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from black-tulip- :
It was fun while it lasted. Take care, and thanks for making me a reviewer.
from gumphood :
I am really sorry that you are closing. I really loved your review site. I really like the theme. I hope that everything goes well for you, and I am so glad I was able to get a review from you. Please take the best of care, and remember that at least one person really loved your site.
from bagsofbeans :
OH I am so sorry. I was really trying to start again, work was just so crazy. Really, my bad, I should have tried harder.
from angelbaby889 :
I requested a review at the end of May, still haven't gotten reviewed, and am not in the pending list. I was just wondering, did I not follow the rules? Thanks, leave me a note or something..
from junipersday :
Thanks so much for reviewing my diary, unfortunately, you've caught me on a bad server day! Imood has actually gone down, which isn't my fault, which I must add, cause it's on heaps of people's diaries. I must beg for a re-review!! I swear my links work!!! I swear!! It must be my web-host cause my email's been funky all day too. please, please please. (I sound pathetic don't I?)
from yeoldesoul :
Hi there. Um, I attempted to contact Emily via her notes, as I had a few questions I wanted to ask her regarding my review, but never received an answer. (Her diary's locked, so I couldn't leave a note in the guestbook or e-mail her.) I was also wondering if you could perhaps fix the link on my review, as my username wasn't spelled right. Could you pass along my request for an e-mail address or something to her? I'd be much obliged! Thank you so much. -Gemma
from nuniko :
I'd like to thank everyone in tiki-reviews, especially Tashina, for the great review. (",)
from iluvjessee :
Hey, my diary is not the most interesting but its just for fun so review me if ya wanna
from bagsofbeans :
Hey there, I was in the middle of reviewing Guilty, and she locked her diary. She never e-mailed me with the password so I guess I give up. It's for the best because it was a bit painful to read, it probably would have been my first bad review. Well if you got anymore shorties, I will be glad to help out!
from syhtarnen :
Thanks for the review!
from decieved :
I'm quitting the review business, but I thank you for letting me review with your site for so long(though I pretty much died after a while). Sorry if there's any inconvenience, I doubt there is, but...yeah.
from meteroa07 :
Hey, thanks so much for the great review!
from meeyapede :
Ahoy- I was considering applying to be a Reviewer, but couldn't find some information about the job- namely, how much time/many diaries will I be expected to handle? I assume a good, complete review will take the reviewer a few hours (to read far enough through, check every link, etc)-- Im a fast reader, but there's no way I could spend hours every day reading/reviewing. If you'd still be interested, I'll send you the sample review. Thanks, and hope it works out -JL
from bagsofbeans :
I'll get on in right away. One request though, write me under Curlysue instead of Bagsofbeans.
from bagsofbeans :
Hey there, sign me up. It doesn't hurt to try.
from bagsofbeans :
Hey I was maybe interested in reviewing but have limited access. If you guys can compromise I could handled 3 diaries (around 25 entries)at once. I figure if I could do that like 3 times a week it would almost be ten a week. maybe even more on weekends. Let me know if you're interested.
from erica2175 :
i'm sorry, but i can no longer review diaries here anymore. i know i should have said something sooner, but i was recently arrested for not paying a speeding ticket. i have no time to review because i need to concentrate on getting another job. sorry again for the late notice.
from melieann :
link added!! if posssible, please have someone other than a 16 year old review me. i LIVE with one and know her opinion of me!! thanks, melieann (aka melanie)
from gumphood :
May I make a request. I would like to be reviewed by the sparkling Satine. I think that would be better, but if not thats fine
from candyrave :
my diary is now unlocked and you can continue to review it
from blind-life :
I just wanted to thank Ally for the awesome review. So thanks!
from jennyjenne :
Im sorry about not putting up your link, it is up on the reviews page now, and my reviews page is in the linkies page. Thanks for your time and effort. Sorry for the confusion. JennyJenne*
from erica2175 :
I'm back, and ready to start reviewing again... Um. Yeah!
from catkid1 :
Susan, thanks for taking the time to review my diary. :D
from padlocked :
i'm sorry, i can't do the review i'm allocated. school has started, so i'm giving up reviewing. hope i was some help anyways. luv zoe
from erica2175 :
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. My friend got into a fight with her mother, and she is now living with me. I haven't been online in so long, and when I have it's been at my boyfriend's house or somewhere else. Right now, I'm at the mall. But yeah... I won't be able to review for a while. But I will want to later on. When she gets a place of her own. Sorry about this inconvenience(sp?). I know I should have contacted you sooner, but like I said, things have been pretty hectic in my life these last few weeks. - Erica
from punkalistic :
To Kate: Well, believe it or not, I don't mind "real" reviewers giving me a 70 grade or lower or whatever they might think my score should be, but there's a difference between an informative review, (which is supposed to help you improve your diary, it's called feedback!. That's what reviews are supposed to do), AND another thing is to just tell you "YOUR DESIGN IS CRAP, YOUR GRAMMAR IS HORRIBLE, AND YOUR STUPID THAT I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WERE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER". Do you even know what that is???, no clue? yeah that's what I thought!
from punkalistic :
To Kate: ummm, about your little comment, "Scroll bars are great as long as the initial design doesn't extend the browser", LOL that was so hilarious. I guess you don't know much about designing, you do?. A design is not supposed to be limited to taking up the size of the browser only!. There are different resolutions and operating systems for computers, and most websites require more space! than just the size of a browser. And, yes I�m a college student!. I might not write with perfect punctuation, spelling, and grammar, but that's because I don't want to feel like I'm in my fucking English class!!!. A diary is a way of expressing yourself, doing whatever you want with it, writing whatever you feel like it, and writing fuck you!!!! if that's what I feel like it. Nevertheless, if you are going to try and find every little mistake in punctuation, grammar, and whatnot, why don't you start with yourself?. What makes you think you have what it takes to be a reviewer?? To begin with, your comments lack proper punctuation, and I think you need glasses too. My username is not punkalicious, it's punkalistic. Get it? Got it? Good!
from primafacie :
haha sorry but its quite unfair that someone only 13 reviewed my diary. oh boo hoo she cant understand it??? hahahah
from maeve-arie :
Emily-Whites review is up... On to the next!
from xerodigit :
I'd really like to put a link on my diary but i don't know how... It'd be great if someone could tell me how ^^*
from xerodigit :
I know that my diary is crap but I'd like it reviewed anyway...Thank yoo~ *-*
from dreamyautumn :
Hi! I'm losing interest in having any more reviews done, so I'm cancelling my request. Thanks anyway though. :o)
from emogrrrl :
thanks for the awesome review guys...:)
from wall-of-rain :
thanks for taking the time to review me.
from decieved :
Thanks for the review. ^^; Why do I keep using wonked out fonts that no one else has? Oh well. Hehe. Maybe I should do mine. o.o;
from maddysinsno :
sorry diaryland was being a real bitch. U can review me now the link is up! Thanks, and my apologies. x
from slayryder :
Wow, Thank ypu for the wonderful review. I was completly flattered, and it was so nice to read. Thanks again! Slay~
from your-embrace :
ahem, first i want to apologize for signing your g-book about a million times, my retarded computer kept on displaying an error message. =/ second, i changed my template since i signed your g-book, so now your link is up at the top right labeled "review" k? thanx so much!
from retired-ego :
okaaaaay, i'm ready to come back nooooow. hi erica by the way :D<br>Lenea
from m0oncrystal :
So, I want to say sorry, Ally. I have no idea on what's happening with my Older page. Any help? :/
from m0oncrystal :
Ally- It kind of angers me that I just changed my layout in 5 minutes just last night, and could not fix everything up right away, because it was my time to get off. That's why the layout/links were messed up. Also, I've had this diary since May. I don't think you really looked at my older page that much, although 3 of the months are messed up, because I have no idea how to fix that.
from smockgirl :
Just wanted to say thanks to Erica for such a kind review...Thanks hun! You rock my socks (and smocks of course)!
from christa2k :
Wow! Thanks for reviewing my diary and regarding it so nicely! --Christa-
from polkadot7815 :
Just wanted to say thanks to Ally for taking the time to review my diary! :)
from pastagirl :
I wanted to say thanks to Lenea for the great review! Wow! I was so surprised when I saw and read it. I'm really happy with it! Thanks!
from azimel :
I know. Sorry, been a bit back logged. almost done with the next
from mydemand :
The link is's in the Links page, (NOT the Reviews page, that's where all the completed ones are) and if you look down at the bottom there's a section called "Reviews" and the link's there. Sorry for the inconvienence!
from slayryder :
Thanks for the review.
from giggle-junky :
Just wanted to thank Kate for my lovely review, you made me blush :)
from alostgirl :
I can still be a reviewer, but I am only going to review occasionally since school and after school activities are eating up all of my time. I hope thats okay with you.
from okielion08 :
where do we get the link to your page? I want a review, but I see no damn link!thanks for the help,christie
from tilt-a-whirl :
thanks for the review! 99/100, i can't complain!
from riversluvsme :
Hey, sorry about the whole linking situation.. I kind of took it off in a fit of rage. But, I figure I'll put it back up again. Thanks for the great review!! :)
from devallyk :
Just want to say thanks, that was a great review. I'm flattered!
from marmalaide :
Thank you so much for my review! It was much more intelligent than some other reviews I could mention!
from crazed06 :
Hi, my name is Katelyn, and I would love to be a reviewer. Mostly for the summer, but I'll do something here and there around the school year. Please contact me as soon as you can. I am confused on what you want me to review, so I'll just review your site.
from u2october :
sorry, i was on someone else's comp when i left my message, and i got bumped off. it's on my rings page. :joey:
from gbg :
Thank you for my review! The lovely lady on my page is Eliza Dushku, who played Faith in BTVS and also acted in Bring it On, and The New Guy. But thank you, I enjoyed my review.

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