Silly Cake

I am eccentric. I drink tea. Tea and eccentric are good.

My favorite diaries:

catsoul profile - diary
comments: "Peanut butter is a perfect food."
atomicbuddha profile - diary
comments: "The rummage sale on Saturday was a total bust."
smartypants profile - diary
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: "Thanks a whole fucking lot."
tudor-diva profile - diary
comments: "Operation Hubby Reintegration is coming along swimmingly."
smoog profile - diary
comments: "Staring down stupidity cross-eyed."
kidzpinkcat profile - diary
comments: "Damn laundry fairy. She's no help at all. Stupid hoochie!"
m-lewis profile - diary
comments: "Autumn brings such cool exhilaration that I feel like Snoopy dancing with glee on top of my dog house."
xparamorex profile - diary
comments: "Perfect. I love it. I never have to be nice again. :]"
beautiflntmr profile - diary
comments: "Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a round room and told me to find a square corner."
pagetemp profile - diary
comments: "Put some pants on. Those noises you hear should concern you."
gazrip profile - diary
comments: "There's always a bigger fish."
goodsandwich profile - diary
comments: "I know exactly what it says about our housekeeping tendencies when we arrive home from a 2-day trip, open the door, and my husband exclaims delightedly, 'It doesn't stink in here!'"
amalthea23 profile - diary
comments: "Now thereís going to be phone yelling."
beyondpanic profile - diary
comments: "One minute Iím thinking about dog food, the next minute Iím trying to decide which bathroom is closer."
neverbeme profile - diary
comments: "Tomorrow I have a meeting with the head bitch."
bantenhut profile - diary
comments: "The air was so foggy this morning I could have danced naked in front of my window!"
buppie profile - diary
mangofarmer profile - diary
augustdreams profile - diary
yrmartyr profile - diary
c1rcu5fr34k profile - diary
comments: "There's a poorly corpse in the bathroom."
sandydahling profile - diary

My favorite music:

Third Eye Blind
comments: The Who
Aeon Spoke
comments: Blue Oyster Cult
A Perfect Circle
comments: Pinback
Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: Nick Drake
comments: Led Zeppelin

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: Pulp Fiction
Garden State
comments: Snatch
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comments: Arrested Development (TV Show)
Alice In Wonderland
comments: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Office Space
comments: Father of the Bride

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Harper Lee
Laurie Notaro
comments: Sandra Brown
Lewis Carroll
comments: The Brothers Grimm
Alice Sebold
comments: Mitch Albom
Laura Wolf
comments: Ayn Rand

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