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from oh-organic :
do you need to ask? does it matter what the answer is?
from oh-organic :
leave me a note sometime.
from oh-organic :
i am glad to see that yre still around, ergo.
from wendyloo :
Welcome back.
from custarddream :
Of course you should! ;^D
from sasori-gal :
from freaknuraw :
come back!!!!
from ipsedixitism :
You need to ask?! Yes.
from gerberagirl :
"Should I come back?" Now...isn't that a silly question?
from ejaculated : (or read me)
from ejaculated :
ive been booted out of diaryland... miss me, or write me. or both.
from chaosdaily :
i would like a password too, please, you can email me,, or leave me a note. thanks!
from lookie68 :'ve since passworded your site. May I come in? Pweeze?
from custarddream :
I was wondering, could I have a password? I don't comment much, but I really love reading your writing.
from missfemme :
Just and beautiful.. mwah!
from sasori-gal :
Welcome back! Enjoyed reading your impressions of Japan! My co-workers and I were just talking about how those electric toilets are a must-have. It's so nice to feel fresh and clean after nature calls! :)
from ejaculated :
tell me what you think.
from gerberagirl :
Your 11/3 entry? H-O-T, hot. My favorite so far, I think, and I've read *many* of your incredibly hot entries....
from sasori-gal :
Japan can be a bit intimidating as a first time visitor, but I think you'll find it fascinating. I hope you have a great time and enjoy your stay here! :)
from ejaculated :
yea i know.
from ejaculated :
haha, not even the good san.
from ejaculated :
how was toronto?
from bare-my-soul :
you are a great father!
from ejaculated :
can i see yours?
from chaosdaily :
wooo hoooo!!! man, you need to go out with your wife and have a great meal in a romantic atmosphere... get a little tipsy and take a cab home.... and.......
from ceergurlz101 :
hey, whats up? i looked @ your diary. i really liked it. leave a note for me to reply. ::responds using notes only::
from godmoney :
yuck: ayn rand. yey: sex. i've decided i like u. keep writing + i'll keep visiting! ~Vin~
from brucegirl :
I'm just one of those who has clicked on one of your banners. Thought I should say hi. Hi Stranger :-) Have a great day ;-)
from lovinglav :
wOW what an entry! Your'e wife is very lucky to have you... extremly lucky!
from seducible :
I clicked on your banner and I can't even recall why! How awful of me. Then I read through some of your past entries and actually gasped out loud when I saw the entry was entitled "paint" and that was the same title I had just used on my last entry. Er...That's a great story, isn't it? Anyway. I loved that entry because everything in it reminds me of my day today.
from candoor :
just some additional adoring worship of the reading class from me... I rarely imagine me and class in the same breath, but for you, I make the exception...
from ejaculated :
hmmm.... fuck cunt yes (now)
from gerberagirl :
And as my application I would direct you to the link on my Sushi Chick site that reads "Erotica for the Masses." That's my little 'creative writing' website which would give you some idea of my, um, tastes. So, if you ever find yourself in Ohio please get in touch with me! :-)
from gerberagirl :
Gotta love a man who can put a Sex Partner Wanted request on his webpage. You're ballsy and by that fact alone I'd put in an application - if I didn't live in Ohio. :-)
from kalria :
If you are so low in your current job, why stay? find work that makes you happy, what did you want to be when you were growing up? Nothing is ever out of reach, if you have the drive you can do anything, it sounds as though you have a wife that loves you dearly and will support you no matter what you do and all she would want is for you to be happy..... what makes you happy?
from sasori-gal :
Thanks for your nice note and adding me to your buddy list. I've been a longtime fan of you and your writing and I've always admired your relationship with Vi. I know it sucks to be away from those you love, but sometimes I think a little distance and time apart makes us appreciate what we have all the more. Good luck with the business aspect and have fun during the vacation part of your trip! :)
from icefacade :
I don't see why not.
from icefacade :
thank you. hope you enjoy the city i currently call home. it might not be as hot as you expect but it definitely might rain.
from icefacade :
That was breathtaking.
from bare-my-soul :
what a gem this entry is, a fucking gem!!! we've all been there. oh yeah.
from lintpickle :
With regard to 'fiction'. It seems that I am the owned. Owned by several. I do not have blue eyes.
from deepest-blue :
Looks like its the season for it... lovedbyone has moved here.
from ejaculated :
kbaa is dead, as youve probably noticed. i live here now.
from hardlyasaint :
I cannot believe it has taken me this long to realize that you are back from your writing hiatus, despite the fact that I read your wife's diary whenever she updates.
from allegedwife :
Happy Birthday Atlas-child
from topdiva :
What you saw was clearly the result of suburban crime -- the 2nd guy was chasing the first, probably for walking on his lawn right after he seeded it.
from chaosdaily :
you definitely have to like your job. ive had those that ive hated, and it isnt good for you.....
from topdiva :
"George Eastman" was beautiful Nic.
from bare-my-soul :
have fun in orlando!
from dianaviridis :
hehe!! funny fan mail entry! you should check out its a fun flash animation with fan mail. P.S. you're a great break from my own reality as far as teh fact you write stuff where people actually have sex. Keep doin' it! Love -D
from bare-my-soul :
oh my GOD, i took you off my buddy list because i thought you were gone for good! and you're back, you're back. fantastic!
from gerberagirl :
A pen with a flask for vodka? Brilliant!
from gerberagirl :
"Obesess" - what was that? Too much vodka that's what that was...I meant "obsess" obviously....
from gerberagirl :
It's okay to obesess over paper...I feel the same way about pens!
from simplysara :
Hun, you have already given your daughter a huge piece of the legacy you will leave her. The best part actually. Your love, patience, time, and every aspect of yourself. And the best part is that she gets a little more every day and doesn't have to wait until you're gone to get it! No daughter would trade that for all the money in the world. Simply, Sara
from ejaculated :
i missed you.
from iamtheone9 :
that last entry was a pure masterpiece...encore ma amie!
from custarddream :
Its great to see you back! Your entry about Chunk O Lung soup cracked me up. It probably made me laugh harder than anything has in a week. I too have been sick as hell. As I was reading it, I was trying to not spew my own soup on the screen or choke on it from laughing so hard.
from allegedwife :
no-one ever warns you about the "snot factor" when you're expecting.....that is one of the joys you get to learn firsthand.....hope you're feeling better soonest
from lovedbyone :
It's good to have you back. We missed you.
from gerberagirl :
I hope you're perhaps back here for good (or at least for the next forty to fifty years ha ha) - obviously from the notes below - we missed you!
from allegedwife :
YAY! You're back.....and just as full of thought provoking ideas as ever. You are so right.....what greater gift can we give the coming generations than life itself.....and if it is life filled with love and happiness, it is a wonderous gift indeed.
from shewhowalks :
It's good to see you again.......
from chaosdaily :
sorry about the double note, please feel free to edit it.....
from chaosdaily :
welcome back. and you are so right, the way to be remembered forever is not by what you create, but by who you create. and doing it with love assures that you will be remembered with love. and words just dont do that justicewelcome back. and you are so right, the way to be remembered forever is not by what you create, but by who you create. and doing it with love assures that you will be remembered with love. and words just dont do that justice
from drahmaqueen :
Beautiful words. So wise!
from hardlyasaint :
I guess you locking up means that you're gone for good...sigh.
from bare-my-soul :
you'll be sorely missed...
from custarddream :
Goodluck with everything, whether or not you return. ;^<
from bare-my-soul :
bend over baby!!!! hope you feel better. my friend denny-1, who told me about your diary and got me hooked, has sinus infections. it sucks big time from what i hear. have a great thanksgiving. love rose
from bare-my-soul :
i once told a co-worker i had a headache. he said, "here". i said, "thanks." it was a white pill. i took it. i went back to work. i was working as a typist at the time, typinging interviews for 20/20. some woman was talking about how percocet destroyed her life. i didn't know how to spell percocet. in the meantime i was feeling kind of strange. i turned to the same co-worker and asked him how to spell percocet. he said, "p-e-r-c-o-c-e-t.... what you just took." ten minutes later i was in the bathroom throwing up. pills frighten me! sorry to hear about your side effects. i always enjoy your entries. love rose
from chaosdaily :
if you hang in there, maybe eventually you would BE management.....
from chaosdaily :
some people dont deny that urge... have you read my entry from last friday?
from denny-1 :
We are all alone, yet we are all connected...thanks.
from molzo :
I run a diaryring. I'd like for you to join the ring.
from lyra85 :
Hi, just came across to your diary today by clicking the banner. Happy birthday. Wow.
from sasori-gal :
Happy Birthday! You've lived an amazing life so far and you still have so many adventures ahead of you. Enjoy, celebrate and indulge! Cheers!
from chaosdaily :
congrats on #200!!
from chaosdaily :
well if you ever get to wisconsin, let me know
from chaosdaily :
where ya goin?
from officegal :
im glad your ok. i enjoy reading. and i can empathize. or is that sympathize, its too early. screw it. but yea. im sorry. and have a greatday. very inspiring you are:) tahnks
from fluidlife :
Thanks for the encouraging words. I've read your diary from the beginning and have envied your relationship with your wife. It sounds like you two have a good thing going.
from sooticaj :
Ba, what to say? Nice diary.. good call on the efficiency comment!
from journ-proj :
Hi. There are some issues with the journal you signed up for. Please read about them here at the link below: Please respond per the entry instructions. If there's no response by Friday, September 19, then your name will be dropped from the list. Thank you, the journal project
from chaosdaily :
why is being ambitious shallow? if you need to find that challenge to make you "puff out your chest", then go for it. i doubt you would be happy without that challenge in your life. after all, your family life is satisfying, they will support you while you work on your challenge.
from chaosdaily :
one day at a time......
from chaosdaily :
you go! lending institutions only care about money, not customer service. most businesses that play those games would not stay in business long.
from widower :
Clicked on your banner. Nice to find a diary that isn't written by teens. I'll be back for more!
from sooticaj :
Who knows what we are supposed to learn in life? Maybe you will find out one day. Good luck...
from lostinmylove :
I clicked on your banner, and have liked what I've read in your diary. I hope you don't mind if I come back.
from sasori-gal :
Haven't left a note in a while, but I have been reading and enjoying your writing ever since I joined Diaryland. Your recent entries have really hit home for me. Great writers stir emotions or make people think. You have done both successfully! Good luck with the move!
from drahmaqueen :
Hey. I like what I am reading here. I agree with the last part of your entry about the readers. Diaryland has been a positive step in my life and I plan to write for the rest of it. Nice to meet you.
from prostituee :
FYI, laughing at myself, not at you.
from prostituee :
Hm. Your writing is so much more intellegent sounding than mine. I'm laughing about that fact. Right now. Oh yeah.
from chaosdaily :
you are welcome, i enjoy reading your diary. and you are right, if you stick it out long enough, your requests will be answered promptly!! and maybe those hot babes in the mail room will be able to find your desk.... hehehehhe
from measi :
Fantastic entry about memories on Aug. 25th. I'd found your journal through a banner link, and it just really touched me. Must read more now! :) ~ Mel.
from victorianna :
I love the way that you write and the way you express yourself. Congrats on becoming a new father! I hope you don't mind that I added you to my favorites! Blessed Be!! ~Victorianna~
from diaryreviews :
First off, congrats on being a father. Next, I wanted to let you know your review at Diary Reviews is up!
from mistressdita :
Thank you for noticing. Most other journals are just awful. Live Journal being the worst. Have a lovely day.
from gymclassrope :
i likes..i likes..good list of authors too
from hayala :
Aw man i'm so sorry about your cat. I've had many pets and many losses... they're all just as painful. My sympathies.
from nixtress :
Happy Father's Day.
from drkchoclover :
hi there, happened across your entry on food tv, i am also a fan of the chocolate god, jacque torres. ill have to look up that recipe for his chocolate cake..... but i am not at home when jacque is on... my favorite is alton brown and "good eats" he gives a lot of tips on technique, they are invaluable... and congrats on the baby, the fun is only starting
from falenangel :
congrats on the baby!! woo!!!! hehehe have fun!
from hi-and-byes :
Congrats on the baby....I hope everything goes well. I'm sure you already know this but from now on your life is going to be hectic but not in a bad way.(mostly)
from gphitman :
I LOVE the food network. My favorites are Tony-- yes I wanna drink with him too- and Emeril and I love Ming Tsai for some reason.
from eustilly :
hey, do you know a lot about HTML, particularly with using DIV in tables?
from danddteacher :
my 4th graders the other day... were talking about Kabuki - how only men can do it, it's passed down in the family, etc... and they asked, "what if you don't want to do it, though?"... they couldn't understand that not everyone is raised to believe that they can do whatever they want, that they have choices... they couldn't even comprehend the thought process, couldn't understand that not all societies are like ours... that they should value their freedom...
from punkalistic :
Check out Kitty Rash Designs for really cool layouts for your diary! :)
from tater-fay :
bahahahaha. I clicked on your "not a teenage girl" banner and it brought me to YOU! That is a hilarious banner:)
from danddteacher :
One of my 5th grade classes is currently creating a dance about courage. It's very interesting to see their perspective on it... such an example of life in a post 9/11 world...
from starlight42 :
I'm just checking out some new diaries. Wanted to say *hi*. I like your entry today. Yes, nervousness doesn't go away easily. I agree with you, we have to fool others, but can't fool ourselves.
from ladypheebs :
Just know that not all of us in the 'younger generation' are clueless as to Mary Antoinette's beheading. Let them eat cake.
from fiale :
Whoa. That is exactly what I've been trying to write for the past three months. Thanks for making it all so clear...
from apockalyptik :
after reading your entry.. i felt compelled to share my heroes with you. who are.. bono vox.. and elton john. they contribute so much to this world.. and are both so open minded. theyre everything i hope to someday be.. theyre leaving a legacy.
from zfcollision :
Hey!Just wanted to leave you a note telling you that I like your diary.Seems like you have a pretty cool life.Err....I don't have any heros,at 13 now,theres not alot to look up to in this world anymore......
from fireflyez76 :
My hero is my son TJ. Just before he was 6 months old, he became suddenly ill. Within days he was rushed off the the Childrens Hospital where surgeons removed 100cms of dead intestine. From there his body shut down his kidneys, liver and lungs. The drs gave him 3-12 hrs to live. Miraculously against the odds, my little baby fought his way back. He's alive today at 13 months. He is my hero because If he could fight his way back from death, then I can get past the curves life throws at me. -Jamie
from dreaminblack :
Today the people that "kids" consider their heroes is entirely superficial. When we had to write about who was our hero and why, most kids wrote about actors such as drew barymore, gwyneth paltrow, ect. Hope is slipping through my hands like fish juice... A few of my heroes are John Seinbeck, Chris (25 yr old, an articulate thinker), Voltaire, Joel (College professor) and I could go on forever.
from ncrebel21 :
Thomas Jefferson is my hero, too. Not only was he a founder of American freedom, he also helped expand the nation through the Louisiana Purchase, fathered the University of Virginia and took great pride in scientific and horticultural experiements and inventions...
from redivivus :
Interesting list on heros but I'm sure if you were to analyze them personally you would not be as amazed. For example, Christopher Reeve. My mother works in the hair industry and as a result we have met Mr. Reeve. As sorry as I am about his 'unfortunate accident' he is the cockiest son of a bitch I've ever met. We're not the only ones saying this.
from pinkpuss :
Loved the Shrugging for all of your justifications - people just don't seem to understand exactly what an online journal really is..hell with them all. Please keep writing as your entries are wonderful, arousing highlights to an otherwise dull work day.
from dark-damsel :
you don't need to justify anything to anyone here online. We get to live out your fantasies vacariously through your writing. If they don't like it - well, fuck 'em. Oh, and btw, can you put a link to your site in your notifylist emails for lazy buggers like me?
from mspsyched1 :
You dont need to clarify anything. As long as both you and your wife are happy, that is all that needs to be said about that. So many couples arent open and have the two main ingredients.
from fukup :
hey, cool diary. thanx for clairfying all that. come visit me sometime :)
from tater-fay :
Hey dear..I went on a date last night. I REALLY was attracted to the fellow and we clicked instantly (personality-wise) but when I asked him point blank (I'm blunt) if he found me physically attractive (I like to just get that out of the way as soon as possible!) he admitted that he didn't. Why does that hurt? Why does that even matter? Anyways...we'll probably hang out as friend cuz we have conversation...that is the beauty of this dating thing...even if there is no sex, at least a possible friend is made!! I'm gonna keep trying!!
from tater-fay :
God..why so people have such conventional and close-minded concepts of what "marriage" and "open marriage" are? I was just having a discussion on chat about my marriage..people just don't GET it. "Your just cheating..." "How can you two love each other.." blah fucking blah....typical Puritannical America. If we were in France...nobody would even blink a fucking eye! People really have this fairytale myth about sex and love and how its GOT to be connected and how marriage has to be monogamous> It's irritating trying to explain to people that they misunderstand!
from sianni :
Clicked on your banner and was pleasantly surprised :) Will definately come back and read some more. All the best with the baby and all :)
from ciaramyst :
from kstarr :
from invisibledon :
Thanks for visiting
from hayala :
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!! One of your best entries ever! :)
from omzhaara :
I just read the 25 or comments on 01/06/2003 diary entry... I can't even begin to express how utterly disgusted I am; I'm so sorry that you were visited by such an idiotic, unintelligent and thoroughly immature ass. As you read the comments, you see this "person" (identity oh-so-cowardly hidden) go from voicing an opinion, to voicing others' opinions to support their own (so WHAT - who cares if this person went to their spouse and friends for support, do they care that MUCH?) to finally, just debasing themselves with meaningless blather and juvenile curses. I also find it lovely that such a person cloaks themselves with the Bible's pages. Lovely, I tell you. I think that that's the most disturbing aspect of it, to me - there will always be simple opinions couched as hard-as-rock FACT (as in, our lifestyles are WRONG, and that's THAT)... but as a Christian searching for meaning in my religion, I just LOVE to be affiliated with people like that. I just wanted to leave you a note, so as not to fuel anymore "comment" by "-------". You, Violet (and your soon to be new addition!), take care :)
from ciaramyst :
OMG! The new powerbooks! They look delicious.
from tater-fay :
First off, your banner made me laugh and then drew me in. Secondly, I REALLY like what you have to say. I've read several of your entries now and you amuse me AND make me think. I have alot of sexual hang-ups and your diary might just be the therapy I need. I also relate to the frustration that is psycho-pharmaceuticals (did I spell that correctly?) I have taken SO many and Effexor seems to work for me, but brain chemistry is SO individual, isn't it? It is also quite fascinating. I would also like to eventually be off ALL medication but I'm scared to death to do that, esp. because I take my medicine mostly for anxiety attacks and I'm afraid if I cut out the medicine, those attacks will come knocking at my door with full force again. Anyways, I will keep reading..congrats on your soon-to-be-fatherhood!
from omzhaara :
Nick - Atlas - let me introduce myself. I'm Omzhaara, Omzy, and I have to say that I *am so damned happy that you left me a note* - I've only read your first few entries, but you can bet that I'll be reading every entry of yours... the being in a committed, loving relationship - wanting lovers on the side (but belonging first to your Vi) - the cam experiences... We have so much in common, and I'd love to add you as a favorite if I may! Take care :)
from ravieslave :
It was your banner that first caught my attention. Usually, I let those things slip my perception and I carry on my merry way into the javascript box. But this time, this banner, Sure, I'll take a look. And holy fuck. I think we are all tired of waiting. This is what I talk about pretty much all of the time. Something better, inches from our grasps. Almost fully coming alive. You are stellar.
from adipose :
I am a passenger. I am moving through your dreams. I am riding in your dreams. I ride on dragonback from Manhattan; the dragon is made of riveted iron and smells of cotton candy. I travel briefly by bus: in the back the dreamer copulates desperately not noticing his autonomous passenger. I sit at the front and talk to the driver. Approaching the state of Delaware, the dreamer is a small dog, dreaming impatiently of a past life, long forgotten when he sailed tall ships across uncharted. The salt spray of the ocean stings his face. I am moving through dreams, pulling toward Mayhew, feeling for the jewel. Through your dreams, my sleeping children, You had a passenger, and you never knew. -Neil Gaimen Preludes and Nocturnes >Perhaps in dreaming we get to see who we really are. I think you may be right. I think that it is only in dreams that we are able to face ourselves. When we wake we can shake off all those dark slimy thoughts and call them dreams and most of us will never face the truth. That since it is our dreams that these little nasties present themselves in, they are made only of our thoughts, and they are us. I feel for you with your meds. I personally can�t take anti-depressants cuz I am that lovely mix of bi-polar and dissociative. (Not to mention that thanks to a certain dream I have I am now turning into a bit of a megalomaniac. Lovely.)I do have to take meds, three times a day like clock fucking work and it is a pain in the ass. It�s even worse when something new comes out because my doctors always want to use me like a guinea pig, some little lab rat to drop bleach in my eyes. Ah, well life goes on, and the pharmaceutical companies get richer. If there is some sort of global conspiracy, the Illuminate or some such shit, then they are in the med business. Mind control for fun and profit. If you want to read about my dream that is giving me such problems check out, Nightmare, and Mother of Fates in my index. Nuff said, the tide is high, and the moon red and low. I must go.
from cinerama :
Look how many notes you have! It must be because your diary has substance, it's not full of pre-teen whining (because you're not a pre-teen!) or're recording your life and your thoughts and people find that compelling. Keep on, keeping on. Come up and see me sometime too.
from ciaramyst :
Happy New Year!
from smellofskunk :
Nice diary. Really.
from sasori-gal :
It amazes me how we can stumble on to diaries that we immediately connect with! Your diary is fascinating! Best wishes for the new year!
from paper-rose :
:) I should have a new router in the next week or so. I got a nice fat check from the VA when I was expecting a lean, skinny one... so no more sharing. Whee!
from hayala :
If Vi is past the "I just want to sleep the world away" depressive stuff, offer some pampering things, like a bubblebath with candles and soft music. Wash her back, shave her legs (always nice when one becomes "round" from baby). It's hard to resist "fixing" what you can't fix, so I understand what's up. Just hang in there, she'll come around.
from kbaa :
no, thank-you for writing.
from scorpioali :
wow, i really love your diary. you're an amazing writer. i'm glad i came across it.
from kbaa :
how are you?
from hayala :
Oh silly you! You know I read your diary. You've seen my picture... at least I think you did from linking to it at my other diary. Just wanted to pop in and say hey... I'm still reading.
from sunnflower :
Hi - I was struck by your entry about your the death in your wife's family and how you are there for her even when she doesn't know it. I need to keep that in mind that sometimes that is exactly what is happening with people and we don't appreciate them for it because we don't know that it is occuring. Thanks for the insight. Come visit me at Suburban Island.
from dreamcallie :
I'm glad that you hold a deep appreciation for the way that you touch others with your unique, honest, and open expression. Your journal forces me to think about my own self and to venture into the psychological caverns of my sexuality. That makes me happy, Nick.
from ciaramyst :
I loved reading your entries, and can't wait to read more. My eyes try and speed across the words, as if it was in suspense of terror to come. You seem to be a very loving, romantic guy, who loves his wife unconditionally.
from cosmicshaman :
Here, here! As my mom used to say "Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu." If I told my partner he couldn't be attracted to anyone else, then I'd be asking him to turn off a big part of what attracts me to him in the first place ;)
from plighted :
I must tell you, upon clicking on your banner I geared myself up for dissapointment, but I was completely caught off guard by such personal and insightful musings. I've never read about other people's lives in such a way that it makes me think about my own. Thank you.
from heidiann :
I clicked on your banner and read a handful of your older entries. I'm really enjoying them. I always have to stop and say hi as soon as I think about it or else I forget. And that would just make me a terrible guest! =)
from nwgirlchild :
There is a book you should read. It deals with the idea of Dominance and Submission...but not in the cliche way that the subjects are usually handled. At the moment, it's in the custody of a friend and the exact title is eluding me...but I will return, I hope, with the title. ~Becky
from tmb :
I came across your diary by accident, and I'm glad I did! It's good to find other "non-teenagers" writing on Diaryland. Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive daughter! (And I can't resist adding that I loved your shower fantasy.) Thom
from hayala :
I'm glad your wife is ok from the accident... I don't think you overreacted. Gah, depression. I'm there, I'm it, it's me too. Clinical even.
from cosmicshaman :
Your journal is great. I'm new to the site and thought I was the only person on here over 30. Ha! Keep it up, I love it! And congrats on the little one. You guys are really lucky :o)
from rushelle :
I read through your past few entries and must agree with the comments two notes previous. You're an interesting writer. I like your journal.
from ilikeboys :
i like your diarie.
from custarddream :
This is off the subject, but I have wanted to comment for a while, that I really admire how you write so boldy, and explicirly in your entries when you want to. I originally had wanted my diary to be quite explicit, but when it came down to it, I could not do it. Its sort of fallen into a "poor me fest." It takes nerve to write like you do and be able to air it. I have alot of respect for what you do.
from eustilly :
thanx for all the encouraging notes you left me. they're very much appreciated. :D
from custarddream :
;> Wow, I would have responded earlier, but for some odd reason, Diaryland did not even let me know that you had left a note. Anyway, yeah I'm really enjoying reading your diary. I took your surveys too. ;>
from samalander :
Just wanted to say I like your writing a lot. You have a great deal of talent. Ever think of becoming an author? You seem to make everything interesting in your diary and have a way of explaining things that hold my attention. Very nice, very very nice.
from sombrengel :
I love your diary, a lot of the work related issues ring true with me. Keep up the good work.
from made-again :
How many banners are you running out there, anyway? Seems like every one I click on is yours...not that that's bad :)
from patw-21 :
happy halloween
from hayala :
I'm recalling when I was pregnant and feeling ucky... little things really matter. Coming home with a box of crackers would spark a smile, or a simple, elegant card does wonders. A single red rose can bring a blush to the cheeks. Doing things without someone asking first... god, I love all that stuff.
from devian :
good taste in music. morcheeba is great and are really cool people, too. who did your design? i want to snatch it.
from elateddream :
I don't think anyone's body is ever fully in sync with their brains. Perhaps I'm wrong.
from rockyraven :
I went through that Hulk Smash! thing after I lost my job too. But it was more like Hulk Drink Get High Turn Up Violent Music!
from fiale :
Hey there. I was lured in by your banner ad, and stayed for the naked truthfulness of your words. I'd love to actually have a conversation with you sometime...
from blindsten :
hey there. i was directed here by elizbeth, who thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread (and for the record, i concur). keep it up man, your candid-ness (?) is spectacular. woo!
from morguecrawl :
Hey now, no talk of moving for me. I decided when I moved *here* a few months ago, that I was finally going to discover this thing they call "home" and "roots". So I'm kind of clinging to this place like a petrified cat to a branch over water right now. Thank you, I like the simplicity of yours. Artistic minimalism...kind of like my apartment, and in all the same colors too.
from morguecrawl :
Well, being pregnant and newly married I can see why she would have other things on her mind. It's the same thing with me and my guy, I suppose. I know he has others, I even talk to one of them occassionally. I had a guy or two when I met him but they just kind of faded out of the picture. I keep my eyes open though for anyone new.
from patw-21 :
addicted i be, i be to see, i see to flee
from elizbeth :
oh man, i have become hopelessly addicted to your diary (hence why i am leaving another note), it kills me. just a thought: you really need to write an entry about your previous career in the porn world, because we all know there is an interesting story there waiting to be told. without an entry on that, we'll all sit around thinking that you were second only to Ron Jeremy or something (and maybe you were). =)
from elizbeth :
hahaha, looking for new conquests... i love how somehow you can hit on people electronically through time and space, since you left that message hours ago on my notes page and i'm only reading it now. i'm always looking for new conquests, however something in me doubts you will be a realistic prospect. =) keep writing (your sex entries are killing me!!!)
from weeme :
Happy Birthday Atlas. I hope this next year is one of happiness, health and laughter. Sincerely, I do. I sort of happened upon you by accident, clicking through one of your banners, and read your last three entries. They really touched me. So honest and earnest. I wish you much success in finding a new job. You seem to be approaching it with the right attitude. I've had my own bouts with unemployment and redundancy and know it's not a lot of fun. Ups and Downs. My best advice is to follow your bliss, be true to yourself and allow things to unfold as they will. And continue to exude confidence. Sounds trite, I know. But there's not a lot more to say is there, really?
from floodtide :
Whoever you are: Happy 39th birthday. I turned 40 this past January, and I'm pleased to be able to say it was the best day of my life - so far. Congrats on the new baby, and many sincere and loving best wishes for continued happiness in the next year.
from supergirl06 :
happy birthday ;D
from thisisjohn :
one day, i want to have a kid. what a wonderful endeavor. good luck on that. and finding a new job.
from chalet-lines :
happy birthday
from cainnum :
man the bidness world must suck.
from deaf-knee :
I think you have a good layout. Hi. -I just wanted to say that.
from chikbeatnik :
adore the new banner! brilliant, as you always are. -xoxo- kristen
from dead-ophelia :
Hey babe! I can seduce you more. You wanna go out and get fuckfaced? Hee
from floodtide :
Your banner got me in; your diary is lovely; and your PROFILE really grabbed me: Any fan of Holly Cole is a friend of mine. I'll be back.
from symbiotic :
i just took your survey2 and i had some damn good answers and for some reason diaryland decided to be rude and erase them all. grrr
from chikbeatnik :
*bats eyelashes in a vague attempt at shameless flirting* oh well... there's a recipe for pecan pie: ... i hope you & vi enjoy! -xoxo- kristen
from dead-ophelia :
Thanks for responding so quickly. You are the first person, other than myself, that has noticed the draining quality of South Florida. Thanks for making me feel less alone. I'll be looking forward to your next entry.
from dead-ophelia :
I'll flirt with you, but only if you promise not to poke me with a spoon. :) Your journal is wonderful.
from pure-milk :
I clicked your banner! (it's clever) teehee.
from silverbiker :
I hope that growth in your tongue is not something *DeaDly* well..get an alarm clock and use ALL YOUR FORCE To learn how to get up..thats what I do and it works but I get cranky.. It is probably all of the drugs and'll get used to it.. good luck and i love your banner! haha its great :)
from chikbeatnik :
i dig your diary. but... per your banner... not all teenage girls are hip to fairies, magic, dwarves & ponies. -xoxo- kristen
from missprisy :
I found your diary through your banner and enjoyed reading your last few entries. Congrats on the the pregnancy.
from kbaa :
awww.that's really sweet of you. but diary isn't that great. :) Bye Bye
from kbaa :
hmph. you leave lintpickle notes but not me :( i'm just teasing by the way. I like your entry...well...all of them. They usually inspire some thought. Good work man. :)
from e-nymph :
awww thank you very much. i'm glad my words can convey what i have hoped they would. it may not always seem crystal clear but it's all my own and there is something special in finding the freedom in my own soul.
from kbaa :
do do do...I'm here tooo much. But that's ok...right? :)
from lintpickle :
Does this mean I have a new fan?
from ergoatlas :
My wife reads this regularly. And I read hers...
from juliana27 :
Interesting about the hotel sex vs. home sex
from sinevil :
Make sure your wife doesn't find this diary.
from e-nymph :
awww thank you. i shall stop back by and read your wonderful words. :)

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