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from bluecharis :
Sorry to hear you've moved. Where can I find you now? If you want to let me in on the know, leave me a note or email me at [email protected]. Much love, Charis ;-)
from mommybrain :
I love you, too. Thank you.
from eucalia :
Thanks! It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in the world on this one :-)
from eucalia :
Thanks for the England info...I may have to ask you for more specifics as the time draws nearer!
from lilpeanut80 :
hi! i stumbled upon your diary via banner ad and I plan to add you to my 'reading list'. I am a grad student too...and i have a vespa (2 loves I see we share). I had a cat but it pee'd on everything and ran away. I haven't healed yet from the betrayal.
from moviegrrl :
from hamiltonian :
quotes quotes i love the quotes
from eucalia :
Just catching up on reading your journal...happy belated birthday! And of course P. is cute as always :)
from chicagojo :
I'm part of the site, and I saw you reached your 100 books for the year. MANY CONGRATS! I'm aiming for 10,000 pages, and I'm almost there! Whee!
from forestdream :
Thanks so much for the offer - however, I just got a whole lump of invites, and so I'm set :)
from normaltoilet :
P is adorable! I've been slacking on reading here for a while but i hope to catch up!
from thespark :
Hi there! It's [email protected] I am angry at Yahoo, as those are personalized addresses I paid for, and suddenly, they started bouncing on people! They are getting a big complaint from me. Hope the baby is well! Love, Leslie
from thespark :
By the way, that meant, sure, I'll take it! Love, Leslie
from forestdream :
Hey - I can't tell from the notes whether the G-mail invite has been claimed. If not, I'd love it :)
from leslieirene :
Sounds good to me.
from leslieirene :
Hi there...just curious about your posting! It's Google mail, correct?
from kiki-blue :
does being a member of the spark list count for your gmail offer, or is only for spark posters? I just thought I'd take a chance on it, anyway:)
from elysium1982 :
beautiful beautiful baby!
from suggest :
you've been suggested as a great diary :)
from rainforme :
what a gorgeous baby! i thought it was a doll at first. congrats.
from juliebarbour :
Congrats on the baby! I have a 13 month old. So much work but so much love. :) You're going to have a great time. Keep your readers updated on your pregnancy! I used to read A LOT before my daughter was born-- I haven't read a novel since and I sure do miss it.
from she-ra7 :
Hello. I came across your banner and I read your diary for the first time today. I'm a teacher too! High school, though :) I was also surprised to shed a few tears over the last <i>Survivor</i> episode. When are you due?
from jewely79 :
sorry alison, B and I had a "misunderstanding" last nite. As soon as I get time to delete the entry and put up a new one I will unlock. no worries. =) we are all fine now.
from ceciliamarie :
its ceciliamarie...but unfortunately you can't read it unless you have an lj and i link you as a buddy. do you have one? if not, its super easy to sign up.
from molzo :
I'm your secret santa, by way of the other one not being able to do it. I have your stuff, but I have to wait for payday to send it out. I'm sorry for the delay.
from yvette18 :
hey there, this is yvette18 from the spark. just wanted to say hello, I am going to be a good sparkler, and get to know my fellow sparkers better.
from eucalia :
Thanks for the link and the encouragement, I can use all I can get! ;)
from opinionshere :
Here's the deal: At one point the pending list got deleted so I made a new one. As I was checking the guestbook to the reviews that had been completed your name didn't come up as a diary that had been reviewed or as a name on the pending list. You can do one of three things; 1. leave me a note telling me that you are on the pending list and still want the review, 2. you can leave a note saying you no longer want the review or 3. you can ignore this all together and sooner or later your name will be taken off the pending list.
from eucalia :
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
from quit4good04 :
I'm a dork (this is ceciliamarie, btw). I just left a g-book msg for you but I messed up the url to my new journal. It should have an "04" after unravelme. Sorry! :)
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from thespark :
Did you love Mona Lisa Smile?
from vividdreamer :
I want to see Mona Lisa Smile SO sure and give a full review when you get a chance. ;-) Enjoy your break!
from sarafem :
I'm temporarily locked. Username sara password ranger.
from jenne1017 :
thanks for the support xxoo
from savern :
For your jeans and pants that are not fitting right, try looping a rubber band over the button of the pants, thread it through the button hole and then loop it back over the button. This should give you a few more inches of room and you can hold off on buying more maternity pants that might still be to big.
from ceciliamarie :
i'm thinking i want to know what you're being so secretive about...i won't be rude and guess but i'm really very curious :) *hug* hope you're doing ok.
from andthoughts :
oh geez. first, i guess it's kinda rude of me to lurk around your pages and then expect you to just run back to me... especially when i'm locked. so, username is sparkler, password is guest. * second, livejournal ( is a more interactive sort of journal. more of a weblog than an online journal. i find it's more conducive to actual conversations and have actually met quite a few local people. of course, it's not solely for meeting locals. it's more like journaling for the grown-ups. i like reading you entries and i think you have a sensational grip on phrases and such. i thought you'd be a great candidate for a livejournal. one can only get a livejournal by invite or by buying an account. if you're interested, i can send you an invite code (that way, you'd not have to pay a dime, ever. unless you wanted to upgrade.). if you have any other questions, i'll gladly answer them: [email protected] . * cheers.
from andthoughts :
i've been lurking around your pages for a while now and just wanted to say that i love your writing and your layout. it's all so real. plus, i thought i might offer you a livejournal code. see, i just became a paid member over there (thanks to an anonymous donor) and now i have all these codes and i don't know what to do with them. i figured someone with your blog-ability would relish the environment of LJ. i'm andthoughtstoo on LJ, so check me out and let me know. xo
from holyspit :
Hey, I just found you through onewetleg. I have the same cat shoes as you! I'm also a teacher (reluctantly). Anyway, I am enjoying your journal now.
from onewetleg :
hello! i would like to cordially invite you to join my new diaryring, the fucktemplate ring. it is for people who do not use premade templates or use a diaryland template. thank you for considering. and how are you? ahppy aniversary. ours was on the 14th but we both forgot it. can you imagine that? love, jj
from msgaladriel :
Hi! I found your diary today from a random link on another page. My wedding anniversary is also the 25 August (we got married in 2001 though). Hope you're going to have a wonderful anniversary too :)
from violet-leigh :
Wow, great interview questions... I finally posted them for all to see. Thanks!
from moviegrrl :
you're a sweetie - you know that?
from fuschiashock :
i live in nova scotia, near acadia, actually. i'm sixteen, so i haven't gone anywhere yet, but i'm considering memorial.
from molzo :
interview me, please!
from fuschiashock :
did you go to memorial?
from dust-settle :
poor girl...good luck, just think in only two weeks you'll be done and the tired way you feel now will be over with.
from iluvjessee :
Hey! I like your banner. :) Is that a siamese cat? =^..^= God bless you!
from miss-miami :
I'm going nuts! Someone, from a japanese (.jp) IP (219.111.x.x OR X.X.111.219) has been leaving weird messages in my guestbook and checking my diary every five seconds. It's a little creepy. They seem to have come from your guestbook everytime. Do you know who this could be? I'm caffuffled!
from banefulvenus :
your banners get me every time. They are great!
from katehackett :
YAY! Congrats!
from prowlingleo :
Just wanted to say thanks for signing the guestbook for Lucy's birthday!
from yoyobek :
I love your diary so much! Youve got such strenghth and..RAGE! I LOVE rage....
from girlreview :
Hey. I'm the owner of Girl Review(Dani) and I'll point out your note to Dulce. Thanks for pointing that our to us. :)
from katehackett :
I AM! You were talking about moving ...... eh. I'm good :O)
from katehackett :
Where is your province? You're in the UK? Right? I'm a little confuzzled :OP
from moviegrrl :
the twinkie thing - gotta be....
from namelessgirl :
you never ate a twinkie until you were 22? that's my guess.
from onewetleg :
stupid heat wave. nice kitty shoes. as always,
from simple-me :
from ariessolar :
Well, I noticed you banner on this site and read through a bit of your diary...let me just say it was quite refreshing. Not at all like some of the rather vapid things I've seen earlier...I really enjoyed it. Please, keep it up!
from onewetleg :
good morning! i hate waking up. later love,
from pilarbuena :
Thanks for your note... sometimes I feel so bitchy and whiny and forget that there's a reason for it. haha. Anyways, I read you all the time and really like your diary and your layout and how you put lotsa pictures up (something I want to do at some point) so thanks again for your note and I'll remember to leave you notes sometimes! :)
from eversleepy :
Hey. I tried to sign your book but it doesn't look like it showed up. Anyway, what I said was that I think your diary is wonderful and I look forward to reading it. That was a nice picture of the rock. It's a big rock. And I am stealing your list for buddy list idea right now. I think it's great. Well, talk to ya later. ~Carmy
from wishaword :
hehe, don't you hate how that always happens. Better next time with your yoga ;)
from ursaminor2 :
hi there! I stopped by today and enjoyed you. It was fun....
from trust-no-1 :
Taye doesn't sing in Chicago...
from pinkyaplhead :
hey! I saw your webpage and I was just wondering how you added a "comments" section to your diary. I really want a comments section rather than a guestbook. Thanks for your time...
from lovemetwice :
you're lovely. [and i've always wanted to be a cat too..] xox.
from panicbird :
I loved reading you - I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my little list?
from hazyeyed :
i really like your diary!! your an interesting person. i'm pretty new at this. i see you have a lot of entries. i look foward to reading EVERY one!!
from hardlyknown :
Hey, T was wondering if you would like your site to be reviewed by me?. I really need some customers because well my site was just made the other day. If you want it to be reviewed just go to my review site ( )and read the rules and news. Please help spread the word about Hardlyknown Reviews! Thankx! ~Shel~
from xpolaroidx :
hey....happy random guest book signing thang to you too! cheers x
from disney-girl :
two years? wow!
from bellamante :
Congratulations on the two years!
from xzorakx :
Wow, this randomness is great. Here's another random guest book signing cause you signed mine type thing. Yowza!
from wing2conquer :
Happy random guestbook signing weeek! You signed mine so I'm here to sign back to yours. Thanx for signing mine. I got really excitied to see a note :) I'll have to check out your diary soon. ttyl. ~*Conquer*~ (a.k.a. Brie)
from artemissa :
Happy random guestbook singing weeek! You signed mine the other day, the only note I had from someone I didn't know ahha, I really like your template, it's so perfect and the font is so perfect.. It's fantastic!
from mariogirl :
Happy random guestbook signing week! I enjoy reading your diary very often! Teachers rock, and without them I probably wouldn't be even remotely near to being the person I am today. Thanks for being a fun diary to read!
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from prowlingleo :
Thanks sweetie...feels good to be back :)
from requiel :
Over 800 entries! Yikes! I am new so I have just a few, How long will it take me to read all yours? It will be interesting to try and find out. I am anticipating a very fun read.
from hope-street :
oh no, the pleasure was all MINE!
from yoyobek :
Happy random guestbook sighning week! its so good to feel loved...
from skatyr-gyrl :
i like your signing guestbooks idea...if you could check out my diary too, that would be soooo cool...leave me a note, if you'd like. thanks a bunch! and i have a couple surveys and diaryrings i made, u can check those out too! ta!
from asinglegirl :
Yeah, I noticed your banner too! Now I've gotta catch up on your archives.
from luvmysk8rboi :
I noticed your banner. How do I get one and how do I put it on diaryland?
from saiyanstar :
Welcome to the Spark!!!!!
from banefulvenus :
clicked on your banner because it was soooo good.
from mommybrain :
hey... just a note from someone you don't hear from nearly as often as you should. you're going to be my good influence as i start to make some changes in my life. you are an awesome person and i'm glad to count you among the few good and true friends that i have. though our lives may lead us in different directions and seem to separate, the thread that brought us together will never break. love you lots...
from bellamante :
P.S. I'm not sure why, but every link I tried to use from your profile didn't work. Maybe it's just my has been known to be stupid often. :)
from bellamante :
Great website! I can't believe you've seen Heavenly Creatures too.
from laughercurve :
<sniff, sniff, bawl> That is one of those songs that always makes me cry and always has to be played at least 3 times when I have that CD out. Perfect for chopping onions. I read somewhere there's some D.H. Lawrence in that song, but I've never read him, so I don't know where. And I cannot TELL you how many frustrating maintenance type things in my life have involved something heavy colliding with mah haid. Owwwww.
from brandone :
Hi, I have to say I love that Sarah Harmer cd. I listen to it whenever it rains, it makes me happy. She mentions rain and water so often, it just cheers me up. Write back soon Bran
from usareviews :
Hey girl! I had signed your guestbook letting you know that your review is done, but I don't know if it went through (it had the website not responding thingy) but either way...your review is finally up, so go check it out at You did a good job so go check it out! ~Nancy~
from jenne1017 :
****grumbles something inaudiable but that sounds like you are a &*^*^ for getting a massage while she sits at her desk hunched over her work****
from erlenweg6 :
if you give me your e-mail, I could send you the password! :-)
from mammas-pills :
Nice stuff...just one comment about your Mother's Day entry. Why did you list father under your list of people to pull close today? Why would a really good Father needed to be classified as a "Mother." I just don't see how this applies.
from keilakeren :
GIRL I like your style; you speak to me in many different ways! You GO and take on the world! I'm new around here but have already posted my life! See You around Keep in touch! I'll be adding you to my fav it's thats okay
from laughercurve :
Hey, have you ever read <i>A Proud Taste of Scarlet and Miniver</i>? It's by E.L. Konigsburg. Might be out of print, but try your library. It's absolutely fantastic. See also <i>Beheaded, Survived</i>. These are both Young Adult books that involve Ms. Eleanor--thinking back, I really wanna read 'em again.
from jenne1017 :
lol -- I know the feeling and I too like fruit. Nothing wrong with feeling hte way you do hun
from myfamilysux :
You have every right to feel jealous, everyone does every once in a while. I hope you are feeling better! :)
from prowlingleo :
I agree with you on Christie. She should've won. I imagined her and Butch making it to the final two, would have been a tough decision. But now it's looking like the two bitches may win, very sad. Hehe thanks for the comment by the way, as you can see, I didn't follow my own threat ;)
from whatabetty :
hi :) come visit me!
from tragiclovest :
Just wanted to say that I started flipping thru your diary, and I LOVE the entry on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl is my second favorite children's author, behind C.S. Lewis... :) I still have my Roald Dahl books on my shelf. Maybe I should pull one off and read it soon! :)
from z0tl :
re: maya's quote re: burden of untold story, i found it to be true that if you tell story in question, your burden will double and that'll just be the beginning of your troubles. i'll try to keep my observations to myself for the future, but i get to make this one in exchange for clicking your banner :z
from jenne1017 :
geesh hun!!!!!!!!!
from prowlingleo :
Thanks for the comment on the forgiveness entry. Realistically, everything you said I can believe, and even tell other people the same..just hard when it's you, ya know? *Big Hugs* thank you.
from prowlingleo :
Thank you for the comment on the new template. I'm so glad people can actually see it, so when they like it, I'm on cloud 9. Heh, your banner is running right above this text box! Love ya ;)
from zerom3ph :
hate to be the dark cloud over your pride parade, but i got the exact same results (word for word) as you did on that name quiz. here's the punchline: my first name is Thalion. they probably just spit out the same jargon for everyone.
from argylecool :
Enjoy seeing results of you rolling up your sleaves.
from bluedream :
I checked out the pics of your book room. It reminds me of bamboo, with the green walls and the wood floor. Very nice. :)
from ravenlochlea :
I cannot remember the name of JC's song from Drumline, do you know what it is? I like the color of the bookroom, btw. :)
from moviegrrl :
ah yes, judas' opening song in JCS. al all-time fave...
from nickerdoodle :
congrats on home-owning :-) cute diary, by the way.
from gothangel :
Hi... JLG
from leftunspoken :
hahahahahaha. If I had cable, I'm quite sure I'd think the same thing about a CLT network. love, m.
from arime :
cool diary, and yes cheeze sandwiches are quite normal:)
from quitenasty :
You know that review you wanted? Well you got it.
from m0nique :
hay saw a banner on diary land for you sight . Just wanted to say it's cool . Feoncy is studing screan and media at waikato uni nz . Will tell him to check it out .
from quitenasty :
Looking for a review?
from carianne :
Coming from a teenager who's taking it seriously...that was great advice! :)
from jenne1017 :
Not on my list? You were! Well -- you will be anyway when I make it over again!!
from poorlylit :
wow. i think that the program you are talking about to get girls information about the oil industry is a wonderful idea. when i was in high school, trades weren't pushed enough. i wanted to be a pipeline welder but i ended up in university switching my major on a daily basis. now i am 24 and in the oilfield as a pipe inspector. pigtails, coveralls, and a crew made up entirely of middle-aged-moustached men. let me know how it goes.
from catzi :
Hey, I hope you get better soon. Also, I love your new banner. Very cute. Feel better. >^..^<
from clearcadence : it's even more intersting. thanks for the link. actually, my lil sister told me about the sticks...she failed to mention what they were used for tho . i will inform her. :)
from moviegrrl :
aren't we all a glamorous bunch...*smooch*
from poorlylit :
my mom just mailed me good girl magazine. i haven't read much of it yet, but i did like the article on truckers.
from luluspetalz :
Is the pic on your diary of the "red barn" at Cornell?
from bluebanditt :
wow. i am like that too... but more with the tv and stereo. i check about 50 times a day to make sure they're all off.
from cookiesoup :
Another person who wandered into your diary from the banner (it was the 'mommy to a cat' that got me). I'd just like to say you seem like you'd be an interesting teacher, and I wish I'd had more with similar ways of expressing themselves when I was in school.
from l-i-l-a-c :
Thats a great goal! You should persue it!
from candaceann :
i read some of your diary and it's kick butt. I was just wondering how you got your diary to look like that. I'm not too fond of the traditional stuff they have on here anyways. Thanks.
from charymessiah :
I saw your banner, which is very cool and I read some of your entries. I can honestly say that your diary rocks and that it left me kind of speechless.
from kissmygritts :
I saw the banner posted on that little advertisement area at the top of the screen and was like, "beauty is only pixel deep" and then thought that was pretty deep in itself. I took a look at your profile and it's pretty genuin. So here's something for you to think about teach': Where light meets dark and the earth faces the sun and the moon there is a line. This line may represent many things in life, but it only means something if it represents something to you other than a line. It's the duality of life that we see in this light and dark paradox, but at the same time, it is only two sides of the same coin, a yin and a yang, one may not exist without the other, not because they need balance, but that if there was no opposite, there'd be nothing to call it.
from speedboymark :
u don't know me, u probably never will ... but i saw a diary, i saw a woman, i saw grass, and i thought to myself ... what donkey wouldn't like to eat off that grass .... *laughs ... just dismiss this as a note from a crazy psycho ... because we all know I will ... *smiles ... keep the kelp coming
from heidiann :
Oh that wacky Tawny! Don't take it personally, she's left similar psychotic notes for other people. Usually liberally peppered with the word "slut". Poor little Tawny must be desperate for attention.
from bannerreview :
You've been reviewed!
from moviegrrl :
REALLY - don't bother about that silly little girl. She does just sound like she wants to start a fight. HER problem, not yours babe. {smooch}
from heinrich :
By the way, I love your diary. I found it through your great banner.
from heinrich :
I wouldn't worry about responding to her. I looked at her diary, and she seems to be (a) very immature and proud of it, and (b) very obnoxious and proud of it. I think she just wants a fight.
from rurisue :
i find it funny that some people just don't understand what being a feminist means. i don't get it. just because someone believes in women being beautiful, and talented, and just as good as men, suddenly they become a man-hater? ugh. ignore that person, whoever it is obviously doesn't have a brain. and gyah! who on *earth* would have sex just to have babies in order to kill them? yeesh! anyway, you have a great diary [found it through one of your terrific banner ads], and i'll be sure to come back. ta!
from tawnyraccoon :
ah and if you hate men why do you have a boyfriend? i just dont get that.
from tawnyraccoon :
why do you hate men and like to kill babies? Girls are gross, i hate them, theyre so annoying and can be so slutty, not all of them, but most, and they like to have sex to kill their babies.
from lo-ol :
Hi. Nice blog. Nice-blog-ad. (Naturally, as a feminist geek who has been through a postgraduate education herself, I was intrigued).
from katehackett :
WOW. I love this!
from tink-182 :
i don't even remember what your banner said, but i clicked on it and loved every entry i read. especially the one about not putting on socks when you're cold, because i do the same thing, and everyone yells at me for it
from hibiscus101 :
ha! mad funny. pornliates:)
from alwayslolita :
hi, i really like your diary, and i've been reading it for awhile. did you like "the life of david gale?" i loved that movie. anyway, just thought i'd leave a note.
from rar :
Ack! Taxes. The necessary evil. We all feel your frustration.
from potebrigitte :
I came to your diary through a banner, as a fellow feminist I think what you're doing for those girls is amazing. Please don't get too discouraged, and as I attempt to get Women's Studies on the plate in High School a year from now, I'll try and do the same!
from pigment :
i'm just warning you that i clicked on your banner and that i am about to read your diary...! i didn't still, but i am going to...! right now...!
from myhorizons :
Sometimes, I have problems with my right pant leg twisting around my leg. I don't understand it. It's one of the most annoying things I have experienced.
from spoonbender :
that was a really good paper.
from josiebaby :
Do you read Maya Angelou's books or writings? I have to do a report on her. I tihnk she is cool, I only have one of her books though. I like your diary. Please comment me back, thanks :)
from sandalinabee :
Hello. I've been reading about you, and I'd like to tell thanks. you're helping me figure things out little by little...and making "not knowing" easier to get through. So thank you.
from catzi :
wow, definitely go for your dreams. I know how you feel wanting to keep up a good average and feeling stressed, but you'll make it. Even if those ifs you mentioned were to happen, there are others who have made it through similar situations. So keep your dreams alive, always, just try not to burn yourself out. :)
from zockendland :
HEY!new reader.great stuff.pleaze check mine.most online freinds left or hated me sio please.
from buenacabra :
your site is cute
from bettyalready :
The banner was genius. I like your page layout too
from jenne1017 :
BTW, you can get the Pacific Spiced Chai for like $2-$6 cheaper at TJ MAxx!
from moviegrrl :
I know - shocking isn't it? SUCH a babe...{insert cheesy mom grin here}. thanks for taking the time to say it!!!
from eucalia :
Bravo! You hit the nail on the head with your entry today.
from zubazach :
Hi! While typing a new entry, I happened to glance up and upon your banner. I really enjoyed your diary. Great imagery! I wish we had that much snow in Minnesota! If you don't want it, can you tell Mother Nature to send it our way? All donations are welcomed.
from writerchic88 :
from flyinby :
wanted to say that i stopped by.
from sianni :
Hey :) i liked your diary :) my kitty cat is my baby too!!!
from catzi :
That is very sad. There are too many younger people dying from things like that now-a-days. Just recently, the husband of a woman from my mother's church died of a heart attack. They 1 or two very young children. But, he was only 29. It's very sad. If you think you are running yourself too hard or are really stressed, you really should slow down. I've found that, while I'm only a college student, the stress I put myself under is just huge, but this semester I plan to take a break when I need it. Pilates really helps me relax and feel better, though, if that helps. (sorry if this note is a little spacey or going different places, i'm tired). I don't know if that brings you any comfort or if it makes you worry, sorry, just make sure you take easy every once in a while and stay healthy.
from elateddream :
Oooo road-trips :)
from petrichor :
Yes, this Christmas for me this year is one of the "Last Christmases", where things are changed and Christmas as well. Don't apologize for writing about what you care about.. it is your diary.
from starrinite :
About your diaryring, which I just joined, I was in a play last year about Terezin- we recited original poetry by the children and I got a cd of it and i have video of the play... 15,000 children. I love your ring :)
from chick8 :
Thanks. Luckily this dude Kevin already helped me out with my "About Me" pages...but thanks SO much anyway. Check out my diary...I think the entry from today is hilarious...okay so they all are...anyway thanks again, and Merry Christmas. :0)
from moviegrrl :
Opera? Feh! It's been my browser of choice since i loaded it about 6 weeks ago. Yesterday it died, and now it will not play. And i miss it already......
from aschoom :
WOW, I am really impressed by your diary! Its so magical and POWERFUL! Guess what? I am an ARTIST too (for LOTR)!
from goddesshere :
that's really great you gave out so many "good deed" awards. Kids need more affirmation in their lives and rewards!
from moviegrrl :
thanks for your sweet note a couple of days ago. just thought i'd let you know there are 4 new designs up! Sas
from chick8 :
Okay I confess I need your help. I love your diary and I am struggling with making bunch of different pages so I can have a "me" page like you. Can you help me out? Thanks! ~*Ash*~
from silentspring :
ure banner doesnt justify your amazing writing talents girl ..
from theaspirant :
Howdy! I just joined your "teach for now" ring. I'm making myself at home. Ho Hum (umm... you spelt aritmetic wrong on the ring profile... i hope you don't think i'm an a-hole for correcting you... i make speeling mystakes all the time, i am after all, a lousy math teecher) Later Alligator
from wifemotherme :
surfed on from your banner. I have really enjoyed reading you. I sure hope you feel better soon.
from wifemotherme :
surfed on from your banner. I have really enjoyed reading you. I sure hope you feel better soon.
from moviegrrl :
came across you through your banner going to HAVE to come back later and read more - I'm hooked. Feel free to stop on by... Sas
from orlandoninja :
For magazines I reccomend Maxim and ESPN the Magazine! But then again, I'm a guy, and we guys enjoy stupid things like beer and and explosions...
from circlesleep :
Hi there... this is my new place. And yes, little kids DO dance like no one's looking. That's the best. Hope you have a lovely day. ~Sadie
from blueshield :
hewwo :) stumbled across your diary entry is it? :) entitled "Sex. Penis. Vagina. Not necessarly in that order., 2001-08-02, 3:36 p.m." I found it really enlightening :) honestly :) im 24 year old male who only recently got around to engaging in intercourse for the first time with a mutual virgin. I dont resemble the elephant man or anything so personal choice was involved with being virginal up until recently ;) Anyway all that aside. Your site has been a good read so far, but im preoccupied with looking for info about diaphrams :) right now. ill be back to read the rest though. :) anyway hope your doing well and that everything is peachy with you :0) best regards, joe
from kelifairy :
thanks for signing my bk :) i'll always be back here reading ya stuffs. Takecare~
from kelifairy :
hello! happened to be surfing, reading entries by others from diaryland, fate brought me to yours? :) Nice work....definitely more interesting than watching the spice girls :p I'll be back. Feel free to hop by my "home" at :)
from activism :
Red is good!!
from sugarbug :
Geisha follow everything through their almanacs. Like, bad luck lies in the east one day, and they won't walk east for the whole day. If I had one, I'd definately have fun with it.
from jenne1017 :
hugs are the best. thanks for mine!
from chasingastar :
[email protected] was probably where you got it from...that virus is pretty harmless, all it does is make a big spiral on your screen or some nonsense. No biggy =) the hahaha thing isn't a real email address, but if you had looked in the header of the email it would have given you the domain of the person who sent it to you...they probably don't even know they have it. Anyway. You used to be able to find stuff out at, some guy bought the domain so he could tell people about the virus, but I think it's expired or something.
from chasingastar :
yeah, I'd like the [email protected] sweetie :)
from chasingastar :
I just visited too while your diary was locked...let us know soon so that if you do decide to lock it we can start hounding you for the password ;) Love ya, mwah.
from donkeylady :
You locked your diary! Opal
from doighty :
you know, i just signed your guestbook but i wasn't done looking through your diary. i love the song "winter." it's so nice...
from jenne1017 :
THanks for the advice and the congrats! I am going to ignore landlady for now. Or else I am going to drive myself nuts!
from chrissy-love :
I am definitely what I eat. I should be a great big TOMATO with extra seeds. mmmm... nerds...
from steelsereph :
Thanks for the hug, I think I needed it, virtual though it may have been... I like your layout, by the way, it's pretty.
from nakedreviews :
you can link back from us from wherever you want as long as it's linked. sorry for the late review. one of us will review your diary soon as i don't think it's fair if i do all the review. but she's currently busy, but don't worry, she will review your diary soon.
from arbitrary :
congratulations! you've just won an award of dubious value! (see
from tattodnanny :
I love your template!!Did you design it yourself?
from luvin-it :
Hey Alison, It's Melanie!! What's new? How is the job goin'? Man, I miss you this year. O'donel needs another awesome drama coach like you. We miss you!! COME BACK!!! :)*
from joleen :
Hey, look, I have your Notes all to myself! I prefer Notes because they don't take me away to the Signmyguestook site, which is sloooow to load on this PC. This way I don't leave the site. Anyway....thanks for making the changes (and for linking to me in your entry!). MUCH better! I was more inclined to read through several pages this way. I like your ode to your car, if it was an ode, it seemed as one. I feel the same about my car, though it's not nearly so battered. I also appreciate your feelings for what happened though you are not from this country. To me, it's wrong to make it a nationalistic affair. It was an attack on the USA, indeed, but it was a crime against humanity, not just a single government. Your diary is beautiful, don't be afraid to submit it for a review. It will be a positive experience, no doubt. I enjoyed being reviewed, it was great constructive criticism. See ya.
from joleen :
Okay, sorry, I can see the "previous" and "next" links at the bottom of the entries, but this means I must scroll all the way through, which takes a while on this PC at least, to get there. What if I click on your index page, realize I've read this entry and want to go back, just one, not go to your "older" entries page? I have to scroll all the way through to get to the link......hmmmm.....Granted, I'm only one reader. Maybe no one else is inconvenienced. I'll figure it out so I can read you. No worries...
from joleen :
Hey, you're working on your layout RIGHT NOW! Cool. You must've just changed the I don't have to click on them, just hold my cursor over them to make them scroll. That's very cool. Have fun designing, I like designing too, but I'm just learning. Web design seems to be limitless.....
from joleen :
Thought I'd take a break from inundating your guestbook...I tried the "backdating" thing for my rings page too, thinking the exact same thing you thought! And I think it should be an option, but alas, it is not. I dated my page for my birthday, April 6, and it showed up as my latest entry, with April 6 on it, looking sort of very odd. So, that does not work, but if you keep writing new entries it will be pushed back in no time, so it won't matter too much. I like having a rings page though, I've added some pics to mine, made it fun, I think. Anyway, I'm digging the new layout. Guess I haven't visited your diary in a week - big difference.

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