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from alifewithin :
i would LOVE the URL to your lj. I love reading your writing and I have an Lj of my own. Thanks!
from fluteguy07 :
Cool please send me the url for ut LJ. I got a Xanga. I don't have that much time to write in it. It's actually kinda boring. Look on my profile and get my AIM SN and add me to your BL maybe you can catch me online one day or something. Some other good CDs that I bought are Breaking Benjamin- We Are Not Alone & Jimmy Eat World.
from fluteguy07 :
I don't care if you don't. LOL! If you were referring to the new Green Day CD AWESOME! I love it! Sorry, I haven't had a chance to read ur diary that often. Yeah I switched also. I opened two other private Blogs. ::Feels dirrty:: Keep writting, TTYL.
from booth-bitch :
You added me? Oh, wow! Merci beaucoup, mon ami. :-)
from booth-bitch :
Quoted you. :-)
from measi :
Hi there~ I haven't stopped by in a while, but it's been due to life insanity... not that I haven't enjoyed your writing. While I had a few minutes, I just wanted to stop by and say hi. :)
from booth-bitch :
Howdy love. Just a note to everyone on my buddy list: I had t lock up. The username and password are both "jumper". *Muah*
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed them very much.. have a good one and two..the cdghost
from fluteguy07 :
lol write about your latest love interest
from fluteguy07 :
I joined your coldplay diary ring and since then I've been reading your diary. It's awesome!
from z-kidd :
Wow, you sound like a really sweet person. I was also born in Tucson, but now I live in North Carolina, and babe, it's not much better. Anyway, I wish you love and the best of luck. Heart, Z.
from xkitix :
your current diary entry, was absolutely hilarious, about the shaving. I enjoyed it to the extreme. All the best, Kiti
from jack-lyn :
i pretty much like all the movies you have listed, from salior moon, to moulin rouge. there are MANY other ones i like too, that are listed there, i just wanted to say i think you have great taste!
from xkitix :
I really like the anime(Sailor Moon) refrences on your page. ^.^ It's so cool. Would you mind if I added you to my buddy list?
from sunnflower :
Happy Birthday!
from jarf :
Happy birthday! :D
from sk8er-cowgrl :
I have a new obsession... ::sigh::
from fluteguy07 :
the username and password are both mmpb
from jarf :
My diary is temporarily locked. User/pass is guest/guest.
from blackprism :
very interesting diary. stay beautiful -mary-
from ac-dcfan666 :
Thanx, G er...whateva
from arabella87 :
oops yeah i was going to say, i'll put the proper link up as soon as i work out how to sort my html out...
from arabella87 :
cheers, clocks used to be my theme song totally :) then they went and released it and it was EVERYONES bloody song...grrr (still bitter hehe) i just saw your notes and WHAT? remy zero arent around any more? but..but...i only just discovered them a few weeks ago *sniff sniff* what a waste.....ok i wrote too much sorry
from emmazchaos :
thank you for creating the remy zero ring. i totally miss them :(
from silentsigh :
Thanks for making a diaryring for such an awesome song. :) Whenever I sit down at the piano I can't help but play "Clocks". Nice diary as well. :) -Lisa
from elvensea :
Hey, you have awesome musical taste. I just had to compliment you on that, because its possibly the best I've seen around here.
from robinthecity :
hey, a big ((((((((((hug)))))))) from me. Take Care!
from ihateshoes :
Hey you pretty thing! hehehe! So I'm just a little Kansas kid who came across your IMMACULATE work of art of a diary and though I would pat yer bum for it *pat*pat* :) I just cracked into your diary so give me time, I wanna read more though! Have a terriffic day! ~Kyle~ P.S. Read a bit of me sometime. I reach for stupidity, hillarity, and on occasion reach a couple of them, yeah, strange.
from im-so-rebel :
^___^ You're welcome!
from piecesof8 :
Your membership has been accepted.
from piecesof8 :
Buttons will be up by next week, so you can link us in your profile until then. Where are your details (name, country, etc.)?
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from ph0enixxxxx :
Hey, just thought I'd leave a note to say I love reading your diary. Seem like a sweet guy ^_^
from catz-eyes :
truly excellent diary :) but be glad you don't get 2 weeks of depression without a break of fuzzies and puppies inbetween. stay sweet.
from aaronorear :
Thanks for taking my survey, and for the compliment! I think the book you were refering to is Number the Stars, about the Danish resistance during WWII...I know because I once played a Nazi soldier in a stage version...eek!
from rubycoquette :
you have the same birthday as my little brother. just thought you should know.
from laurelote :
Hi, thanks for joining my PotC diaryring! Bloody pirates!
from bloodsun :
hey there! this is devian...i didn't really LEAVE, i just have a new diary! come over and play sometime!
from sad-night :
Thanks for letting me join!
from sexy-anubis :
Hi, I'm Jason.I was lookin on the diary rings and saw scorpio moon. I also have a scorpio moon,as well as sun, saturn...I don't remember the rest off the top of my head.your a dancer, cool.I'm also gay:) Come by and see my journal sometime and leave a note, Bast Bless
from vm72182 :
Hi! It's been quite a while since I last read your diary, but I figured I should stop on by and say hello. =)
from x-anxiety :
thank you for the note concerning Neon Lights. [heartscars&&bruises] Jessica
from ghostiness :
I believe I am a member. It's wonder why nobody ever made a Hug Warren ring... *ick* Icky hairy chest man. Blech!
from ghostiness :
Hey! Thanks for joining m'rings! I'm glad you decided to agree that bunnies are evil, and that Jonathan deserves a hug too. Heehee. Toodles! :)
from banshee-rose :
I got the song off a music site. The site is link under my entries. just click the lil image and it will take u to the site. Loook under music/codes once u get there.
from banshee-rose :
great site.
from bluelacelove :
You are great! A film should be made about your life! ...I'd see it! :D Well,'re cool! :P Renee
from kiwihoneydew :
hey ... i wanted to thank you for the suggestions. you are a great person. -mistress of the dark
from laswell :
If you like music, in general we all have a mellow side and the only music that can make you really mellow is pure instrumental. Words only make us sad in the end cuz all love songs make you jealous if your not in love. Thats why we need to think outside of lyrics and focus on the beauty of audio waves. Try Bill laswell, buckethead, praxis, shawn lane, bill frisell, and the mars volta. They are hard to find so you need to look at amazon or something like this. Let me know what you think and if you like them help them spread their message they have a good one that we all need to understand.peace.
from gardenqueen :
You bought an American car. Poor fool. Buy the cheapest Japanese car you can afford. It will last you ten years beyond what the same money can buy American. Reward productivity.
from groundhogday :
Can you watch my house from Oct 5-10? I will be out of town.
from laurelote :
Hi! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-D
from vm72182 :
I found your diary through "sweet reviews" and I have to admit that the only reason clicked on your link was because the reviewer commented on your archive page. I LOOOVE how you use the zodiac names instead of months. Very cool.
from caspia :
Your review is up at Sweet Reviews!
from melis21 :
hi my name is melissa, well i found your diary threw a friend, and i liked your writing.i hope you dont mind me adding you to my list ~melissa
from xreviewyoux :
your review is up!
from msmonster22 :
thanks for the note. i'm a friend of arizona and anyone who is a friend of arizona is a friend of mine. um...yeah. i just wanted to say hi back. i hope school starts off well for you!
from purex :
Found you by your "I'm gay read me" banner (which I thought was very clever)! Have a great day :)
from mzglitterati :
Like many others I seem to have stumbled apon your diary by the banners you have. They are brilliant I must say, lol. I thoroughly enjoyd reading your diary. Liked the layout to, very classy. Good luck with all, stay safe and stay you. -Paige
from a-b-b-y- :
Wow! I lover your banner. haha. how u put 'im gay read me' in purple. Smart ;) !! neway i jus wanted to let u kno that ur diary rox too!
from caspia :
Hey, I clicked on your banner, and I like to add that I noticed LONG ago that every gay around here thinks they're special, and thinks anyone else gives a damn. Kudos on speaking out, but you're definatly not the only one.
from dalyrical1 :
i really liked your made me giggle so i had to do what you asked...your writing is awesome! I hope you dont mind me saving you as a fave so i can come and read you often!! hit me back when you can
from ramanda :
Hi there. I'm glad you liked my banner enough to click through to my site. I'm also glad you left me such a sweet message. Three cheers for solitary A's :)
from livin-ur-lie :
read quite a bit of your're godddamn great. and your obsessed with coldplay...very nice. anyway...enough of this random noting...farewell. love, -Sage
from girl-genius :
coldplay is worthy of obsession. (i couldn't say i love coldplay too because someone took that already :-X)
from maryeliz :
i love coldplay too
from banefulvenus :
WOAH! Great site layout!
from punk-tink :
You are awesome. I could read your diary all day. Your layout is amazing too. And Coldplay kicks ass.
from slant-nchant :
You welcomed me to your Coldplay ring not too long ago and I never got the chance to say thanks, so thanks. I checked out your diary, great stuff. And I took your Coldplay quiz. I'm "Trouble".
from fiorile :
Check out the layout I've been working one! I hope you like it!
from witchypixie :
thank you for the nice note. :) Im glad you made this ring. Andrew is so funny.
from gratsia :
If you really need to get away from it all, I'll offer you what I offer all my friends, you're welcome to hang out at my place and borrow my bunk until things blow over or until you've had time to think things out. Sometimes when you get stuck inside a situation the only thing you can do is take a little vacation from life and give your mind a rest. Shaunda
from charminggirl :
Thanks for the nice welcoming hello. How could I not like the PNW. Anyway, THANKS! Charming Girl
from gbqueen212 :
y gracias 4 letting me join. andrew was quite the funny character, and it definately made the last season very good. i was sad when he killed that friend of his though (i forget his name..) AND he lived! yay! 2 bad anya didnt though...:( i didnt like the way it ended though. does ne 1 feel the same? buffy definately wouldnt have stopped fighting 2 talk- that was very uncharacteristic and it pissed me off! well, at least she survived. theres rumors she might do a few episodes on angel.... we can only hope!
from thisisjohn :
from brucegirl :
It was a cool banner you've made. the only problem is that you have typed iike instead of like... Thought I should let you know. :-)
from p-e-z-girl :
omg haha i loved the banner ad. it was hilarious.
from chihiro-san :
poor u. very tired. u should've been on the boat with me. ^_^ it was fun.
from foreverslove :
aww me too. i have it on pretty much everything. my aim profile, at the ends of my e-mails, on my hand, on pieces of random paper, etc. you get the picture. wow, someone actually read my profile? thats friggin cool. lol ^_^ xxooxoxo Nikki oxoxooxx
from blinkreviews :
Hello! Would you or anyone you know, like to have your diary reviewed? If so just read the rules and sign the guestbook at Blink Reviews.! Thanks for your time!!!
from foreverslove :
hiya, im nikki. thank YOU for creating the silent love ring so that i may join. ^_^ yay!
from boyeclipsed :
Heya Aaron! Just saying hey! oh,just read your profile comment about my diary...Lose the lisp! The comment is so disturbing on many levels!! =� ;)
from steel-glass :
Thanks. =)
from thesevildeds : alyssa..i joined your ring,silent love. ive read some of your entrys. i know heartbreak so well...wish you the best :)
from boyeclipsed :
heya! you are missssssssed! =� J~
from megl42 :
Hello again! Thanks for joining the Willow Rocks diaryring =)
from gbg :
Or you know, the Five by Five ring. Whichever. ::hangs head:: I hate it when I put the wrong ring for the thank you. I'll go away now...
from gbg :
Welcome to the Buffy/Angel diaryring!
from raschel :
Nice that you joined the ocean-diaryring :-) Welcome!
from mistresslink :
thanks for joining the sailor v's nice to have another member, lol...
from ghostiness :
I joined your Andrew ring...I love that little guy. But the description really stuck out to me... about wanting to give that guy a hug? *raises hand* Personally, I have. I met Tom Lenk, Danny Strong, George Hertzberg, Iyari Limon, Mark Metcalf, and James Marsters...and I told Tom just how bad I needed to hug him. And so, shout out to Andrew fans: I have hugged the wee man, and he is wonderful. Also hugged Danny, George and James, but that tale is for another time. You can read up in my diary, if you please. Anyway, love your diary. You have awesome tastes.
from megl42 :
1) Thank you for joining my BTVS thank you ring. Very cool. 2) Your three listed bands on your profile? Coldplay, Jimmy, and U2? Are three of my favorites as well. Especially U2. Awesome!!
from slaveofspike :
*tears* You should watch it again, alone...and give yourself a chance to just let it all out. Trust me, it helps. It's still hard to let go of Buffy, she'll definately be missed.
from justbe :
I like what you said about being excited that the Matrix may be real. In some ways you know it is. The whole I think there for I am. The idea that this is a very very vivid dream. Do you go to raves. I am also in Tucson... there's supposed to be a reallllly good one coming up. You can email me @ [email protected]
from buffylicious :
i was too excited not to join. i don't think andrew gets enough credit. he's like the best thing this season...this last season...oh i'm going to cry.
from slash-mel :
Welcome to tatu diaryring.
from slaveofspike :
No problem...I always feel like I need to give Andrew a hug. =)
from rushofblood :
Yay! A Coldplay fan! Anyway, I really like your diary. It's going into my favorites. Can't wait to read more.
from hotfusion :
thanks for having me in your ring. hopefully more desert queers will get off their butts and join! =)
from goinginsane0 :
what school in tucson u go to?
from trinabird :
Hey, took me a while, but thanks for welcoming me to the pacific-nw diaryring. Did you used to live there like I did? Do you like Arizona? I like your diary, will read more, but yeah, the background does make it a bit difficult...
from boyeclipsed :
rad diary. keep it up. =�
from tubaboy :
thanks for signing my guestbook... I intend to keep reading your diary, but you've got to do something about that background! I can't even read your diary without highlighting the text first!
from morgolwen :
Hi! Thanks for joining my Psylocke diaryring! :)
from heidiann :
Bah...I think I might have just signed your book four times! Guestbooks hate me. In case none of them went through: Welcome to the Geek Love diaryring! Thanks so much for joining. =)
from invernal :
Yes, this is the notes page. Please don't be scared to tell me what you really think of me and whatnot.

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