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Some people can speak novels in just a few simple words... I on the other hand can write for days and still say nothing at all ;-)

My life is full... but I can always make room to squeeze in one more... you want in?

My favorite diaries:

not-long-now profile - diary
comments: I once knew a girl called Mandy Price.. I hear she grew up to be the happiest girl in the world
leesmry profile - diary
comments: My bestest and oldest friend!! There arent yet words for how much I love her... so have a random assortment of letters hfuerimnxcuyeimnyuwimwxuwyLOVELOVELOVE
Ali-wah profile - diary
comments: Partners in crime since 1989 My best friend and the only person in the world who truly gets my humour. London can't steal her.. she's mine and she always will be *sulks* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
waspman profile - diary
comments: Craig - who pretends he's too good for a diary and yet updates more than me. Craig is a wonderful writter and I love him!
starmobel profile - diary
comments: My surrogate big brother loved by all of my family but most of all me... ALWAYS!
bugger-this profile - diary
comments: One of my oldest friends in the whole world.. known to us as lisacarteralloneword! I couldn't love her more! <3 <3 <3
Prosperpine profile - diary
comments: Joanne - who is the most beautiful turbulent soul ever made. tortured by her own brilliantly intelligent mind. I would cut off my own arm if I thought it would lighten her burden *sigh* love you Jo!
Emma-Regina profile - diary
comments: My other baby genius who despite her academic brilliance cannot see the blinding truth that SHE IS AMAZING IN EVERY WAY!
Ricklets profile - diary
comments: possibly the cutest thing in the world.. no really though *melts* xxx
Flufflebunny profile - diary
comments: Enola who is everything that is right with the world. I have no words to do justice to her beautiy or her kindness but Enola is the kind of girl who changes lives and is impossible not to love
Meine-kleine profile - diary
comments: *dies* I really can't tell you how much I love this girl! I think everyone NEEDS her in their life but only a few will ever be so lucky. My heart does happy dances when "my little one" is online. cute and sexy all at once
Kaybiff profile - diary
comments: Wonderful Clone of the above so obviously we LOOOOOOOOVE the kaybiff also! I just don't know how to encapsulate how wonderful she is.. she never fails to have something wonderful to say and her notes make my whole world happy!
hothead profile - diary
comments: My biggest inspiration, somehow out of the ashes of a life of sadness there grew a girl who surpassed everyones expectations and continues to exceed her own. Cheryl is everything we should all strive to be and is learning to accept the love she SO deserv
Steffateetee profile - diary
comments: we sang to each other and there was silliness and it was good *LOVES* xxx
Auj profile - diary
comments: A talented writer who appeared out of the blue.. and stuck around <3
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: newnewnewnewnew sweet
Jenoline profile - diary
comments: JenJenJen I love Jen I love Jens diary!! she is cool, funny, clever, random beautiful and a million rare adjectives of great importance and specialness!
after- profile - diary
comments: She moved and got even better and I think she RAAAAWKS.. yes spelt that way and everything!!
cera-jeanne profile - diary
comments: a new find - an exeptionally beautiful girl.. I know little else yet!!
clipchick profile - diary
comments: newnewnewnewnew nice x
liesal1979 profile - diary
comments: aaaw she loveloveloves me *blush* listed her in the middle because this is where I had a space for a new friend!! x
hollyfae profile - diary
comments: possibly the bestest person in the whole world ever ever ever ever EVER lovelovelovelovelove
ukulelegirl profile - diary
comments: amyfriend who I love above all amys and even above chocolate lovelovelove her and lovelovelove her tiffershaped husband! they've been in my house *SQUEEEEEE*
letsgolions profile - diary
comments: [locked] likes my template... and me I hope! I like her.. she's ma sweetie!! *hugs* xxx
mynewjournal profile - diary
comments: somebody lovely who makes me smile *hug* xxx
plopphizz profile - diary
comments: HE'S BACK!! The master of the madlibbs is home again! yeay lovelovelove
vickithecute profile - diary
comments: "I am NOT a goofy teenybopper. I am actually a fiercely intelligent and responsible 36 year old mother of three. I just have the maturiosity of a toddler. except I can wipe my own but... usually"
captainron profile - diary
comments: I don't have to explain everyone loves him *love* because he deserves it! x
lacatch profile - diary
comments: I truly believe you can NEVER have enough niceness in your life.. and this is my latest niceness! x
smedindy profile - diary
comments: I love this username.. and I love him he leaves great notes makes excellent antries and he ROCKS DA SPECS!!! xxx
princessreva profile - diary
comments: an all singing all smiley princess... how exciting!
Hip2bme profile - diary
comments: oooh a new HIP friend for me to play with *dons dark glasses* yeah man yeah!
annanotbob profile - diary
comments: a new addition to the house of moo.. a funny british addition who left me a note that lightened all the dark corners
workcrush profile - diary
comments: I LUUUUUUURVE her and if we worked together she'd be my work crush ;-) xxx
goddesskiki profile - diary
comments: told me I had a great diary... flattery soooo gets you everywhere!! ;-)
candoor profile - diary
comments: totally worth a days worth of your reading time! my most precious note leaving lovely - ALSO CANDORA!
Yamakingj profile - diary
comments: it started with a survey and now we just can't seen to part ways :-) happiness all around methinks
badbadzoot profile - diary
comments: we share a nickname, a sense of humour and much mutual creepyinternet love! xxx
oddsfish profile - diary
comments: I like my fish odd!!! ;-) x
bluperspex profile - diary
comments: "better a flawed diamond than a perfect fucking brick" hahaha my new buddy
snowconecoma profile - diary
comments: cool in all kindsa ways and also sweet and a fello thespian *SQUISH*
lindzeeleigh profile - diary
comments: the EPITOMY(sp) of loveliness - honestly she is!
baby-worms profile - diary
comments: because just seeing her name makes me go AAAAW and she's everything a teenager should be I <3 her xxx
onthesix profile - diary
comments: she called me gorgeous and she's jens friend - these two things make her all manner of GREAT in my eyes *hugs* xxx
keavy16 profile - diary
comments: I read about her for ages in another diary and now she has her own huraaah!
lou-bee-doo profile - diary
comments: one third of my brain seems to living in her head - it's ok though I LOVE HER!!!
jilllybean22 profile - diary
comments: *locked* so pretty and sweet and aaw I really like her!
a-stronaut profile - diary
comments: I keep finding her then losing then finding her.. this time I'm holding on to her better! *hugs* x
skinnylizzie profile - diary
comments: hahaha I fell madly in diarylove with this girl only to discover she's living near me.. let the stalking commence
kellbelle profile - diary
comments: If she had a little sister it would be me *dies of love* xxx
toreishi profile - diary
comments: My diary makes Toreishi happy and that makes me happy and I love new friends!
doing-it profile - diary
comments: a newly wed who is exploring sex and not afraid to admit it! YAY!
smashthegas profile - diary
comments: has been top of my waitingforabuddyspace for too long! Smash - quite simply - ROCKS!!
skinnypics profile - diary
comments: as above LOVE her... and see how beautiful she is.. go and tell her.. I fear she is blind! xxx
ava-reborn profile - diary
comments: won me over by melting my heart with her poorly kitty pics! new and interesting will let you know x
jaclyn-renee profile - diary
comments: she wants long hair and lisa loeb glasses - I want to be her friend! :-)
star-chime profile - diary
comments: My evil twin who managed somehow to get all of the badness in this life we share! I love no-one more than I love her!!!!! xxxxxx
wistful-blue profile - diary
comments: a lovely lovely love who makes the best recommendations and were I to make one myself.. it'd be her
Augustdreams profile - diary
comments: OH MY GOODNESS!! this was recommended to me - it couldn't be more wonderful if it tried!!
hibiscus101 profile - diary
comments: a new friend a new friend a new friend!! :-)
kate-lee profile - diary
johnguinness profile - diary
comments: A delightful man who I don't leave comments as much as I should but who I adore non the less
baoshi profile - diary
comments: a new friend who fully utilises this beautiful colourful language of ours! said nice things to me at JUST the right time!! x
love-me-more profile - diary
comments: has THE cutest little girl aaaaw!! and is pretty damn sweet herself x
b0b0 profile - diary
comments: My dearest most wonderful perfect sweet sweet delicious James who I adore more than you can know!! xxx
katanabright profile - diary
comments: most wonderful man in all the world xxxxxxxxxxx
tootiturtle profile - diary
comments: Maybe the best example of a wife that was ever made - loves God, loves her husband I only wish she could see how worthy SHE is of her own love!! *SQUISH*
iamafatgirl profile - diary
comments: a stupendously wonderful new friend who says lovely things about me x
silverluna profile - diary
comments: Groovy girl of God... inspiring in all the right ways and sweet with it!!
jonathan profile - diary
comments: a geordie? a real one? here?? yes and I saw him first *refuses to share*
jaykay617 profile - diary
comments: aaaw she's getting married and she's so sweet!!
bitterwineuk profile - diary
comments: a fellow brit with a STUNNING little boy and an AMAZING heart
f-i-n profile - diary
comments: a frequent lurker I'm just getting around to discovering!!
hcatty profile - diary
comments: :O has been lurking I remind her of someone special *hugs* xxx
buffylass profile - diary
comments: missed out that crucial tea-liking transition period in her childhood :-( so heartbreaking I want to buy her a puppy to compensate!! ;-)

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