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from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from velvet-heart :
And why isnt my name on your diary list bitch?! lol Hmmpf. some reader you are .... *folds arms and walks away* no wait *comes back and drops pants and moons you* Mmmm I feel better lol Where have you been anyway? I miss your funnies. (Chrissy)
from velvet-heart :
from myhorizons :
from velvet-heart :
You are NOT a piece of crap. Cheer up doll. *huggles*
from lovingmysky :
well i sure as hell didnt give you my password. itll change tomorrow though, since you feel like being miss sneaky and that is not cool.
from lovingmysky :
well.. hi. just wondering, why are you so interested in me when you cant even read my diary??
from lovingmysky :
hi, i saw that you left me a note with a smiley face.. do i know you? your name sounds kind of familiar, maybe i used to read you. anyways thanks, i guess!
from amber320 :
I take antidepressants too and I sleep a lonnnnng time on the weekends. They make me super tired so I know exactly what you mean. It gets old after a while.
from spritopias :
I too enjoyed your banner.
from alethia :
I used to have really bad skin. I used to use a lot of products on it too, and lots of make-up and stuff. Then I got poor, and couldn't afford my usual addictions, and so I just washed my face when I was in the shower with a plain bar of what ever soap was handy. So now I'm dressed in cast offs and miss-matched chaos of my own creation, but I have beautiful, creamy skin with one soft beauty mark high up on my right cheek. Life is good. :) Peace out. ~Rosie.
from pandionna :
I liked your "My banners suck" banner ad. Hmmm, so I guess that means it didn't suck? Loved the colors.
from banshee-rose :
I am not great site...omg that old woman sounds like my grandma! she would so do that...and i would slink outta the door ashamed of her lol
from velvet-heart :
YAY!!! We're gonna start a pussy posse and kick some much needed cunt ass.. Go us.. yes women rule.. well you and I do anyway.. fuck the rest of the hos. Oh no wait you don't like hos- you spork them LOL Well, then. Hmm How about if I fuck em while you spork em? Yes. What a team we are! Woot woot!! ::Grins::
from zoombeanie :
I found your diary through one of your adds. you have a really cool diary. funny too.
from velvet-heart :
Well, now just what exactly is laughter? Gas being expelled from your lips or your ass? Oh no wait thats a burp and a fart.. so sorry. I could tell you funnier things like how in 2 months I have managed to get my heart broken until it hurts so much I just wish I could fall to the floor and roll over in laughter from it all because Id rather be crazy than hurting. Deranged sopnosis is a good thing yes? How about you and I get a pussy posse and kick those biznitches asses for breaking my heart. I'll let you take the first swing as I sit there and laugh my ass off to the point of tears. C'mon lol You know you wanna. A pussy posse is a rare occassion that doesn't take place very often.. please???? LOL
from explodingboy :
i am terribly afraid
from velvet-heart :
you know the more I think about that old lady the more I dislike her and I think the next time you do her hair- spork her the eyes k? That'll teach her LOL yea and cut off that waggling tongue of hers too.. nasty sarcastic thing... Kill the bitches and on with rebellion! Heh.. I hope you hve a pleasant weekend. thus far mine has sucked major hind tit- ooo does a major hind even have tits? oh the suspense is killin me! *wink*
from amber320 :
hello I stumbled in from a banner. I forgot how much fun it was to work with the public until I read your last post lol. At least you got a big tip from her.You deserved it after tolerating her crap.
from silentlylost :
Damn, sorry for the spelling errors.. that makes me seem so illiterate.. >_> I'm mondo tired. yeah. I'm out.
from silentlylost :
I just wanted to drop in and tell you that things will always get better. I used to hate people like myself who would tell me "Oh things well get better." When I was about 50 million times further down then the normal person should be. But you've got spunk and definately a positive aspect that motivates you. Although it seems that sometimes you've positive fades to negative you make a way out of it. You on my thoughts, thanks for writing your diary. Courtney
from no-yes-maybe :
Wow, I just followed the banner, I loved it. Your diary rocks as well!
from velvet-heart :
LOL.. thanks for the smiles...
from velvet-heart :
Yep, that old crass ass sounds like a bitch to me, too.
from smilefactory :
Congratulations - on paying the bills! That is one of the things you wanted to do! Everything begins with the first step and that was the first step! Congratulations! keep it up!
from ghostwryter :
from iluvjessee :
from smilefactory :
Hey - - - you haven't updated in 12 days! Hope all is well! Write soon!
from smilefactory :
Hang in there. Tackle things one at a time. Everything will get better. (The email on your page doesn't seem to work. My email to you was returned.)
from iluvjessee :
Hey! I prayed for you. I hope things will be ok. Just know that your life is in God's hands. He's watching over you right now and will get you through anything. God bless you! *Christina
from punanione :
Hello my diaryland friend! Ya,know -You are my only "diaryland" buddy so far. I guess it is just taking me a while to get to meeting people. Oh well. anyways,I just wanted to say "Hi" and to let you know that you are "NOT" alone in what you are going through in your life, and that even though I dont really know you at all except for this website that I do care and if you ever need someone to talk to or need advice or just anything please e-mail me ok. !!!!! amanda ([email protected]
from iluvjessee :
Hey. Whats going on?
from gnu-high :
Just wanted to drop you a line and see how you were. I noticed you hadn't updated lately, and hope that everything is ok.
from punanione :
"HUG", "HUG", and a "GREAT BIG HUG" !!!! I could so very much use a hug right now. Ya,know... I really think that this idea (hugs) could honestly do so much good in the world if we could just keep spreading it around.
from punanione :
Here is a "just because" "HUG"
from punanione :
from dust-settle :
happy birthday (from one birthday girl to another)
from faded-souls :
Happy Birthday!! yours is the day after mine..sweet!- eh..everyone knows only the best are born in August huh? ;) *hugs* Have a fantastic day- and I hope you get lotsa nifty gifties :-)
from growpeace :
Hi, Happy birthday! *hugs* hope it was a happy one. Aloha, Joy
from wifemotherme :
from iamsorry :
happy birthday!!! i hope you have a great b-day and let's hope it's everything you want it to be. and lest i forget, in honor of hugfest, *HUG* *HUG* *HUG*
from iamsorry :
hey, a hug was more than enough. thank you very much.
from curiosekwe :
your banner gave me a seizure.
from anastasia162 :
thanx for the peek in ur life, *hugs*
from growpeace :
Hi, Oh dear I read todays entry and now I know how it's going. Umm... extra hugs all around. I hope you do ok I know just how awful what you are going through feels. Umm write when you can ok hugs, Aloha, Joy
from growpeace :
hi, How is the hug fest going? I have been telling others to pass it on. *hug* Aloha Joy
from jme-reviews :
Hi I just started a new review site named jme-reviews. If you would like to have your diary reviewed please check out my site! Thank you ! -jamie-
from punanione :
Hello, I think that the "HUG" thing is a really good idea. So, thank you for letting me take a peak into your life. I am new here so I am not all that familiar with everything yet. OH, I allmost forgot ... here is my "HUG" for you!! anyways, I hope that you work things out with "z", when I read that it reminded me of the relationship that I had with my son`s father. Except he was being mean to me just because he was an F***ing jerk A**hole!!!! well ,I guess that is all for now. It was nice meeting you. "HUG", "HUG"
from sad-disease :
Thanks. I appreciate it. While you give hugs, I'll give winks ;) P.S. I never do puntuation faces. I hope that's a wink. It looks like a wink to me.
from growpeace :
Hi, *extra hugs* extra kisses* extra love* extra fun* thanks for thinking of a hug fest love and *hugs*. Would you add me as a favorite still have room *hugs* Aloha from Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News
from engelchen :
Your banner annoyed the hell out of me, but I like your diary alot, so I am glad that your banner was catching my attention. Take care. *HUG*, Tina
from ionme :
That flashing bright banner - ya, the most annoying one I've ever seen. haha *HUGS*
from veuvenoire :
I agree, a Hug Fest is a fantastic idea! In some ways it justifies the existence of things like DiaryLand. So here's a big *Hug* for you!
from agnosticsong :
It takes a lot of courage to put your life on the -Internet-, of all things. And people who don't appreciate your saying that you want them to know, are dead wrong. And should be shot. Anywho, I think your "Hugfest" idea is fabulous. :) *HUG*
from growpeace :
Hi, Let me be the first to join in the hug fest. Are you ready, *hug* *hug* how about a *kiss* sure, I think you are cool. So please read my diary and join any of my 13 rings I run. Aloha from Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News
from delicaterevu :
My appologies. That review I posted was premature and I overlooked many things on your diary. Please bear with me, for it's my first review, but I changed your score.
from delicaterevu :
Hey, your review is up
from flyinby :
oh hon! believe me, you will get through this tough time in your marriage. this happens to everyone, honestly. and anyone who says it didn't happen to them is lying. when reality hits it's hard to swallow - hollywood fills us up with happily ever afters. if i can make it 7 years you can make it too! :) good luck!
from iluvjessee :
Hey! thanks for the note! :) :)
from onewetleg :
marriage, like money, changes everything. just a random clicker. nice banner. love,
from anifish :
I hate that! It seems like I can sleep anytime and anywhere until I want to fall asleep. When I say, "It's time for bed," my body screams back rather defiantly, "I'm not Sleeeeeepy!" Yup.
from xannaxnimph :
Hey! I just wanted to drop by and say... CUTE banner. It suckered me into going to read your diary! I love it! It's very good at coax people :) ~Ash~
from iluvjessee :
Hey! Please read the entry I typed in for August 16, .. I want people to get to know me. Im sending this to a lot of people. :) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you
from iluvjessee :
Hey!! Just checked out your diary for the first time and Im gonna add ya to my d-land buddy list. It seems like something I could read and take interest in. I don't know too much about ya though but you seem nice. :) Please feel free to check out my diary anytime! And ask me if theres anything ya wanna know about me. Im Christina, 18, USA..:) God bless you! P.S. FO SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE! LOL thats something my cousin and I have said before...specially the fo shizzle..=^..^= hehe
from paengz666 :
Cheer! TakeCare + god bless :*)
from neangel :
Ooh darlin I feel for you! my baby asks me to grab mine. maybe he just needs to see you w/ it not asking for it. that works a lot just get yourself off next to him & that should get him in the mood.
from sillysub :
You're welcome!
from britneypink :
Hi, just dropped in. I'll be back for more.
from paengz666 :
�Hi! This is my first time that i read your diary.. :-)
from gonzokid :
N0 worries, the more the merrier...
from fairyzebra :
thanks for the note! and thank you for creating a ring for people like us! :)
from postbagboy :
Please make another banner. Your one is giving me seizures.
from pyrostorm :
I appreciate the extra effort of you thanking me for joining your ring, but I should be thanking you for creating it. I love your layout, too. It's so relaxing.
from krazykahlie :
I wound up reading your diary when I was randomly clicking banners. And it changed my life forever! Actually, it didn't, but it was definitely not something I regret doing! --KK
from gnu-high :
I wound up reading you by doing a random banner clicky - and it was well worth it. I can relate to a lot of what you're going through.
from oh--dear--me :
i guess the **:)** was for reading your diary....thanks, but i'm sure you spend too much money on advertising without having to be nice to people too...all the same it was very much appreciated. Caty xXx...oh and your diary is good.
from skittlez619 :
you're welcome, I really enjoy your writing.
from skittlez619 :
you're welcome, I really enjoy your writing.
from bobrules :
There are definitely elements of suck to it. I'm sure I just caught you in a bad couple of months though. Here's hoping things look up soon.
from sadnow :
Your diary is wonderful. I hope your financial situation improves very soon and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for it to do just that. And yes, yes, I do hate it when the deoderant breaks off when I'm putting it on :) <3<3 -Carrie
from banefulvenus :
I clicked on the banner you made. Great site!
from gumphood :
I liked your pity banner. I had this dumb monkey banner. Only six people clix on it. ... man. That was awful
from splash-girl :
:) (Right back atcha)
from swimmingfish :
Hey thanks! :) Your diarys cool.
from i-am-jack :
;^}' Thanks for adding me to your favorites! That makes me feel good that you enjoy my diary!
from diary-viewer :
Your review is complete and posted! Thanks for requesting a review!
from eatyouryoung :
thank you very much. i really appriceated/needed that. *hugs back*
from sad-disease :
I've haven't been to diligent about the no carbs thing until recently. And I have seen no results thus far. It is so frustrating but everyone keeps telling me that I will see results soon. I'm beginning to think they're liars. Well good luck. Let me know if you do any better.
from monkiebob :
so long and thanks for all the fish
from squirrelx :
Thanks for takin' the time to leave me a guestbook message! Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from jesushomeboy :
i agree, sausage must die.
from born-fallen :
thankyou. everyone is always feeding people bullshit :) then they go home and do exactly what they told you not to do.
from gonebananas :
from idontneedu :
from idontneedu :
from harlemrain :
*blushes* Thank you :) Are your kittys doing any better?
from fuckyoutooo :
Duh. Hence, "Why go to one at all?"
from fuckyoutooo :
Why go to one at all? My family doctor, though 700 miles away, could prescribe my meds.
from miscreant444 :
from crazyspade :
go green eyes! go arm and hammer! go simpsons!! go you for getting married!!! ♥♥♥
from lovingmysky :
grow up. sign my guestbook or leave me a note again and ill turn you in to diaryland for harassment.
from lovingmysky :
ooo i spelled one word wrong. can you BE anymore immature? ok so you didnt like my diary, so then why did you sign my guestbook?? that, honey, makes no SENSE.
from fuckyoutooo :
I disagree. Just make sure that you do this for yourself, and not because your therapist tells you to. Therapists have a dirty way of convincing people who lack self-esteem and confidence of things.
from fuckyoutooo :
Eww. I hate pot roast with a passion. It's so 'country'. Oh, and I personally don't feel your doctor has a right to tell you to stop using a certain phrase. If MY therapist critiqued the way I spoke and expressed MYSELF, I would go off on her, not to mention continue speaking however I wished. Don't let a doctor compromise who you are, unless he has a very legit reason, which I fail to see.
from wolfstone :
haha..thanks. now, however, over here, it's happy wednesday!!!!:)
from nonelovesme :
a while ago you mentioned the idea of me leaving my boyfriend...and the thought ran through my head...for about a second but then i realized that that would be insane because i truely care for him. and then about a week or so later he left me. figures right? well either way i really enjoy your diary and i hope you start feeling better about things soon.
from brain-dump :
thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! have a good week :-)
from rebelsheep :
YOUR NOT A REBEL SHEEP! DOnt say moo! hehe
from dcalienz :
Thanks for your note. Ya I pretty much use my two diaries to get out negative things, though it is not really the biggest part of me.
from imbrued :
merci beaucoup de la note. nice to know that someone bothers to read that fodder :) -reggie
from amigamaster :
Thanks for the note. I appreciate your kindness.
from zeroreverb7 :
Hi Thanks for stopping by :) I like your layout also! Very Very cool :) you take good care Peace
from harlemrain :
Thank you for the note.
from sam-jam-ham :
heyla! got your note about jars of clay. i think they're awesome. i esp loved the song with that line "i want to fall in love with you"... yep :)
from missdiamonds :
hello :o)
from enna1314 :
why thank u...I agree :)
from iheartwind :
Do i know you.... should i know you? Reguardless it was very kind of you to leave me a note...
from goofyducky :
oh...well it just showed up at @ signs. how did you find me on here?
from monkeymitten :
*shrug* Are you straight tripping, or what?
from goofyducky : left me a message but didn't say anything. Email me [email protected]
from beagle47 :
thank you! personally, i would go down to the store and buy a box of K's, but not much else. frankly, they're over-rated. now, a Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche is another story!
from iamsorry :
congratulations on the wedding! i wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
from banefulvenus :
Thanks for the note you left on my site. I checked your site out and it's great...
from copic :
I wanted to thank you for the message on my diary. And CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from beagle47 :
hello! i actually took "interesting" in the most positive way, and i really appreciate you saying so. i can tell you are decent and cool. my response was to thank you and also just to goof around a little. ;-) peace. (and i really mean that) horizons!
from letters2dad :
Thanks for the note, I always appreciate knowing that someone else gets something out of that diary.
from fuckyoutooo :
Why would you enjoy meaningless kisses? Kissing someone is a form of affection and endearment. So why would you want someone to kiss you and have it mean absolutely nothing?
from beagle47 :
hey, thanks for the visit. i like to think of it as "bizarre," "weird," "out-there," and some other things too, but you were very nice when you called it interesting. oh, and by the way, i bet if you play your cards right you've just created the newest fashion craze. just wear the new bleached stuff and tell them you bought it at Saks for insane amounts of money, but you know where they can get it cheap. thanks again, and peace. (and i really mean that).
from ravynemyst :
Everyone deserves happiness and love. Sounds like you have found both with Z. Also, money isn't everything and it seems like the more you have the less "real" happiness you have. Sometimes pooling resources together make a relationship stronger. Keep your chin up and believe that everything will work itself out fine. Positive thinking works wonders :)
from ravynemyst :
I am glad you stopped by my diary. I do not mind in the least. Please come again :) Always welcoming new readers.
from dcalien :
Wow, eh adams and buddha in your notes coolness. :) Thanks for your well wishes. I am having dental and jawbone building by the way. I appreciate your kind words.
from thisisjohn :
sorry about that. id try selecting the text, or highlighting it. I am gonna change my layout soon, methinks
from fuckyoutooo :
Thanks for you support.& hugs. I appreciate it greatly. I do however worry about you marrying "Z". I definitely don't know the situation and wouldn't dare judge you or him; I can only go by what I have read in your diary. With that said, are you sure you want to live the rest of your life with him? Granted no relationship is perfect, but if it isn't to your liking right now, what is to say getting married will make things better?
from jettemarie :
Hmmm...My diary looks fine to me, and no one else has had a problem. I wonder why you are...
from iamsorry :
actually, i've had the book for a long time. i just never got around to reading it. but i'll definitely try to make some time for it now. thank you.
from iamsorry :
hey, i'm definitely interested in your suggestion.

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