The Pieces of Bisa's life.

I'm just a Mom of two sons and trying to fit together the many pieces of my life. Yeah, I have some secrets, may shock ya, may not. Read the book.

My favorite diaries:

calico7 profile - diary
comments: Witty, funny, irreverant. A sassy Georgia peach that THIS southern belle admires.
invisibledon profile - diary
comments: kind of tripped over him in the survey directory. Well hell, he's hard to see!
chromemm profile - diary
comments: hilariously funny without trying to be. Rest in peace Big Guy.
justjill profile - diary
comments: a very nice lady i met who found me thru Chrome. i like her outlook and look forward to reading through her entries.
Weetabix profile - diary
comments: Who doesn't like Weetabix? Her shopping trips are hysterical.
Badsnake profile - diary
comments: Curiosity lead me in, fantastic story telling and one helluva sex life kept me there.
ms-m profile - diary
comments: A Sister Princess with a wicked Swappington's addiction.
raw-voice profile - diary
comments: Found her thru DS4 and now I'm hooked.
Trinity63 profile - diary
comments: Addictive, to say the least
eroticnights profile - diary
comments: Steamy erotic stories written under a pseudonym. Hmm, wonder who the author is? Hell who cares!? !
byrond profile - diary
comments: He makes me laugh :)
gawain profile - diary
comments: He makes me think, whenever he's not doing the whole gaming stuff.
mylaw profile - diary
comments: Interesting perspectives here. The whole point of the diary as I can tell is that it is written strictly by the author's point of view on different topics and if a reader doesn't like it, then the reader can just walk away.
raen profile - diary
comments: cuz she's funny and cool and i'll forgave her for scaring me with nude picks of Pete Steele on Abaku. *g*
waterstain profile - diary
comments: found her by accident. i'm keeping her.
pischina profile - diary
comments: She left me a comment saying we are a lot alike, so I checked her out and yanno, I think she's right.
sleepyzoe profile - diary
comments: Her writing style makes you feel her emotions as surely as if you were holding them in your hand.
loopyboi profile - diary
comments: The more I read the more I'm amazed he's still alive ... but damn I'm glad he is. :)
call911 profile - diary
comments: An incredibly strong woman
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: A funny, thoughtful read
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: What can I say? Just go read.
jason75 profile - diary
comments: I have to wonder about his green steaks.
kiss-a-frog profile - diary
comments: She taught me "yeah, ball hair!"
pushpull profile - diary
comments: I met her in DS5 and really clicked with her.
saxyjackclar profile - diary
comments: I'm not sure.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: gotta have my daily dose of Bob
foursquare profile - diary
comments: You gotta love a woman who has ridden a Christmas tree! No, not THAT way, ya perv. Geeze.
notjustamom profile - diary
comments: She cracks me up on a consistent basis - from the perspective of "omg, I thought I was the only one who ..."
tattodnanny profile - diary
comments: she gave me a golden thong! how cool is that?
dailywisdom profile - diary
comments: Can never have enough wisdom, yanno!
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Ok, NOW I know why Trin talks about her so much. She's great. Look for her to to be bumped up to my template the next time I change it, which will be soon.
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: He's like a junior Uncle Bob!
oicur12 profile - diary
comments: I'm addicted

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Miss Congeniality
comments: I am SO Grace. I watch this one when I want to laugh at myself. Just wish I cleaned up as good as she does.
comments: This is one slick movie. Blew my mind the first time I watched it.
Sixth Sense
comments: I didn't figure it out until about two minutes from the end.
Gone With The Wind
comments: What self respecting Southern Belle doesn't love this movie?

My favorite authors:

Anne Rice
comments: Yep, even loved her Beauty trilogy, although there was one book of hers I couldn't get a handle on. Can't remember the name of it but it's the only one I haven't finished.
Stephen King
comments: I like his warped sense of humor and his outlook about life.
Patricia Cornwell
comments: I wanna be Kay Scarpetta when I grow up.
Johnathon Kellerman
comments: Master of the sentence fragment.

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