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from dana-elayne :
I'm so sorry! I hope that the two of you can work things out.
from msboombastic :
So sorry to hear you are feeling so awful. I hope you can work things out with him.
from dana-elayne :
Okay, that's sucky and wrong! And she couldn't be hired for one of the other positions. I would ask for a conference to find out what is going on....seriously!
from dana-elayne :
I live in Podunk, GA. So, we have a fall break that happens to occur at the same time as the local agricultural exposition. *rolling my eyes* Yes, we get a vacation for that.
from dana-elayne :
Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that life is sucky right now. Not that it helps, but *hugs*
from sknnybmbntch :
Good luck going back to school!!!!
from dana-elayne :
Love the pictures. You were a simply beautiful bride! :)
from dana-elayne :
Sorry about your kitty :( *hugs*
from spritopias :
I did that debt thing, it is amazing. You should try it, I will be done with an amazing amount of debts in ten years.
from goldylockz22 :
Happy early Birthday! December 2nd huh? Me too! I'm not really looking forward to it though, hehe...take care!
from deedee42085 :
Praying for you and the rest of Florida. Hope everything holds up for you!
from bargle :
i voted for your cousin from all of my email addresses! hope it helps! it says it will be announced on the radio, so aduno if that means they'll put it on the site, too. so... let us know if she wins? <3
from beautifulmes :
Voted for your cousin! Don't know if I did it right but I tried!
from spritopias :
mary magdaline was actually not bad, she wrote the book of hebrews in the new testament so Pope Gregory the Great started the tradition that she was the oft mentioned prostitute
from zeca :
It was so nice to have news from you, especially that now you own a house...congratulations, to both of you guys!!! And dont leave your cats playing around cause they gonna search for the ducks...and you might have troble....hsvr fun!!!
from dana-elayne :
Congrats on the new house! :)
from spritopias :
I think we had the same grandma
from beautifulmes :
Good luck with the juggling of the 3! hehe!
from spritopias :
I don't think ANY of those things are fun having done two of the three
from spritopias :
when I saw you light up on my buddy list I said, "Oh thank God she's not dead!" Day light savings is dumb.
from spritopias :
I'd bet you're right about the scoop
from spritopias :
That's terrible but its nothing that Judge Marilyn Milan can't fix! Look at this way, "it's Brian thought that counts not Kay's thoughtlessness!"
from klutzygirl :
OMG!! I hope all is settled about the ring soon. I had my resized at Zales about a year ago and I swear I did not get the same ring back, something about it looked darker and cloudy. Mine was in perfect condition. Oh well what can we do!!
from beautifulmes :
Aww your guestbook isn't working at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about your ring and the diamond. I hope everything gets settled.
from klutzygirl :
Don't forget to do my quiz, located at the bottom of my layout!! Have a Great Day!! :) And fill out the guestbook with what your answer was... :)
from spritopias :
Sorry, I blew our shot at the state title because I was getting high. I hope you understand.
from dana-elayne :
Oh my gosh, that dress is simply beautiful! :)
from jelligyrl :
midori sours, YUM!!! :) Buying a wedding dress off ebay is not nuts. You're only going to wear it once. :) My mom rented her dress for her second wedding and never regretted it. Actually it rocked, she got this 6000 dress for like 300 rental fees? Anyway, I say go for it. :)
from dana-elayne :
*yum* Midori favorite!
from dana-elayne :
I don't know how close you are to Atlanta, but it might be worth the trip. There's a JC Penney's outlet here where wedding dresses are 100-300 bucks and they're simply lovely. Now my marriage sucked, but my dress was SO SO pretty. I spent $240 dollars on a fully beaded bodice and a chapel sweep train dress. It was beautiful. I think it might have been "so last season" lol
from spritopias :
"no one said it would be easy but no one said it'd be this hard"
from spritopias :
happy christmas
from dana-elayne :
What a lovely surprise! Best wishes on your engagement. :)
from thecrankyone :
I like your layout. Happy belated birthday!!! Hope it was a great day~
from dombilly :
Have a very happy Birthday Jen!!
from damodred :
Happy Birthday!
from scorpio123 :
have an awesome bday!
from cutie1083 :
Happy Birthday!!!
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, enjoy it!
from autumn-kitty :
Happy Birthday, Sweet Cheeks!
from seenuh :
happy birthday!
from watty :
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day celebrating. I love Christmas trees, too. Best wishes to you always. =)
from peytonsplace :
Hope you have a wonderful Birthday!
from macfarlane :
Happy Birthday! *hugs* Have a fantastic-o! day
from elliorange :
♥ Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day!
from dana-elayne :
Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday dear pepperjen....Happy Birthday to You :) I hope you have a great day and an awesome year!
from pastagirl :
Happy Birthday!! Have a great one!
from mickey225 :
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!!
from mkboog :
Happy Birthday!
from spritopias :
The angry people? They're procreating, you'll meet them and their kids when you get back into teaching.
from spritopias :
from spritopias :
I love Betty Already's ads.
from fixinto :
you ROCK.
from spritopias :
I think you're a great teacher. $1000 for two weeks? HOLY COW. I make that every two months!
from spritopias :
Subbing is like getting mugged, it's not your fault, per se, but you never should have put yourself in that situation.
from spritopias :
Jealousy is always the root of hate.
from dana-elayne :
Have you thought about doing long term subbing? I know a lot of people who do maternity leave need a sub for 6 weeks or so. You can make fairly decent money that way.
from spritopias :
Pionneer (sp) a Disney education program that brings kids to Disney on Field Trips to learn the science and technology behind the rides, the art behind the producion of the movies, the literature behind the stories. You would be rich with this idea. Field Trips to Disney World - Brilliant.
from spritopias :
Wow, that was interesting. I didn't know that.
from dana-elayne :
:HUGS: I have no idea what to say about your grandmother. Just know that you're in my thoughts!
from spritopias :
HA HA HA, your diary is really funny. Oh Jesus! I nearly shot Oreo out my nose! HA HA HA. The dolls, the dolls, HA HA HA
from creepatron :
Hey, I just started reading your diary, and you work at WDW? That's really cool, I'm applying for an internship there. Let me know how you like it!
from anjel-phish :
Ok..I know we don't know each other...but I found myself in your diary and just wanted to say.. I am really sorry to hear about your grandmother.. I honestly hope everything turns out better for her in the end. Good luck with your interview.. it Is kind of strange how the bad always seems to come with the good (news that is) and finally, thank you!! I have been trying to remember the name of this book forever --> Dangerous Angels.. my friends all thought I was some kind of pyscho nut, always going on about weetzie bat and "some thing angels" but the book kind of has signifigance to me and now I can finally just turn to them and say "HA! I was right so ;p" Thanks
from xevelle :
oh it's sad about your grandma. 88 is pretty old though, she must have been very healthy. i hope things get better for you. take care.
from spritopias :
Well, I hope things work out for you - try and enjoy your job and hopefully it will all work out. And, yes, I was the jerk who said that. :-)
from spritopias :
I know, I hate it. You can have two. You taught middle school, take three.
from spritopias :
For my 1000th entry we're making a list of my favorite people's favorite entries that I wrote. Please submit yours! If you have one...
from spritopias :
The only point I want to make about Church and State (which I support the seperation at a teacher and as a Christian more firmly than anyone) is that the seperation is at the Federal Level in our Constitution. States are free to chose a religion, at one time Maryland was officially Roman Catholic. Alabama is unique in that it's Constitution clearly sets it's authority under the god of Christianity. This, like Bush v. Gore, has the odd prediciment where EVERYONE is wrong and everyone is right at the same time. Church and State should always be seperate...can you imagine how pissy the people who put that ten commandments statue would be if we had a Rabbi in our classes? Even if we just stuck him in the corner but more than that, a Christian who wasn't the same flavor that they were.
from felka :
lol. i love your banner! does anybody know when the water show is? someone should put up a sign that says when the next water show is!!!!
from polishstreak :
For a puppy still only a few weeks old like yours is, there's not a whole lot to KEEP him from chewing b/c he's teething.... Best advice I can give you (trained dogs as one of my myriad of weird ass jobs in college) is to keep TONS of chew toys around, when you catch him with something he shouldn't have (a shoe, underwear, whatever), tell him no loudly, and firmly, and at the same time, use a homemade noisemaker-- a soda can with a a couple of pennies works great- and startle him with it at the sametime you are saying "NO". Then take whatever he was chewing away, and replace it with a kong or rawhide or puppy toy of some sort. And for things that are actually dangerous (phone cords, wires, cables) that he can get to, smear them with Vapo-Rub-- dogs hate the smell and the taste of it and will generally leave anything with it on it alone. As for the play nipping, don't LET him. After the first time, give him something he CAN tug/chew on to use, but if he's biting at you to get attention, you need to start some crate training and using positive enforcement me w/ any specific questions if you want. :) Good luck. SB
from kitten42 :
please go here and vote for design # 10 if you do i will love you forever and link you everywhere thanks!
from spritopias :
I guess you're not gellin' you're fronting like you are. tisk tisk
from ddrboy :
Satin WILL be back with you soon. Hugs and love always, Richard
from jelligyrl :
I'm so sorry to hear about Satin. If you need anything, let me know. Lots of love to you.
from dana-elayne :
I'm just in tears for you and Satin. I'm terribly saddened about your loss.
from dana-elayne :
I'm so sorry about Satin. *HUGS*
from jordy87 :
I'm so sorry to read that about your cat. When a pet dies or is sick it is like losing a family member. You should think about how much pain she may be in though. Cats rule!
from dana-elayne :
Awww, aren't y'all just the cutest :)
from dana-elayne :
Three more weeks. Oh I'd just die...die I tell you. I can't wait until graduation tomorrow night. I'm literally counting the hours. I bet Brian will enjoy Orlando once he gets there. It's an awesome city with so much more than Disney. Ed and I have talked about going to Epcot again after we finish our master's degrees. We've both been, but never together. Plus, they have a HUGE Hello Kitty section at the Japanese pavillion. *drool*
from crazy-ol-tom :
"Flowers for Algernon" rocks!!!!!!!1
from crazy-ol-tom :
"that crazy show with the meatball and the milkshake" has a name. It's called "The Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and meatballs name is Meatwad and the shakes name is Master Shake. You forgot the box of fries, Frylock. Anyways, have a nice day and thank you for the nice e-mail you sent me. Sorry its taken so long to respond but, I don't check my e-mail that often.
from dana-elayne :
Now, I typically don't play video games. I swear though that I'd be ALL over a SIMS Harry Potter. You are a genius!
from dark-angel06 :
hehe... random clicking... found your diary... read your entry... just wanted to say, I find Draco Malfoy in the movies very hot myself haha... the only thing is, I'm 15, which is Tom Felton's (the actor who plays Draco) age now lol...
from crazy-ol-tom :
OMG Me and my friend Laura thought we were the only people who remembered "Fifteen". That is so cool. We're not insane.
from dana-elayne :
Have fun in orlando and happy house hunting! How exciting. :)
from epiphany :
Thanks so much for the donation, as well as the entry! You're a good person. It definitely does help, and Holden thanks you as well. May someone come to in your time of need, Mark.
from dana-elayne :
*LOL* I swear that happens to me in (a) Target and (b) Borders Books and Music. It happens without fail...every time!
from paengz666 :
Hi! I Read ur feel i think u r so sweet!! take care -|-
from dana-elayne :
Ohhhhh, who would want to be with someone who was just like them? *EW* That matchy matchy agree 100% stuff is for the birds. As long as you have something to give each other and you both are willing to grow along with the other person, you're a "perfectly" matched set :D
from bluroses :
I think that a person cannot really understand what you are going through unless they are/were a teacher themselves, and even then, not everybody has a bad experience. But those of us that have went through it understand. Don't worry, you are not alone. It is NOT your fault! I'm sure although middle school wasn't your ideal age group, you didn't take the job with the anticipation of it being this bad. I taught high school English for one semester. It was so terrible! Not only was it my first year teaching (and WITHOUT a credential), but I was the third teacher the kids had that year, and because of that, they were even more restless. I had 3 grade levels, which means 3 lesson plans to juggle, grading, grading, and well, more grading...and then the discipline and parents who think their hellion children are angels! 10 out of 140 kids may not seem like a lot, but just 1 bad apple can ruin a class! That is all it takes to keep things from flowing smoothly. It is so frustrating that 1 kid can hold everyone else back and disrupt everything and then sit back and smirk. When I was going through it, I had to vent just like you. It doesn't mean you hate the kids. In fact, I still write to some of my old students to this day. But even the best students couldn't keep the bad students from ruining many days. Also, my colleagues and I who taught various subjects, all came to the conclusion teaching English is the toughest-more complex lesson plans, many more hours of grading...Isn't it ridiculous we get the same pay as a PE teacher? :( By the way, after that experience I decided I no longer wanted to be a high school English teacher!
from rosyrants :
so, i'm a moron...well, not really, but good dramatic effect..anyhow, while writing my last entry i came to realize i was having a similar experience as you do in your entries...i was having "mean" feelings towards a person i genuinely like and care for and it made me understand your position better...i get it now...sorry it took me a while. good luck!
from rosyrants :
Sorry I came across harshly, but it was a reaction to the harshness I read in your entries. I am sure that you do love kids and believe you when you say you are sort of in the wrong place with the wrong people. However I think that your students may ultimately suffer as a result of you taking a position you apparantly knew you were wrong for from the get go. We all take jobs that aren't right for us at some point and grin and bear it until we can move on...the difference is that in your case it is not only you who suffers. I am aware that your ranting is just that...ranting...and I am sure it makes you feel better and I am glad you have an avenue to blow off steam. It was just alarming to read how you feel about your students...particularly on your front page when you refer to them with such hostility. I sincerely hope for your own good that you seek employment with another school or grade so you can enjoy your profession and life more and your new students will get what they deserve as well...a teacher who WANTS to be there with them. It is abundantly clear that you do not WANT to be with the students you are with now. You have noone to blame for that but took the job.
from aquatigrl :
Just randomly clicking on banners, I read your rant. I think it's perfectly understandable why teachers would get frustrated, especially with 8th graders. I'm a sophomore, but in 8th grade you have a younger version of "senioritis" because you might be leaving people you've been with for a long time, and not caring so much. So you rant.. I'm sure nobody holds it against you! Everybody rants.. nothing wrong with it. We all need to let our emotions out somehow, and ranting in a blog seems like one of the most rational ways. You seem like a great teacher =] cheer up.
from blue-candy-b :
Thank you for listing me as a favorite. It means a lot to have people who appriciate my point of view :-)
from christay :
Thank you for giving me advice on the whole middle school thing. I have a student teacher observation class starting at a middle school soon and I'll see how things are. If all is how you's elementary for me my dear! Thanks again.
from moony68 :
i'm a junior in high school and i just read your latest entry (as a matter of fact, the first entry i've read by you ever. :) and you remind me SO MUCH of my creative writing teacher. you two would get along great. she's really awesome and we've just moved into short stories. my problem is that i can write just fine, it's the climax i have trouble with. oh gods, that sounds trashy. LOL but really, it's true, that's the hardest part for me. anyway - i just wanted to let you know, you have teenagers on your side too - despite our lack of caps. :)
from blacsunrise :
so many people have already said what im about to say....but too can never heard good things about youself too much right? so here goes....i have admiration in the highest for people brave enough to teach. teachers are underpaid and overworked and its bravo. dont let stupid kids (IE cheerchick) get you down. it takes a wonderful person to volunteer to teach the future. we need more like you! so thanks! PS: love the layout poodesigns is the best!
from triple0x :
hey, I'm in 8th grade, and I wish I had a teacher like you, way to be down to earth. I don't complain about my homework.. I know the load doesn't lessen, my brother attends Drexel University..(now that's homework). honestly, keep up the good work.
from sombrengel :
From the sounds of it, all the people giving you shit about the stress your students cause you were the type of students who didn't like homework or actually want to learn. Teachers get so little respect, but they are far more important than their detractors realize. Keep up the good work.
from lola5by5 :
hmmm. i like teachers like you. maybe you should move to my town and we could do lots of drugs. j/k. maybe...
from lisa-knits :
I totally understand what you mean about kids and homework. I wish more teachers were like you.
from nikkiwilson :
Well, I just clicked your banner. I have always thought it took a special person to teach kids. But that's not true. It takes a special person to teach them well. There aren't too many good teachers left. I hope that ignorant people aren't going to make you bitter. The children of the world are becoming more and more ignorant, and nobody is doing anything to stop it. Although everyone likes to talk about it.
from nouni :
Just saw that ur reading the Harry Potter books! I love those books. Im halfway through my fourth now and ur right. Each one seems even better then the other! Peace /Nat
from seventigers :
Clicked though, and was greeted with a lovely rant aimed at kids who think it's your fault for students mad at you. Too much homework? Ha! Hopefully more than a few of them make it to college and understand the true meaning of work. Or they could just take Calculus (like I did as a senior in HS way back in 94/95). That was more work than I'd ever hoped for. Like the diary BTW.
from comment-anon :
Banner clicker here :) Great ranting... Feel better now? -Boo
from christay :
Wow reading your diary has given me second thoughts on becoming a middle school teacher myself. *drops out of college* j/k ;) But it really has opened my eyes.
from pyxopotamus :
:high-five: wow, that was beautiful.
from warmslippers :
I am enjoying your bitterness today. It suits me well.
from apocalipx :
Homework does blow...On the other hand i wait until the last minute to do all of mine...and i havent even gotten to college yet (senioritis..woohoo '03!!)...I admire your stamina for teaching middle school students...its a tough-not-paid-enough-job to handle...keep up the good work..and keep giving homework...LOTS of it...well..not tons...but a substancial book report here and there never hurt anyone...if they get all upset...whos in charge again...? Yeah that's who i thought... Don't worry...Karma (as i have been learning) exists...and its going to treat you well my friend...cuz THATS what it all about...!
from ddrboy :
Some people forget that homework was easy! Ha ha. Don't wrry, I would love to have you as a teacher!
from luckyrachel :
Wow, 23 and teaching. That is pretty good. Your first year right? It will probably get easier (less annoying). My mom taught special ed preschool and kindergarden for quite a few years. She went on disability for a while, and could not get the same job back. This is her first year teaching 3rd-6th, and she is always saying how annoying her kids are. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but lately less and less. Any suggestions?
from lunatide :
*hugs you* i dont hate you.... i love you, you are probably one of the better teachers out there. dont listen to them... spork them to death, ye si know this was filled with grammatical errors... but its 10:30 at night and i just did an art assignment for tomorrow morning...
from flippantbebe :
hmm .. although i got nothing against teachers .. unless they make you read chicken scratch off the friggin chalk board, or oppress me with tons of work that has nothing to do with the lesson at hand ... i think ya need a vacation or something .. don't let the students stress ya out man ... hehe .. they would only enjoy your suffering more .. word to the wise man ... eileen
from dana-elayne :
Yeah for you! It's all about responsibility and so many kids seem to have NONE! Oddly enough, I was able to maintain my grades, do hours of homework, be in all kinds of after school activities, and STILL have a social life. I want to tell my college prep kids that they can complain when they (a) are at astronomy lab until 11:30PM, (b) have a novel to read in two days, (c) work part time, (d) have a full time boyfriend, (e) tutor part time, and (f) still make A's.
from popbutterfly :
I understand where you're coming from, however, I must side with the students (although I'm not an 8th grader, I'm a junior in high school). Teacher's aren't the only ones who are stressed. We are assigned so much homework (especially when you are in upper level classes) that we don't really have time to do much else. I'm sorry, but contrary to popular belief, we do need a break. We need social time. We do have lives outside of the classroom. And I understand that you do too, and I know that you have a lot to do, grading papers and whatnot, but if you wouldn't assign so much homework, you wouldn't have so much to grade! I know that's screwed up logic but, hey, I'm still a student and that's the way I see it. Alright, now that I got that off my chest, I'm sorry that the kids you deal with are such a pain. I hope that you get better, less obnoxious students next year. Try to hold out. Summer's almost here!
from malone4mu :
Are you me? I teach 8th graders. I hate it most days. I too am a first year teacher. So again, are you me? Good luck! Cristin
from cheerchik234 :
Dear person I have no clue who you are. I'm an 8th grader... How I must agree with you about us making your life hell. I don't go to your school. And I don't make my English teachers life hell. I love English very much so. Writing it makes me happy exhilerates *I doubt it's spelled right* me. I'll tell you right now my friends and I make life a living hell for any teacher who makes ours that way. I am a straight A student. But should a teacher give me to much homework I punish them and act up. I don't get detention like other kids would. That's because I don't know... Anyways just be nice and not a bitch. P.S. give us a freakin break WE HATE PRISONS, aka school. We like candy. We like free time, aka nap time, and we like work time. You assign us homework freakin give us time to work on it in class we have lives. Unlike many teachers. By the way I don't know about your classes and requirements but we had to do one on the Holocaust and everyone had a blast... We did Power Points and our classes really calmed. By the way you said your last two classes were the worse it's that way here too. We want to go home. We are tired of school. Just so you know... I pity any teacher. But They shouldn't have picked the job... Good day to you! Cassie
from dana-elayne :
Yep, you sound about like me last semester. I had block scheduling with the 4th period from hell. An hour and a half of "sit down", "stop", "quit", "don't", "stop", "STOP", "FREAKIN' STOP ALREADY!" I thought I was going to lose it before Christmas. I'm lucky this semester because the kids are pretty darn good. *HUG* Hang in there!
from dana-elayne :
Actually, I teach in a public school and we had Friday off because so many kids were sick. We have between 10-20% of our kids and about 10-15% of our teachers out. Since we have President's Day off too, they thought the 4 day weekend would give everyone time to get better. Nah, you're not a bad person. There are days when I'm secretly relieved that I have a sparce turnout.
from ecovlke :
Thank you so very much for your kindness. Bless you.
from dana-elayne :
I can SO hear myself in today's post (1/21/03). I teach a college prep English class. I forever hear: "I hate to read"; "This is hard"; "Do I have to do this" *ARGH* Why does these kids want to be in college prep anyway? I had one who moved to vocational level classes because I was making her throw up every night from the stress of 9th grade college prep. Good gosh! I just wanted you to know that I "hear" you! (Plus, I think we're neighbors--I'm in GA)
from ddrboy :
You hate kids today, right? You can't hate them always cause, you work with them! hugs!
from invisibledon :
Sure one order of snow headed your way I'll just contact my close and personal friend Mr. Freeze-meister
from invisibledon :
I feel in to a hole and found my self wandering around in your neighborhood so I thought I would say hey. HEY how you doin'
from perceptionss :
Jennifer, You need an early Birthday Hug. Don't think going out of your way for those kids was for nothing. I'm sure you are a good teacher and your'e probably right when you think that most didn't show up because they didn't get a ride from their parents. I hope you get a lot of Birthday presents! I have a Bday card with your name on the front:) Booby
from ddrboy :
Congrats on the Gels. I would do them for you if you were in Southern Cali, or I was in Southern Flo! Hugs and good luck with the Jewish Holidays!! Tee hee!
from gwenllian :
Hey, I found your site by clicking on a banner. I also teach 8th grade Lang. Arts. Cool! I'll be back.
from epiphany :
Hey... Sorry I didn't back to you sooner! Your entry was lost amongst a bunch of others I got this week. Unfortunately, none of my sub plans were on the computer, so I couldn't send them anyway. I hope you were able to do it okay. I recommend finding a story you won't be using in class, assigning it with questions. Not too exciting, but I don't really even plan on using mine. Best of luck.
from sir-inky :
I wanna be an Art teacher just cause i love art, i need a job besides just doing what i love. So i had a bitchy art teacher last year so now i wanna be a cool art teacher. Me thinks it a cool idea and it gives me a simple goal to look at when i am trying to decide my college classes. So later, your S-r-Inky
from sir-inky :
NO, i do not dislike you in anyway. I wanna be a teacher. Now, what kind of teacher are you?
from sir-inky :
Are you really a teacher?
from perceptionss :
I never thanked you for that very kind letter you wrote me. It really moved me and made me think about certain things. I just didn't have the words that would give the true meaning how that email made me feel because special wouldn't do it justice. I hope you make a great teacher and I'm guessing you already are on your way:) Love, Booby
from giggle-junky :
LoL! The plank is from a cartoon called Ed, Edd + Eddy...A very twisted, confusing programme on the Cartoon Network. The plank has a starring role.
from pedestrianx :
hey, i dunno if this helps, but i was teaching last semester. but i was teaching at TAFE (tertiary ed), so all the students were around my age. plus i was teaching multimedia... at the moment I'm getting my certificate so i can continue teaching (provided i get work, of course... and provided i pass this course). i also used to work at a child care centre, with 4 and 5 year olds... none of this is probably relevant to you, but... at least you know there's someone who can relate and empathise. oh, the all yr base thing joe was clearing up - it's from a badly translated sega game from years ago. (80's, i think). had lots of wacky badly translated lines, including such others as "take off every zig", and "you have no chance to survive, make your time".
from shanalle :
where in south florida?
from fragole :
Where in Minnesota was the wedding?
from madtownlivin :
hey on your question about you being an english degree and loving simon and garfunkel being the other way around? oh i think definetely, i think that simon and garfunkel listeners are the only english majors left. they mass produce a whole breed of english majors that find their muse and inspiration between the lyrics of paul simon and the voice of art garfunkel. so i'd have to say that because you love simon and garfunkel is why you're an english major. hey, its not uncommon! by the way, they just came out with a new live release from like 1967 or something. i haven't heard it, but i read a review in entertainment weekly and they gave it an A. whooo!
from joesansshoes :
i dont know too much, but its a computer-technology type reference. im not totally sure what it is/what it means, but the full sentance is "all your base are belong to us" and its a badly translated sentance, possibly japanese or something. its a computer-nerd leet-hacker type thing, ask those people of you know any. -hope i was of some help. -Joe...
from secretrue :
i think i would like to know you. rue
from ddrboy :
Thanks for filling out my survey!! Hugs!
from slipnslide17 :
haha, your banner caught my attention! Then I read your diary and you said that it wasn't catchy and no one was reading it, so I had to rub it in that it was catchy and I was reading! lol. I'm just kidding, gurlie, but I do like the banner, and your diary! Keep it up!!!
from fragole :
why are you so worried about your weight?
from madtownlivin :
your diary is so fun to read. i like your insight into all the things you write about. very cool.
from panzer-kitty :
Thanks for filling out my survey. ;)
from morguecrawl :
Yes, Effemy was real. Just about as real and anyone can get for the first 20 years of her life. Then she met him and started living a fairy tail, which ended in tragedy of Shakespearian magnitude...unfortunately, it was all real.
from polishstreak :
Your note kind of freaked me out-- dopplegangers are only supposed to show up in really bad novels or screenplays, not on diaryland.... :) Too bad you don't live near Kentucky-- we could scare the Republicans by driving randomly through the streets blaring La Vie Bohemme. Feel free to email me-- email's under "Contact me" on the template. later skater.

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