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from epipie :
You are alive! Oh my! I used to read your diary all the time back-in-the-day. I checked out your etsy profile. I love your stuff! It is fun and sarcastic just like your writing. If I wasn't broke and such a cheap-o, I'd totally buy something. Good to have you back!
from funkydude86 :
Happy Birthday!
from msgolightly :
Fear not, Molly, I'm at and there post at least once a day.
from heavenlyging :
Happy Birthday!!
from awittykitty :
..."happy 24ttthhhhh birthday, Mollyx, happy birthday to you". That's the only song I could haphazardly reconstruct to fit the occasion. Sorry.
from not-tuesday :
Gansta's Paradise--Coolio
from golfwidow :
Happy Birthday. Meh ... there's Claire Voyant's song "Twenty-Four Years" but it's wicked depressing. I'd rather have ice cream.
from marinka-mp :
Hmmmm� Remember the school nachos? They looked nasty; the cheese would make your stomach turn. But when you tried it you could not stop yourself from licking your fingers and the paper plate. By the way, I hope you don�t mind, I would like to add you to my friend list.
from alethia :
Ciclon. It's a mix of tequila and rum. It seems so wrong, but tastes so good.
from whyme63 :
Are we talking strictly food here? Because I kind of feel that way about the time I went bungee-jumping. But in the food and drink dept., it would be drinking a B-52.
from golfwidow :
Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) pizza. It tastes good, even though I sit there saying, "This is wrong," between bites.
from bluemeany :
Ha ha HA! Your entry made me feel like I was drunk! Or insane! Woo hoo!
from golfwidow :
Way to recycle and care about ecology. Merry Stuff.
from golfwidow :
Sign me up for the I Want To Lick Alton Brown Fan Club. (Motto: "There's only room for one unitasker in THIS kitchen, and I don't see you puttin' out no fires.")
from bluemeany :
YES, they ALWAYS ask me if it hurt! I usually just dig one of my fingernails into their wrist and ask them if that hurts, but I must say I like your labia response better. Also -- BOAT PARADE? From your DRIVEWAY? Fricking awesome.
from bluemeany :
I have tattoos on my wrists, too, but neither of them are flowers. But I don't gargle with Beam, so I guess we can't *officially* be twins. (Um, Hi! Nice to meet you!)
from golfwidow :
Holy crap, it's a holiday miracle.
from theautoclave :
JOIN THE AUTOCLAVE! A kick-ass new body art database created for diaryland members! Share images, suggestions, ideas, and your knowledge of piercings, tattoo, and other forms of body modifications. Prove your passion and join today!
from blulinepaper :
Wow. I've made two girls, in a week, who don't normally cry, cry at something I wrote. I am so impressed with myself! Thanks for the compliment. I'm pretty damn happy she and I found each other too. And thanks again for putting up with me last weekend; I had a blast!
from awareofavoid :
After all this time, you still rock Molly!
from thecritic :
The fact that you updated makes me want to touch myself, I'm so excited... errr let's just file this Note under Too Much Information and forget about the whole thing okay?
from msgolightly :
Can you send me the link to your story? I'm at [email protected]. Liz
from pantasy :
hi mollyx. i found your diary through pirategirl and love it. i'm so sorry to hear of the difficult times you've been going through. i hope that your new year brings you some good times and i'll keep checking for updates.
from madatmydesk :
I discovered your diary a couple weeks ago and have been anxiously awaiting an update ever sense, because unlike my drivel, you write good stuff. Just thought I'd share that with you.
from whitelipstik :
good grief, is giving me hell. you know i want to send you mail. fakefrenchATearthlinkDOTnet baby.
from funjules :
I covet that bathroom, Molly, my love!! Sorry things are so shitty for you right now.
from hausfrau :
found you through nanowrimo ring, and I like your style. thanks for writing.
from justcritique :
Just Critiques is now under new ownership, and you're still on the pending list. You should be reviewed shortly.
from daemonchild :
Hey, I decided I'm going to swallow my pride and send you a mix CD. Bear in mind that just because I decide on something like that doesn't always mean that it's going to end up actually happening in the real, tangible world, but it is a possibility.
from onewetleg :
im glad youre back. you always make me smile. love, jj
from ashnohand :
My diary's been compromised, locked until further notice.E-mail me with any questions.
from onewetleg :
id like to invite you to join my new fucktemplate diaryring. its for people who design their own or use a diaryland template. please join. love,
from onewetleg :
thank you for making me smile. diaryland seemed very depressed today. maybe it was just me. anyway. thanks.
from onewetleg :
lovely, simply lovely! i alway get all retarded everytime i see your name come up in red. thanks! love,
from katehackett :
:O) thanks for taking the survey! Swing by anytime.
from onewetleg :
the tooth pulling is not so bad. ive had one pulled. about a yaaar ago. (huhhuh, pirate refrence!) it really depends on who does it, i think. its not like child-birth. just be brave. you CAN do it! love,
from bitingthesun :
dude, did you hear they�ve already got plans for a sequel to pirates of the caribbean?
from onewetleg :
i worked in a video store for three years. i know exactly how you feel about babies...i mean anally retentive coustomers. no, i mean babies. one time a guy told me to hurry up cuz he had a chicken in the oven that was drying out. i ask you? do i care? i do not. look, buddy, dont be an ass. i have your credit card number. love,
from marn :
Yayyyyyy, Molly.
from slumbereyes :
holy annoying fuckfaces, batman, i think i sat by the same person when i saw lord of the rings! except he was eating nachos and crunching them at THX sound effect levels. still had the same grotesque odor though. i managed to escape to a different seat though, social conventions be damned. sorry he nabbed you instead. -slumbereyes-
from onewetleg :
on behalf of all the people in the world who talk in the movies, id like to say im sorry. thats why i just watch them at home now. i got tired of fighting with people. once, , i threw a beer can at someone cuz they kept shushing me. once, i got kicked out of the theater cuz i thought the movie sucked and i threw my drink at the screen. sorry,
from review-whore :
holy crap molly I think I got a little drunk on my own reviewing power... you should see how friggin' long my first review is! It's madness, I say MADNESS.
from sxepunk :
Am i the only one who got the pirate thingie? damn, it sure is hard to type right wnow in my situation.
from onewetleg :
ive always wanted to grow my facial hair out. i live i san francisco and there are plenty of chicks with whiskers. im just too chicken. maybe in a couple of years. thanks for the note. ps. i woke up in the middle of the night thinking of you. nothing really creepy. id like to read your play. love,
from cerebrate :
One thing I learned when McDevil's had Sanrio toys - you can almost always buy the toys. Just the toys, without having to buy the "food". They usually sell the toys independently if you ask. So ask! :) Though the homeless person idea is very good, too.
from slumbereyes :
no boys allowed? then I'll just leave this one note, because I have to. Have you ever checked out Norse Mythology? Padraic Colum wrote one that used to called the Children of Odin, but then they changed it to something else but it's the same content (something more generically boring like "Norse Myths and Legends" even though I know that's not actually it. generic). Anyway, I prefer Norse to Greek/Roman because they at least strived to be more noble. Most of them at least. Zeus reminds me too much of Bill Clinton. Keep it in your pants, oh mighty highfather. And i know you asked for nonfiction, but if you really dig mythology, check out American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's a great take on modern mythology with how all the old gods have dealt with being forgotten, and the new ones that have sprung up to take their place. ok, my geekdom quotient is done for the night. let me know if you ever get around to allowing boys in.
from sxepunk :
i guess i'm just cool like you! hehe. and i'm glad i wasn't catching pirate fever too (nevermind i've got it like cabin fever). i can't wait to go see johhny depp again. third time.
from inkdragon :
After reading the Johnny references at 12% I had to come see if you were as addicted as I. You are! Maybe even moreso. I love that movie, I lust for that man and yes, I too, could lick that man's...cheekbones! Have a great day!
from sxepunk :
pirate free? i thought the barebones was a reference to the movie, and so was the opti... optiumumu.... in reference to that scene where sparrow can't remember "Parlay". I think it's sneaking itself in. Or am I making it all up?
from onewetleg :
at least i wont be the only female on diaryland with facial hair! love,
from onewetleg :
yes, you are. and yes, it will! love,
from sxepunk :
Oh, I'm getting along. And I worry about you too. I wish that we could be totally girly together and drink hot chocolate and get piss fucking drunk. And it'd be okay for you to talk about K and that thing you do that you don't do that often but do, and it'd be okay for me to feel safe and trust another heart. And then everything would be empty and hollow and just filled with warmth and sunshine. It's nice to spill, and it doesn't always mean your broken.
from sxepunk :
from squirrelx :
I deeply empathize with your feelin's of restlessness and disconnection, and I congratulate you on Oreo's adoption. It's a cryin' shame she won't answer to Hydrox though. That's a marvelous name. Warmest regards, Xtine
from curiosity-r :
Youve been invited to get reviewed at Curiosity-Reviews all you have to do is go to the website and follow the instructions!!
from watercolored :
Have read you for awhile. Added you to my favourites, hope you don't mind.
from sxepunk :
just when i start to forget how cool you are... i love you all over again!
from onewetleg :
sorry about your sleep dep. i know how rough that can be. try to concentrate on the 2 yr old. they can teach you a lot at that age. love,
from pummela :
I wanted to let you know, because of your petfinder thingy at the bottom of your page, I am now the proud Mama of Bulah, a very sweet calico. Thanks!
from onewetleg :
hi. i just added you to my buddy list. alligator=scary
from marn :
I laughed about the Purse nickname and then I caught your next entry, where it was in the kiddie pool. Oh man, Molly ...
from chasingamy22 :
I would love to go... hopefully I won't have work or school!
from chasingamy22 :
It does happen.. and everytime I stop to pump gas it does also....
from devouredsoul :
if you know of anyone who would like a diary review or you would like one drop me a note or request on at thanks!
from pirategirl :
Haha. I was there and I still laughed. Rock.
from sxepunk :
i write letters to boys when i go away, too.
from drevil22 :
i don't think i can do anyting like that with my crappy free account, but if you can figure out a way... you should let me know... xoxo
from icomeundone :
Hey there thanks for the message. Damn right, I am going to tell him. Because I have become the take no shit girl that I am supposed to be. Hundreds of years of woman suffering to have a say, and now I can say it for them. Fuck it, you're right, I will tell him. Be damned if he cares, he's leaving so what is he going to do about it? Cry? Though I do not know what I would do if he did. Anyway. FUCK this right now. I will deal with it later. Trust me. You gave me courage, so thanks darling. You are a doll. Yes, of course I would love to keep in touch. Like I said, my email is in my diary, if you want to talk easier that way. I like notes once in a while too though. You're the fucking madnote.(good thing) Thanks for loving the diary, and for just generally being you. post me later! <3 xoxo
from icomeundone :
Thought I would tell you that I have you as one of my faves. I just thought I would randomly pop in and tell you I love your diary. Check me out, leave me a note, email me, whatever you feel like doing. You could come to Wisconsin, if it weren't the pit of all hellish things. Well, you can come anyway if you want to drink bad beer, eat bad brats,and be forced to talk about the f-in Packers. OR you could rescue me. Either way. My mother is a librarian. I must admit, she can party like nobody's business. Well, talk to you later hopefully. Leave me one.
from pirategirl :
And I can't put breaks in lines!!! And mu punctiation is improper! FUCK! I'm going to go stick bamboo under my fingernails as pennance for my stupidity.
from augustsend :
molly, if i knew where you lived, i would come visit you.
from pirategirl :
Man. Sometimes, when I go back and read my stuff, I can't help but think about how much of a fucking tard I am. ((Points at last note))
from pirategirl :
So it's not an email, but everything is being retarded. Frankly, you're fucking lucky that D-land is working for me. Damn computers. My office is filled with chocolate. I hate this. Not only do I need the chocolate, but you know, the fucking rag thing is coming up, so all I'm fucking eating is chocolate. In turn, I have to go to the gym tonight. I think I'll feel better about myself if I do, even if creepy Yoga guy is there. My plan, however, is to get there before he does and leave when he gets there. So, instead of calling when I get off work (please let it stay as slow as it is... I'm getting very far through Striptease!) I'll call when I get home from the gym. Then you can come to my house and we'll pirate some fucking music... It'll be great! Or, we can just make out. Whatever suits you, baby, cause I aim to please.
from rockyraven :
rock on
from chasingamy22 :
I never received one of your neato 'zines... I'm hurt ... :)
from drevil22 :
definitely NOT GAY! not at all.... not even a teency weency little bit...
from katiedoyle :
NO CE office??? NO 4-H? Jesus, who is the *moron* who came up with that? Unfuckingbelievable. As a former 4-H'er who benefitted *hugely* from my experiences, I am appalled. Tell me if there's *anything* I can do. There's got to be something we can get rolling. Seriously, this is outrageous. kd
from squirrelx :
JesusGod. Whoever came up with this french-to-freedom thing is too dumb to live. It's funny, but scary. The mindset it reflects almost makes me want to move up north and live amongst the Freedom Canadians. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from drevil22 :
you can't like ray liota!!!! he sucks pimpley smelly ass!!!! don't let the heavey drugs impair your judgement!!!
from chasingamy22 :
I know we haven't see each other is so long.... who are you???!!! :) But if you wanna mail it email me at [email protected] and I'll give you my address....
from augustsend :
Suicide is sorta a really selfish thing to do, but sometimes it looks like the only way out.
from jen69 :
i hope you're ok. sorry you and your grandad don't get on. enjoy the stay at a friends house. xx
from augustsend :
What I wanna know is how the fuck you got so cool.
from life-as-a :
hope you're feeling better soon.
from safari-youth :
i'm sure gwyneth paltrow will at least do a passable job. most movies are pretty good.
from chasingamy22 :
Did you happen to see Jimmy Fallon sing for the SNL Superbowl Halftime show they did... it was great... :)
from jen69 :
happy birthday hope you have a great day
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know�)
from msgolightly :
Happy Birthday!
from chasingamy22 :
Happy Birthday! :)
from kittieluvur :
oh my...i read your entry about the toys...something like that happened to me a couple years was with with my little toy car i had a little remote thing. and i would spend hours playing with it. chasing my cat around the house...this and that. but then one night at like 3 in the morning. i heard my cat hissing and what not so i got up and saw the car chasing her around my room. and i figured i was sitting on the remote. (i had a night light) but i saw it on the floor by my i just got the car and threw it out the window...and yeah...just thought i would share that with you yeah. heh. but okay, great diary and what not. ~tracie~
from augustsend :
Hun, just go for him. Do it. What's the worst that could happen? Trust me, your world won't shatter into tiny pieces of glass and fall down around you. It just feels like it is. haha, don't hormones just suck the fucking joy and life out of everything?
from apockalyptik :
i meant that in a good way. :-D
from apockalyptik :
no boys allowed. hah. im compelled.
from augustsend :
Thank God, that at least someone relates to me. I'm glad. Sorta... 'cause it half sucks that I feel this way, but at the same time, it feels great.
from jonasty :
i just loved your banner.
from chasingamy22 :
Why thank you... meganiswack made it for me... she rocks also
from foxfyre :
I would've punched the girl in the face for being stupid, or at least reemed her out really good... that was extremely insensitive.
from draygonanon :
my mother committed suicide.. its not to be taken lightly, i know.
from chasingamy22 :
You're not overreacting in the least...
from beangeled :
Hi there, i'd like to tell ya that i really love your diary! You have a funny style of writing i enjoy reading. Especially this whole stuff about set-up's in you "This is not really a movie review" entry was very funny. Stay that way :) beangeled
from moebelle :
i don't know you, but I wish i did. you are so damn fabulous!
from sxepunk :
sXepunk is now ----> *kiss*.
from sxepunk :
Your words make me feel all warm and fuzzy, thank you!
from chasingamy22 :
I know I suck, since I am leaving you a note now. But I did just want to say sorry and hope you feel better soon. Your the best! Love, Sara D
from sxepunk :
Oh honey, I'm so sorry... If you need someone to call, call me. Just send me an email. I hope you feel better, and I know that telling you all this won't change a damned thing, but I thought that I'd let you know I care.
from jen69 :
im so sorry about your grandma. i was very young when mine died but i know how you feel *hug*
from sxepunk :
I hope you feel better. Every four months vs. three days is good. p.s. you've got an email from me!!!
from chasingamy22 :
Thanks. :) I forget about the bullshit and am happy that someone is reading my diary ...
from sxepunk :
You rock my world hard! Just to let you know...
from chriistyl :
I don't know if you would be interested, but I have a diary ring called inmemoriam for those who have loved ones who have passed away.
from squirrelx :
Congratulations on your decision to go work for Best Friends! I so much admire you, Molly. You're puttin' your life where your heart is. Very few people have the guts or the passion to do that. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from sxepunk :
I love your letter to Jimmy Fallon! It's inspired me again to another Conor O. letter.
from silleehed :
when i read about your play, i couldn't help thinking of 'waiting for guffman'. can't wait to hear more as i enjoy your diary. and good luck with the novel. dirty ducklings. best, charlotte
from squirrelx :
Thanks for the feedback on my banners! Banner makin' has become a minor addiction lately and it's beyond the beyond of gratifyin' to know that my creations don't suck out loud. Oh, while I'm talkin' to you, I want to say again how much I appreciate your givin' your readers a heads up on There are innumerable little 'adopt-a-thingies' floatin' around Diaryland, but this one is special. It can save lives. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from sad-disease :
The Jimmy Fallon note was genius.
from new-born :
Oh, and thanks to you, I now know about the 'Petfinder Featured Pet Module'. I'm definately going to get one up on my diary. ^_^
from new-born :
Something freaky just happened... I'm at, just looking around, because I have nothing better to do. I went to diaryland to add an entry and I saw your banner; clicked it, and what do I see? An entry about adopting animals from Freaky, eh? O.o
from squirrelx :
Dear Molly: I want to thank you for adding my diary to your list of fave raves. It's a pleasure to reciprocate in kind as I'm very much enjoying your diary too ... and I really admire your tattoos. All I have is one lousy, lone little star on my wrist. Now you've got me thinking I should, at the very least, add a moon. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from dizzigemini :
i saw your banner u say fuck ALOT pretty funny.
from jen69 :
yaya pictures! i like it a lot.
from megz-123 :
hiho molly i was wunderin could u HELP! me im new to diary land and im not sure what to do im 13 and very stuk so if u want to HELP! me (witch u probebly wont coz every1 wants to talk to u) but iv been on for 11 days and no1 even read my diary of left a msg so plz plz plz HELP ME! =-*(
from empty-cuts :
aw, im sorry about little dude. <3
from sxepunk :
My next entry is the big 500!!!
from sxepunk :
Oh and p.s. I sent you an email.
from sxepunk :
Oh wow! I think that's the greatest compliment I've ever gotten! And me too, I always read your entry whenever my buddy list tells me there is another one- first thing! Oh wow, I love your ducks so much! I am green w/ envy, I've always wanted a duck. :)
from sxepunk :
Oh man, I broke off half my tooth in the back eating... I think it was spaghetti or celery something like that. I still haven't told my parents because I FUCKING HATE HATE HATE dentists. Oh, suck- no more LBC?
from thornbury :
Sorry you [snrt!] broke your [snx!] tooth. No, really. I'm not laughing. Really.
from uberjnet :
at least it's not that bad. i chipped one, once, and that hurt enough. but that was me being stupid. we were jumping off a deck onto a trampoline right after swimming in a pool.
from uberjnet :
oh, your poor tooth!!! how badly is it broken?
from kbaa :
from sxepunk :
I have wanted a duck for sooo long. Fuuuuccckkk! And you got another tattoo! I'm so happy! I'm gunna get me a few of those someday... and also, you smoke. Maybe because I am sixteen, but I think that's cool. You are cool. Okay, I think I sound stupid, and sorta scary now.
from sxepunk :
Oh man, you do rule! I wish I had tofu pad thai!
from uberjnet :
your ducks sound painfully cute. and your entries have not been sucking.
from thornbury :
For what it's worth, men approaching a single woman can paint a very bad picture. I'd have called the cops, too. Or maybe, Mr. Camaro was just a jerk in general. (And I always forget to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" too. I learned that from one of my girlfriends. I think it's an English thing.)
from sxepunk :
I want a tattoo sooo bad. I really understand what you mean about scars (well, the ones I have, I put there myself so I'm guessing we're both on the half-same track...) my point being, is that I am really really ashamed of myself, and hate it. And then sometimes I don't care- and think that I have no reason to be ashamed of myself, who I am/was.
from uberjnet :
novels of notes, that is.
from uberjnet :
tattoo talk is fun!! right now i have a black cat on my hip who's about to pounce. she's small, only about 2" long and 1" high, and all 50's looking. the one i'm going to get is significantly bigger, which is why i can't afford it right now (tattoo or rent.....), but she will be a faerie, about 3-4" squarish. i can scan the picture of her next time i'm at my parents place & email it to you. (my best friend drew both of them, wheee!!!) i want to seeyours!!! I WRITE NOVELS!!!
from uberjnet :
i've had my tattoo for almost three years now, and my parents have never found out....i'm getting another one soon.....they're fun, non?
from rockyraven :
You're 10 and you talk about cocain and cigarettes?
from scanzilla :
Yeah I guess I am, but my mom says I'm special. I like you too. :)
from scanzilla :
Ohhh I dig your cool spooky lay-out. I just made my layout spooky too! :) Come check it out, I'm doing a month long series of entries all revolving around halloween. :)
from uberjnet :
can you mail me a duck? please?
from myshell :
Yes! Give him the tape! Also, Ann Beretta fucking should listen to them. Two of my favourite songs by them are "Falling Victim" and "Engines of Alienation." Thought you might want to hear that. =)
from stardwarf :
Okay... you are the FIRST person I've ever come across that's heard of the "Rabbit, Rabbit" thing! And I ALWAYS forget to say it. Love the layout! October is the greatest month. Good thing Halloween is the absolute last day or anything after it would be a waste of October.
from echobaby :
Me like the October layout!!
from ireviewyou :
You asked for a review ages ago, well it's finally done. Sorry for the huge wait, I'm lazy.
from whenyouare :
I was attracted here by your banner. The buns. Hah. Now I am addicted.
from neo-geek :
Hi, just wanted to say I really like your layout. Actually, on second thought I'm just starved for compliments and was hoping by leaving notes on other people's diaries more would look at mine. Anyway, keep up the good work and try not to hate me more than's warranted.
from spamloaf410 :
okay, that banner about the buns was hilarious!!!!! Quite a good way to attract attention...heehee
from uberjnet :
:) a late reply is better than no reply at all.
from hemopoetic :
le tigre! yay!
from sxepunk :
user name: ashrocks password: mysocks --- it was only to keep my brother out. I heart your diary to infinite numbers though.
from punkgirl8241 :
thanks for leaving me a note thingie!!!like a week ago, i was so desperate i left myself a note!! and it was no problem taking ur survey, it was fun and music is my life, so i did really enjoy it!!
from sxepunk :
Christ, you remind me of me. It's scary. I heart your diary in mucho amounts. (<- Spanglish!)
from weeme :
oooooooo would you make me some strawberry pancakes too? Where do you live? You might have to Fed Ex them here. I found you through sooner's notes. I think you're very cool, despite (or perhaps because of) your ability to recognize spoken polish. I'll be back to visit you again. Make sure you have some of those pancakes ready for me!
from distrctdgirl :
Masturbation room. Abso-fucking-lutely. You rule.
from sooner :
Hiya. I found your diary doing a google search for fuck+boys. Your writing is hot.
from pinsandroses :
i stumbled randomly upon your diary and found it very enjoyable. you're writing rocks. i like your walrus.
from jen69 :
i agree about the van morrison track "moondance". definately one of, if not THE greatest song ever written.
from peth :
i like the 'stache on yer walrus.
from snortme :
i've never read anything so beautiful and so true about cutting. i wish so much that i could explain why i cut like you did, when people stare at me, instead, i'll just send them your way.
from kammie101 :
I watched the perseids a couple of nights back. They were quite easy to see, even though we do live in an area full of street lights.
from shownah :
hrmph. i enjoy Nicholas Sparks, and am rather offended when called an asshole. though.. i'm not even close to being 40. anyway. i'd be as overjoyed as you if i found a walrus in the lake. no one every throws cool things down the drains anymore.
from splorch :
I heart you to teeny-tiny pieces, babe. Even if you *are* on "Dairyland". Hee! Thanks for sticking with me. Smooch the ducks for me.
from uberjnet :
i heart your diary....and your ducks....yaay all over!!
from erica2175 :
I just got a duck ... I like yours with that mohawk-y looking thing. It's so retro. My duck, Fiona, is a Peking. And even though I've only had her a for about a week... there's a bond there. *sigh* Anyhoo... You're right about one thing: your duck could probably kick my duck's ass. Don't get me wrong; Fiona's completely lovable and adorable. But she's not the brightest crayon in the box.
from chikkyd :
haha, i read about your smelly dead-guy encounter . .. i know exactly what you mean. i used to work at a thrift store, and there was this couple that came in *every* saturday and spent a *long* time in the store; they too sported this awful knock-you-off-your-feet stench . . . every time. my boss told me just to deal with it because they always bought a lot of shit, so i had to experience it for months. oh god. maybe it is a medical condition? i never knew there were others out there.
from myshell :
That is sooo rad! Congratulations on that contest thingy!
from tempusfukit :
Involving and affecting - and I know it don't come beggarly. You trip a fine line between content and cadence - I'm pretty partial to your diary, in short. Joe X.
from pirategirl :
I love you too, babe, with all my heart and soul! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and throw some tongue in there too. I think you should go to Jamaica with sister a(?) and I. How Molly and May and Sister A got their collective grooves back, that quite honestly I don't think they ever really lost in the first place. Or maybe never had. I guess it's your condieration of the whole thing. Imagine that as a movie title? Record winning, I'm sure. Guiness booka dn all. Back to work!
from darcyargue :
thanks for joining the bukowski ring. i really like yer diary.
from hermitage :
from daemonchild :
Hey, thanx for the feedback.;) Isn't that weird about 7th Heaven? The same thing happened to me, I saw a couple eps and even though the whole show, and all the individual characters, are completely fucked up, I somehow ended up getting hooked. I have a sneaking suspicion that a large portion of the show's fanbase came about that way (although I personally would never admit to watching it in a Nielson's diary). I considered doing a short film of the family show parody, but I'm worried that I would end up treading the same ground as "Polyester," only not as skillfully. I'm sure I'll end up having a go at it eventually, in between all the weird little plays I've been writing lately to be acted out by my Beanie Babies. On a side note, I noticed your favorite movie was "Rebel Without a Cause," which is really, really, really weird, because I just happened to be watching that movie for the first time as I read your profile. Cue the Twilight Zone theme.
from kali-ma :
hey doll, thanks for yr note! i dig yr diary too... very funny in a sly, intelligent sort of way. don't worry, i've got some rants and raves in store for yr europe-craving ears!! and by the way, anyhoo is the best word in the world. highly underrated!
from girllogic :
nice ode to the stinky couch. very nice indeed. :)
from mel839 :
cute name :)

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