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from ramble-on :
I had to lock up my diary, not sure if you got the password or not. Drop me a note with your e mail if you want me to send it to you. I promise the note will be deleted as soon as possible!
from blueeyedmoo :
I am so pleased your brother got the kitten... it looks really healthy and cute. I was sad to read that the girl took her cat back so I just wanted to say how great it is that he was able to get a cutie and ease the burden that the shelters face for trying to care and rehome strays.
from mellaranjuez :
So..a dead body near your office huh? That makes me think that nowadays people are too damn stupid to find the right places to die. I mean, jesus christ, couldn't they just die in their room making no noise and where nobody can see their sorry dead asses? Why the hell dopeople want to die in the middle of the street? What if i am eating a big mac and then i see a corpse right in front of me? Dammit.
from whinybutt :
It rained here! Today! *glee*
from candoor :
I always wanted to be on TV... maybe. (I want to come back here to find out why I want to come back here :)
from anginthebox :
Thank you for letting me know!! I had no clue that Pigs in Heaven was a sequel. I'll have to read the prequel. Thanks again for letting me know!
from sjofn :
Thanks for the note... It's always nice to hear that the way you aren't the only person on the planet feeling a particular way.
from anginthebox :
Hi. I just wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorites. I read some of your entries and I love 'em! As soon as I can, I'll add you to my favorites also. Thanks again!
from anginthebox :
Hi. I just wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorites. I read some of your entries and I love 'em! As soon as I can, I'll add you to my favorites also. Thanks again!
from godmoney :
I. LOVE. YOU. O Brother has the best soundtrack ever (IIIII am a maaaaaaaan of constrant sorroooooow) and Cat's Eye was the first GOOD book I read (not counting Johnny Tremain or Lost World). Never read her others cuz i heard they were ultra-feminist science fiction? Oh, and u can write damn good. I love when i find great writers here. :)
from purplebanana :
Aside from anything else, a person who will rip an article out of a magzine and leave it anonymously for others to find should NOT be in a management position.
from candoor :
it's the quote about Albuquerque (the city that I never spell the same way twice in a row) that compelled me to leave this note... yay you :)
from flarekoolz :
kool surveys
from nosher :
Happy New Year!!! I dislike the whole 'New Year' thing too... it's kinda boring... especially if like me you live in the middle of nowhere! Hope that 2004 brings you success and happiness.
from banshee-rose :
Great diary.
from dani-lou :
Checked out your site. It is pretty cool! Not like me, I'm boring or so a review mentions. Hugs, Dani.
from marn :
I admire you folks who can write fiction. I've tried and tried, but it's a no go. *Sigh*.
from candora :
remembering living in the Niagara Fallss area as I was reading... ironic timing since I just heard from someone I lived with in Toronto for a couple of years after not hearing from her for a couple of years... slowly I turn...
from deedlit999 :
Hiya Heather! Yes, I'm sorry about that, I'm starting a new diary for real this time. I just can't take this anymore...EVERYONE reads it, including exboyfriends, best friends, co-workers, etc etc. I'm not sure of what to do. I started another & am not telling anyone I know about's candee-apple. There's only one entry but it'll have a new template very soon & believe me, I've got a lot to say as of late, so it'll fill up fast. I just needed a more private place to put it. Sorry for the constant mix-up, lol. Thanks so much for writing. :)
from quezacotl :
Hehehe your vacation sounds exactly like mine.... only mine was extended to three months. At that point things get boring. Still there is much to be said spending an afternoon playing games. Good luck at work again.
from lost-mistake :
I wanted to leave a note saying that I liked your diary...and here this is it. ~Rachel
from snowthing :
well hello there. I dont know you, but i just found your diary and I like it. Just thought i would share. And like you, people I know decide to read my diary. Then they have a tendancy to get mad at me. Only unlike you, I dont ask them to tell me they have found my diary, I'm not that trusting I guess. I just made another diary that I dont tell any of them about. Moral of the story, I like your diary.
from lilchrissi :
Just wanted to let you kow Peachy thatI am still here. Stop by and gimme a shout ok? Huggers!
from lilchrissi :
That story about your inner ear problem is disgusting lol ewwww!! P.s Thank you for your note, it means alot to me. It's 7 am right now; I don't know what it what time it will be when all of "fun" goes down, but I am hoping that I won't be here. Hmmmm..what else could go wrong.....Huggers!
from lilchrissi :
Just wanted to drop off some hugs and a short goodbye for now. I don't know when I will be back.
from lilchrissi :
hey hun I know exactly how you feel. I'm there myself...feel like the biggest loser ever **sighs** Poor us eh?
from hrothgar :
Yeah, the job thing sucks, but at least you have one right now. I keep consoling myself with that may not be fun, it may not be your lifelong dream, but it keeps food in your belly and a roof over your head. So...keep looking and know that you are not a loser. You deserve better than that.
from hrothgar :
Hey Heather, hang in there. I'm glad to hear your Mom is doing ok despite the "wonderful" hospital care. The weekend's getting here...
from hrothgar :
Just clicked through a banner ad to your site...really like your writing. Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know about it. :) Despite the crappiness that is February, try to have a good weekend! Those blue fingernails sound pretty sweet. And personally, I think showing up to work in heaps of body glitter would be amazing. :)
from lilchrissi :
Hia :) I just wanted to know If I could add yur name to my list of favs... -Chrissi- a.k.a Raven
from clauren :
Hey. Thanks for answering bestbookoos. I appreciate it. YOu are my hero. OVer 600 entries> WOW> That is amazing. And another thing. YOu have a cat name Mittens? My beloved cat of 20 years was name Mitten. SHe passed away this pass November. Her picture is located on my diary. Now that is cool...
from quezacotl :
We both have great taste. If you can remember when the women come and go, and who they are speaking of, then you've got a password to my diary.
from alternamommy :
I hate people who misspell stuff like that, and I am the queen of misspellings. I liked your reply, though. :)
from alternamommy :
I clicked thru your banner. I love your disclaimer, it's exactly what I've been trying to say since I've been sort of "outed" in a wierd way. Anyway, just wanted to say that it was very well written.
from breakup :
I don't even know how I stumbled across this, but it's really great! Can you talk more about the pottery?
from goovie :
first of all, great *applause* for the "newsradio"-referencing banner. and secondly, what is muppet radio and where, o where can it be found?
from chick33 :
Hi, I just stumbled across your diary from a diaryland banner. I read your disclaimer, and though I don't know you, I think it's a really good idea. I had your worst nightmare happen to me (someone found my diary online and read it, and was really hurt by what they found). I for some reason decided to leave you a message and just tell you to be careful, and warn whoever reads your notes to be careful about looking for information they really don't want. Maybe I'm crazy, but it's late.. I have an excuse :O)
from petrichor :
My cats don't eat rubber bands. But they like to put them in their food dishes. And one of them chases after them like a madman when I shoot them across a room or yard. Real cute. Claws at it like it was a mouse too. The more diaries I read of cat people, the more I realize what I thought before was already true: cats are quirky as if not quirkier than humans. Aren't they great?
from jason75 :
just dropped by and wanted to let you know I enjoyed ur diary
from panzer-kitty :
Thanks for filling out my survey. ;)
from oraclegal :
Elastic bands? I wonder how Simon eats them?! Does he dig them upfrom somewhere? Anyway, I love your design. It's great and simple to look through your entries.
from sorethroat :
hey, just going through your profile again and my stomach jumped at your "muppets" comment - richard and i do that song! i'm smiling about it, but, yeah, you know...
from venusgirl :
ugh. my typos just embarass me to no end.
from venusgirl :
hey heather. :) i relly like tums. i think they're 100% bettr than altoids, and they're good for you! amazing product :) i just noticed you have a little diaryring of your own. 151 members! smart people. i'd join, but i don't know much about cartoons, and i don't want to be a poseur. although i *did* see the states segment on animaniacs, and i love pinky and the brain. does that qualify me? :)
from sjofn :
Well, I'm late. I'm always late. But happy new year. And keep updating. *hug*
from melissa1983 :
Hi, I noticed in your profile that you're from Barrie! Me too! What school do you go to?
from methybeth :
Psst....I can't read you in Netscape anymore and it's driving me mental
from methybeth :
Psst....hey job (much like yours--heeelp, I'm stuck in a Dilbert strip) was temporary too, remember? And I was pleasant and courteous amd worked my ass off the whole time I was there, bending over backwards. Guess who got called and hired the second there was a vacancy? And at the risk of sounding cheesy--even if you don't get the position there, you might get a great reputation. So and so will tell so and so about this great employee...word of mouth is great. It's worth it, kittenfish! Love, Me
from methybeth :
Heather, you have a heart the size of [insert name of favourite planet here--I'm a Jupiter fan myself]. You are NOT going to end up alone, because that much love can't stay stuck in one person--it spills over. If you DID end up alone, which like I said is impossible, you could come live with me and Stephen, and we would have a lot of cats and I would have a lot of allergies.
from methybeth :
Heather, you have a heart the size of [insert name of favourite planet here--I'm a Jupiter fan myself]. You are NOT going to end up alone, because that much love can't stay stuck in one person--it spills over. If you DID end up alone, which like I said is impossible, you could come live with me and Stephen, and we would have a lot of cats and I would have a lot of allergies.
from plf :
Why oh why won't my analyzer work? Your analyzer works. Guess I'm just not special :( Miss you!
from methybeth :
"As much as I like my job, I do occasionally feel like I'm in a Dilbert cartoon (or in Office Space). But I think everyone who works in an office probably does at one time or another." Heather, that entire ENTRY rang true. This is why people who don't work in offices generally don't find Dilbert funny. They don't realize it's actually LIKE that. Chin up, baby--maybe sometimes we can touch base and do lunch and make sure we're on the same page. UGH! Love, Me
from methybeth :
Y'know, I like you.
from plf :
Happy new year dear! Come visit me soon!
from hot-lava :
I read your diary daily and I added your link to my diary, hope you don't mind. I never knew you were from Ontario too... Kick ass, man.
from faery :
You are one cool ass person. yes.
from venusgirl :
yes, i finally figured out which character tutter is! i always though that was the bear itself, but i watched 'bear in the nig blue house' today, and found out it's actually the cute little blue mouse. you learn something everyday. :) um... that wasn't too relevant to your diary, so i'll just say how great it is again and leave. ;)
from apatheticq :
i like your diary more than creamed corn!
from plf :
Plush Tutter! Can I have one for Christmas too? :)
from sallysays :
from whinybutt :
Your diary is excellent-writing, layout, the complete package. :-D
from methybeth :
I heart Blue-parade. :)
from paper-girl :
I really want your love Heather, so I'm signing your analyzer! Well, I would have eventually signed it anyway...why? Because you're cool! Looking forward to our next coffee and chat!
from pischina :
Well I think you are cooler than me, cuz you can make all those beautiful fimo thingies, and you have a lovely diary too! (((LOVELOVELOVE)))
from plf :
Heather is an extremely cool person with many interesting things to say. She also has wonderful taste in music and media (and I'm not just saying that because they're remarkably similar to mine :D). Plus, she'll thwap you at Dr. Mario. Trust me.
from venusgirl :
wow, *the* bob left a comment in your analyzer, now that's cool. :) ahh, what can i say that i haven't said before? i don't know. heather is one of the best friends a person could have. she writes lovely entries too. uh, just read. :)

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