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from sassymcgee :
That could happen but I'm sticking by what I say. No security system is perfect but it's there for a reason...and I'm glad it IS there. I mean seriously, a man had explosives taped to his nether-region for crying out loud. I would take being patted down to avoid having that crazy man or anyone like him on my flight.
from opposure :
I have to say that your Chuck Norris entry is one for the ages. Cheers.
from fifidellabon :
Hallo from Fifi!
from omfggwtf :
i really like this x_x
from artgnome :
Hey, thank you for reading my blog! Thanks to my ex-husband from hell stalking me online, I have to go private with my journal. Please let me know if you want the password or if you would like to be put on a private email mailing list.
from hadassah :
You're brilliant, who are you?
from viva-la-babe :
viva la means long live, but i have no idea what you're talking about and i was watching a tv show when i picked my name..
from idontpretend :
You sound about as loony as a, um, loon... o.O SWEET!!!
from chaosdaily :
ok, so you are reading, but not posting. tell me more about you!
from poolagirl :
Thanks for adding me. I'll be visiting your archives soon!
from requiel :
You seem strangely familiar. Thanks for adding me. I think I may just go insane trying to figure you out.
from requiel :
You seem strangely familiar. Thanks for adding me. I think I may just go insane trying to figure you out.
from metonym :
Chuck Norris lives near my parents.
from emjstrange :
randolution - fuckin gr8 word!
from crateobscure :
Thanks for taking my survey. Your sammich is in the mail. It should arrive in 4 to 8 weeks. I hope the mayo doesn't turn...
from ughisme :
Wow, it's been a while. I have missed your entries!
from kate-nz :
Hello and thank you - I think.
from caityreturns :
Technically, it's not statutory rape unless the person is more than two years younger than you(if they're under 18). Yep...don't ask.
from minerva666 :
i loved your answers to my survey.....very "real" diary is autumn666...if you're interested.....keep up the good replies and remember that you made me laugh.....kiss kiss
from sambadelic :
Heheheh, you took my survey, and you said "ass".
from niknak7652 :
who are you?
from gwyn-raven :
Greg the Bunny, sadly, is not on anymore. But I have all the episodes stashed away somewhere, so I can watch them whenever I care to remember where that is. And the funny just keeps going....
from alioth :
someone reads zits. because zits is cool.
from piehole :
Oh, I am just PEEING with laughter.
from regginrepus :
i decided to add you to my buddy list because i don't have a guy on u will be my first boy friend.. but we won't be cybering. i can't wait to figure out what guys talk about when neither of them cunts...
from nyquilgirl :
Salut. I was wondering, do you write an entry for every person listed on your favourites list?
from damodred :
who is jay sherman?
from alimountain8 :
EEK! Thanks for adding me to your favorites! I'm gonna add you to mine! :-P Thanks!
from damodred :
you have been beeped, by me! i bet you didn't know that til just now.
from shadowbxr13 :
If you feel like you can't live without me, I don't blame you, but i urge you to try living for today.
from clarinerd :
Hey, I noticed you have had me listed as a favorite for a while. Thanks. :D Have you ever written to me?
from sadsiren :
*chuckles softly* Did you read you-smile's entry for 10-08-02? I swear, Mom's theory is starting to scare me...*looks about suspiciously* They're watching!
from invisibledon :
thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from luckybobb :
what is up with you and random people?
from genghis-jon :
Thanks for coming 'round..I always love it when my bitches say hi.
from emala311 :
well that was fun! thank you for making me so very random. <3
from sadsiren :
Dearest Doctor, Moltar was indeed red, with a bit of green and gray here and there. The show is still on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment, which here in my area is on late Sunday night.
from debbie61377 :
Arbusto means "bush" in spanish. so george arbusto = george bush. the majority of people who have filled out my survey belong to the 12-18 category in age. i have nothing against anyone of any age, but when i receive answers that are from the "Degrassi Junior High" era, it becomes a bit disheartening and not amusing at all. So...i liked your answers for what they were...enlightening. am i making any sense or am i just speaking random babble...i just don't know anymore.
from morguecrawl :
You added me as a favourite author! Thank you! I need all the publicity that I can get.
from debbie61377 :
thank you for doing my survey. you just single-handedly refreshed all the things good in humankind that i thought no longer existed. thank you. and i have no clue who Henry Perris is...who is he?
from emperorincxt :
it could be dirty.. but maybe not. depending on how good a shot you are. and wrong can be and is right. you just have to decide if its the right time for wrong. its all your point of view. changing reality/morality is as easy as changing thoughts. but you already knew that.
from amishchick :
haha ok. don't worry about it, im just paranoid.
from thebeesknees :
I do so enjoy your diary...and I just wanted you to know. Awww. Keep it up, hotshot.
from lilaeth :
Dear Random Person: i find you intriguing.
from ughisme :
Thnaks so much for the laughs. I just got around to reading your answer to my survey and laughed for some time about them, still giggling.
from shotstarr :
dear random person: i think you are swell.
from spinichsauce :
oh, well i'm sorrrryy that i didn't realize i was required to send an email. my heart felt apologies.
from tenderpoison :
If you're going to claim it was dating at all, you might as well be honest about it. A month and a half is just a smidgen over two weeks. Well, I've gotta go check your other diaries now, or I'll miss my fifteen minute check.
from morguecrawl :
I've been wrapped in barbed wired for free really wasn't that bad as long as you moved very carefully....and for God's sake! Don't sit down! I have a scar!
from preceptionss :
precept n 1: rule of personal conduct. This is a new public diary, and actually, there are no rules.
from boy-blue :
Your diary is great, I really like it. I think you'd be an awesome person to have a conversation with. Enjoy!
from preppypunq :
your diary makes me happy, and i dont find you very random... the thoughts make sense. or maybe you are random and im just full of shit, i cant tell the difference at the moment unfortunately, because i cant think very well, but youre diary made me happy, and thats what i think ive been trying to say... in too many words
from natinski :
from gotmedown :
people call me random and that's, ok.
from autumnal :
from morguecrawl :
Dear Dr, I don't know why I'm writing you this letter, but I just have to know. The last time I stopped by for a check up, I woke up at home, sitting on my couch in my grandmother's house dress (she's been dead for 15 years)and you know what? It wasn't even my couch. Or my house, actually. Can I ask you what transpired during our conversation? I seem to recall some sort of test...
from ladolcevita3 :
Your randomness made me smile today... do keep it up :)
from inkmonkey :
oh oh kay. yes. if you read my diary- right know it sounds strange but old entries are labeled "funny" and i have a few fans so you should read it if ya get the chance and i really like ben harper and sceinfeild is sooo funny
from thisadiary :
ahh! finally, we thought nobody ever read our diary (its a shared diary)leave us a note sometime!
from damodred :
rory is also the name of one of my ex-boyfriends. he was (is still?) an alcoholic cocaine addict. he's also white trash. fun no?
from mal-adjusted :
I've tried it. My name is inexplicably associated with prOno stars and strippers. Although I can not vouch for my actions while unconscious, I do realize I'm not that much of a real go-getter.
from omri :
from damodred :
well you see i don't know exactly what they taste like but because they are totally different from land cucumbers i'm going to assume they taste different too. you know, logical deduction. it would be pretty bizarre if they tasted the same i think. have you ever seen a sea cucumber? i have, that makes me an authority, hehehe. in any case, i'll take a bumper sticker that says "i paint pigeons pink".
from frontal :
interesting diary.
from angeline-is :
You are a very, very strange man.
from msofthedark :
Ick. That was just yucky. I'm never giving you a suggestion again. And I'm really glad that I didn't like chunky peanut butter to begin with because I don't think I'd be able to ever eat it again with an image like that in my head.
from damodred :
sea cucumbers aren't really skinny and they don't taste like land cucumbers.
from chloeishere :
hey doc-- remember me? we met in the chat room? YOu talked about being Jesus and Douglas Adams sucking? Anyway, I couldn't remember your name, and I couldn't figure out how to find you and check out your diary, and then I did! Hurrah! And now, my question: Can I be a random person too? LOL Nice talking to you, hope to see you around, and I like your diary! :o) Chloe the pollock
from sadsiren :
"hotter, then the coals" hmm? Care to elaborate? I'd say write an entry to me, but that wouldn't be very random then would it? ^^ Email, g-book, or note will do. In the meantime, I'll come up with a comment for you on my diaries list.
from zallright :
random person is the notes page
from steve0tronic :
random people want tickets to van halen concerts......
from sociaobella :
you read. you die.
from vnichols :
"eating the wrong part of a sea creature." huh? you've got the random thing down.
from devilspawn :
ummm thanks. I think.
from ramanda :
Well hello Dr. Thanks for adding me to your favourites, though I'll be arsed if I know what "another deity as homosapien agenda" means. Care to enlighten me?
from thestoryofme :
The point of a pop-quiz? Very strange, nonsensical but popular diary you seem to have here. Congrats, I guess.
from damodred :
wait you always sign it that way. nevermind
from damodred :
you put dr. andom at the end of this update. but you updated! thanks. :)
from upandcoming :
dear dr i see you say directing is a no win situation, please... enlighten me, leave a note at my diary!
from k9642042 : you know something else about me...I am a moron. I typed idea when I meant to type ID. Damn.
from k9642042 :
actually, I was far too lazy to come up with a creative's an old school idea that is stuck in my head. Yeah, I am a lonely boy in ohio...mostly as I moved here recently. I do like the bow on my "goodie two shoes"'s pretty.
from jaxxalude :
Okay. Fair enough. At least it's. . . entertaining. . .
from jaxxalude :
Hi. . . um, can you maybe explain your diary to me? I know that's asking a lot, but you must admit, it warrants an explanation. Just leave me a note or something. Thanks.
from sensei-cain :
16 Volt is now touring with KMFDM for tour dates!
from caligirl1313 :
just let me tell you how flattered i am that i'm on your favourites.... i'm very flattered ( that's really a stupid word...
from chiv :
if the us had stuck to its isolationist policies, a lot less folk would have died.
from soleille :
Still not resisting my smile? :)
from pantybrains :
will this burning never stop, doctor? this light's killing me, and sumo's getting pissed. better check out, charlie brown.
from leashdfreak :
the least she could do was clean it up? explain please. leave me a note, if you would, doctor.
from thorns :
interesting... I found myself in your favorites and had to swing by here and look. It's funny. I was trying to figure out if you had in your favorites all the people you'd written to, but no, it seems truly random all around. Too bad, I was hoping I had a corresponding random entry written to me.
from lynnstjoseph :
Message for the doctor... beep beep beep.
from sweetrosez :
Thankz for adding me to your favoritez. E-mail me sometime. ;P
from caityreturns :
Couldn't resist saying hello. Patiently awaiting criticism, unless it's already been given, and I simply haven't found it. I find the whole thing odd.....but that's just me. Congrats on a very popular diary.
from lemonhead84 :
I just wanted to tell you that I am very confused by you. I am sure that that was your intention but none the less, I wanted to inform you of that. If you could please email me at some point to explain yourself that would be absolutely fabulous. My email address is on my diary.
from evil-edna :
Heh, I didn't sign last time ~slaps self~. Sadly, the link you gave me didn't work. Damn hippies wanting royalties for their music. Free love, but not free music?
from moonshine76 :
I dig this. Oh, I just signed too.
from brokenb4him :
you are one interesting indivdual
from white-rook :
*Love* the Empire references in the last entry... "Let's not fight- let's just rip."
from alight :
Are you gonna write me one? Because im very interested. You listed me and im wondering if you do read your listed diaryries. Well im just hoping.
from fluffychick :
Do you read the diaries in your profile? Thanks for the randomization, wondering whether or not I'll pop up in your diary at any point, but this is a great idea!
from notreallyme :
It took me a while, but I finally "got" your diary. You're a damn genius. Very original idea you've got here. Anyway. So when is it gonna be my turn?
from dyermaker37 :
yay for empire records :) well met indeed
from delighted :
thank you for leading me to a random person's random entry that among other things mentioned having a "magnificent boyfriend", cause maybe it is the time of night or the fact that I'm out of cigarettes, but I just found the fricken' hilarious. This goes out to magnificent boyfriends every where...
from pnknlvr :
So when is it my turn? Be gentle ... it's my first time. ;)
from giallothang :
Happy Birthday. Heard this rumor from tenderpoison. If it's not true, hang on to this note and read it on your REAL b-day :)
from pyrokate :
i wish i could be random
from fulltilt :
you're the best Doc! I know I don't look like the Rock. =(
from komradphil :
whoa...thats erie chief...or something
from hoochiepoet :
A lot of my older entries have poetry. Inspiration's been low lately. Sorry.
from saturne :
Just for you, tonight before I go to sleep, I'll touch myself and think of you instead of Adam. 295 pounds. Grrrrrowl.
from jrsuper8 :
This is bullshit, what is that over there. These are wierd times we are living in, this person and that person doing these perveerse things. I can study for my test now you ruind me. Want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes check out my latest update...ya that one. I need a smoke.
from white-rook :
I am so honored to be randomized! ^__^
from sweettits :
from abbeynormal :
I am terribly bothered, thank you. Send a REAL email, would ya? And then I will send one back . . . etc. Celebrity? HAAAAAAA. Besides, the link only brought 2 hits. Diaryland celebrities hate that.
from testify :
AHH! Get the squeegee, quick!
from lights-out :
you are one weird puppy. i think you should really just have sex with me and get it out of your system.. er. yeah. good logic. *smooch*
from allihaveisme :
I wish my name were peth
from blindspot :
i feel honored to be a random person. and um, i really don't know what i'd do.
from witchmedic :
You're very funny although you claim you are not trying to be. I liked the disclaimer spoof you did about me - that cracked me up.
from red-scribe :
how strange
from peth :
Brilliant! (Dear God)
from diotoir :
Green eyes, huh? Okaaaaay...
from peth :
Sometimes I think of you as Doctor Random Person.
from c-etney :
you would rather see botany?? care to explain?
from mechanica :
Dear Random Person, my leg fell off... pahahahaha.
from wisconsin :
yes. i cuddle as if it's speeding out of fashion.
from msofthedark :
Monkeys! Damn dirty apes! Charlton Heston....Monkeys, apes, dirt, Charleton Heston. Connections? Yes, Charleton Heston is older than dirt, which preceeded apes, who are related to monkeys, who like cheese. The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone...hi-ho the derry-o, the cheese stands alone. (in Wisconsin)
from openemoxtort :
Where do wuzzles go when they die? Hellvan?
from deiciderx :
Sippie cups. Not bras nor from Mississippi. Whats up with that?
from peth :
why does nailpolish have to get crusty and thick in the bottle? this makes me so mad. i believe it is a plnned obsolescence, and this frosts me.
from safewaygirl :
thank you for letting me be random

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