
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from emaciana :
Hi there, I just saw your message in my guestbook and wanted to say that i love your writing. your outlook on life is something like what i would like for myself. thanks for reading and i hope you don't mind if i add you to my buddy list. take care xoxo tia
from so-charming :
Hey, I just saw your birthday message in my guestbook. (I haven't looked at the guestbook in ages and was just checking to see if it was even still there!) Thanks for the nice note. Hope things are still going well for you. :)
from pirategirl :
Thank you. Even though this is immensely difficult (I keep thinking things like she won't be there for my wedding of when I have kids; I won't have anyone to turn to for advice or to answer crazy trivia questions like "Who was that guy that took the elephants over the Alps?" and that's when it suck most.) I keep saying that I prefer losing her like this, knowing that the end is coming and that I can tell her every day that I love her and that I'm glad she's my mom. My dad died suddenly, and I didn't get to tell him that stuff. Not that I coudl have, I was so young. But damn if I don't appreciate every moment I have her on the phone.
from smedindy :
I wanted to send you a note to be sure you saw the email I sent. There was this story on the Smoking Gun and I wanted your take on it - since you live a certain lifestyle and I didn't want to offend you with my pithy, witty comments about it all. Toodles!
from roadiepig :
You got me thinking, so I decided to look for my missing entries. they are all there- I guess my "older" page is just full, so they aren't showing up there. Reread what I wrote about 9/11- forgot what i was thinking right as it happened. Anyway....if you really wnat to suffer through them, this link is to my very first entry (about 40 back from the one at the bottom of the "older" page")...
from roadiepig :
Hey you, too ;) I don't know what happened to my earliest entries- my first was written in July 2001. The lost ones include what I wrote about 9/11 as it happened. The fact they are gone sucks royally. Maybe Andrew got tired of waiting on me to archive my stuff, and just dumped them. Thanks for pointing this out to me- I think I'll send a questioning email to D-land about this issue....
from killsbury :
I have a Blue Cheese Crusted Steaks with Red Wine Sauce recipe that's really simple. If you'd like it, email me from my page and I'd send it in a reply.
from somstar :
I very much dislike people that tell you how to write and live.
from porchlife :
It's always exciting and slightly creepy when some unknown entity adds me to their favourites! So um...thanks!
from masherdude :
Hey congrats! You are now in your very own online soap. Go to my smash diary and click on the tatoo image on the right of any entry, and ye shall be transported to the first episode! Don't gorget to add "masherdude" to your faves to see when its updated. Loves ya! smash
from chickpea981 :
Thanks lady. Your notes always make me feel loved. We'll catch up with each other one of these days. Maybe we should resort to email wars or something? :)
from nilliem :
Merry Christmas to you too!
from forty-plus :
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
from killsbury :
Merriest of Christmas's to you and yours ;)
from smashthegas :
My dear of course you can have a place on the posse. My door is always open. Merry Christas to you too *hug* smashxxx
from wildrosie :
You know, we have more in common than you know... it's just that you are just brave enough to talk about some things that I keep hidden...thanks for adding me!~Rosie~
from smashthegas :
Hey babe, just noticed you added me. I'm a silly fook who doesn't check these things often. Love your diary, will need to check out your older one sometime... And just for the record, babe, I'm not into the BDSM thing, but you know, I'm totally cool with your choice, so it will not ever be an issue, k? *hugz* smashxxx
from pirategirl :
So, um, thanks for adding me, lady. I'll have to stop by and see what else you have to say when I'm not getting ready to leave... XO
from randh :
I love your diary. Good stuff. Can I add you?
from goingloopy :
Thanks for adding me! :)
from smedindy :
You can read my drivel any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Peace and love!
from northrup :
Hey, thanks for adding me, pissymistic! Any ex-D&Der (is that a word?) who's so...interesting (is that the RIGHT word?) is someone I need to know...
from yeahimadork :
No, no, no...I knew you were teasing. It's all good, my dear. No need to apologize. I just know that I go off on these tangents, and half the time I rip on someone, I get a comment saying "well, what about me, I do that and blah blah blah" and then I feel like a jackass for offending people (for about a minute). Usually I don't care, but there are some people around diaryland who I actually like, and don't want to offend. ;)
from yeahimadork :
Heh. I saw your comment about the snotty girlfriends I have. Not that I'm trying to defend myself, but I do believe there's a difference between you and these girls - their behaviors have nothing to do with D/s. They're just spoiled brats. Treating someone as your slave is one thing, forcing him to buy you a 15,000 engagement ring when you only make about 35,000 a year after four months of dating is another thing entirely. Does that make sense? I have no idea. I am delirious!
from vickithecute :
Thank you, hon, I appreciate it. You're an amazingly strong lady yourself.
from unfukd :
Okay, you're added!
from reese219 :
Hi. Thanks for the note about my kitty. It was really nice to know that people care. I thought about you the other day when I passed "Mary Seat of Wisdom" on my way to the in-laws.That comment still cracks me up about 'her brains being in her ass'.Ha!Thanks again. Take care.
from jellehbelleh :
Thanks for the kind note.
from wistful-blue :
LOL No, actually I didn't know that about The Onion. Thanks for clueing me in; thw whole thing makes much more sense now. Have made the necessary adjustments to my entry too. :-)
from skibigsky :
I seem to be having issues with guestbooks these days. Anyway.... I hope you are feeling better soon. As for sending the writing off to the Master, it seems to me (in my very limited experience) that a good Master will provide constructive criticism, and won't break you down, just to break you down. (Of course, that might highlight my very limited experience!) Big hugs, lots of Vicks, and just my general happy thoughts for you.
from heelandlass :
No probs!! Glad to have been of assistance! I am desperately trying to fight the urge to eat cheese & biscuits at the moment. Argh..
from heelandlass :
I read somewhere in your old place that you don't want anybody adding you to their faves. Is that right? I've just added you. I can take you off though, just let me know...
from jellehbelleh :
Okay, you are my new best friend! *smooch*
from jellehbelleh :
Yeah, I know, my comic was lame...I'll keep my day job! :D
from jellehbelleh :
I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll add you!
from heelandlass :
As are you! I've just been reading all about you!!!
from heelandlass :
Thank you very much for adding me to your favourites. That was very nice of you! xx
from vickithecute :
I'm near Baltimore (MD) so unfortunately, a shopping trip isn't feasible at this point in time - unless I'm wrong about where YOU'RE from. But hey, if you're ever in town....
from yeahimadork :
I'll tell you a little secret - my rant about the grammar was directed at someone specific, so you're all good, dear. So you can just put those puppy dog eyes away. ;)
from divacowgirl :
Thank you for adding me to your favorites. I'm adding you also plus to my other diary. I loved you're 100 things, you and I both share a love for the container store among other things.
from ethereal-red :
I certainly do not mind you reading my diary one bit. I'm way past due for an update soon, I've been really slacking off. It's nice to know that somebody would actually want to read my entire diary. I didn't think it was that interesting. :)

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