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from stardumb :
from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from true-diamond :
i love the latest poem. keep em coming! love and blessings, td
from jiltedsoul :
A breath of life from this empty happy I was to see this return ;)
from pyroguysr :
I got booted off of MySpace by my ex girlfriend who perceived some sort of "slight" at my mention of her and her boyfriend coming in and piling porno-spam into my inbox and she complained to the management at MySpace and had me removed. The bitch!
from wordsofmine :
I love your writing of "How Do I Explain." Thanks for sharing
from pyroguysr :
An intriguing and deeply personal poem... that I identify with well!
from billie--joe :
aww very pretty
from pyroguysr :
"I Do Not Know, Stranger" needs just a little bit of tweaking before it's up there with your others. I still like it, though. As soon as I'm done tweaking some of mine, I'll post as well.
from boann7 :
waiting for your words is such a sweet anticipation. when i finally see you have left us something, i rush here to get a drink of you. when im at a loss for inspiration i come read you and quite often some thought is like a spring board to my own thoughts.
from pondlife :
How are you these days?
from candoor :
I've been gone for so long and yet, coming back to read you feels like coming home... you are brilliant, just accept that and continue :)
from pyroguysr :
I honestly think that this poem, "When You Are There" is my favorite of yours so far.
from billie--joe :
AWW you are a poet to that was so pretty
from dream-sophia :
Yes...this is exactly what I am feeling today. It's somehow nice that...although I'm feeling alone...I'm not alone in these feelings...
from boann7 :
sometimes i think you are inside my mind reading my own torment and agony.
from boann7 :
you are one i wish would write more. your poetry inspires me. sometimes when i find words elusive i come and read you. a phrase or a thought of yours will trigger me off into something. just thought id say thank you.
from xmemorylanex :
Pretty pretty poem.
from anonymous69 :
i occasionally read your poetry and i find it refreshing. it seems like one day i raised my head away from my pillow, wiped the sleep from my eyes, read some of my favorite writer's work (even read my own work), and came to the realization that with most writers, no matter how much variety you apply to your writing, it still has "them" written all over it (no pun intended). but with you... your writing is refreshing. sure it has "you" written all over it, but you use what you have well and i appreciate and respect that as a fellow writer.
from candoor :
there was a time my love for words was unbridled passion and more, I trusted words unconditionally to enter me and do anything they could intellectually, emotionally, in words in me, from create a monster to seduce me... your words take me back to that time and I don't know if I should thank you or run away... laughing at myself, thank you...
from candoor :
I miss you when I am away :)
from dream-sophia :
he said....she said....and all is broken
from pyroguysr :
Such lovely, deep poetry, as always... I'd like to welcome you to my critiquing group if you'd like to join! http://groups dot yahoo dot com slash group slash raleigh underscore writers underscore forum
from boann7 :
you leave me wordless within your perfect words
from candoor :
your words are missed :)
from pondlife :
Glad to be home, thanks.
from f-i-n :
awesome words! I love reading your poetry.
from pyroguysr :
If you go to my LiveJournal entries (PyroGuySr, of course) you can find out that my poetry group is now experimenting with Villanelles. I've written two. And I miss your writing in your diary. Enjoy!
from suta :
Nice diary. Like it ^^
from f-i-n :
lovely stuff!
from pyroguysr :
As always, you write deliciously wonderful poetry. Exceptional!
from jackthripper :
You are...breathtakingly beautiful.
from kickinkurst :
I really liked your poem.
from justamephit :
Thank for the note - I'm glad you're still lingering on the outskirts of Diaryland, and look forward to your updates.
from somstar :
Wow, notme was right you do have great writing!
from bobrules :
Thanks for the note. Yeah, I'm doing okay I suppose. Rough times lately, but life is rough in general so there's no use in whining. That's basically all I do in my journal actually, but I won't whine in your notes. I hope you are well also. Your entries are still awesome. Thanks for still writing them.
from candoor :
I rambled on about the breast in your banner today, twice even, maybe three times... it's blogathon day and I'm apt to write about anything... I was happy to see words in this space again...
from ecappaccino :
from pondlife :
Beautiful, as always.
from poetcafe :
your welcome :) so what have u been up to?
from candoor :
and you are still as hauntingly irresistible as ever...
from ethereal-red :
As always, I love your poetry. It never fails to pull me in and stare in wonder at the beauty of your words.
from poetcafe :
i luv your writing and your layout, i'm sure you've heard many say this to you before, heck i may have too, but just thought i'd say it. i like. haha. i already said *that*.
from f-i-n :
beautiful blog
from girlreview :
Hey. I'm opening Girl Review back up and I was wondering if you're still on board as a reviewer. If so let me know, if not...let me know too. lol. It's not a problem if you dont have time to review, I just need to know who is still on board to review, so that I can find some new reviewers if I need to. If you just need a short break(finishing school, getting married, etc..) I can leave you on, as on hiatus. Thanks! Dani
from gnomad :
YAY! You landed! Write to me. I'm on a comp that actually works now.
from wordsofmine :
Hi there. I hope the weather is great where you are. The notify list I use is through diaryland: Try this, if this doesn't work, go into the members area to miscellaneous stuff. There you will find a section on the notify. They have three choices to use. If you have trouble, let me know and I will see what I can do to assist you. Take care and have a good day.
from wordsofmine :
Hey, your most welcome. Keep up the good work. Have you thought about a notify list?
from wordsofmine :
Wow, you have the greatest template and I loved your writing.
from raven72d :
Lovely writing. Very much so.
from divamel :
letmein, dammit
from dinahsoar :
your site & poetry are truly beautiful, ethereal and yet achingly real. thank you.
from text-girl :
from crazyblueyes :
i like your diary and layout alot... may i add you to my list?
from girlreview :
Hey. Dani here. I added an update on Girl Review and after you read it, look at the pending page and let me know(on my personal diary) if you have any questions.
from krazieespy :
Just stopping by to say that I LOVE your banner you have on top 100 diaryland.. Its awesome.. i was reading through some of the diaries and I just wanted to say that I loved your banner :)
from krazieespy :
Just stopping by to say that I LOVE your banner you have on top 100 diaryland.. Its awesome.. i was reading through some of the diaries and I just wanted to say that I loved your banner :)
from kristinhank :
really nice banner, which lead to really nice poetry. thank you for writing. -kristinhank
from euphoric-fae :
you write beautifuly...
from neonlemonz :
it's a way...your words taste like mine. in a way, you remind me of me. i don't even know you. in fact, i know nothing about you, but in a way, you remind me of me. sorry, i probably sound crazy. i probably am.
from anonymous69 :
hey. i read your poem (your last entry), and your writing reminds me of my astronomy poetry. its intense, its not perfect, but its close. you should be thankful you speak from your heart because not many people can. if you dont mind me asking, how old are you?
from banefulvenus :
still LOVE your site!!!
from brokenreview :
Hello. Your review is done. You are welcome to check it out now, and thank you for your request. Have great day.
from brokenreview :
Thank you for your request. We will get to your review ASAP.
from jackthripper :
Email me if you want the password to my diary [email protected]
from brokenreview :
Hi, we are a new review site, please request a review, thank you.
from girlreview :
Alright, if you'll email me at [email protected] I'll tell you what you need to do, and the password. Thanks! -Dani
from girlreview :
Yes. Yes it was :D
from girlreview :
Hey. It's Dani from girl review. You made it on to our all-stars 95+ page because your diary scored a 95 or above. That also makes you avaliable for an invitation to become a reviewer. Let me know as soon as possible if you're interested. Thanks!
from solrsnoflake :
Honu is beautiful.
from dalyrical1 :
how about you choose 10 you like, post hem, and then have people vote on those? because i can't even begin to choose...i love all of them...
from enigmawolf :
You wanted a selection of 6 of your poems... I love all of your writing, but you best poems that I saw were: There is a poem in the entry "Another Darkness", Unbind, Ghost, Homage, The Traveler, and the one in "Post nothing". I hope you are published in the literary magazine!
from bleak-horror :
dark, deep and lovely.
from twistedntorn :
hey! I really like your site!! ur righting is so deep.. i really like it! it moves me! if you get bored check out mine!! and i also have a quick question... im new at this and i was wondering how i put my extras under my extra link.. can you help? if so leave a note. or email me [email protected] thank you
from goldn-eggsit :
i like your truth.
from barank :
thank u, i enjoyed ur touch, i will return, how could i not?
from jackthripper :
Interesting. Very interesting...but, I think you already knew that.
from hamiltonian :
Your journal is breathtaking!
from madbh :
Beautiful and Haunting indeed. anything i could possibly think of to say would just make my best attempt sound cheap.
from rachjean :
I'm speechless.
from luvliv :
I clicked on your banner when I found your diary. I must say Your poetry and writeing is quite a delight to read. I made my day:) God Bless you!
from divamel :
nice new photo. as always, highly appropriate. :)
from candoor :
your words touch me deeply...
from gnomad :
Oooo sweetie!! I LOVE your new banner ad!
from augustdreams :
You write beautifully. I enjoyed your entries so much. And your layout is gorgeous. I'll certainly be back. Thank you for creating a banner - otherwise I might have missed out on your diary. :)
from sunnflower :
I clicked in through your banner. Your piece - Blessing - was beautiful.
from raven72d :
memories are ghosts who sometimes emerge as revenants.
from leslieirene :
Hi! Happy Random Act of Kindness Diary Signing! You're diary is wonderful, and so are you! Pass it on! Love, Leslie :)
from false-apathy :
Your layout picture is beautifull.
from raven72d :
Pale ink... And such haunting, lovely thoughts.
from banefulvenus :
Love your banner, Will always love your site!! :)
from candora :
and still you fill the world with your unique love...
from thefallofart :
username: sunkship, password: lungs
from dalyrical1 :
so glad to see your words have been missed
from silverluna :
Words like yours are missed. More intellectual reading is needed. Please update...:) ~Sara
from fade-from-me :
Many people aren't talented with unstructured poetry. Theirs just looks like sentences put together. Yours flow so well. Amazing. I wish my poems only were half as good.
from coricrys :
You are a very gifted writer, the way you use words makes what you write come to life in front of me when i read your entrys. Your words and thoughts are VERY Beutiful... Thank you for leting me havea chance to read your entrys. Cori
from i-am-shakti :
a pleasure to read
from nightingale- : I love it. You're so poetic, so effortless in what you right...Love it.
from prosperpine :
your writing is pure lyricism, and your layout is beautiful.
from bbreviews :
Your review wil be posted on Tuesday next week. It is written. I hope you enjoy it.
from bbreviews :
Hey Bondagebear here. I'm just doing your review now. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long. thanks for being patient.
from watercolored :
Cover your eyes, this one's rough. Apologies in advance.
from annie-m-s-b :
How beautiful you are.
from lost-prodigy :
You have a beautiful, beautiful diary. In every way.
from watercolored :
It's a day late, but Happy Valentine's Day fair Rosaline. I miss your words, do write again soon.
from agoudy :
Thanks for your message. Its nice to know someone else understands....
from bbreviews :
We are trying to re organise the pending list at bbreviews and were wondering if there was a specific reviewer you would like to request? Thanks
from bbreviews :
Thank you for your reply... I hpe you soon get time to review on your own site... enjoy.
from bbreviews :
Bondagebear here, I have just read through all your entries and was wondering one, if you'd like a review and two, would you like to review for BBreviews? Please just leave a note at my review site and we'd love to have you!
from raven72d :
Ahhh... you're rather a nice discovery on a Monday.
from zansbitch :
Nice to see you back Ros
from our-views :
Your review is up at Our Views. Thanks for submitting your diary!
from candoor :
from macfarlane :
I 'really' like your diary
from trapidi :
sry, u should expect that from some1 like me, expeciallt when they r only 13. i understand that others think that is art, but it isn't art in my taste
from manga-moon22 :
You never will know me, nor will I know you, but I hope that you find pure happiness. Here's a poem for you : Sometimes I could fly Sometimes I could fly away, like so many others wish. But I feel that I would stay, among the clouds of happiness Because the heavens seem so much more real, and Id rather stay up there. And depressed is what Id never feel, but blissful feelings that Id share. While I can not lie and say , that of you, I would not miss But now that Im here to stay, I will never feel your kiss. And though you may fear rejection too, and its familiar somehow. I wouldnt have rejected you, but I guess that doesnt matter now. When I come to realize where I am, I dont quite understand this; I wish that I was back again, in the clouds of happiness. Sometimes I could fly away, like so many others wish. But I feel that I would stay, among the clouds of happiness. -cassiopeia tasara smith (that's me ;)
from blaiyze :
Happy Halloween!
from jadefrost :
Hey Hun, as usual you write my soul, and I want to steal away how truely amazingly you do it. I miss you!!! * hugs*
from watercolored :
I've wanted to thank you for listing me as a favourite for some time now, but felt something more eloquent than "Thanks" was in order. Unfortunately, in your presence (so to speak) I am rendered quite incapable of coherent speech, much less any degree of gracefulness. Your dark elegance has enchanted me from the very first word read. Please accept my humble "Thanks."
from gnomad :
Heya sweetie pie! Thanks for letting me know. *foreheadsmooch* How the heck are you? Where've you been? Do I need to start worrying, or are you gonna like, write me or something? (hint hint)
from blaiyze :
Hello. How have you been?
from bbreviews :
I've noticed you like reviews... why not try Bondagebear Reviews?
from cielamara :
If I should ever attempt to portray things that aren't sunshine and daisies, and to portray them as stunningly beautiful as you have, and if I were to succeed at my attempt...I think I would have reached a certain type of nirvana. You have really made me think, and you have struck a chord of darkness within myself that I don't feel comfortable acknowledging, but which emerges at times, to pull me so far down only sheer stubbornness and the infallability of the crumbs of divine idealism that litter the Earth for us mere mortals can pull me back have really enthralled me. ~*Cielamara
from oldpenguin :
Found your diary through your "Exposure" banner. It's so profound and emotional. Painfully vivid. Excuse me for stating the obvious, but you write beautifully. I hope that life treats you with more kindness in the future. Chin up. OP
from cutegurl257 :
You are truly an amazing writer, and I love your work. I can relate to everything you write, and you have a beautiful form of self expression. Keep writing and I'll keep coming back for more. You are totally going on my favs.
from jadefrost :
That was perfectly, painfully, beautiful. I loved it hun. You wrote it just for me didn't you?...Don't try to deny it. LOL. Either that or you stoled my emotions.* Big Hugs*
from raven72d :
Pale inks... Walking the streets and wondering about old houses... Oh yes.
from taliarant :
WOW!!! I just dropped in via banner to read this: Wow... that's about all I have to say at the moment. Fantastic writing.
from leslieirene :
Thanks for your sweet words. They mean a lot to me. Keep writing! You are so gifted. I admire you very much. xoxoxo, Leslie
from blaiyze :
from blaiyze :
Magnifico! Bravisimo! *Blaiyze throws a boquette of black roses at your feet*
from banefulvenus :
WOW! Great site!
from brokendollie :
No words that I can think of could compare to what you have written here. The images you have given me are too overwhelming for me to even begin to describe. Thank♥You
from blaiyze :
bravo....bravo B.
from blaiyze :
Stunning....absolutely stunning. *Blaiyze bows at the waist and offers you a black rose* Bravo! Bravo! B.
from drunkencynic :
Layout's gorgeous.
from squishyvan :
beautiful poem. I loved it!
from sigh100times :
You write so very beautifully, its very interesting. I usually skim over people's work and then end up wandering to another site...but this really captivated me. I love the picture you used for your banner as well... p.s. Virginity is more like a shaken can of Coke. You should let it sit and wait for it to settle before you open it and make a mess of yourself. Just a thought.
from candora :
so familiar, as if we've shared minds many times before, perhaps while I was sleeping...
from jadefrost :
Hi, I clicked on this interesting banner, and bam! It's as though I was taken to some bewitching and creatively vivid place. I must say I am put to shame by your amazing talent,and I can't wait to read more.
from justenough :
wow. amazing.
from sbspsd :
hi its us again. since the email address we gave you didnt work, try [email protected] regarding what we had in mind, we were thinking of a background color similar to the one on our site (beige) and the text Sepia Reviews on it. We also thought of having a pen trail or something along those lines. Perhaps it would be the best if you show your creativity by choosing for us because we really dont have much creative juices. however,you may contact the email (above) for further information/discussion. thanks again!
from sbspsd :
hi there. this is sepia reviews. your request has been received and we have started on your review. we are impressed! we posted this note because we were wondering whether you could make us one or two banners for our site...thanks in advance! (ps: reply to [email protected])
from brenalmighty :
I'm amazed that such depth can be realised on this site. Also you've shamed me that I have given in to my urge to please and write my pantomime dame me instead of who I really am. You are Wow...just wow. Thanks. Bren Lee
from lucid-fear :
To put it simply, your archives are the only archives I've ever enjoyed going through. I will admit, your banner caught my eye as I was signing in, and I ignored my duties of posting an entry just to see what diary lurked behind such an eye catching banner. Great!
from bleue :
woops sorry, i had no idea the notes would go wonky
from raven72d :
You tell great stories.
from ginko :
is that marla in yer "confessions" banner? its awesome.
from leslieirene :
Thank you for adding me! I'm adding you as well, and I posted one of your link pictures on my "extras" page!
from raven72d :
A poem written when you were sixteen. For most of us, there's the nightmare of having someone suddenly read aloud-- in public --the poems we wrote at sixteen. That's not a fear you need ever have. Yours are nothing ever to disown or hide from.
from raven72d :
Brilliant diary...
from mourninstr :
simply wonderful. i cannot begin to describe the emotions your words stir. a longing? a dying passion? only time will tell. --mourning
from cloud999 :
wow. i really like your diary. your writing is beautiful. rock on.
from clarity99 :
Your writing is amazing. It's people like you that make me want to become something more then who i am.
from how-odd :
your writing is very beautiful, but very sad. -Nic
from mutesonance :
thanks much for the compliment. i love my template too(hehehe). as for putting myself down, i'm just in a depressive mood at the moment, but your writing does make mine look quite insignificant.
from mutesonance :
i'm in awe. i absolutely love your diary. i wish my writing was half as good...*sigh*...
from sylviashadow :
Thank you for the honest and positive review! I showed it to my b/f..heh, take that! Take care.--sylviashadow
from the-mistake :
to be honest, i thought this was going to be like everyone else. but it wasn't! i fucking love it. cheers to you, my dear.
from funda :
magnificent fantasies, realities, memories?
from starlight42 :
just wanted to say I've started doing some memory entries as well. only once a week though. I did link you and send kudos your way for the original idea. anyway, keep up the great work.
from quitenasty :
Your review is up:
from angrydyke :
whoa .... i cant even .. wow ..
from mourninstr :
beautiful yet tragic. heartwarming and heartwrenching in one moment. forever picturesque of lives long forgotten. your work, i will always remember.
from mourninstr :
beautiful yet tragic. heartwarming and heartwrenching in one moment. forever picturesque of lives long forgotten. your work, i will always remember.
from banefulvenus :
I clicked on your banner. Just wanted to let you know that it was working ;) I still love your site...
from already-gone :
you obviously hear this a lot, but your writing and thoughts are absolutely lovely to read. i'll def be reading your diary again.
from squishyvan :
I am so very envious of your writing. I wish I could think to phrase emotions the way you do. Never ever stop.
from upmywall :
i absolutely love the way you write. it's so gorgeous. please, drop by and leave a note.
from lily2004 :
Awww, he's so sweet! ~Lily~
from dig-deep :
The baby is beautiful. Your's?
from raven72d :
Fine, bittersweet writing...
from cherry-acid :
you ahve very beautiful writing, so mcuh so that i am mesmorized by it. I hope to be a writer for a living and your diary really is inspiring. I'm not sure why exactly but i know it is.
from darknessred :
i found your diary throught your advertisement i can kinda realte to your feeling on the girl with the hot pink chucks given theres one in my life.... hope you think im interesting enought to add me to the diarys you read.. and i want to know if i can add you to my buddylist? :) KI (:
from squishreview :
your review is up! great job! I look forward to many more memories.
from evgeniya :
descriptors and imagery quite original I must say. Merci.
from diary-viewer :
Your review is up! I'm sorry it was never posted. I just took over the site today, but I do apologize for the oversight!
from supercip :
I actually reviewed your diary for diary-viewer but it was never posted. I'll try and get it up, sorry for the inconvenience.
from sixfortunes :
an a.w. boguereau, i see. biblis. is this your favorite of his paintings? i have evening mood on my older page. you should check out some of his unedited paintings. -m.
from dreamofblue :
i love your layout. and the way you write is just so alluring.
from lily2004 :
I am leaving another note yet again. Your diary's addictive! ~Lily~
from bearyluv :
That was, I love ur work.
from neangel :
dark, seductive...very nice design. *wink*
from lily2004 :
Very nice entry! You're diary's cool! ~Lily~
from starlight42 :
saw your banner on Top 100, so I clicked on it for ya :) I can't wait till you update, I love your diary.
from dreya :
I came in to check up on you and found your latest entry about your, you go! So, you kept the baby right? wow.... you are one awesome person hon... ^_^
from doorofbreath :
you are one amazing girl!!
from spotliterr :
Your diary had me on the verge of tears. I read every entry. And yes, that is exactly what fifteen is like.
from starlight42 :
clicked on your banner and I read several entries. I love your writing. A great idea for a diary. I've added you to my fav's.
from lily2004 :
I loved your latest entry! ~Lily~
from komachi :
Everything about your diary, I think, is so beautiful.
from swordsmaiden :
I love your layout! It's beautiful!
from nothingone :
I found beauty here. I'm going to add it to the list of things I'd like to read regularly. Thank you for sharing what you did with me today. I'll be back to read more.
from lily2004 :
Cool...I'm definately coming back to read more. Please stop by my diary if the chance arises. ~Lily~
from banefulvenus :
your site rocks!
from icomeundone :
Hello. I stumbled across your diary from the banner, which was very intriguing. I love your writing, and I hope you can fix the touchups soon. My diary is open to the public if you want to read it, I don't mind. Keep in touch and remember to sign the guestbook. Your words are like a fresh breath of fall air on my dead, pale skin. Thank you for being you. <3
from aquakek :
Wow!!! Lovely writing. Kinda like page turning... or button clicking.
from diary-viewer :
Would you like a new diary review? If so, check out the site at
from xscar-mex :
your latest entry about the birth of your child was amazing and gorgeous in every way. I love your diary. <333
from hiv :
Wow, I just read one of your entrees about your child. You have a remarkable talent in writing.. it's almost like reading a book by stephen king or something. You're that descriptive. I'm going to add you to my buddy list :)
from diaryreviews :
Your review at diaryreviews is complete!! Go see at: :-)
from fictioner :
I have a new home. I officially locked up goddamn so now only I can see it. Though nothing's there. By the by, how do I know you from my past?
from goddamned :
Ooooo speaking in riddles? If I hadn't completely grown out of that myself I might have been intrigued. As for being irritated by you, eh just to get your attention. See if you actually read me.
from raven72d :
You're a darkly wonderful discovery here at midweek... I'll be back to read again.
from bluefruitcup :
ite good. you have a way with words i believe, one that i strive to have.
from f4sakndauter :
wow... that was instense. powerful. It makes me cry for the gurl. if she speaks the truth. and sit in awe. at the sheer grabbing insight. if it is not.
from ghanima :
lovely, lovely.

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