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from m1sscoba1n :
I'm so sorry you're going through this :(
from the-grey-one :
im very curious what’s happening with this cam thing. he just set you up to have access to his webcam whenever you want or what? are other people watching it? does he know you are watching? pls explain!
from the-grey-one :
im very curious what’s happening with this cam thing. he just set you up to have access to his webcam whenever you want or what? are other people watching it? does he know you are watching? pls explain!
from melissa1983 :
Sigh. You don't know him like I do. I've known this man for almost TWENTY years. He's not sus at all.
from m1sscoba1n :
Yaaay so glad I decided to check again just in case. Anyway! To an outsider, he seems a bit sus - very "woe is me", everything is that evil woman's fault, hot & cold, always has an excuse ready... But yeah, I'm basing that on all of.. 5-10 posts I've read and what do I know. We accept the love we think we deserve. You deserve better. That much I know :)
from melissa1983 :
m1sscoba1n, nahhh he's a great guy! I was just freaking out a bit for no reason. But I've unprivated my diary, so the adventures continue!
from m1sscoba1n :
Nooo now I'll never know if that dude responded or not! Fwiw you seem to be too nice for him. :) Take care of yourself! & Best wishes from Europe.
from m1sscoba1n :
<3 Hope you're okay. I just found this journal after feeling particularly nostalgic and logging in after more than a decade. Something about your writing hits home.
from raven72d :
A few people are looking at your template. Your new one may be better than what I have currently-- I just need to be able to scale font size up so that I can actually read things I post here.
from dangerspouse :
THE HEADCRUSHER!! Didja post the pics anywhere? Who cares if they're blurry - it's the HEADCRUSHER!! Glad you had a great time. Go, auntie! :)
from whystinger :
Just write and we will read. also, guestbook is dead I think, so...
from emu-head :
I love a good drunken entry.
from emu-head :
Hey, you wrote as recently as just over a month ago! I'm trying to get back into Diaryland too. I'm glad this place isn't completely dead (just mostly).
from omfggwtf :
just stumbled on here, would i be able to add you? (: i am always adding new people on here, i dunno why really but i just do ahah.. anyways congratulations on the moving in thing, hope it goes well :)
from goodluckgold :
Hello I like your profilee!!
from cannibalhymn :
I saw your name on the recent public entries list and clicked on it because I was born in 1983 too. I'm not well-versed in how Facebook works and I was wondering how you met people on there.
from themaster :
of course they will, that's the really crazy thing about life, i speak from experience, my heart breaks everyday, but then it makes a complete and total 360. crazy thing this human emotion shit, overwhelming, unbearable, but incredible. hold tight, i'm going to be checking on you, i don't want to sound like millions of people when I say, "it'll all be okay" that isn't something one likes to hear, nor does it make any difference, because in that moment things are not okay, but you have an emmense love, if your body is capable of evening feeling any emotion right now, than your body is capable of surviving. love is a beautiful thing, but the most important and most beautiful thing is a person that loves, being capable of love is incredible, you are incredible, take the emotion and the tears as they come, let them come, appreciate them, reflect, but just keep loving most of all love yourself though out this transition, that's what is important. I am so sorry I sound like a sap, but the is something totally dignified and magnificent about overcoming that emotion, not love but loss, over coming loss is comendable and exciting. take care melissa.
from themaster :
melissa, hello, you don't know me, i don't know you, but I am here and when I read you I feel you, I am so sorry, I cannot ever understand, but I will continue to check in on you, I want you to survive, I know you can. I send you love, comfort and another voice, just keep breathing, I don't want your words to stop and me never know how you continue to feel, maybe intrusive, let me know if you think so. take care, dear.
from emu-head :
That's okay. And I really do appreciate your concern. :-)
from emu-head :
I mean... maybe me having read his blog is a bit much, but I've actually only done it twice and it's not my fault if I had been made aware of a link to it. Besides, there's a lot that I never talk about in my diary about the whole thing so I think the stalker comment is rather uncalled for.
from emu-head :
No I'm not.
from emu-head :
Yeah... I'm preeeeeetty sure it's probably just stress or a change in routine or something, but my brain initially just automatically thinks it's the worst possible thing. And hahaha, you figured out who Bam was? Oh no!! Ha. Actually, I had another reader of my diary who figured out who he was on MySpace. And yeah, I was wondering since you're both from Barrie if you had any mutual friends or anything like that. Small world, eh?
from bluelucy :
Thank you for joining the MythBusters and Pro-Disney diaryrings!
from missfickles :
Thanks for joining the fuck-fashion diaryring! :3 -MF-
from chsturtle :
Hi, thanks for joining the Matt Groening diary ring :) Also, you made me realize I need to put Archie comics in my faves. I was just thinking about book authors, but I love Archie comics!
from wisdamn :
Haha yes, I understand. I think surveys are a good way to pass the time, but they can be addicting. If there are any good ones you can let me know! Anyway, have fun surveying around. I just thought I should be blunt because your name was all over the recently taken page.
from lady-frenzy :
Hon, you are the first person to take my survey, which mean you undeniably rock in my book!
from wisdamn :
Wow. It seems you have been busy taking surveys.
from jaykay617 :
Thanks for joining the myspace diaryring! I was starting to wonder if anybody was going to join or not!!! I certainly didn't think I was the only one (considering there's PLENTY of people on myspace)!! Well, thanks again!
from dope-slave :
american idol? what's that?
from nikita84 :
Hello! I found you on an American Idol ring and wanted to say hi! I'm an AI fan too! Also Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul fan! Take care! x0x
from typelove :
hi! i saw you filled out a survey for people involved in online relationships, and i was wondering if you want to join my support group, typelove. if you are interested, just go to the page and click join and fill out the form, and send it to me in an email or note. take care and good luck with your relationship! <3
from mooncrack :
Hi, Mooncrack here. Couldn't help but noticed you had "Mooncrack" and "Assclowns as favorite diaries. Both are mine, so it made me smile. That's all. Bye.
from celtickatt :
Thanks for joining the CKYMusic ring and THANKS for already having the code up! ;D
from groban83 :
Oh cool it funn reading your covo with petey hehehe rock on <333
from groban83 :
A strike with peter you seem sooo cool like best friends almost. God I cannot get my online bud to talk to me anymore. He totally is hating me. Hehehe well look like you two will just be fine.
from megl42 :
welcome to the queer eye ring!
from soandsotgs :
hi, i wanted to tell you i liked your diary and that i LOVE user name on neopets is bubblbutt in case you wanna be my neofriend.... i wanted to show you this website that i think is pretty funny.... tell me what you think
from miss-morbid :
Hey! It's a new journal because of many unwanted visitors. I'm now True Fucking Love,Kittee
from sylviashadow :
Thanx for taking my bookwhores survey! Come back soon!--sylviashadow
from johnlight :
you are by far the biggest lamer ever
from evilsuicide :
thank you for the note, id love to chat. althouch i might be boring..and im not on alot anymore.. so ill try to catch you when youre on. :) xxoo-jackie
from clauren :
Hey. Just thought I would stop by and say hi and to wish good thoughts your way. Hey Girl. You are two entries away from 600. Hello that should be a huge no HUGE HUGE gigantic celebration going on there.........Great job. and Congradulations to you early on that big HUGE accomplishments.....
from clauren :
Hey good luck in finding your ring. I understand totally about not be able to find something that means so much.......
from simeons-twin :
Thanks for leaving me a note! I'm really flattered *tear* Glad to hear someone is obsessed as I am :) /~~^(A)^~~\
from sillyralph :
hey. thanks for joining the remember the titans ring.
from mr-knowitall :
OOPS! I messed up in your guestbook. I thought I was in someone elses'! Please forgive me. Yes, Snake in quite addictive. You must have a Nokia phone, Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back. ~Rick
from clauren :
It is sad to hear news like that from erlenweg6. I can't image what she is going through.........I bet she appreciates of what you wrote in your diary. The more we pray, miracles can happen.....
from clauren :
Thanks for your message. It brighten up my day. Mitten, in my eyes was a beautiful cat. She wasn't picture perfect but she was beautiful in my eyes because she just was one of the most sweetest animals around let alone cats. Even my friends that don't like cats loved Mitten. I miss her terribly. Thanks again for you beautiful note.
from swimmmer72 :
nice layout, even if i don't have a thing for dana carvey. if you ever want input from your readers, my vote's for jessica alba. :)
from marieh :
i'm sorry, but after looking at hundreds and HUNDREDS of rings, i still couldn't get to my miss swan ring and gave up. this is crazy!
from unlucky13 :
thank you for joining the alone forever diaryring. <3
from swimmmer72 :
if you really want to mess with him, turn him in. if he has had sex with her, he is guilty of rape, since she is underage. i can understand your anger, and i'm not saying you should do it, since it could have unforeseen repercussions, but if revenge is what you need, contact your local police, ask for sex crimes division (it might be called almost anything) and tell them what you know. it seems there is alot of evidence, in his own words. make sure you want to do this, there is no turning back once you do.
from swimmmer72 :
i was going to note you anyway, to thank you for the quizzes, but having read the update about your gramma, that seems a bit unimportant. i am very sorry this is happening to you and your family, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.
from swimmmer72 :
tattoos are fine, just be smart about it. a 17 year old former co-worker of mine got his gf's name tattood on his arm. "YOU MORON, ARE YOU GOING TO GO OUT W/PATTYS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE BCUZ THIS ONE WON'T LAST THE MONTH!!! she didn't. i have a tattoo, it was a b-d present, and i don't regret it, but if i was to think about it, i would have done something different. some advice, keep it small, unless i have missed something and you're a biker chick. not that there's anything wrong with that. :)
from swimmmer72 :
well, he was right about one thing, IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S HIM!!!. except it's not about him being depressed, it's about him being AN ASSHOLE!!! this is his loss, and he probably won't realize it for awhile. when he does, i hope you're strong enough to tell him to go FUCK HIMSELF!!! you are much better off without him. you are also right about seeing this coming - i could see it in your entries, that something wasn't right. you sound like a sweetheart. better things will come!!
from monkprincess :
Hi, i love your website! Especially the piccie! It's so pretty. I dunno waht else to say, you're cool.
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the sleepnaked diaryring :)
from chibi9000 :
Hey lissa! long time no hear v_v Hehe yeah altiods make people high. It's a known fact! ask anybody lol ~chibi
from chibi9000 :
Alright cool thanks!! ~chibi
from chibi9000 :
Hey Melissa will u add me to your msn list? [email protected] ~chibi
from mach5 :
You really need to organize your Diaryrings page. You're in so many that loading time is greater than a full 60 seconds, and it's impossible to find anything on there. Either catagorize or alphabetize the rings within a week or I will have to remove you from my rings. Sorry.
from snowflake7 :
hii well i cant really say alot cos i gotta go :( so byeee lol like my ickle owl? haha
from lilangel920 :
Hey Melissa!!! I really don't know what to say since I'm talking to you on MSN right now, So yeah. ;)
from chibi9000 :
Hey! i don't really know what to say but um....MERRY XMAS! lol hey i'm bored so sue me :P
from blue-parade :
Hi there. Yep, I live in Barrie. I don't go to school though. Graduated about 7 years ago now. I did go to North. Very glad to be done!
from darcyargue :
hey! thanks for joining the wildchild ring!
from raq :
Hey I just wanted to thank ya for joining the ATL ring! If you know any other Atliens or ATL lovers let them know about it! Happy readings!
from darcyargue :
hey, sorry I had to delete the shawnneric ring. :(
from gothique :
Hi! I'm SO sorry about removing your name from the mel gibson diaryring list. It was a complete accident-I was trying to click the link to your diary and hit the wrong button. That'll teach me to work without my glasses. If you want to rejoin I can promise it won't happen again. -Gothique (feeling a tad silly and very apologetic)
from librtine :
Weird. I keep looking at diaryrings I like, and there you are?
from scubaduck :
thank you for joining my violet ring :)
from woweezowee :
Hey, thanks for joining the Fraggles d-ring. However, with all those rings the page takes forever to load. Perhaps you could separate them onto different pages, according to theme, or whatever. =)
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeeeeeeee diaryring! Email if you want the squirrely pic!!
from typicalme :
Thanks for joining my Alyson Hannigan Ring! I love your journal :-) - TypicalMe!
from u-luv-me-huh :
hey i moved my dairy to please re-add me!

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