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"Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die." - Morty (Rick and Morty)

My favorite diaries:

asrael profile - diary
comments: LOCK'D
anexperiment profile - diary
comments: LOCK'D
chickpea981 profile - diary
comments: LOCK'D
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes life fucks you in the ass without asking first. But is it rape?"
jesbohn profile - diary
comments: ...extreme thought-provoking (not to mention oftentimes hilarious) entries...
mixedup profile - diary
comments: ABANDON'D
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comments: ABANDON'D
perceptions profile - diary
comments: ...bobby rocks... gone to: http://bobbyburgess.net/journal/
porktornado profile - diary
comments: "�Be strong of heart and good to nice people� is an advice cookie, not a fortune cookie. Damn hippies."
robotheart profile - diary
comments: ...written from the <3. uber cool chick...
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: ABANDON'D
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comments: ABANDON'D?
uridium15 profile - diary
comments: ...awesome read. gone to: http://likeabirdonfire.pornoviolent.net
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comments: ABANDON'D?
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comments: ABANDON'D
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comments: ABANDON'D
quotational profile - diary
comments: (ABANDON'D
darkenedhell profile - diary
comments: ...<3's the anime...
sheslikefire profile - diary
comments: ...smart and amusing. makes me chuckle...
mzkardinal profile - diary
comments: ... we must work for the same bullshit company...
getting-better profile - diary
comments: ...hits close to home... found by accident: http://getting-better.blogspot.com
zuzus-petals profile - diary
comments: ...everything she writes/photographs has such beautiful truth to it...
stoner-girl profile - diary
comments: ...insight into the life of a young woman...
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: ...makes me chuckle...
bipolarchick profile - diary
comments: ...the girl rocks...
abandonedplaces profile - diary
comments: ...the photos are definately worth a look: http://www.abandoned-places.com
theicing profile - diary
comments: "why is it that two people who are not in love,can stay together for four years but people who really are in love,sometimes cant stay together for four weeks.Its a crazy,fucked up world." LOCK'D
hissandtell profile - diary
awittykitty profile - diary
camera-girl profile - diary
larkey profile - diary
notme2000 profile - diary
remingtons profile - diary
anempath profile - diary
comments: ...in cognito ;)...
loathe profile - diary
alethia profile - diary
comments: ...a new read...
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: ...a new read...
nineofswords profile - diary
comments: ...a new read...

My favorite music:

comments: Love it. I also love certain sounds:
comments: Cats purring, chick-a-dee calls, Canada geese honking overhead, thunder, fresh snow crunching underfoot
comments: Star Trek Enterprise background hum, the Tardis, train horns
comments: Pretty much any gameshow sound effect - it has a soothing effect
Video Games
comments: Music, sound effects - I love it all

My favorite movies:

comments: Turner Classic Movies. I am an old movie junkie. Silent films hold a special place in my heart. Metropolis is probably one of my favourite silent films. That and any Harold Lloyd film.
comments: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball, Steven Universe, Archer, TinTin, Inspector Gadget, Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, retro uncensored Looney Toons, Ren & Stimpy
comments: This show makes me laugh out loud.
comments: Learning how to survive is interesting.
comments: Seinfeld, Kids in the Hall, Mad TV, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Canada's Worst Driver, anything that makes me laugh

My favorite authors:

comments: I read occasionally

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