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from fullmoonblue :
Noticed a while back that your diary is now defunct. Hoping all is well regardless. E
from pink-circle :
{Circle Invite} On behalf of the circle, I would like to invite you the our writer's group. We are in the middle of a reform, to rebuild our group. I have noticed your displayed interest in poetry &/or writing, please visit our site. If you're interested, leave a note to this account. -Circle Council
from paintedgray :
be happy you have a job! with the economy blowing oh-so-much, it's tough to even get interviewed. love your layout, happy writing.
from andthoughts :
hey.... long time no D-Land note. I'm still on LJ, I just changed my account. stupid psycho-bitches. i'm around now and then on D-Land, too. <3
from tandia :
A Tim Horton's diaryring is pure genius. I just lost another Roll Up The Rim. I often say that Tim Horton's is a Canadian Institution but I don't have many Canadian readers who really understand. Yeah for you.
from amber-darko :
Hi! My name's Amber and I'm 23. I am writing a book about my personal account of self hate and self harm. I'd like to include some personal stories from different stages in healing, different sexes and different ages to show that no one is the same, but we all are hurting in ways that we are unable to convey. I do not intend on printing names, there is no length restriction and I will not censor. I have decided to also include poetry or just general opinions. Please email me if you are interested. [email protected]
from fuct-up-girl :
I �� your layout. It's beautiful.
from sketchedpony :
And thanks for joining the bulimicrecov diaryring (I really should check all my emails before noting someone). Glad that someone else actually joined, I was beginning to wonder if anyone else got out of it.
from sketchedpony :
Thanks for joining the laundry diaryring!
from dntlive2eat :
you have the best layout i have ever seen.
from inartiqulate :
right away from being at your site for about two seconds, I had to tell you how gorgeous your layout is. now I'm gonna go read.
from elliorange :
♥ Your layout is lovely.
from inaptbeauty :
oh god. your layout is breath taking. really. <3
from tienesmiedo :
thanks for joining the shower diaryring, darlin
from psy-vamp :
Hello. Welcome to the "muscles" ring. Because you were one of the first to join, your link is on the snippet. The word "deltoids" links to your diary. Let me know if you're okay with this, or if you'd rather I remove the link. Thanks! xo. ♥.
from tasukitoad :
::sobs:: I want to kill your guestbook right now! I wrote out a nice long entry and bam "oops, you can't sign again that fast". Ah, stupid piece of crap, I haven't signed in days, baaah! I'll just hope that it shows up anyway. It was a good one too. Dang.
from morbid-lover :
Hi there. I've seen that you've joined one or more of my rings, but I've switched usernames. To access my rings, please re-join at the bottom of this page:
from growpeace :
Hi Speculating, I love your banner for the rice cake ring. I have it posted on my rings with fancy banners page. If you get a moment will you please explain how you got the photo of the rice cake to show up as your banner for the ring. I have figured out how to change the colors etc. But I would love to know how to put photos up. Thanks for your time and Aloha from Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News. Read my latest entry, Hawaii's Haunted Hotels.
from opaquedreams :
thank you for joining the I don't cry diaryring.
from andthoughts :
*shakes hair over shoulder* but didn't you know, dahling, sarcasm is the new prozac ... it's ALL the rage. ///////////// no, really, sarcasm coats it all in humour and makes it easier for me to digest... (sadly, i gave my livejournal code to my husband. which is scary, because now he'll be journalling. but he begged. besides, he knows the way to my heart.... )
from my-matthew :
Thanks for the welcoming note. Crayola Rocks! Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my layout. It's from
from windshadow :
Welcome to the talktomyself diaryring. Thanks for joining!
from hugznkisyz16 :
Aww I feel so special that you left me a note, I feel all nie and duzzy inside, that was so sweet and it made my day just to know that someone cared so thanks, Imma go peek at your diary now!
from andthoughts :
happy belated birthday, too.... and i'll get back onto the comments asap!!!! jealous of my livejournal, eh? i might have a code to spare.... if you beg nicely.... :-)
from tasukitoad :
I hate your guestbook right now, luckily I copied this before I pressed the button: Spy Kids, ewwww! But anyway. Birthdays are fun, aren't they? Especially when you get money, and wow, you got a lot of money! Holy crap, that just reminded me, I didn't get anything from my grandparents for *my* Birthday. They were busy and forgot, and ah, I forgot to remind them until just this second. Gaaah!
from fullmoonblue :
Happy birthday, hope it went well.
from catzi :
Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one. >^..^<
from nihilistbear :
Thank me for joining? THANK YOU for creating a ring that I could be so proud to be in!!
from watty :
Thanks for having me join... you have created an amazing set of rings. I love the Tim Horton's one in particular... am so addicted to Ice Caps, so I must join another one. =) Have a great day!
from raine-insane :
Hey, thanks. The layout is from ... Hehe, I love Rainbow Brite.
from emziedoo52 :
Thanks for joining the help-ana diary ring!
from roapearl :
Thanks for joining the ring. Eccentricity is wonderful, innit?
from caspia :
Thanks for joining the blooddonor diaryring!
from lealoo :
That layout is so great!!! I'm incredibly jealous.
from thatmarygirl :
i love your layout!
from andthoughts :
i had to lock myself up, for reasons i'll go into later. drop me a note, or check me out on AIM if we're ever on together and i'll give you the password and stuff, sweetie
from catzi :
Hey I joined your crayola ring. I love crayola, I actually have a big box of crayons with my art supplies and I love the smell of them. >^..^<
from overlyemo :
How could I resist the memory of drawing with crayolas? I remember finally getting my mom to buy me the BIG was the happiest day of my life...
from gemini52381 :
Thanks for joining the atwood-fan diaryring! I've got you on my buddy list and will check in!
from banefulvenus :
just wanted to tell you that I liked your site...
from tasukitoad :
*ahem* Anyway, I remember what I was saying now. ::stupid guestbook grumbles:: If the message I typed out in your guestbook suddenly appears after I post this I'm going to be even grumpier. Anyway, your last entry. I have fantasies about what would happen to me if my family died or just my mom or just my dad. I guess I kinda figure if I have it all planned out in my head I'll be more prepared if and when something does happen. I don't know if I'm morbid or crazy.
from catzi :
I love your beanalicious banner. :) >^..^<
from catzi :
I think I'm going to stick with writing notes. This is the second time today that sign my guestbook has given me that stupid "ooops" message. Anyway, I don't think there's a Tim Horton's in my area. We have lots of Starbucks. There are two on my campus. I love their peppermint hot chocolate at Christmas time. I spent sooo much money on that stuff last winter. I don't like coffee, though, don't hit me, lol. Although, I do like chocolate covered coffee and espresso beans and I love the smell of the stuff. >^..^<
from lingers :
oh, thanks for the layout compliment! i love designing for myself and close, html-retarded friends ;) but really all the credit goes to miss christina ricci for being so gorgeous.
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for joining poetica! May the muses always whisper in your ear..shhh. --sylviashadow,ringleader ps. LOVE the labrynth layout! David Bowie was great in it.
from o-firefly-o :
ohhhhhhhhhhh! LOVE the Labyrinth layout! You come up with the greatest designs! :)
from tasukitoad :
Bah, the link I put in your guestbook doesn't go where I wanted it to, it worked before, baaah. Anyway, I meant to link to the second pic from the left. ::siiigh::
from andthoughts :
one, living on one's own is great so long as one has money to pay the monthly bills as well as enough to still live. two, don't give up the diary! you wouldn't let me give up mine! if you give it up, why, why, wel, i just won't have anything to read and you'll have to send me weekly emails so that i know you're ok, because sweetie, you will get out of this, you will get through this, and you will survive. it will never leave you, but you can leave it. ahh, cryptic! loves.
from o-firefly-o :
Hey, I like the black layout. I checked out your album collection, you have lots of great stuff! Also, your 'things to do before I die' list was cool. I should make one of those...
from andthoughts :
*homer simpson, on the ground, in circles* secretly, i think matt groening videtaped my family in action prior to animating that little bit of Simpsons. :-) *happy to be here, and stuff*
from o-firefly-o :
aww, you like my diary! I also love the Talking Heads too. I know a bit what it's like to have weight problems and such, hang in there! **** :)
from jo-leen-ie :
:) Thanks for joining my imashoehorse diaryring! :)
from liquidiamond :
*laughs* my layout tends to freak out people who haven't seen the movie. (which is Donnie Darko, if you don't already know) a highly reccomended film, though ever-so-slightly bizarre. alas, such is life. I shall return promptly. *claps*
from jo-leen-ie :
"but where's the older page?" I am not sure what that means. :) Thanks. (I am glad you like my layout. I also added a cast.) :)
from tasukitoad :
Of course I like your layout, Pollock rocks my socks. I chanted "get out of my church" one day. People got mad at me. I told them to get of my church. They got madder. :D
from htsparkles :
spec: i love the new design. it is vomiterriffic, but in an attractive way. and I *love* your writing as of late. it is just so damn good!!! i have two other girls on d-land, if you're interested: heathnad and andthoughts
from goexplore :
Hi! I tried to write this note in your guestbook but it told me "Sorry, there is no guestbook by that name here." I had problems with my guestbook too and had to change it. Probably when i tried it was very busy or something. Anyway, thank you so much for your comment in the guestbook about my new layout. :O) Thanx! See you.
from littlebirdie :
hi there! do you love Canadian literature like I do? I haven't read that Davies' yet, but I will pick it up on your recommendation. I am reading Timothy Findley's Spadework right now. It's excellent! Happy Easter!
from bonnie-moo :
Hey! juat wanted to thank you for joining my I'm Creative ring =)
from goexplore :
I just read your note. Thank you so much. :D And as i always say: They key is right in your mind. See you!
from jo-leen-ie :
hey, quick Q. how can i get one of those maps for my diary? :) thanks..
from amongst :
hello. i browsed your site after readying your guestbook entry at dissolving. im just sucked in by your beautiful layout, its so calming & your text is so intelligent it seems, how you talk of the day & people.. it's the kind of thing i want to read & get away from everything else. thankyou. jes.
from chordchild :
thanks so much for supporting the new site. and do *feel free* to submit an entry. (getting a little desperate here.) :) take care!
from littlebirdie :
hi speculating! Well, this is a coincidence that you found my diary because of your love of GBS, because yesterday I met Alan Doyle himself!!! You'll have to read my entry for the entire story. Totally cool. :) luv littlebirdie
from chordchild :
just wanted to let you know about the new forum I started at ... anyone can write an entry, so be sure to check it out!
from panjandrum :
I swiped your stamp >;)
from tasukitoad :
Thanks for stealing my stamp! I would steal yours, and other peoples, but blech, too much effort. I'll just make them. Screw collecting them.
from tasukitoad :
You're tally of Tim Horton's winnings and losings amuses me to no end. I've always wanted to do that, but my extreme dislike of coffee and serious lacking of money which could be spent on a large enough amount of coffe inwhich to keep a tally has put a stop to it. Yes, go run on senteces!! Nice blog, by the way.
from tasukitoad :
I want to eat your background, yummers!
from chordchild :
hi, again! :) thanks for joining three of the new rings. would you like a separate note for each? just a bit of warning that we may officially have *too much* in common. ;) but then, I'm pleased to have common ground with someone who has such a greenalicious layout. ::geeky smile:: thanks again!
from dland-stamps :
thanks for making/joining diaryland stamps!
from speculating :
loki42: I don't know if you will read this, but I couldn't find any other way of contacting you. You have no e-mail address or guestbook, and your notes are turned off. I would love to give you some ideas for help/support you. You can contact me here: [email protected] I hope you see this because I would really like to help.
from loki42 :
hi, looking for help. dont know if this is the way to do it but i'm pretty lost....can i contact you maybe?
from chadmuska :
thanks for joining my stars ring. if you are ever having a crappy day just let me know. i'm all full of happy things. i'll even send you letters full of nerdy things that are star related.
from being-katie :
Hiya =) I found ya through the zest for life diary ring - VERY green =) i like it Kiwis rock!! And i don't think that God meant for us to be thin..or fat..God meant us to be comfortable in our bodies no matter what size or shape... Its the society that is feeding us lies that makes us hate our own bodies, make us feel that it actually matters!! Beauty is inside! You are beautiful! *big hugs* Katie
from jadedmist :
Hey there, thanks so much for joining the soy diaryring. I'm recovering, or at least trying to recover, from many things myself. So I know your struggle. You seem strong. Keep writing.
from chordchild :
thank you for joining the edrecovery and prorecovery diaryrings! take care. :)
from revoless :
Actually dealing with what's bothering you is more gratifying though. And, although I didn't expect this, it actually makes your problems seem smaller. Easier to overcome. When you start dealing with the actual issues, there's no real need to run away anymore. I was always, always afraid of not having the ED to blame or run to. And now I'm not so much, because things are so much easier now. Kudos to you for coming so far though. And great entry. I just wanted to add that little bit because...I dunno. It's the only way I could help, and that's what I'm used to doing.

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