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from wordsofmine :
Mmmmmm, I love lobster tails. Sounds like a fun evening. mz. em
from marn :
Awwww, thanks for the birthday wishes. Very sweet of you to remember, eh?
from forty-plus :
Happy New Year!
from harri3tspy :
You get the letter M for Mod!
from gofigure :
I keep trying to leave you a note in your guestbook to no avail. Anyway, meds=good. I hope you're feeling back to your normal girl singah self soon!
from coexistapart :
I *heart* Renee Magritte.
from candoor :
Merry Happy New Year and may 2006 be your best year yet :)
from forty-plus :
Merry Christmas!
from sparkspark :
Hi, in case you're checking your stats, it's me crawling through your archives, entertaining myself with your fabulous stories.
from harri3tspy :
I'm glad you liked it. It's a far cry from Don Ho and Tiny Tim, to be sure. He also does a rocking version of Mrs. Robinson. My soundtrack for the day was inspired by you, actually. I just downloaded a boatload of Tracy Grammer and David Carter and I've been listening to it all afternoon.
from banefulvenus :
great mother banner
from weymouth66 :
Can I take it from your being a Mod Housewife that you're an Amy Rigby fan? I love her, especially the songs As Is, Are We Ever Going To Have Sex Again? and Don't Ever Change. Lots of love, Jess xx
from forty-plus :
Thank you.
from ochweidnit :
I thought teeth falling out was supposed to symbolise fear of "losing face" - worried what people think of you? Oh well...
from dichroic :
I love _Life is Large_ - "How do you want to be remembered / A raging fire or a dying ember?"
from iamafatgirl :
THAT IS A WONDERFUL ROLE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET TO DIE!!!!!!!!! ON STAGE!!!! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to calm down.... We're doing Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and I'm excited about that tooooooooo!!! I wanna be Mrs. Potts, I think.
from iamafatgirl :
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE almost did the crucible!!!! i'm so jealous!!!! we did arsenic and old lace instead. i LOVE that play!!! What part are you?
from candoor :
stretch... in a theatre-term sense, I mean... sounds like your self confidence is low and you need some serious applause (turning the sign on now) and a real ego boost (not just the unconditional belief of a parent who sees your name in lights because you are better than everybody else in his/her eyes)... make up and posture and movement makes anyone instantly older for those older roles... makeup and hairstyle and energy and clothes can bring back some youthful appearances... you probably know all this better than I do, but your being ever so realistic now... just don't let maturity and responsibility blind you to any self-doubts that might be the real obstacles... sometimes the actor who gives up the theatre turns a life into a play... and of course, I could be completely wrong (so break a leg in whatever you do and I hope it brings you true-to-life happiness :)
from o-twinkle-o :
oh my god. you have my type of diary. can i buddy you . .. ? i am. a mod single mom. yes. debating snackwells in my high heeled wingtips, my kneehigh black socks, my short skirt and my black hoodie .. dyed red hair, bigass strawberry shortcake on the front of my t-shirt, and a 3-year-old in the basket begging for shrek cereal.
from whatawoman :
Hi! My diary is locked up ONLY because I tried to re-do my template and really fouled the whole thing up, so now I don't even have one! But I saved my old one and if I can't get the new one working this afternoon, I'll put the old one back. Sorry!!
from chinacat :
HAHAhahahaha our wishlists are so common, it's spooky. or they would be if i'd add all the things to mine that i keep meaning to. 1. the uncle tupelo anthology is grand. 2. shaker yer money maker is also grand. 3. but the southern harmony & musical companion is to be had the instant you can get your little hands on it. it's even better than grand and you really should have it for your drive to FRFF. 4. see ya there! i'll keep an eye out for the daisy. =)
from emperorincxt :
my dear lady.. that 'mother' banner cracks me up EVERYTIME i see it... its beautiful!!
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from wordsofmine :
Happy belated birthday!
from trancejen :
I LOVE my scanner. The scanner is the ONLY fucking thing connected to that piece of shit that actually works. BTW, e-mail me your addy? I have mix CDs for you. :)
from goodsandwich :
Are you referring to a certain bushy-tailed rodent?
from influence :
Well thank you. I didn't even know it was up and running yet!
from mr-knowitall :
This is wierd... I came here to stop and say thanks, and my banner was running! Thanks Mel!
from ktdream :
Hey there just wanted to let you know I liked the sight of your diary and it was really interesting. Cool layout tooo!
from girlie03 :
Your diary gave me a deja vu and I just thought you would like to to know that... or maybe you wouldn't.... good luck with the theatrics, and auditions. Cudos to you for pursuing the art of acting...I love it... Give me a read...
from wordsofmine :
Hi Mel! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Yes, Michael, Spike and I are all grateful that the tremblor was only that for us. We were truly lucky. mz. em
from rkwj1 :
Happy Holidays! Later, Rob
from emperorincxt :
Just a little note to say your 'mom' banner is great. Im still laughing! :)
from parlance :
I am advertising myself.
from dustcloud :
Your journal is just so cool. In a nice and funky way.
from harri3tspy :
Mmm. Mojitos. Now, why didn't I think of that? You have officially made my day. And now, to find some rum!
from sunnflower :
Those are cool organizing bins.
from unika :
saw your ad... nice diary :)
from piepixie :
M'kay, hi, I love you. Because you're cool, and also because you love Queer Eye. Which is, of course, an important factor of your coolness.
from larue2 :
No, not Jeff Hoffman! Although we do have a musical contractor (he hires musicians) by that name.
from sad-night :
i really like your diary, you seem like an interesting person. drop me a line sometime. xox sad-night
from treedancer :
heh, I liked your banner. Interesting diary too ;)
from laughatlife :
AHAHAHAHA I LOVE THE BANNER! You're diary is great too youare a very interesting person.
from golfwidow :
I was hoping the person really was just a very private person, but it doesn't seem to look that way. However, the situation seems to have resolved itself, somewhat, so I don't have to pester Andrew, which I was trying very hard to avoid doing.
from sixweasels :
Thank you so much for your note of sympathy on the loss of my little Callie, and for the Rainbow Bridge link. I've seen it before, but hadn't looked at it in a while, and it always warms my heart.
from funda :
grear banner...and I wanna life like yours :)
from central-red :
re: your profile--->do you know what alan watts has to say about "person"?
from starlight42 :
I LOVE your Psycho banner!! That's the best.
from quiddle :
funny and engaging!!! (that is, you are) geez I sound like Yoda...seriously I thought it was quite funny, i haven't read you in a while...switching diaries is traumatic lol..but i found i had missed out on a lot! thanks for a laugh...have a great day/night/life/whatever! =)
from koningsvrou :
Melwadel: Groete! I do like your diary but I find the Y8iddish words are beyond me; I just do not understand them. Is jy 'n aktrise? Best wishes. Max
from naiaha :
::sings:: when I'm sixty-four...
from zockendland :
your banner caught my eyes..your diary is different and cool! NOTE BACK!
from fakingcool :
the pyscho banner got my attention or wait is it caught my attention, huh? what? I was leaving a note? oh yeah... I love your diary and I have to say you have the best subject titles I've ever seen...I hope that made ya feel good inside ...well I'll check back when I can ...keep on doin' what your doin' because the you rock and the party don't stop ...maybe being a pimpin emcee is not the career for me...must
from paulmx :
from phatgrrl :
it's not a tumor either, is it?
from goodsandwich :
I once knew and was frustrated by a director like that. He loved to do Shakespeare and always took WAY too long casting the female leads . . . who always, miraculously, turned out to be innocent tall 18-year-old blonde girls with almost-buck teeth, with whom he would then attempt to cheat on his wife. None of them ever took him up on it that we could tell - but he did leave a string of angry 30-year-old ACTRESSES and injured, never-to-return young blond hopefuls in his asshole wake. Why the local theaters kept hiring him is beyond me, and I cheer for you for inadvertently avoiding the nightmare.
from desgirl04 :
reading your diary is like looking at what my life is gonna be in 10 years (I'm 17 now). I enjoy reading about someone whose interests are so close to mine! drop me a line sometime
from xxkashmirxx :
Wonderful Young Frankenstien banner... that has to be my favorite part in the movie.. well and Freigh Blucher *niegh*
from emptyhouse :
ahh, love for the banner.
from katehackett :
1) You rock. 2) So does Dar Williams. I mean, "The Babysitter?" Life is so good. 3) You rock some more. :O)
from misspinkkate :
Hey, just want to say I love reading your journal...I'm a theatre buff myself, so it's fun to read about you, doing your thang...
from bellamante :
I'm a Music Theatre major right now, planning to move to NY or London (of course) after I graduate. What show are you in? Great layout!
from ghostiness :
Got here via a banner, and enjoyed myself muchly. Been through colds, normally mine hit around holidays. That way, my brain laughs it's evil arse off while I sit in front of mounds of food, unable to tell the difference between glazed ham and a mound of dirt. Anyway, loved the reading. And happy Sign a Random Guestbook Week, despite the fact that this is not a guestbook. *signs anyway*
from greenpillars :
from goodsandwich :
Oh honey do I ever feel ya, teching and academic bull at the same time! I was 'way too young and dumb when our production of Kate went up, but I still sympathize. But I know you'll do great -- and the power of that show itself will carry you through to the place you want to get to. Thou lovely loon!
from melieann :
wow! another "mel"!! I'm one too, a "mel" that is. just came across your diary on CLIX and almost wet my pants. check me out if you have the time. living in the historic district of new orleans can't be all that easy, plus throw in hauntings and a couple of teenagers and WHICH IS WORSE??
from darkfairy13 :
from kooklafran :
Hello--just thought I'd tell you I love reading your entries. Have been for some months now and can't imagine being more jealous of someone! ;) Sometimes I have these dreams where I'm singing and singing, but in real life I really can't sing a note. Guess that's why you fascinate me.
from skittlez619 :
saw you're awesome banner and read your diary, its a great read!
from sillyred :
so, I would love, love, love to go hear your reading stylings on Friday when I am in town, but I don't know if that library is near where I will be. Of course, I still don't know where I will be staying anyway, so it doesn't matter. But please know that I am very excited that you are doing that book because it was an excellent read and opened up some of my Latin roots. And if I could come hear you, I would.
from minstrelite :
I have a hard time letting go of things too. In fact, sometimes I develop a resentment against somebody for something they haven't even done yet. And I stay awake all night tripping on it.
from obscurelady :
Clicked on one of your banners today, and I'm glad I did- love the design, and your writing. I'll be back!
from beauty-slept :
okie dokie. thanks for the reply. :)
from beauty-slept :
this might be a little stupid to leave a note about, but how do you get a banner posted on the diaryland website? if you could tell me i'd really appreciate it, thanks. :D
from gofigure :
Ugh! I know what you mean about remembering being slighted. Grrrrrrr.
from hollyrox :
neato diary. I caught your banner and checked it out. Good read.
from annieanew :
You are funny as hell. You sure do buy a lot of cosmetics!
from lambrini :
hi, ace diary, gem x
from sunnflower :
Banner reviews - well, what will they think of next?
from erato :
Not in a Friday kind of mood either. Happy uber-belated birthday. Hope you had a good time.
from bozkimba :
Hey! Happy belated B-Day! Mine was the 23rd. Your Diary is just too cool! I clicked on the banner, I love that!!!! I'm new here in Diaryland, I'm gonna figure out how to make a trading card if it kills me!!! Thanx 4 the headstart! TTFN~ Bo'z Kimba<><
from whitespace9 :
that's awesome. congrats on not losing yourself to the feminity battle. watch the outcome of should be interesting.
from raindroplets :
I can tell just by your profile you are an amazingly cool lady. Plus my name is Mel too.
from lorigrrl :
you're so super cool! Happy birthday!!
from coconutbug :
You seem waaaay too interesting for a housewife. I guess it's a good thing you're also a singer! Anyway, I'm putting you on my list of faves so I'll remember to revisit you. I'm still young, but my mind is certainly going. Happy birthday!
from marn :
I make that typo *all* the time, too. I'm so touched you noticed my ducks. You're sparing the spousal unit the boredom of having to come in here later and admire my second duck. That's a very, very kind thing to do :)
from artlifelove :
I would send you a postcard if you gave me yer addy! my email is [email protected] even though I don't know you at all I like writing to random people and getting stuff back like cool postcards so...yeah
from saiyanstar :
I wish it would snow here in Detroit. Most of our snow melted today. It was like 40 degrees or something. Like your diary :)
from lizardsyr :
Thats really weird that you went to SU too. We have about a foot to 2 right now. My parents said they have about 27 inches on the east end. but altogether I think we've had more all season. I don't know if thats a good things or not :)
from lizardsyr :
Hey I saw your banner and then saw that you go to the same legal seafood as me! Isn't that place amazing. I love it. Thats all, a nice random note :) Say hi to LI for me. I'm up in the artic of syracuse right now.
from gofigure :
Oh sister, hang on to your hat. The peanut butter and jelly commercial touching moment is a sure sign of the beginning of the end. :)
from neuroticaa :
this site is cuuute ;)
from buenacabra :
well your title for v-day was nice and perky just like my own, for today I became the Rabbit-Reaper
from xliquidx :
hey hun...i was just browsing through dland and saw your bday is coming up in 13 days....well mine is in 16 days...^_^ i will be 18...ok just wanted to say happy birthday..
from seanandjacob :
Saint Lawrence, Pray for us.
from katehackett :
Crazy fun diary, luv! Good luck with your acting/singing. It's tough. ;o)
from adelphi :
I've been to Stagedoor the past two summers. I don't think I'll go this year, because it's my summer before freshman year of college, but I know I'll miss not going. You should definitely go visit. I think I'll go to see the shows my friends are in. It's always so much fun to be there. What do you think about all the stars coming out of Stagedoor now- Mandy Moore...Natalie Portman. I have castmates who are on Gilmore Girls and Third Watch now. Not to mention on Broaway. It's amazing to watch your friends' dreams come true. Anyway, hope things are going well with you. Talk to you later.
from always-crazy :
mod is great. mod mod mod. i want/wanted to be mod because paul weller, the modfather, is so darn cool.
from tuxgirl :
read your banner and had to find out more. i'm envious of your life. happy new years!
from nasb :
Didn't resit and clik in your banner. Have a Great New Year!
from sunnflower :
Hi - Just stopping by to wish you a happy New Year from the heart of Suburban Island.
from monkeydance :
Bummer about the raise thing. I can relate. I'm in a similar boat. I'm the new kid at a small association. I've been here about 6 months and everyone in the office got a Christmas bonus except for me. :-(
from manda2247 :
I loved your banner, and just had to click on it. There are those banners that you just can't HELP but click on; yours was one of them! I must say I really enjoyed your diary, too. Very amusing!
from gofigure :
I'm loving your diary. That, and the mom thing - ugh. My personal motto with my mom is, "Someone has to be the adult here, and it might as well be me." Took me 36 years to figure out that sometimes the best reply is no reply. Go figure. I like the second-to-last paragraph. It would convey everything to said to your mother in terms she can't pick apart. Then again, I don't really know your mom. :)
from nicoleprice :
Je ADORE your diary! Je CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF your diary! Je want to OPEN A JOINT CHECKING ACCOUNT with your diary! tee hee. Take care, you hilarious-brilliant-writer-babe-bon vivant!
from drewa :
"Atlas Shrugged" is one of my favorite books, but I have to skim that damn speech as well. I've never been able to get past the third page. Glad to know I'm not the only slackass.
from nicoleprice :
Everything you said about marriage and love rang true with me. It was great to hear someone else say the things I've been thinking. Oh, by the way, I love tuning in to read you each day. Hear me now and believe me later: you are awesome, girl. Take care.
from amalthea23 :
wow, i went to smithtown so i'm all over st. james... i'm 27, you are?
from amalthea23 :
wow, you live so close to me, how funny! i'm in nesconset...
from guthrie :
I'm an aquarius with pisces rising and scorpio moon. I just thought you'd like to know.
from catsmeow1224 :
I clicked on your banner and really liked your diary! Stop by mine if you get time!
from no-answers :
Best way to prevent an ecological disaster being caused by colouring your hair: Fill the bath 1/4 - 1/3 o the way with water before you rinse the colour out. that way the colour disperses into the water and becomes too weak to stain :) Works for me, anyway!
from reassured :
I will be adding you to my favs.. I love your writing.It's hilarious the way you describe your hair.. LOL Great work
from starlet101 :
i have decided that your diary is perhaps my favorite ever. as a nineteen-year-old girl surrounded by the indie-rock, hardcore underground scene, reading my friends' diaries only leaves me feeling depressed or aggressive. your stories are quite refreshing. i see part of myself in your diary of a mod housewife, and i enjoy it. you've made a new fan. congratulations.
from teenage-mute :
can't help but notice that your diary's title is "diary of a mod housewife." um... it's just that my mom is amy rigby and that's the name of one of her albums. wow. she'll be ever-so-happy if she finds out she has a fan. come visit my diary! -HAZEL-
from vintagegrrrl :
hello! i came across your diary by way of your banner ad, and ended up reading it all. keep up the good entries!
from proofrok :
Hello mel! Good job on the template! I'm a fellow southerner, but still in da souf, and a classically trained tenor. I'm adding nearly anyone who puts 'singer' in their diary or profile to my faves. Look forward to reading more.
from love-in-vein :
I myself, am also a Mel. Short for Melissa. And, I am here to tell you that Mel means "nipple" in Magyar. I'm sure you wanted to know that. But if a Hungarian laughs at you when you tell him/her your you know why. Love the diary. Take care. -Mel-

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